Is Derrick Rose already a Hall of Fame lock?

How long does Derrick Rose need to play at his present level in order to reach the Hall of Fame? At 22 years old, it seems absurd to call anyone a lock for the Hall of Fame, but Derrick Rose may have already more or less cinched it.

Every eligible MVP in the history of the NBA is in the Hall of Fame. Every non eligible MVP, excluding Rose for the moment, is considered a lock for the Hall of Fame with the weakest possibilities being Iverson and Steve Nash, but I think even they are locks.

That leaves Derrick Rose.

As the youngest MVP in the history of the league, his feat in winning it is even more special than the others. However, one of the reasons players so rarely win an MVP this young is because they don't want to give the award to someone who flames out and doesn't prove it over the long haul.

Derrick Rose might be the first MVP winner in awhile to not already be a lock or near lock for the Hall of Fame at the point he won the award. Obviously not because he isn't good enough, but simply because he hasn't been good enough for long enough.

If Rose decided the loss to the Heat hurt to much and quit basketball tomorrow, he's not getting into the Hall of Fame.

Which begs the question, how much longer does Derrick need to play at an elite level in order to lock himself into the Hall of Fame. It got me to thinking about one of his contemporaries.

If Chris Paul's career ends tomorrow is he a Hall of Famer? Six years in the league, two at a ridiculously elite level, then an injury knocked him down and he came back and played at a very high level [still top 10 in the NBA]. I'd say Paul is borderline if he hung up his shows tomorrow, but his two best seasons were better than Rose's MVP season despite not winning the award.

Overall, looking at all-star appearances as a guide, only guys with seven or more are basically complete locks [with a couple exceptions], while guys with five or more are closer to 50/50. With Derrick being a pure alpha dog all-star as the clearly best player on his team, he probably needs to hit only the low end of the mark there.

Thus, I'm giving Rose three more seasons as this current level of play to prove his Hall of Fame credentials.

Either way, it's great to know as a Bulls fan that [baring injury] we have Derrick Rose to watch for the next decade or so and will never be more than a piece and a half away from winning an NBA title over that stretch.


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  • Derrick Rose in the Hall of Fame. Derrick Rose playing with the Bulls for the next ten years.. ?

    Anything involving greatness, the Hall of Fame, a championship, a life, is a journey full of surprises. nothing is guaranteed. Who would have thought the last championship leader, Michael Jordan, would get the sh*t beat out of him by Dennis Rodman and the Pistons, and then one day would sweep the Pistons, and have Dennis Rodman as his teammate for three championships. It's funny listening to Sam Smith's drivel abouyt how Dennis Rodman was not that great of a player. What was he a crucial part of, five championships? In the Seattle series when the Sonics stormed back from 3-0 to win two straight convincingly, and threaten at Chicago, the Bulls were struggling mightily in Game 6. It was Dennis Rodman who scored four or five straight baskets in the critical stretch of the second half.

    The point is no matter how great Derrick's heart or talent may be, we really have no idea what's in store for him or us. But that's the thrill of it. Hopefully this CBA B.S. gets straightened out so the journey can continue. The fans deserve not to lose a season, but who knows what will happen.

    I do like the Butler and Mirotic signings. Really, if Joakim emerging as an all-star force was an illusion and dumping him if so is the real key to the Bulls future right now in my book. He looked like a warrior that could help lead them to a championship, but then mentally seemed to dissapear. Will he/the warrior return?

  • Some "reporter" possibly another Miami schill/insider is saying Riley/the Heat want Battier next season. If the MLE remains, and there is a season who do we want? I'd probably take Tayshaun Prince if we could get him. Similar to a Shawn Marion for Dallas, he can still play at both ends. Then Lu bulks up even more for his Anthony Mason cameo as a stretch four. Boozer gets rest, and avoids injuries emerging in the playoffs as a healthy war horse(if his sorry a** stays in shape). I would love a Prince/legit offensive player pick-up

  • Rose will be a Laker soon enough. That Charlotte pick is really going to be something!

    I'm kidding. I wanted to let you know I came across this the same day I did this (, proof that we shouldn't really worry about the HoF :-D

  • Rose as a HOFer. Let him get to the NBA finals/ECF consistently. It is too premature to even talk about it.

    I agree with RW....they need an infusion of some offense whether it is Boozer/Noah stepping up consistently(doubtful) or the new SG giving more offense.

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