Bulls Beat #205 - All in

Bulls Beat #205 - All in

I discuss why and how the Chicago Bulls should go all in to win the NBA title as soon as possible.

Bulls Beat #205 - All in


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  • Couple quick hits here:
    -How is adding an all-star at are only area of weakness a marginal upgrade as suggested around the 875 mark? A lot of money, sure. But that is no minor, incremental upgrade.
    -Joe Johnson will be the highest paid player in the league in 5 years, but there are many worse deals today in the NBA. Guys that you don't want playing at all but have to because you pay them so much. Joe could become that in 3-5 years, but he might not, and that's certainly not a given.. He's a high character guy and should continue to work on his game as he ages.
    -Also, it's no given that Atlanta jumps on that deal. They felt Joe was an all-star deserving of the max 1 year ago, has that much changed? Especially after a relatively successful playoff run? Jeff Teague will be the new point for sure, they likely will try to move Josh Smith, doubt they are eager to unload Johnson for pennies on the dollar.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Probably fair to say that Joe Johnson is more than a marginal upgrade. I'm not sure if I ever called him one, because I'm not listening to it now, or if you are replying to my overall point that we should pay for marginal upgrades and I mentioned Joe Johnson.

    I think Joe Johnson is definitely available for expirings, but who knows. They just got the best year they're ever going to get out of him again, and it was a pretty lousy year. If they hadn't been lucky to knock Orlando out of the playoffs, they'd be absolutely miserable right now.

    If he's nto available for expirings he should be.

  • All of this depends on the new CBA. If it stays relatively similar to the current deal, trading for Joe Johnson for pennies on the dollar is a NO BRAINER.

    A trade like this is pretty much the ONLY way the Bulls win championships the way they're currently constructed.

    Sadly Doug you're the ONLY person in the media that puts ANY pressure on the Bulls. Chicago has a VERY soft media when it comes to crticizing the Bulls. If we don't open the wallet, we will ALWAYS lose to teams like Miami, Dallas, LA and soon the Knicks.

  • Doug,
    Your rant on the unbalanced relationship between Reinsdorf, the White Sox, and the Bulls is amazing. Didn't know about the 90/10 ratio. That's not very good. I assume attendance has a lot to do with it, as well as, the Sox’s outrageous acquisitions of players like Rios, Peavy and Dunn. I wish we could lock Reinsdorf in a padded room and put this Bulls Beat on repeat for hours. At least you can form a dynasty with basketball and win multiple consecutive championships—it’s rather difficult in baseball. Just look at the 05’ Sox. They went on to win 90 games in 06’ and didn’t even qualify for the playoffs. Forget about baseball and the perennial Chicago failures. Go Bulls!!!

  • Doug, I agree that the Bulls shouldn't take too much of a long term approach with this nucleus. Derrick is very young but you never know when we could lose him to injury, free agency, etc. and the Bulls are already exceptionally good.

    I disagree pretty strongly that the Bulls should take the most prominent player they can land in a salary dump over the next two seasons. We've seen how those deals can devastate a team. Ben Wallace and Jalen Rose weren't yet ancient when they joined the Bulls but in just over a year, both players were absolutely killing the team. Due to huge salaries and high expectations, they kept playing major minutes even while the Bulls had superior players on the bench. Going all in for Joe Johnson is a scary thought: his PER dropped nearly three points to 16.4 last season. If he regresses much more, he's suddenly not substantially better than Brewer.

    Don't get me wrong - if you can get a Gasol-type deal, you take it in a heartbeat. But there aren't many of those. You need a player who's quite good now and doesn't figure to lose much in the next few seasons. If that type of player isn't available, I don't think the answer is to take whatever name player is available and risk crippling the franchise in the process. The expiring/non-guaranteed deals could be most valuable if we exchange them for draft picks or quality role players; it all depends on what teams are offering.

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