Deron Williams heading to Turkey, who gains leverage?

The gut reaction I've seen to the news that Deron Williams is heading off to Turkey is that the players gain some leverage by finding European jobs. Not so fast.
Deron's going to make 200k a month for his trouble. Whether this has been adjusted for taxes and takes into account all the perks that are standard with European contracts but not US ones I don't know. However, even if you assume the real value is double that, he's making just there million a year.

If all the perks are factored in it's closer to 1.5 million a year. Sure, he'd make more if he was willing to accept a contract without an out if the NBA lockout ends, but it shows that quite simply the players aren't going to get a better deal anywhere else.

I've gone to great lengths to point out that the owners aren't necessarily being reasonable in how much they want to shift the current agreement. They're asking price is high enough that they won't get it without losing a season. We can only hope they bend if we want to watch the NBA this year.

However, Deron Williams move to Europe shows exactly why the owners will eventually win. In the long run, even if they get all the cuts they ask for, they'll still be paying the players far more than they can make doing anything else. The only recourse the players would really have outside of that is to attempt to start up their own league.

The only real recourse the players have is decertification, but with the NFL ruling on decertification not looking so hot for the players, there's no guarantee it would work.

If decertification did rule the draft and salary cap illegal, then the NBA would be forced to come back to the negotiating table though, as the NBA without those things would quickly become the worst of all major sports leagues. Only LA and NY would ever compete in a new setting with unlimited spending, no draft, and no cap.

However, even if the players can play this card, the legal battle could rage long enough to lose a season as well. Either way, we're left hoping that the sides can come together in September. It's likely that there won't be any serious talks until that point.

No one wants to get serious until real money is being lost. Real money won't be lost until games are canceled, and that discussion won't happen until September.


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    I disagree with the logic that just because this deal is worth around $1.5MM, NBA players can't get more money overseas.

    I would have to believe that the reason this deal is only $1.5MM is because it has an out clause so he can leave whenever the NBA starts back up. If this was a legitimate contract with no outs you have to believe that Williams could have gotten much more to play with a team overseas. Would this have matched what he could get from the NBA? Probably not, but it would be well more than the $1.5MM deal he recieved.

  • In reply to Eric Roop:

    For the players to accept this horrendous deal, they're going to have to starve. It's not a lot of cash, but at least it's a paycheck. Players going to europe allows them to get paid. I don't think they'll take the deal in less than 2 years. Getting paid allows them to hold out longer. Look, the owners of the bulls, lakers, knicks, an mavs can't afford to miss out on a championship team for 2 years. If they get paid, there's a significantly less chance of them starving . Consequently, there's a good chance the owners cave before the players do. By cave, i meAN come back to reality.

  • Most European teams pay the taxes for the players. However, the European leagues do not have the income that the NBA has.

    Williams is a top rated player & a major catch. I'm sure the Turkish team is paying him as much as they can.

    The NBA owners will clearly win & they know it.

  • Soccer players make the most $ in Europe and anyone who is anything in the U.S. will go to Europe to earn the big $ and play with the best before coming back to the U.S. to play in the MLS before finally retiring from soccer all together!
    This is the opposite for the NBA as we have the best players and pay the most in the US, but what if mega rich European guys payed the big $$$ for our current NBA players to play in Europe, Middle East, etc?
    Lots of $ in this World and whether the $ is from legit sources or from illegal practices and laundered to make it looks clean...I think rich mob bosses could really buy some good American basketball talent and make playing basketball outside of the US a real possibility for current NBA players!
    Just a thought! What do you think Doug and others here? :-)

  • In reply to smiley:

    I think bottom line, the owners would be opening up a can of worms letting this happen with many star level players.

