Bulls interested in Tracy McGrady?

Bulls interested in Tracy McGrady?

According to Steven A. Smith, the lockout will end soon, and when it does, the Chicago Bulls will sign Tracy McGrady.

Smith is one of those guys that is hard to give much credibility to due to his loud attention grabbing style, but he has deep contacts on the player front and was the first guy to leak that the big three were heading to Miami.

In terms of this situation, it's easy for me to believe that McGrady wants to go to Chicago and that he's leaked that to Stephen A. The harder part to buy into is that the Bulls management has leaked any of their plans to anyone. At most, I think they've let McGrady know they're interested through some back channel method.

Ignoring the accuracy of the claim for the moment, lets examine the reasons why the Bulls may or may not be interested and McGrady's fit if they are.

My first thought was to dismiss this rumor, because the Bulls tried out McGrady last year and decided they were scared off by his attitude and lack of physical skills. He proved himself healthy enough to do a solid job in Detroit last season though, and thus, the fear of his physical skills being gone is likely mitigated somewhat.

The attitude fears might have grown even moreso though as he was one of the players involved in the locker room coup d'etat in Detroit. That's a somewhat poor position for a guy with McGrady's red flags to allow himself to be put in even if he wasn't a ringleader.

One of the Bulls greatest strengths is chemistry and bringing in McGrady is certainly a risk there for several reasons.

On the other hand, from what we know of the new CBA, guys available at the league minimum might be significantly more appealing to Chicago. Signing a new 3-5 million dollar contract for a player doesn't seem all that appealing if the player isn't going to come in and deliver something substantially better than what we have and no one available at 4-5 million is likely to do that.

The Bulls added three players in that price range last year at guard, and simply rotating the deck chairs by bringing in a similar caliber player isn't likely to do a whole lot. Given that, bringing in someone who can help fill a need at near the minimum on a short term deal while holding out on a trade with two (or all three) of Korver, Brewer, and Watson makes some sense.

As such, the price is right for a guy who can fill a need to create some more offense without breaking the bank while the Bulls hedge for something better.

The biggest problem with taking on a guy like McGrady, even at the minimum, is creating discord in the locker room by overflowing your team with guys who feel they deserve to play without having minutes for them to do so.

You can't simply throw five guys into an open SG competition and see who wins. You end up with a team with a bunch of pissed off guys on it. As such, it's difficult to get behind a McGrady signing while feeling that he's not a true upgrade to the present roster, but another guy just fighting to carve out a role.

Odds of the Bulls signing McGrady? Slim. I can see it fitting financially, but I don't really see the fit on the court. McGrady hasn't created efficient offense for a long time, and the Bulls need players who can stretch the floor better.


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  • No F-ing Thank you, enough said.

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    i think he had to be number 3# because rose its already number 1# but great choice! and i hope they win a ring this year!

  • Bulls interested in McGrady? Is there anyone left who's interested in the Bulls, after this embarrassing lockout situation. As for McGrady, whatever his skills, he'd destroy a real TEAM.

  • McGrady is past his prime. And he's one of those fragile athletes.

  • I know the Bulls news out there is pretty scarce, but no effing way, and I'm sure Gar & Pax will say the same thing.

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    The only guy currently on the bulls roster that's more athletic than T-Mac is Drose. T-mac dropped 15 points on the Bulls in the 4th quarter this past season which lead to overtime, no one could guard him (ask L. Deng). From assist, to fade aways, layups, and step backs, Mcgrady gave you guys a problem. Not to mention he wasn't fullly healthy at the time. Oh, I forgot, Drose himself wanted T-Mac on his roster even when Mr. Paxson didn't. Compare T-Mac stats to Korvers, and Brewer - not even close. (T-Mac 8ppg. 3.5 assist, 3.5 rpg)

    Last, Drose was the only guy who could create for himself off the dribble in the post season. Now throw in a healthy T-Mac along with Drose, Deng, Boozer, and Noah, then it's a problem for opposing teams, including the Big Three.


  • In reply to byHISstripes:

    How many playoff series has Tracy McGrady won?

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    In reply to ChiRy:

    What matters: playoff series or championships? Who's proud to say that they've won playoff series rather than championships? I know Charles Barley or Karl Malone isn't. How many Championships does Drose have? It's funny how you couldn't name anyone on the Bulls roster (current) that's more athlectic than T-Mac, which in fact is 6'8 and still can elevate over his defenders, rebound, score, assist (15 years later). I'm still waiting? You are going to be in for a big surprise, my friend.

