Fisher texted players to prepare for a season

According to league sources, per Sports Illustrated, Derek Fisher was texting some players that progress had been made and to be prepared in case there is a season.

In the middle of a story discussing the a player formed mini-league in Las Vegas, Sam Amick dropped this:

one league source claims that union president Derek Fisher text-messaged numerous players last week indicating that some progress had been made and imploring them to be physically prepared just in case the season started on time.

The phrase "just in case" somewhat throws cold water onto the rest of the quote, but even so, the timing of the quote is still meaningful, and he indicated that some progress had been made.

Players should obviously be prepared to stay in shape at any point in case a season were to happen, but obviously, to text them immediately following the September meetings which will likely determine whether we have an NBA season on time or not is more meaningful.

Add this up with Adam Silver meeting with Casey Wasserman [head of the Wasserman agency which represents 10 all-stars] at the U.S. Open (per Chris Broussard's twitter), and you get the feeling the league is quietly feeling out the agents to see whether they'll play ball with the new parameters discussed last week.

Ken Berger hints that a new formal proposal is expected from the owners on Tuesday the 13th when the sides formally meet together again with a larger audience on both sides in attendance. How close this proposal is to acceptable to the players will likely determine whether we have a season that starts on time or not.

If they're in the ballpark, then the sides can negotiate further, if not, we're probably done.

The biggest issue is obviously revenue split, but the side issues around how the revenue is split are also serious. I think the owners need to give back on these three issues in order for a deal to get done:
1: Go back to a percentage of BRI rather than a flat amount
2: Shorten the deal to six years
3: Keep the payout system [soft cap, MLE] largely in tact

If the owners do those three things, but simply demand a higher percentage of BRI [50/50 mark] than I think a deal can be made. I've thought for the past few months the deal that both sides can live with is the current rules at a 50/50 BRI split.

Whether it's my predicted deal or not, we'll find out how close the sides are on Tuesday. If things go poorly, the offer[s] on the table will likely leak out as the sides will probably turn back towards sniping at each other. If things go well, a deal will continue to be worked out, likely under the veil of secrecy until it's completed.

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  • i like the optimism... even half of a season would make me happy at this point!

  • Fisher just needs to get his team(Lakers) to practice ASAP as they got older, have a new system and played like punks in the last series.

    This might also be just a good guy like Fisher trying to help out his fellow NBA'ers to prepare physically and mentally and not have injuries if they are relaxing too much and get into training camps.

    Honestly, I believe with all the new media the players are more educated and aware of the this "down economy". They are probably more scared than the players in 1999 when the mind-set was totally different with the internet boom happening and MJ effect was in it's peak. These negotiations are a win for the owners.

  • Doug's business acumen being superior to his asessing player perfomance acumen, OK I'm kidding, but I think he's correct in that if the owners go back to sharing a percentage of BRI then Elvis has re-entered the building/negotiations can resume. The smart move as far as media damnation and fan alienation is to appear in any way reasonable because then the blame/onus falls squarely on the shoulders of these "overpaid" mega millions players. If the owners went with 49/51 BRI split favoring the owners with the token extra/winner of the two percent that might appeal to the hardliners smaller market losing money block.

    Do I think the players would take 49/51 similar to the NFL deal? Hard to say, but then maybe you "accept" the 50/50 as the reasonable compromiser when in fact the original hardline, hardball tactics worked plus you look like the good guy. But mega millionaire owners/CEO's and Stern aren't this smart to have planned this all along..?

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    One other note with the media mantra being a never ending stream of "the players live paycheck to paycheck, and the owners will win without question" while that may be a realistic assessment is it really fair to present this as the only possibility/reality even though common sense appears that it is so? How often have outcomes/history defied common sense/the CW(conventional wisdom). And by incessantly promulgating this version isn't the "media" in a way propogandizing/realizing the owners version of reality?? Especially ESPN. "Oh, we(ESPN) just got another "scoop"(plant)!" ESPN you are not a f-ing news organization. So f-ck off.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Many players do live paycheck to paycheck, and this is their only business for the majority of players. 5 years after retirement 65% of players in the NBA are bankrupt.

    While I do not think the only solution is that the players fold, I do think it's fair to point out this is the overwhelmingly likely scenario.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    "5 years after retirement 65% of players in the NBA are bankrupt. "

    That's because a lot of players never learned to INVEST their money:) even michael jordan made a horrible investment, although I don't think he has to worry about bankruptcy.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    We'll have to see what happens. I do think that the owners have had a long term goal of offering something entirely unreasonable in order to make their real offer more palatable.

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