For what it's worth, Bulls post preseason schedule

You know they have to, just in case, but these sad postings of schedules, especially for the preseason just seem mocking.

Does anyone believe the NBA lockout is resolved by October 10th? If so, the Bulls will open up preseason on my 36th birthday, I'll have to hope for that as a birthday gift this year.

Monday, October 10th vs Charlotte Bobcats 7pm on CSN
Thursday, October 13th at Indiana Pacers TBD on WGN
Friday, October 14th vs Minnesota Timberwolves 7pm on CSN
Wednesday October 19th at Minnesota Timberwolves 7pm on CSN
Friday October 21st vs Indiana Pacers 7pm on WGN
Tuesday October 25th at Charlotte Bobcats 6pm on WGN
Thursday October 27th vs Milwaukee Bucks 7pm on CSN

This preseason schedule looks like a dud on the surface. In years past we were treated to the Mavericks, or Jazz [when they had Deron this was pretty fun], and we got to see John Wall in his rookie year.

However, it's not so bad as it looks.

To start with, we'd get to see Ricky Rubio play twice in preseason which could be an exciting first take.

Michael Jordan might make it back to the United Center for the Charlotte game which is always an exciting time for Bulls fans.

The Pacers and Bulls had a tough physical playoff series that might cause even preseason to get a bit chippy.

Okay, I got nothing for you on Milwaukee.

Of course, these comments can largely be rendered useless as the preseason schedule is so extraordinarily unlikely to actually be played, but of course, we'll hope both sides get serious come September.


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  • Pre-season, opening night seem like a dream at this point. So I'm going to pretend for a moment all the apocalyptic ballast by Stern/the owners has been merely a prelude to break the other side down so real compromises can occur to put together a new CBA(ha, ha, ha, ha). But for the the sake of readiness/not being caught off guard shouldn't we try and picture what this season's Bulls would look like?

    With no summer league or pre-season to look forward too, I filled the void/jones by checking out some original Bulls dynasty games before they were champions, but when most of the pieces were in place as in Scottie, Horace, and Pax(and of course Mike). The 1988 win against an up and coming Cavs team with Price, Daugherty, Nance, and Ehlo(with Hot Plate(Rod) Williams) shows a couple of things. One, Scottie Pippen was even as a rookie a star on the rise. Two, Pax was not getting the playing time in that series from Doug(the Poodle perm) Collins. So it was either mediocre Rory Sparrow and Sam Vincent bringing the ball up or Michael. Every time Jordan brought the ball up, the Cavs immediately double teamed him, and he gave up the ball albeit on some clever give and go plays off of Tex's triangle.

    The point is as a SG even Jordan wasn't double teamed on the perimeter the way Derrick Rose is. Only as a PG. As naturally strong as Derrick is if he can get a little bigger/stronger in the arms/upper body couldn't he body up bigger SG's, and deny them post comfort plus he has the quickness to stay with them outside. As a PG defensively Derrick is just not an instinctively talented player. At times he looks OK, but in the playoffs he still got crushed on screens/picks. But as a SG he can simply concentrate on one on one defense. Offensively, Derrick for my money assist to turnover and volume assists(taking into accounbt the talent he has to work with) is a good PG. But as a Scorer/SG he is a top five player in the NBA.

    Myself, I think unless you can get a premier wing, you move Derrick to SG. Defensively if he has trouble against the few elite SG's with length like Kobe then you can switch him onto the lesser player at PG. So who plays the point? Honetsly, I'm looking for a taller Derek Fisher. Somone who can shoot threes especially as a money player, can defend, and simply a competent ball handler. Aflallo? I'm not sure he's good enough with the rock as a defacto PG. Also, I'd seriously consider making Lu a hybrid four as Jeff Van Gundy(a TV talking head, but still a bright basketball mind) pondered. Lu is almost strong enough to pull an Oakley/Mason, and his mobility aginst PF's becomes excellent getting into the lane. Boozer splits his minutes at PF and center which limits his defensive liability against so many non-offensively starting centers. And Jo plays better defensively against some PF's then big, stronger centers. Taj.. well Taj is probably the piece you're going to have to part with while his value is relatively high. With Mirotic(hate to give him up) and the Charlotte pick plus a first of our own maybe you can get that star/excellent scoring wing/SF.