  • We have the exact opposite situation as soccer in the World!
    The best in the world play basketball in the US and in soccer they play in Europe for the big $. What if mega rich people started up a league outside of the US and were willing to pay the current NBA players what the wanted and were used to in the NBA? Wether the $ was legit or from illegal practices and laundered to make it clean...we could have a real bad situation where we could lose the best basketball players in the World that we have been enjoying because of greedy owners here in the NBA...same with football!
    The economy has changed alot and we all have felt the pinch and the US isn't what it used to be as a World power so who knows if we lose our athletes!
    What do you guys think? :-)

  • 200 k a month is more than 0. Top level players from most every team could start doing this to keep the cash flowing in, meanwhile back in the states, maybe some owners start sweating it out. You think Michael Prokhorov wants Deron Williams risking injury in Europe? Think JR would want his franchise player risking injury overseas? Clay Bennet wants this with Kein Durant & Westbrook?

    Think about how all the owners frown upon their players doing international ball in the summer, to the point where the NBA had to create a rule stating teams could not influence player decisions. They don't want this. You get enough players from teams whose owners are the ones driving this lockout, and you can froce them back to the table.

    Also, over a long enough time, those international leagues would become more successful, especially when you have embittered American fans looking for basketball. Maybe one of those European leagues swoops in, swims in the NBA's wake, creates a couple teams in our top cities. Maybe those same embittered fans who vowed to never watch another NBA game tune in, along with others. I think the threat is there, and that's the point. Of course it wouldn't happen immediately, but ultimately its the player's talent that drives the league. You get that same top level talent in a different league, and eventually it will catch up.

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  • In reply to ChiRy:

    That is kind of true. If 4/5 star players go over to Europe, then this will take an ugly turn. It is not like other sports. If you lose one major player, the franchise struggles for a long time. If the Bulls lose Rose to an Euro team, god save the Bulls.
    If players like Williams, Howard, Nash, Marc Gasol go there...I mean if there is a seed of doubt in 6/7 owners, it might turn these negotiations

  • Barkley was involved during the contentious 98-99 lockout negotiations, he knows what its about, and he doesn't believe thre will be a season next year. He says owners are in for "armageddon".

    The owners are trying to make the players sweat, and the players need to remain strong. If they need a paycheck Europe is a viable option.

    For star level players, going to Europe could be an effective table turning tactic. Make the greedy owners feel the heat a little.

  • Just a thought on this issue.

    Say you are a Keith Bogans level player who will not get a contract in Europe but sees a Derrick Rose level player (highly paid with endorsements that mean he does not have to rely on a NBA salary) get paid to play overseas. Both players are equal in the NBAPA and have the same power in the vote to accept a CBA proposal from the owners. My view is that you will see the middle to lower paid players (who have the power of numbers in a vote) getting mighty pissed to have to be sitting on their arses getting no income when the superstars continue to live the high life. This ploy by the NBAPA to promote the superstars going overseas might just be the straw that breaks the back of the voting majority of Keith Bogans of the league!

  • The poor & middle class out number the upper class in the real world and how does that work out for them? I think Keith Bogans could easily get a job somewhere in the world playing ball, heck Scalabrine talked about it. Also, your Keith Bogans types seem to be more sensible with their money, living within their means, & probably have planned better & taken that lockout iinsurance. Not to say that Derrick is careless with his money, but he seems to be one of the exceptions, certaintly not pissing anyone off living the highlife. He's saving his peers from getting pissed off until they step back on the court.

  • I don't think what Williams is doing will have any discernible effect on the owners. It is possible that jersey66 is right that the non-stars who have the vast majority of the union's votes may get irritated enough by the stars still making good bank that they'll push the union to accept greater concessions.

    After the NHL players folded like a bad chaise lounge, ESPN's Bill Simmons gave this reason for why the NHL players had no chance - they're hockey players and would play for $20/hour (time and a half for OT games).

    Clearly, Simmons was exaggerating, but I think the same sort of thing could be said of NBA players, particularly the American-born ones. Nearly all of them know basketball and little else. Many didn't grow up in even middle class circumstances. Forgetting for the moment all the rah-rah union stuff, if the owners were patient enough, all they'd need to pay the players is double what the major Euro leagues would pay. If the owners did this, they'd save a ton.

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