NBA lockout over [tentatively] rejoice!

NBA lockout over [tentatively] rejoice!

The NBA and its players came to a tentative agreement last night to end the NBA lockout. The NBA will give fans a Christmas present by tipping off with three games on Christmas almost certainly including Bulls @ Lakers.

There are still relatively slim details on the final agreement, and I suspect most fans don't care about the details [though I will break them down as soon as I have them].

For the lockout to end officially there are a bunch of details to workout, union needs to reform, approved by owners, paperwork done, etc.. There will be a final bargaining session over minor issues over the next couple days, but things have reached a point where it should be a done deal.

Realgm has a nice summation of the known details so far:

- Free Agency Starts on or around December 9
- Training Camps Starts December 9
- Few Exhibition Games Will Happen
- Games begin on December 25
- Opening Day Games are Celtics Vs Knicks, Heat Vs Mavs, Bulls Vs Lakers
- 66 Game Season

- Players agree to 51-49 Split (ESPN Reports Players Receive 49% over 57%. Improved Profits Give 51%)
- High spending teams lose advantage

Salary Cap
- Owners must spend a percent of salary cap on team payroll in 1st 2 years (90 percent of cap in years 3 and on)

Luxury Tax
- Luxury Tax is harsher (Extreme Tax at 85 Million or Higher)
- No hard cap
- Up to a $4 to the Dollar Tax

Other Details
- Deal is valid for 10 years
- Both sides can opt out after year 6

- Owners won agreement per ESPN, Slam Dunk
- Agreement still pending, need to write the agreement out.

Further Talks
- Draft, Age Limit, Drug Testing will be discussed further tomorrow

Quick analysis on the new agreement:

Stiffer luxury tax means the Bulls may not be payers [shocking], but it will also likely limit the amount other teams will spend over the Bulls balancing how much of an advantage teams like Miami/LA/NY will gain with the luxury tax. It's hard to see anyone drifting above the 85 million mark and paying $4 per $1 over.

KC Johnson has already doused fire on the Bulls using the MLE saying they'll be looking at amnesty cuts to pick up someone at the minimum. Such a philosophy indicates that they don't want to be tax payers at all.

A full break down of the new agreement and Bulls plans coming up over the next few days as well as a podcast discussing everything tomorrow.


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  • Bulls and Bears on Christmas!!!!

  • So Doug(per K.C. aka story supressing Tribune/Comcast company Ho No.1) is saying the Bulls will try to cut payroll simply for the sake of cutting payroll including using the amnesty clause am I hearing Doug correctly!? After making it to the ECF and winning 62 games last season their goal instead of adding the final pieces to contend is cutting costs? If so I'll be watching other games just as much if not more so then the Bulls. And I can't say I'll be surprised if the Bulls go on the cheap as they did for a decade as the anti-Cuban, anti- entertainment team for enabling fans who swarmed the U.C. to sniff the nascent odor of Michael Jordan's jock. OK, I admit I went to a few games, but maybe one or two a season. And not until they got Deng and Gordon.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I don't think KC suggested the Bulls would cut payroll anywhere.

    I think he suggested the Bulls would persue amnesty targets rather than pursing use of the MLE. This could also mean they view trades as a viable method of improving the team.

    Though in reality, I think I agree with you, it means more of the same in terms of tax avoidance.

  • How many teams were over 85 mil last year? Can the Bulls keep their core together in addition to young key role players like Asik & Gibson, while adding a SG? Someone have the contract numbers?

    Just eyeballing it it seems like it should be close. Maybe Jerry will spend a little into it if it is only temporary (end of the Boozer deal), or maybe it would make even more finacial sense if in a couple of years they want to amnesty Boozer, & we'd have Gibson & Mirotic.

    Is the $4/$1 tax flat accross the board, no matter how much over?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The tax is progressive, so it gets worth with each 5 million you go into it [at least that was the rumors from all previous negotiations, so no reason to believe it changed].

    The Bulls will not be able to keep everyone and stay below the tax long term, but then again, guys like Watson/Korver/Brewer probably aren't long time guys anyway.

    I think they'll also ultimately give up one of Gibson/Asik.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I'd like to keep both Gibson & Asik. I know that's going to be hard to do. You need Gibson to challenge Boozer, & you need Asik because you need big men in the NBA. That depth at center is huge, especially considering Noah's injury history. I'd rather them get an amnesty player, a MLE guy, or bring back Rasual Butler to fill in at SG.In a couple of years I think it's possible they could amnesty Boozer as an alternative to the luxury tax -- I'm thinking right about the time Mirotic is ready to come over.

    Either way, the NBA is back baby! Football is winding down. Soon Derrick Rose & company, and fantasy basketball will occupy the down time. Go Bulls!

    Couple other things I'm looking forward to, questions that will be answered over these 66 games:

    -How bad ass is Rose going to be this year? Youngest MVP in histroy, we know he has an unbelievable work ethic & has been training in LA, virtually non stop I'd bet, and he's just coming off a depressing painful loss to LeBron's Heat where he was being taunted by "the king" for being too small. Rose's respone? Hitting the gym hard like he never has before. I'd been surprised earlier this summer to learn Rose hasn't seriously lifted weights since his days at Memphis. Oh yeah, Rose is going to be bad ass.

    -Dwight howard to the Bulls rumors. Forget everything I said above about depth. If you can get the far & away best big man to pair with the best PG, do it.

    - Can the new kid, Jimmy Butler, be a lockdown guy who can hit the open shot?

    - What SG will we add. Will The Bulls trade their non guaranteed guys for a 2? Bring back Rasual Butler & give him a serious shot? FA? An MLE guy? Amnesty guy? Lots of questions here. Hopefully we get one definitive answer.

    - Avoiding injuries. Is Luol Deng an injury free player again? That was a huge part to our success last year. Will we be a better team without major injuries to Boozer & Noah again, should they be able to avoid them? Noah was not the same player in the playoffs last season. I think we're already constantly crossing our fingers when Rose takes it to the rack like he does, we need him healthy the whole year again. And on top of all that, Asik is my x factor. When he was healthy, we were the better team over the driving Miami Heat.

    -How will Mirotic play overseas? Young player. He should show some improvement. Would like to see the Bobcats stuggling mightily again. Those are some pretty nice assets.

    -Finally, how much better does Thibs make us after his 1st offseason? You know that guy watched a shit ton of film.

  • The owners won this battle as I thought they would. There's just not enough good players in the league, ( star talented players ) for them to continue to make the salary that they were making. It will be interesting to see how the Bulls and other big market teams try and make their respective teams championship contenders without going after big name free agents. Sounds like a definite age limit coming for college players trying to enter the draft. Players need to get better while in school not earning fat pay checks for potential that a lot of times don't pan out. Well... here's to finding out if the Bulls are contenders or pretenders when it comes to trying to win a championship.

  • Aaaaaaaand........... we're back! Let the McGrady countdown begin!!! (groan)

  • aslfjdlkfjaspofiewpotirgjadsjfkadskaekr293ioprwekasdfaskfjsdrw!!!!!!!!

    Thats how i feel now! finally the NBA is back baby! putting my D Rose jersey on now!

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