What can we expect from Carlos Boozer next season?

From a big picture perspective, Carlos Boozer appeared to have a pretty decent season. Sure, he missed some games early on, but his 17.5 points per game, 9.6 rebounds and over 50% shooting from the field were solid.

However, anyone watching the Bulls night in and night out likely wasn't so happy with Carlos Boozer as you'd expect them to be for a guy putting up those stats.

They saw a player who didn't bring it in the most important moments and had to carry an epi-pen in case the defense everyone else played put him into anaphylactic shock.

That said, while Boozer's one of the more frustrating players I've ever watched, he still made a huge positive impact for the Bulls.

Yes, Derrick Rose transformed the team by turning into a superstar, but Carlos Boozer still gave the team a secondary offensive player. He allowed Rose to rest at times by taking some of the offensive burden. He did score efficiently on the whole, and the team played much better while he was healthy even if not necessarily while he was on the floor.

Is Boozer good enough to be the second best player on a championship team? Traditionally, no. However, the Bulls are going to have to hope their team is non traditional, because it's hard to imagine the Bulls getting someone else better.

If the Bulls could count on 17-18 points on over 50% shooting from the field in the playoffs, then I think they would have an excellent chance to win it all with Boozer.

So the real question is whether or not Boozer played poorly in the post season because he was simply playing hurt or because he's simply not that good when matched up against the elite competition.

The injury definitely held him back last year. He clearly lacked explosion and burst, and he appeared to play most of the playoffs without the ability to really jump effectively. That said, I don't know that I trust him to deliver even if healthy.

We aren't trading Boozer nor are we replacing him. Carlos Boozer is our starting PF for the foreseeable future whether we like it or not. His contract is too big to move for anything but cash savings, and cash savings won't help us beat Miami.

The Bulls will simply have to hope he hits his stride in May instead of January next season.


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  • We might have a better all-around player on our bench in Taj Gibson. His offense might be inconsistent, but his defense sure isn't and you'll never have to question his effort night in and night out. I swear the last time Boozer blocked a shot was an accident. Boozer would make a great (albeit expensive) back-up, though....:)

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Look at where the Bulls lost, it's clear they don't need more defense nearly as much as they need more offense though. Taj is great, but Taj isn't going to help Derrick Rose not get triple teamed in clutch situations. A healthy Boozer in a pick and roll probably can.

  • 1. What as fans by just watching what the network TV cannot really tell what is the "Boozer" impact? Is is big time like a superstar...definitely not. We saw that defender didn't double team him to not triple-team Rose or leave somebody else completely free. But, I am sure Thibs can tell that Boozer was having a positive impact on other guys by his offensive skills(unlike a Noah). If we have Noah's defense and a 3 pt shooting Center like Okur on offense...would it be a more optimal Boozer? If Noah develops a jump-shot, will that help Boozer on offense?

    2. At this stage, all we can expect is 15-20 pts from Boozer and the best output from Boozer hopefully will not be what we call garbage points or clutch points. He should score when Rose or other offensive guys take a break or struggling and keeps the Bulls in the game or he is a best fit as a 6th man of the bench.

  • The single positive spin that I can put on the lockout is that if the season is indeed lost we have to put up with one less season of watching, paying and hearing Bozo the Boozer.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You really have very little tolerance for guys who have flaws. Though Boozer frustrates me too, I don't see us getting a better offensive oriented big man, and we still need offense more than defense.

  • The season just may be a lost one but no one will know for sure til players and owners start to miss games. I do fear that the owners will get what they want even if its not everything that they want. I'm going to miss the Bulls and pro basketball in general but at least the NFL will give some of us fans something to look forward to.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I agree that once games are scheduled to be lost, we'll find out where negotiations are really at.

    You would hope if one side makes a move the other would as well, but I think we're in for a long stalemate and probably a lost season.

    I think both sides would be will served to try and do a 5 year agreement at a 50/50 BRI split. It, unfortunately, puts us right back in this situation again five years, but it gives the owners a huge financial relief over that period of time, and it could stop both sides from losing the season.

    Even if the players got to keep 57% BRI but lost a season to do it, they'd come out of negotiation with less money over the next five seasons than taking 50% now, and the league won't have the negative stain of a lost season on their hands, and should be back up to positive cash flow for all but the most poorly run teams.

  • Until Carlos and Jo have gone through a training camp together, and healthy, we really don't know their offensive potential, especially working together. And last year, Thibs pushed the Bulls as far as he could with defense; I'm hoping and praying that he has a little more confidence in his players' defensive expertise this year, and will focus on their offense in training camp and practices. This is assuming we ever have a season, of course! Doug, could the players be getting together themselves, without management, to work on their teamwork and skills while waiting for the official game to resume? I'd love to hear that Jo and Carlos were practicing together, or Derrick and Carlos... they know what they need...

  • In reply to petert23:

    The players could do that, but it's unlikely that they will. They seem to break apart and work with players from other teams more. I'm sure some Bulls are working together but others are scattered.

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