Joakim Noah scheduled to return to French national team

The French national team set at ease any fears we had surrounding Joakim Noah's ankle injury when they announced he's set to return to the team later this week.

Per the Chicago Tribune:

"After seeing the conclusions from the two specialists, the (Bulls) doctor should give his accord for Joakim Noah to return to the France team, without having to go to Chicago," the FFBB said Monday on its website.

"There's been good progress, and Joakim seems to have recovered well from the little problem he had," France team director Patrick Beesley said. "I am optimistic that he will be in Pau by the end of the week."

Certainly good news that Noah's ankle isn't a serious issue. Of course with this lockout he'd have plenty of recovery time anyway.

In a typical year, I'd have mixed feelings on players playing for their national team. There's really no benefit for the Bulls, and there is always the risk of a serious injury.

With this season heading towards a slew of missed games, I can't blame the players for playing anywhere they can though.


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  • 1. How are the Bulls doctors giving opinions about a locked-out player? Isn't this against the rules as per Stern? Or is this all nonsense for talking about a player, helping him?

    2. This is a great chance for Noah. Let him get coached by somebody other than Thibs and see how he is used/how they feel about him at his current skill set. He is the key for the Bulls(not Boozer, not Rose, not Deng) on whether they win or not

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Another article I read pointed out that the doctor was still open for Noah to talk to, but I'm not sure why.

    Rose will always be the key to the finals. If Rose hit that jumper at the end of game four, the Bulls might have won the title this year.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    First, I trust Rose to get over his shooting issues in a few years by his work-ethic. He also can be taken away because he has the ball from the beginning of the play and we saw what a big guy defender like Paul George or LeBron can do to him in a playoff game where they get adequate rest. Basically, we know Rose will put his work and improve and mostly will be consistent.

    Noah's value is in many other aspects. We saw how defenders avoided him on offense. He has to play with the energy/ferocity of Game 1 in ECF. Will he be consistent? Will he be open to Thibs's criticism and keep his mental focus? Will he be smart not spending energy on useless plays and tiring out(like trying to double team somebody else when he has no chance to recover or when it is unnecessary)? Will he ever develop a quick-release jump shot(quick release enough for a big man and not a SG/SF/PG)?

  • I agree with Schaum, you can't underestimate the value of Joakim when he is playing on an elite level which many believe he was before the injuries and in last year's playoffs(Cleveland). At the same time Derrick finding a way to hit game winning shots and/or get to the line when it matters is just as critical. Jo and Rose certainly after last year's(Cleveland) post-season certainly would be regarded as the two key players(untouchables) to this franchise's future sucess/possibly winning a championship. And by the way Mirotic if he really wants to play in the NBA say after two more years with Real Madrid looks like he could be a very, very good offensive add if he stays healthy.

  • Off topic, but while you/me may not agree with everything in this piece it strikes an interesting chord..

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