Bears gain inside track on the final playoff spot

Bears gain inside track on the final playoff spot

No, I'm not turning this into a Bears blog, but after Jay Cutler's key drive, and the defense's big stop how can you not talk about it?

The defense played much better than a 24 point opponent score would indicated. Julius Peppers made his presence felt all night long while Melton and Idonije did a nice job applying pressure as well.

The squad also managed to shut down the Eagles in four down territory at the end of the game, and it's never easy to shut down any offense when they have an extra down to work with.

Matt Forte's two fumbles will be a big story, as they put 14 points on the board (7 directly, 7 from a short field) for the Eagles, but outside of that he absolutely carved up the Eagles defense.

The offensive line played much better as well, allowing Cutler to escape the night without a sack and dominate the Eagles defensive front to give Forte plenty of room to run.

And despite the 30 points, the offense left plenty on the field. Cutler under threw Hester on a ball that still could have been caught, but was a sure touchdown if thrown one yard further down field. Williams dropped a bomb that was in and out of his hands though he was pressured heavily.

Forte's two fumbles slowed the Bears offense at a point they could have done even more damage.

Even with the misses, the Bears racked up 30 points while really only being the beneficiary of one gimmie play [the Jackson punt return fumble]. The game overall filled me with confidence in the Bears offense.

Though he had a relatively pedestrian night overall, Cutler absolutely carried the Bears in the critical moments of this game. Down 20-24 with the Eagles holding much of the momentum, Cutler drove the Bears down for the touchdown with four straight completions sandwiched around a single 4 yard Forte run.

Two of those completions he was running for his life, and the third was a quick throw over all out blitz before he got smothered.

Every expert out there picked the Eagles to win, but the Bears came up big on the road and did so without even playing their best game. They're rewarded with the inside track on the final playoff spot, but they've also played well enough to inspire hope for more than a wild card weekend loss.

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  • The Eagles are a little bit like the Miami Heat. They have all kinds of stars who are not in sync. Unfortunately, it is not a 82 game season(or 6-8 months) in football for them to sync and without an off-season, they are struggling.

    The Bears are like the Bulls(no flash, all defense). Also, Asamougha looks like Bosh(stud in a remote market but not in the spotlight).

    The other thing though is how the media hates Cutler. They almost don't seem to pick the good things in his game and want to look at the bad things while they don't do the same with other QBs like Matt Ryan. That way, Cutler is the LeBron of the Bears

  • The Bears show a lot of resilience. Great win!

  • Two words
    Earl Bennett

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