Bulls would have opened with Mavs, played the Lakers on Christmas

In the unlikely event the lockout is resolved prior to the opening tip off of the NBA season, the Chicago Bulls will draw the Mavericks in Dallas to tip things off.

It brings back memories to the 2006/7 season when they absolutely crushed the Miami Heat on ring day to open the season. The Bulls went on to have a rough start following that game, but did finish with their best effort in the post Jordan era up until last season.

They'll also draw the Lakers, in Los Angelas, on Christmas day. The most interesting thing about the Laker game is it would be the first time in my memory that the Bulls wouldn't have hit the Lakers on the Circus trip in mid November.

It's unlikely that much else will change about the trip though, they'll likely either shorten it by a game or squeeze in another west coast team that's simply not quite as far on the west coast while doing a simple jaunt out to LA and back over Christmas.

The rest of the NBA schedule, ignoring a lockout, should be released later today. The timing is interesting.

Typically the NBA doesn't release the schedule until mid August, and I'd imagine there's some tactical advantage related to the lockout as to why it's being released earlier.

There's little reason to get too excited about the schedule though. With a long lockout looming it will likely need to be rewritten.

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  • Love the blog, love the podcast. My one suggestion would be to break up your run-on sentences with semi-colons instead of commas :) Keep up the good work!

  • I really hope the lockout ends before Christmas Day. Christmas Day without basketball just wouldn't feel right.

    Also, I think it was Marc Stein who said this, but he said the only reason the schedule was late last year was because they wanted to wait until all of the big FAs made their moves.

  • In reply to ManOnNeptune:

    All the big FAs had made their moves by July 8th, so Stein's theory doesn't make much sense.

    Also, the schedule has come out in August each of the last three years according to some simple google searches.

  • Only Bulls games I expect to be watching anytime soon is my kid playing 2k11 on the PS3. So far Kobe is in front of Rose for MVP. I'll give updates throughout the summer. Heard rumors my son was making a deal for Howard but hasn't gone through yet.

  • Right now the NBA schedule is the last thing I'm worried about. Side note: did anyone see the video of Dwyane Wade getting beaten by grade school kids at a challenge/horse game, DESPITE Wade cheating twice? I didn't think it could anny more D-baggish then LeBron's amture failures, but then comes this. Too f-ing much. I was going to post the link, but the video is on Hoopsworld, or just google it.

  • alright here's the video. Watch the nonchalant "Flash" blocks on the kids shots by Wade. It's hard to believe this guy could be blessed with that kind of talent. Likewise Bronny Boy. Or maybe it's their parents(of this parentless generation) we should be mad at..?

  • http://outofbounds.yahoo.com/?vid=25967253

    Sorry, here's the post/Wade cheat video

  • In reply to RoadWarrior:

    Can the guys have fun at their own camp without someone bitchin about it? Did the kid cry? It was all in fun geez...ppl always try to find a way to hate on miami smh

  • Looks like Wade was just goofing around, at the end when he loses he clearly looks like he misses on purpose, and he's walking around on the court obviously trying to give the kids a chance to win. I'd wager he also was missing jumpers on purpose.

    I think this is a bit different than when LeBron tackled a kid dunking a ball in a game of knockout where he was running as hard as he could.

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