NBA and NBPA to resume talks today

NBA and NBPA to resume talks today

After things broke down last Wednesday under mediator George Cohen, both sides are set to resume talks again today.

Any time there are talks there is hope, but it's hard to imagine anything productive coming out of this meeting, especially since there's been no leak on one side willing to budge.

Billy Hunter recently discussed in a podcast with Bill Simmons how several owners were aggressively trying to get a deal done, but other owners were stonewalling the deal stopping all progress. He's used that as a way to blame the owners on the lack of progress.

My problem with this point is the owners are the only ones who have all their representation in the room. Do you really think if we got every NBA player in the room right now that at least 20% of them wouldn't jump at a 50/50 split and wouldn't give a crap about a hard cap? I suspect that number on the players side is actually well over 50%.

At any rate, as I noted in my last lockout discussion the sides are in the midst of a war of attrition. They're waiting to see who folds first, and it's way too early in the war for either side to have folded.

They appeared to make far more progress with federal mediator George Cohen keeping the emotion out of the talks, but there's no indication (yet anyway) that he'll be involved in these talks. In short, at least they're on speaking terms, but reconciliation doesn't appear near.

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