Rose damn confident in Bulls future, living and dying with Thibodeau

Anthony Tolliver sent shockwaves through Bulls nation (okay, more like ripples in a baby pool) when he noted that no one on the Bulls likes coach Tom Thibodeau.

“I know several players on the Bulls and nobody really liked Tom Thibodeau, but that’s O.K. You don’t have to like the coach. You just have to be able to play for him.”

Well, apparently, Derrick Rose is a nobody.

"No better coach. No better coach," he repeated. "I'm riding and dying with 'Thibs.'

"'Thibs,' he goes hard. He's in the office right now, as we're doing this interview right now. He's probably going to stay there until like 10:30, 11 o'clock tonight. That's just him. He's used to it. He's chasing the dream and there's nothing wrong with that.

"He always delivers, man. 'Thibs,' man. He did so much for my game. Just making me a better player. Defensively, just learning the game. Offensively, play sets. Everything about the game, he teaches you. He has history, talks about all the other teams he's been on, of course, and we listen to it and just try to go out there and play the way he wants us to play."

I'm sure players gripe about Thibodeau's practices and habits from time to time, but I also know they genuinely respect him as well. They were in the final four teams going for the chip this season, and that wasn't happening in the Vinny Del Negro era.

In the end, the only person who needs to like Thibodeau is Derrick Rose, because everyone else will follow his lead. He's the leader, the alpha dog, the franchise. Derrick Rose has started to exude leadership and as long as he's on Thibodeau's side the rest of the team will be as well.

Rose also heaped praise on all of his teammates, particularly Deng, Noah, and Boozer, and said he was 'damn confident' in the Bulls going into next season.

Hopefully, we have one.

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  • OK, No.1 Should we really listen to what Anthony Tolliver says about what Bulls players think of their coach? Probably not. No. 2 Would anyone who follows the Bulls game after game really be shocked if it was true that personally the players don't like the way Thibs treats them/interacts with them? I doubt it. If the players can live with a Vince Lombardi type of ass chewer then they are a special breed in the current sports environment. And Derrick and Joakim are a special breed so maybe with success, and Thibs (defensive) championship pedigree they can stomach it. Maybe as/if they improve as players Thibs will show more respect.

    Personally, in comparison, I think it was evident early on that Vinny was a shadow/imitation coach. While to me many, including the media, ignored or rebuffed this impression for some time. Finally, things like . Hinrich's, "Let's win it for Vinny"(ha, ha) confirmed the growing talk/vibe that players pretty much regarded Vinny as a joke. Similarly, no matter what faults Thibs possesses, his masterful defense, and championship pedigree along with solid basic offensive fundamentals gives him even more street cred then the benefit of the doubt/company line for a newbie like Vinny. My biggest problem with Thibodeau is, when I watch Derrick approach his coach on the sidlines, and the coach dismissively sneers instructions at him as if he were an incompetent while simultaneously engaging the referee with a smile, and mutual respect/fraternity of manly respect. This type of thing makes me sick.

    It's ironic that while Thibodeau is such a Johnny Hardass with the players(does not show manly respect IMO), he looks like a scared, meek rabbit often IMO at press conferences. A bit of a Napolean complex deriving from his own personal shortcomings? I mean the guy is incapable of a personal life. Do we really pretend that any healthy, well adjusted person would be happy with a 24hrs a day on the job/no intimate or family life/friends? Personally, I'm highly suspect of Thibodeau. If he just didn't talk to the players like they were dirt, ask Joakim if that's not the case, or Derrick who says Thibs is always cussing him out, I'd have no problems with Thibodeau personally. Only from an offensive stand point where I think he is seriously lacking.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I know you've never been a huge fan of Thibodeau RW, I don't really agree with your "he treats the players like dirt" thought though.

    Thibodeau has always gone out of his way to avoid throwing any player under the bus in the media. Ever. Even when guys clearly deserved it, he always protected them. I think the players respect that, and it shows a sign of the respect he has for them.

    There are plenty of head coaches that won't do that. I do think he can be hard and monotonous in the way he coaches, but the players also reaped the fruits of that labor, so I don't think they mind so much. Especially Derrick.

