Kevin Durant a Bulls fan?

Kevin Durant a Bulls fan?

The only thing that would be more fun for a Bulls fan than a Durant/Rose core is a Howard/Rose core, and even then, I can't say I'm 100% certain on that. Which makes this photo all the more interesting...

What's crazy about this photo is that the world gave LeBron James all kinds of hell for wearing a New York Yankees hat while he played for Cleveland, and he's rooting for a rival baseball team.

A quick glance around the web, and people don't seem to freak out that much about it. Durant's so teflon that it simply doesn't matter. I'll give you this example.

We all know a guy who, through force of personality, can go and tell the most racist, sexist, insulting joke to any audience and still make everyone laugh. The same joke that if you told would get you fired from your job or lead to a divorce.

Durant's that guy. It isn't fair. It isn't right. It is true.

LeBron James would have his head on a spike if he wore a Bulls hat around Miami. It'd be going around sportscenter right now, and the national media would be taking turns throwing him off a cliff.

However, Kevin Durant said he was committed to OKC and he backed up those words by signing a max length extension without the three year opt out and did so with little fanfare. He put his money where his mouth was and did so with no debate or drama.

As such, Oklahmoa City fans might be a bit annoyed by the photo, but I doubt any of them feel insecure about Durant leaving or demanding a trade. Whereas Cleveland ultimately had every reason to worry about LeBron James leaving as, well, he actually did leave.

Bulls fans? This photo probably caused a few wet dreams last night, but Durant is locked up through 2016.

Don't worry Kevin, we'll keep a spot on the bench open for you just in case.

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  • While I definitely agree that more would be made of this if it was Lebron, I think it's pretty obvious why no one cares in this instance:

    1) The lockout. ALL basketball related news is on the backburner big time right now. There's basically zero chance that an obvious non-story like this is getting any play Nationally (or even locally for that matter), unless (as you mentioned), Lebron James is involved.

    2) Durant just signed an extension. If you made a list of superstar players that would be least likely to leave their respective teams in the near future, Kevin Durant would have to be at, or near the top of that list. There's just no reason for him to want to leave, and no reason for the Thunder to want him to leave.

    All that being said, I still always find it extremely odd when a professional athlete wears a hat, shirt etc. from some other team in the same league they play in. Most recent example being Paul George wearing a Bulls hat (I think TJ Ford tweeted a picture and his teammates gave him a bunch of crap for it). Even if it is just a fashion thing, can't you just find a different hat with a similar color scheme going on? I dunno...

  • He could be wearing the hat because the Bulls logo is awesome. I'm sure he "likes" the Bulls too, being the team Jordan was on and his buddy Rose is on, but I think it was more for aesthetics than rooting interests. Similar to how rappers love wearing White Sox hats, even if they don't give a crap about baseball.

  • My guess is that he was a Jordan fan growing up, or was he too young to be a Jordan fan, if thats the case, man am I getting old.

  • Kozzer of like rappers and gang bangers wear the Raiders silver/black jerseys. Even Keri King on Slayer loves to wear his old Raiders jersey when the team was in LA. :-)
    Bulls have a awesome red/black combo colors with that super cool mad Bull logo....omg if Kevin came to Chicago....WOW I just can't contain myself! :-)

  • Kevin Durant. Like all the other pipe dreams, will never get him. We're no wheeler dealers like the Lakers, Miami(Riley) or Mavs.

    But purely fantasy league sure it'd be great to get him. He's a prolific scorer who gets to the line, and shoots 90%. Plus he shoots threes in volume with an acceptable 35% clip. Defensively I will say he's no Pippen/Jordan, Thomas/Dumars etc. But he does get a timely steal and or block here and there. I'll also say on a strictly all time great/stud scale in his fourth year there are times when I don't see the killer instinct in him, but rather he becomes a spectator. Of course he may have no choice dealing with Westbrook aka Mr. Heave. But Durant does seem like a pretty good teammate especially by today's max salary/max hype dysfunctional childhood standards.

  • I agree with RW. For all his talents, great behavior etc..., I feel something is missing in Durant to be a multiple times champion in the NBA. He seems like David Robinson from the Spurs to me. He needs a Tim Duncan kind of guy alongside him(and that is probably Rose) and if he doesn't win in OKC for the next 3/4 years....he might be the new LeBron looking for his Wade(Rose).

  • Durant already has his Duncan/Rose/Wade. It's Westbrook. And Durant has more killer instinct than Robinson to begin with anyway: he led the US to gold last summer, and he's hit some ridiculous shots this summer.

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