Derrick Rose won't play overseas; unveils awesome Adidas logo

Derrick Rose won't play overseas; unveils awesome Adidas logo

Derrick rose discussed a firm offer to play overseas, but said he wouldn't take one unless the lockout went deep into the season. A team from Croatia declared they were the team with the offer but wanted a firmer commitment from Derrick.

"We reached an economic agreement, but we could not find an agreement about the games," KK Zagreb's Hrvoje Ciketiae said in the interview. "Rose for sponsor obligations would have missed three Euroleague games. And we could not allow that."

The team said it wanted to sign Rose for 22 games.

Derrick's in an interesting position in some ways. Financially, Derrick Rose hasn't made generational wealth from the NBA, but his shoe deals with Adidas will keep him out of the poor house that many other NBA players with similar earnings might end up in with a long lockout.

As such, he likely doesn't have much financial need to go overseas to play, and quite frankly, I'm glad that he's not. While it might be exciting to be able to catch a few highlight videos of Rose from Euroleague here and there, I'd prefer for him to spend his off-season doing things less likely to lead to injury.

That said, Rose is expected to play in the six game world superstar barnstorming tour. A move, I fully endorse. Any time he gets to play with other superstars is a bonus. It sets him up in the superstar limelight which can only be good for Chicago, and connections in these types of events is what caused the big three to team up.

Bulls fans may not be fond of that now after getting spurned by Wade, LeBron, and Bosh, but if Rose and Durant become buddy-buddy, and KD ends up in Chicago in six years no one will be complaining.

In an interesting side note, at a Foot Locker meet and greet on October 15th, Derrick Rose unveiled this new logo. He also answered questions about the lockout, Europe, and other topics.

Rose: This is my logo. [Takes off his hat and points to the rose-styled emblem adorning the front]. It has a “D” in there, a “1″ and every little petal is my mom and my brothers. My mom is in the middle and my brothers are around here and they made it look like a D, a 1 and a Rose. This is my new logo.

I like the fact that the D1 part is one of those near optical illusions where you either only see the D or the 1 on first glance.

Either way, I think it's perhaps the most bad ass individual athlete logo I've seen since the Jordan Jumpman, and quite frankly, artistically I think this is better than the Jumpman. When Rose leads the Bulls to a title I might have to switch to that logo for my championship tattoo rather than the 1.7%.

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  • if KD joins up with Rose, i'm ditchin Chicago. that's why i turned on boston and why i turned on Miami.

  • ""As such,..." did I mistakenly open a british newspaper? Noticing you use this alot... sorry, what does it mean?

    Missin B-Ball action... probably won't see it again until the small market teams feel they have a deal that gives them a chance to compete AND make money...

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