Joakim to work with the dream

Joakim to work with the dream

According to a French interview, Joakim Noah will be working with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer.

Hoopsworld with the translation:

REVERSE: Now with the lockout, you’re going to blow. Do you think take the opportunity to do what?You’re going to ask you a little?

JN (Joakim Noah): No, I will go to Chicago because I have stuff to do there but after I will resume training … I want to see Hakeem (Olajuwon – ed), m to go ‘ train with him.

REVERSE: There are particular aspects of your game that you would like to work with him?

JN: Everything! I have the chance to train with the best, I have the best training rooms available, the best weight room, I really just to get there. Now it’s up to me to grow. Sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s hard, but it’s my job.

Hakeem was probably the most skilled post player to ever play the game of basketball. His use of the spin and his pivot foot is truly unparalleled in the league.

Given that he played with such a tremendous skill level rather than dominating merely by physical stature, he would, in theory, make an ideal instructor for anyone.

Joakim doesn't quite have the arm length that the dream had, but he does have the thinner build and if he starts score in the post will need to use a similar combination of spins and skills rather than brute force to do so.

That said, I don't expect Joakim to come out of these training sessions considerably different for two reasons.

Typically, these types of star with star training things don't last that long. They might work out together for a week or so, and Joakim may take back some pointers and new practice habits, but it's unlikely that Hakeem spends the next three months, or however the long the lockout lasts, training Jo.

Also, the best players frequently don't make the best coaches. I think Hakeem has a chance to be different simply because his use of footwork was amazing and is a skill that could possibly be taught while most players dominate through sheer athleticism, but the track record of all time greats as instructors simply isn't that great.

Either way, it's some fun news in a slow period, let's hope next season the 'tornado' refers to Joakim's post moves rather than his jumper.


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  • Learning is always a Good Thing

    Noah's intention to improve his game is the key concept. If someone is motivated to learn, willing to do the work, they will definitely learn something.

    Knowing isn't the same as teaching. Hakeem Olajuwon was certainly a great one. I was always impressed with his ability to block shots with either hand, ambidextrous shot blocking if you will. His arms were longer, and most likely his hands were bigger. I believe Noah has small hands (I rarely see him do a one hand dunk). But I am sure Hakeem has a wealth of knowledge to impart to Noah.

    But Noah's willingness to learn and Hakeem Olajuwon's willingness to share his knowledge are the key. Amplifying a studen't strengths while minimizing their weaknesses is an incredibly important part of the mentor's role.

    Here's hoping other Bulls' players are improving their basketball during this CBA enforced inactivity (Asik, are you reading this?).

    Doug, thanks for keeping us up to date on Noah.

  • Whaddaymean? More post moves = more free throws = more Tornadoes! I'm That One Guy in NBA fandom who LIKES Jo's free throw shot! Gotta have something new to chuckle over, or you get jaded...

  • If he can get down a few post moves with good footwork, he can use his superior speed and ball handling against slower bulkier centers. Too many times he gets out muscled down low and squirts an off balance shot or he is looking to pass the ball and the opponents know it. I would like to see him have confidence like early last year and put up 14 pts 12 rbs average.

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    Until the owners will get real and end this f###ing lockout you watch my fan tribute to Chicago's hero. I call it - Derrick Rose and my boobs :)

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