  • In reply to byHISstripes:

    Championships of course. But you have to win 4 series to win a championship.

    Barkley & Malone were winners, they were just blocked by better winners in Olajuwon & Jordan.

    DRose is 23

    Athleticism does not a good basketball player make, not by itself. I'd rather have Brewer who is a better team player, comes closely to McGradys athleticism at his age & with those injuries. I'd rather have either Butler.

    McGrady is not an efficient scorer.

    Not even to mention the chemistry issues, which are quite real in basketball. You think a veteran who in a contract year lead a team mutiny is a good fit with a young team? McGrady still thinks of himself of a star, and unfortunately, after 15 years, and many injuries, he is not anymore.

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    In reply to ChiRy:

    T-Mac does not consider himself a star no longer, he himself will tell you that, "Obviously, I'm not the player I once was, but I've always been a playmaker as well as a scorer. I'm more of a facilitator now, and I like the way it feels,'' he said. "I'll never have the tools I once did, but when you modify your game, you can still make it work.'' There was never a time when chemistry was a problem with Tracy, just check his stats when it comes to assist.

    And for those who rather have Jason "can't guard anyone" Richardson," over T-Mac, just take a second and copy and paste the link below showing Tracy schooling him.


  • In reply to byHISstripes:

    He'll say that calmly in an interview, but on the court people act differently.

    Chemistry is not the same as adding assists to your statistics.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Chris i get what you are saying but you are thinking of the old t-mac. look at how he played for Detroit when he wasn't scoring he was creating and the bulls need that . The reason why Miami won the series last year because no one else could of created on there own bulls need t-mac to do that , at least with him on the floor Chicago have another go to guy to create and rose can get the ball off the screen and be more deadly.

  • In reply to jimmy109:

    look at this link . the bulls did won but you can't say t-mac wouldn't be a gd fit .
    copy and paste


  • I think McGrady could be intriguing as a backup PG/playmaker for the second unit group since he did a good job of it for the pistons last year. As for the Bulls, they know they have to upgrade the WINGS. Not just a shooting guard through trade but a veteran small forward to backup Deng/Sixth man. I see the Bulls go for Afflalo/Mayo through trade and sign Caron Butler/Grant Hill using the MLE. Brewer/Korver/Watson just don't have the offensive talent to help Rose out and Boozer as we all seen can't be trusted as a true second option.

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    In reply to Defense&Rebound13:

    Mcgrady's high basketball I.Q. will allow him to start; I don't see him coming off the bench behind anyone, let's just be honest. If the Bulls are fetching for Mcgrady a year after denying him, then obviously he might have a starting position awaiting him. Let's remember, Drose wants this guy on his team and Paxson will make sure this guy gets what he wants.
    "He's good. He's a player. If he just gives us half of what he's got, we'll be alright. He'll definitely help us if he gets on the team." - Drose.

  • In reply to byHISstripes:

    I believe Rose was asked directly about McGrady, not unprompted. What was he supposed to say? Especially knowing Derrick's personality, he is not going to come out publicly & say he doesn't want him.

  • I could see him fitting in, perhpas ala Rodman....but you just never know with a spoiled under achiever like McGrady. He may crack under the pressure as he always has in his career.....tons of hype not enough results. He probably wins for biggest DBag interview ever when he assumed he was moving on in the playoffs before actually winning the games. How does that 2nd round feel now? :-) That about sums him up...he was just happy to be rich...being the best came 2nd or 3rd or 4th. In that way he does not mesh with DRose at all.

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    In reply to bullswin60606:

    Obviously Drose thinks he's a good fit.

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    Rodman also had Jordan, Pippen, & Phil Jackson to keep him in check, but I agree with the rest.

  • What did TMac do last season? Averaged 8ppg and came off the bench on a crappy team.

    The Bulls want a player who will help them for years... not Zydrunus Ilgauskas.

  • Well there's what you want....and what you can get. I dont think anyone would look TMac as the answer. If you cant get what you want you have to start looking at affordable guys that can contribute. I dont know that TMac makes the team much better but he could help in certain offensive situations when we need a playmaker to put in 10 pts on a night Boozer is hurt and DRose is in foul trouble.

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