It's settling time, players need to make a move

Games are set to be canceled on Monday. The two sides were 80 million apart at the last negotiation. The players will lose the entire gap they were apart from the owners by mid December, yet don't seem to realize the futility of their situation.

There are no meetings scheduled today, and with Yom Kippur canceling any meeting between Sundown tonight and Sundown tomorrow, Sunday is the last chance to bridge the gap prior to games being lost.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the league isn't going to offer up 50/50 again.

The NBA owners never wanted to go north of 48.5 percent for the players’ share of the basketball-related income (BRI), league sources say, and commissioner David Stern had lean support when he pushed the most recent offer to 50 percent. There hasn’t been one source in ownership, in management, who believes the players will get that offer again – at least no time soon. Now, the union has boxed itself in with declarations it won’t go that far to get a deal with the owners, so there’s a real chance these two sides are hunkered down again.

In fact, they never really offered it in the first place, but just had a sidebar discussion over the players take if it were offered. Is it already too late?

Not if the players call a meeting today for Monday. Not if they see the futility of holding out to gain the extra 2% when the owners are unlikely to budge and the players will lose the entire benefit of that 2% over seven years by December of this year.

Are the players ready to take significant financial losses to prove a point with the knowledge that they likely won't end up proving the point at all anyway as they'll likely be forced to accept a far worse offer when the lockout is over?

Are the agents really going to steer them down this path of destruction?

The lost revenue is not going to come back. A missed season can't be reclaimed, that money won't be found again, and it dwarfs all the money they could possibly make up even if they won after a lockout [which based on previous history is extraordinarily unlikely].

There's certainly pressure on the league as well. This isn't easy for them either. However, owners claim only a small portion of their revenue as profits and many of their expenses go away without a season. Their loss per game will be a fraction of the players loss.

Owners also have more time to make up the difference. A lost season could cost many players their last NBA pay check. Other players could lose 1/2 or 1/3rd of their remaining NBA money. An owner is going to be reap the benefits of the full agreement over the course of the agreement.

In other words, players, you've seen the NBA's last, best offer. Stern was crafty to make it an informal proposal so that when the NBA declares an impasse and transforms this lockout into a strike, they'll only need to push it through at 47% of BRI.

It's time to call an emergency meeting for Sunday. It's time to bring 50/50 back onto the table. It's time to work in whatever concessions you need to in order to make that work.

You owe it to yourselves to take the best deal you can get. It's not going to get better. There cards have been played, you talked the NBA as high as it's likely to go. It's time to settle. It's not the time for moral stands, moral stands don't apply when millionaires and billionaires are splitting up money.

There is no moral right, just the leverage each side can exert on the other, and the players leverage is gone. The best offer is out there. A stand at this point just costs everyone on their side of the table more and more money.

In short, it's time to end this thing.


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  • "A lost season could cost many players their last NBA pay check. Other players could lose 1/2 or 1/3rd of their remaining NBA money. "

    Interesting that you quote this article and continue with this line of thinking....and ignore that the bulk of the article is all about KG and how much he is giving up yet he is leading the charge to hold tough.

    What do the owners lose if next season is lost? $600M, $1B, more. I'd like to see some real analysis on that. And how much of the casual fan interest is lost in the future if they take the whole year off?

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    It's hard to guess what the owners would lose. Many of the owners could resell lost game dates to concerts and book their stadiums in other ways. They could temporarily layoff employees to save a lot of the salary expense they would have otherwise.

    It would depend exactly how they executed things. Profitable franchises like the Bulls could take any losses they have and then apply them to last year's profits and then get huge checks from the government in terms of tax refund and then apply other losses against future profits to offset tax liability otherwise.

    They have methods of dealing with the financial loss that while painful make it far more manageable.

  • In reply to JayJohnstone:

    you forget that KG was also willing to give up money to stack a team and win a championship. If he was willing to do that, then I don't think he is worried about money.

  • In reply to mepeterser2451:

    Mega-rich players like KG or Kobe etc dont really need to care. It's the lower paid players that have short careers that lose out here. The KGs of the world dont need to play again if they dont want and will still live extravagant lifestyles that most cant even comprehend.

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    right, bullswin, that was kind of my point in reply to jayjohnstone who said KG is giving up a whole ton to lead the charge. What he is giving up now, is very little compared to what he gave up when he took a pay cut to stack a team. In the end, it doesn't phase him or his wallet one bit if he skips this season or even retires today. Star's have so much more money than lower paid players that the money isn't an issue for them during the lockout. What concern's them is whether a new CBA will prevent them from stacking teams. Now, actually I think that is more Lebron's realm. KG is less worried about stacking a team than he was a couple years ago since he is pretty close to retiring. And since he is just a couple years from the end of his career, I think every season would be extremely important to him. So the fact that KG, paul pierce and Ray allen are so involved shows that they are no longer concerned about winning a championship and in fact believe they can't win one together as the celtics exist currently. I predict a splitting up of the "first" big 3 in the near future. Ray Allen & KG will both split and try to join a chamionship level team. Ray allen to chicago? Paul Pierce I believe will have too much pride as a celtic and won't leave, although I thought the same about Lebron James with Cleveland.

  • I guess KG has carried over his fake toughness on to the negotiating table. He knows that most of the season will happen and he might lose a couple of millions here and there plus the obscene amount he made in Minnesota probably paying less taxes than Boston will not put a dent in his mega-millions.

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