In familiar theme, new CBA screws over Chicago

In familiar theme, new CBA screws over Chicago

In each of the last three CBAs, the Chicago Bulls have gotten the royal screw over. It's almost uncanny. Fear what rule happens in six years when the next CBA rolls around.

For those scoring at home, in the 2005 CBA, the new one and done rule prevented the Bulls from drafting Kevin Durant in 2006 when Oden/Durant were the first victims of the rule.

In 1999, the Bulls were poised to offer 20+ million dollar deals to both McGrady and Duncan, but the new max salary rule eliminated their chances.

What is it this time?

Inexplicably, the max contract went from two levels to one level. Under the previous CBA, Derrick Rose would have been eligible only for a deal starting around 14.5 million, however, under the new CBA, Derrick Rose will be eligible for a contract starting at 17.4 million.

The Bulls could see if Rose will sign for less, but Rose shouldn't. He's worth the full max, and quite frankly, it's insulting to even ask. However, the extra 3 million is going to have to come out of the money allocated towards other players.

Combine that with a considerably harsher luxury tax and limits on how tax teams can use the MLE, and the Bulls are effectively stuck with what they have and may struggle to even keep that together.

Instead, Miami will have all three of Bosh, Wade, and LeBron making less than Derrick Rose.

Jerry Reinsdorf will have to open the purse strings if the Bulls are to compete with Miami, and Bulls fans have long had doubts on whether or not management has the authority to go into the tax [and potentially deep into it].


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  • Stop making excuses, Thonus. The Bulls are simply going to have to PAY to win - simple as that. Like I've been saying ALL ALONG, the Bulls can and should amnesty Boozer on 7/1/12, decline the options on Korver, Brewer and Watson, and go full blast at Dwight Howard.

    The Bulls are either going to MAN UP and pay for GOOD SG, sign an amnesty SG and go after D12 like I said above, or most likely use this CBA as an excuse, LIKE USUAL, and go after a SG on the cheap.

    I hope Derrick says, I'm not signing an extension until YOU sign a SG. LOL - we'll see just how cheap JR would be in that instance.

  • In reply to sukid09:

    We can examine the DH plan in the offseason next summer, but I have it on good authority that Howard won't sign in Chicago and has no desire to play here at all.

    I agree that the Bulls will need to pay to win, and I doubt that they will pay. I hope they do pay [of course].

  • If he can't go to LA, I would LOVE to hear why he won't come to Chicago.

    If the Bulls are so concerned about the new tax penalties, ship off either Korver or Brewer with a pick to a team under the cap in order to get more cap space. There is simply NO EXCUSE not to get a SG.

    If I'm not mistaken, the tax penalties DO NOT come into affect for 2-3 years. You don't think Rose has a close eye on management? Comon man - this is not the Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon Bulls - Derrick Rose is not going to stand idle as JR pinches pennies.

    And if the Bulls DO IN FACT get cheap, the Chicago media better get on the Bulls because I'm truly tired of listening to excuses.

    This story makes is SEEM like the new CBA is prohibiting the Bulls from spending. You need to make sure the fans know its the BULLS deciding not to spend.

  • In reply to sukid09:

    I agree that the Bulls can still spend, but it will cost them far more.

    You can be sure if the Bulls choose not to spend that I will be all up in Jerry Reinsdorf's face pointing out the cheapness. I certainly have done so many times before.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Good, glad to hear it....sadly the rest of the Chicago media has yet to follow - I swear it's like the media is on the Bulls payroll.

  • As an owner you must first figure out how to get a solid fan base, how to get those stands full and money flowing. JR has that on lock, even when the Bulls were horrendous he had it on lock. If you have that settled, there are three ways to operate as far as putting together a team. 1. Stick with the salary cap, spend up to it using a solid team of scouts to do the best you can under that 70 million. 2. Spend beyond the cap whenever and however it suits you, always putting together the best team possible. Teams that make this commitment almost always make the playoffs. 3. Spend beyond the cap for one reason and one reason only, you believe you can win an NBA championship.

    I believe JR has spent the last decade operating under option 1, whilst being a believer in option 3. Jerry doesn't believe in spending over the cap to assure the Bulls are a playoff squad every year, he's had too much success to think like that. However, JR does believe in bidding his time, waiting and working, until a Derrick Rose falls in his lap. JR knows that with Rose, he can win a championship. He also knows, as previously stated that having a guy with the star power of Rose requires doing everything you can to give him the teammates he needs, out of fear of losing him. So I don't think we'll see JR closing up the checkbook and locking it away at the cap. He's too smart. I actually appreciate an owner who thinks its stupid to spend wildly over the cap for a team that will merely make annual playoff appearances, i.e. The Houston Rockets. If you're going to go over the cap, you better have a superstar leader ready to take you to the championship. You better find a coach that can weather the journey, and a GM that will spend your money wisely. This is the first time since the 90's that JR has all those things. We'll see. And if the lockout really is ending.. pardon me, but..


  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Let's hope you're right about option 3. It's certainly a reasonable position to be in. I have my doubts that he is. I think at this point you need to go all in, and I don't think Reinsdorf will go in all in.

    You could go get Monta Ellis or Andre Iguodala right now if you're willing to take on the long term salary, but I don't see it happening.

  • Crazy idea. What if we traded one of our bigs for a solid 2 and signed McRoberts away from the Pacers. I think he is a free agent and we know from the playoffs we will at least get some battle and attitude from him. Any feelings?

  • In reply to FreeJoakim:

    I think that's a viable plan. The Bulls need to decide what their tolerance to the tax is right now, because they can get more for Taj or Omer now than they will in another year.

  • Excellent point, Doug, about Rose about to be paid more than LeBron, Wade and Bosh. The Bulls tight spot to add that second scorer (sorry, Boozer isn't it) just got A LOT tighter.

    Bulls need to clear out some cap space to get a legit 2-guard. I doubt a full MLE steals Afflalo from Denver - its going to take more, perhaps a frontloaded offer like when Portland signed Wesley Matthews, Jr. away from Utah.

  • In reply to Edward:

    They can't clear cap space.

    It will depend whether or not they are willing to go into the tax with a trade.

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