Players and owners resume negotiations

Players and owners resume negotiations

In a bid to save Christmas games and a 66 game season, the NBA and its players have resumed negotiations. Rumor has it that David Stern is attempting to rally owner support to improve the last offer in a new final [this time we mean it!] offer.

The sides have agreed on BRI, but the players insist that the BRI loss not accompany massive changes to the system while the owners are looking for a way to save money and keep all teams competitive.

The primary hang ups are:
1: Full MLE for luxury tax teams
2: Sign and Trade for luxury tax teams
3: Punativeness of the luxury tax as teams go into it.

Will the leverage be any different with a law suit pending? Hard to say.

Both players have called the present scenario nuclear winter with good reason. A win in the law suit would bankrupt all of the small market teams and force them to sell to the highest bidder and give the money to the players. A free market would permanently crush the ability for any small market team to compete again.

This could ultimately hurt the players as much as the owners as interest in the league might drop considerably. Unlike baseball, if you could add the top 4-5 players to one team, you would never lose. You'd never see a small market team win a title again.

Once you go nuclear no one wins. As such, expect both sides to work this out, but will it happen this time around? Who knows. The league says they won't do a 50 game season, but the league is full of crap. The owners make all their money come playoff time, and a 50 game season probably generates 80% of the revenue of the season while having to pay the players a far lesser share than normal.

Is there reason to get excited for talks today? I think most, including myself, are skeptical anything gets done. However, they do need something done in a few days to get Christmas games, and Christmas games are a big deal for the league so there is some extra motivation to get this done.


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  • I just hope the NBA owners are actually negotiating in good faith this time and will concede some issues/items to get a deal done. The players have given a lot, its time for the owners to move.

    Doug, how concerned are you that the NBA’s request that Derrick Fisher participate in these settlement discussions are an attempt to discredit the disclaimer of interest by the NBPA and weaken the players’ anti-trust lawsuit? If the owners are trying to pull this shifty maneuver they are truly slime balls.

    If I were the players, I may have waited until the Judge/Magistrate in Minnesota initiated formal settlement discussions under the court’s supervision/direction. That may have protect the players’ disclaimer of interest status. Don’t know how long that would have taken the court to initiate though.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I don't think it will ultimately matter much to the legal case, nor do I think there's almost any chance the legal case is ever ruled on.

    I'm just happy they're negotiating.

  • Hi Doug.

    Why we don't hear that Bulls owner is pushing for a deal? You read that Miami, Dallas, LA, New York are pushing hard, but not Chicago. If it is true that JR uses Bulls money to help the Sox's, then there is no way JR wants a cancelled season. What do you think?

  • In reply to supercesto:

    I don't think JR wants a canceled season either. I think once money has been agreed to that he's not going to be a barrier to a deal getting done and would prefer to play than not play.

    The system issues around the luxury tax are probably not big deals to Chicago one way or the other. Chicago might prefer to have those restraints in place simply so their competitors won't use them with the knowledge they aren't likely to want to use them though.

    Either way, I would suspect Reinsdorf is making his piece said behind closed doors. He's not the type that wants to negotiate in the media IMO.

  • IT'S ON !!

  • Should we believe them this time? Looks like games start Dec. 25th. Do sign and trades still exist? Is Thibodeau another Collins/Skiles, or will he quit talking to players like their dirt, and then smile and wave at referees in the same breath? Is Joakim a has been or will his field goal percentage and overall impact return? Keep Noah and Asik as two non-offensive bigs taking up legit salary/minutes? It'll be interesting to watch it all unfold. Oh and Boozer = trade or Amnesty? Nah. But will see how the roster shakes out with Bogans, Brewer etc. Come Dec. 9th or whenever free agency starts will the Bulls stand pat or is there any way to free up cap space for a difference maker? And what will Miami do with Bibby, Dampier, etc. etc. being dumped? Will Riley get more guys to come in for sub market/low ball money for "a ring?" If they manage to get another good player that would nto be good.

    I'm still hoping for Afflalo and Prince, but know Miami is more likely to pull off something like aquiring Prince then we are.

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