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    In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I think you totally wrong!!!! He doesn't treat his players like dirt, He expects their bests and nothing less. Look at the Bulls before he came there 41-41 in the two seasons before he came there and fighting for spots and an 8th and then out in the first round. This year they had the best record in the NBA and now we as Bulls fans expect this every year. And don't see him sneering or treating Derrick Rose as if he is incompetent. I see him coaching him and treating like he is like every other player on that team, I think it is good that he does this because it creates a feel that they are in this for each other and no one player on the team is better the other. And as far as how he deals with media, I don't his job is to coach not come up with flowery explanations for his plays for the media. His offense was fine it worked better at times than others depending on the Bulls ability to run it properly and I think it will be even better next when they get a real 2 guard instead of Keith "Can't Shoot It" Bogans. Also getting back to players liking they don't have to really as long as they produce for him that all that matters poll NBA teams that say they like their coach and I think you have serious problems. So what our coach won't win any personally contest off the court? The point is he'll win on the court, your attacks against his personality are petty and pathetic just because you don't like the guy doesn't mean you have to rude about it. You are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts.

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    I like your comparison of Lombardi to Thibs. There is a difference between somebody who constantly keeps "chirping" about useless things and somebody who chews your ass if you make a mistake or not play hard. If Thibs is like the first type, it definitely makes him a short term guy.

    This year if GarPax get a decent SG, then there will be a lot of pressure on Thibs/Rose. A similar finish to last year next season means a lot more criticism.

  • Anthony Tolliver is a piece of shit who loves real estate more than basketball. He wouldn't even care if the next 1-2 seasons are cancelled, because he's "loving what he's doing right now".

    He would be a starter on the all ugly team.

    He is not connected with the Chicago Bulls and should be keeping any names associated with that franchise out of his mouth, because he really doesn't have any idea what he's talking about.

  • Rose and Thibs are the 2 most important Bulls. As long as they are on the same page, then we will be a championship contender.

    I may vehimently disagree with some of Thibs moves, starting Bogans, putting up with Bozo's Bullshit excuse for defensive effort, but I was a fan from day one, actually year minus 2, I wanted to hire him instead of Del Bimbo.

    I would like to know who Anthony supposedly got his info from. Is he buds with anybody that plays for the Bulls.

  • Funny how almost to a man the players went out of their way to praise Thibs before, during and after the season.

    What the hell does Anthony Tolliver know, anyway?

  • You want to know how he knows it? Well, first of all, although i certainly don't have inside info, i don't believe "nobody really liked" thibs. I can say from here that bogans must adore him. Speaking seriously, maybe nba players may indeed know 80% of the league players but 99% of them wouldn't call tolliver to harsh his coach. The 1% that would most probably played with him in college or in the league. Considering i guess no one played in his college, that would lead us to C. J. Watson, the only player on the bulls roster last season who played with tolliver and the one who actually criticize thibs' substitution pattern saying "he could have used me a little better". Maybe one or two players of the bench mob don't love thibs too but why should we care? Rose, Noah and deng, i believe, like him, and that's all that matters to us, bulls fans.

  • In reply to brazilianbullsfan:

    I agree with you completely. I would speculate that CJ Watson is probably one of the most pissed off Bulls in terms of his use and playing time.

    Given his level of play, I can't say I'd do anything different than Thibs did, and I remember talking to him on media day saying "It certainly looks like you'll play far fewer minutes than you did with GS" and he disagreed with me, saying that he'd still have as large a role.

    I think CJ had very unrealistic expectations for his role in Chicago, he was unable to perform at as high a level in a more limited role as well which further limited his role. If he had displayed high quality shooting then using him as a SG in a small lineup would have been done more frequently.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    One of the many reasons I wanted Charles Jenkins. I don't see CJ Watson sticking with this team. We need a backup combo guard who can earn his minutes backing up Rose & playing with him at times. Watson could be capable of that if his shot was more consistent, however after his expectations were not met, I don't see him as pleased with his role on the team.

  • RW, who cares about cussing your players out? Of course, in the NBA, which is full of little children oblivious to reality, a large portion of the players have never had a coach that didn't coddle them and bend over backwards to keep them happy. But for the most part in sports, the best coaches cuss their players up and down the sidelines. (See Bill BIllichek, Vince Lombardi, Doc Rivers, Pat Riley, every hockey coach). Phil Jackson didn't need to cuss because he was one of a kind in the art of psychologically conditioning his players with otherwise odd techniques, but as I said, he's one in a million. Thibs is doing the same thing he saw Doc Rivers have success with at Boston. Thibs is smart enough to have identified whether or not his players could handle it, they can, they did, they won 62 games. My high school football coach was a fucking dick, I hated the guy my entire Junior season(my first with him as coach). By the end of my senior year I was willing to go out and die for the guy. Having a coach who rips you with utter honesty sucks, especially when that coach is new to you, but eventually(if you are a true competitor) you come to realize that this guy is just as passionate about and invested in the same thing you are. The ideal coach has the passion of his players, with the foresight and knowledge of a teacher, ie Thibs.

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