    And coaching wise, well I hope Thibs "evolves," and quits being such a D-bag in an unnatural(30 years as an assistant) postiion possibly as head coach. Because as simply the defensive coordinator without the Napoleonic power he was by all accounts a decent to good guy to work with(but not for). Maybe we bring in Phil, and Thibs is the humble/defacto coach on the road so Grandpa Jackson doesn't have to travel/fly until say March.

  • One other thing if there is one player I would add other then a star wing it would be Tayshaun Prince. Similar to when Dallas added Shawn Marion you're getting an efficient guy who can still score, and is a winner/two way player who can and will work/defend. IF MLE's survive I target him/do everything I can to get him in a Bulls uni. Plus despite the Detroit/melt down/Mutiny, personally i still think Prince is just a great presence to have on a young/winning ball club.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    If he (Prince)goes to Miami I'm going to vomit.. profusely.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think we need the Tayshaun Prince of SGs not the actualy Tayshaun Prince. He would provide a lot of depth at SF which we are presently lacking, but he wouldn't upgrade the roster for very many minutes on the floor.

  • Tayshaun Prince would be excellent. Getting him would allow the Bulls the wiggle room to feel better about packaging Gibson in a trade for a young stud Shooting guard. Both Deng and Prince are solid defenders and can defend against 4 so it would allow them to play together on the floor. If i'm the Bulls I'm looking to dump both Brewer and Korver to make capspace room if Prince is interested in the Bulls.

  • First, I still don't get the coach bashing. If you want a coach that blows kisses to his players then try a league that doesn't employ grown men as players. Second, as far as the players go, I don't know why people want to start over with this team. They are so close to their goal that they only need a tweek, not an overhaul. I like Prince, but I don't think that is what they need. I think that if they can sign Jason Richardson to a two year contract or so, that it would fill the gap that the Bulls had last season. I know that he is not the long term solution, but with the way they are set up right now, I don't think they need that long term SG in place for a nother two years, with the future high pick from Charlotte and the Mirotic selection coming in down the road. All I would do this summer is sign Richardson and then try to trade Watson and Korver to Atlanta for Hinrich. Hinrich has proven to be a good player next to Rose and with Richardson in camp that takes away the need for Korver. Hinrich can be the backup point and the third string SG for this team. I would also let Bogans go and bring back Lucas and Butler, then try to resign Thomas. They would have Rose, Hinrich, and Lucas at point. Richardson, Brewer, Hinrich, and R. Butler at SG. Deng and J. Butler at SF. Boozer and Gibson at the PF. Noah, Asik, and Thomas at Center. That would give them a 13 player roster that is deeper than last year and with more help for Rose.

  • The problem with getting somebody who is a pure shooter like Ray Allen is if their shot is off, they are not very useful. It is different in Boston because they have two creators(Pierce and Rondo) . But, the Bulls need a ball handler and Deng/Boozer/Noah/Taj/Korver are not that. So, if we get Jason Richardson or somebody like will again be a hit or miss type situation(if their shot is going in or not). I hope the Bulls get Mayo or JR Smith. They can both create...If we think about it, it was all about creating a few shots in the 4th quarter when they double/triple teamed Rose. I fear somebody like Jason Richardson would look great against the weaker teams but get bottled up during a ECF/Finals time

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I think Richardson would create oppertunities more than anything. Even if he is off one night, the D can't give him an inch. Korver did this to an extent, but if you were on him he wasn't shooting. Richardson will shoot in your face, giving Rose much more freedom and room to rome. I don't have a problem with Mayo unless he is to expensive. I've given lots of thought about Smith and just can't forget that time when Melo got knocked out and Smith just walked over him, not around him but over him. George Karls seems to hate the guy, what would Thibs do to him?

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