Bulls into JR Smith? Odom? Battier, Hill, or Belinelli?

Yes, it's only a week into the lockout, and I've stooped to providing you rumors from realgm.

From Ralph:

Here's some rumors I've heard from my buddy who has sources inside the Bulls:

-He said his source inside the Bulls feels that when the lockout is over J.R Smith is going to be a Bull.

-Also I guess the Bulls worst case scenario at shooting guard is Belinelli, Hill or Battier, again this was worst case.

-I've brought up C.J Miles a bit as suggestions in the past and it's had to do with his name popping up. A scout told my buddy that C.J Miles was talked about over a month ago and then the day after the draft I heard his name again popped up.

-Also the Lamar Odom idea I brought up was actual talk. I didn't hear what players were being talked about, I just heard we called LA about Odom and the Bulls felt they could offer them a good deal and save them money.

It's hard to believe pretty much any of these rumors. JR Smith is the anti-Bull in terms of attitude, and given the Bulls recent run with Tyrus, it's hard to imagine then deciding their character stance was a bad idea.

C.J. Miles makes as much sense as anyone I suppose, but he doesn't seem like a particularly high end target.

Lamar Odom has very little fit here unless the Bulls unload Deng or Boozer, and the Lakers don't need salary relief while trying to win a title unless the new CBA forces it which is unlikely right off the bat [there will almost certainly be some grace period if hard limits are passed in the end].

Hill and Battier aren't shooting guards, so it's hard to believe any legit Bulls source would view them as such. I mean these guys weren't even SGs in their primes, and both are definitely past their athletic primes. Could you really play Hill and Deng at your 2/3 or Deng/Battier? Maybe, but smaller teams would outquick you to death, and neither Hill, Battier, or Deng are so deadly with their size that they'd abuse people with it.

All in all, an interesting set of rumors, but I have a hard time buying into any of them


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  • I would take a chance on JR...I think we have enough leadship on this team to keep him in line! Bellini really put up so big #s against us when we played the Hornets from what I remember!

    I sure hope we have at least a partial season to see next year like at least 50 games!

  • In reply to smiley:

    We have Kurt Thomas' crazy eyes, but that's not enough crazy. It's a proven formula. You gotta have that token crazy, and the token white guy. We got Scalabrine. We just need the Rodman/Artest/Rasheed/Terry factor.

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    While I understand the reasoning behind the doubts about the Bulls wanting JR Smith (bad history with character issue players), I am a believer that every team can handle 1 head case. If the locker room is strong, they can absorb a guy like Smith and keep him in line. Now, if you were to go out and get Smith and another guy with character questions I would say no way. But just Smith? You have to. There is no better option out there, he fits exactly what you need. You have a strong, well-respected coach, the league MVP, and a team full of guys that are on message at all times. They can reign this guy in.

  • I'm ok with J.R. Smith considering the cost.

  • I hope they get JR Smith. I think he knows this is his last shot at getting a good deal. There is nobody else with his skill-set, experience, age and size advantage available.

    I think otherwise the Bulls will be meddling with a better Bogans who will help in the reg season and struggle in the post-season against teams which will plan well and play good defense.

  • I think JR has attitude issues but I also think its overblown in a way.

    Jerry had Rodman as well so the attiude argument after a while is pointless.

    We need talent. Jr has that beyond anyone else reasonable. Jrich has reported attitude and character issues as well.

    To not take JR is available and attainable would be dumb. Hill and Battier dont help us that much. Odom would be nice if he was 5 years younger and we didnt have boozer. Belinneli is bleh.

  • Keep Odom and the Kardashians away from this team!

  • Keep Lamar and the Kardashians away from this team.

  • I'd be okay with JR Smith. I think he's got his issues, but he does provide a whole lot of what the team needs too.

  • JR smith would fit very well with the bulls. He is the best 2 we get via free agency beyond Vince carter.

  • Ahh... J R Smith, a player that I've always thought would be a good addition to the Bulls because of his athletic ability and his overall talent. But some fans don't want him on the Bulls because of his attitude and he can be a bit of a loose cannon. I think he's exactly what the Bulls are missing.

  • Didn't charles barkley say every team needs at least one crazy guy!

  • I got the feeling after the draft that Gar had something already in mind or an agrement done with a player or a team. He just seemed very confident that they would get someone at the two. So I can believe that JR Smith might be the guy. I just don't trust when someone says that they have a buddy with a source. It's probably Big Jim or One Eyed Pete from the mailroom or something.

  • Please not a Kardashian!

  • I've been a fan of signing grant hill to the vets mini contract all along because though he is old, he has played less games than paul pierce and had one of his best (post multiple surgery) years last year....but i see him more as dengs backup than a starter.

    I feel anyone beside arron afflalo, courtney lee, or o.j. mayo will be settling at his point...but im also very hesitant to trade asik or gibson for either of those guy cuz it hard to find quality bigs,

  • JR Smith..the best 2-guard available...the others won't help the bulls at all

  • And please no more guys from Utah

  • JR Smith would fit fine....everybody needs to stop worrying about having 1 headcase on the team. We have the coach of the year, the MVP and a bunch of players that just want to win

  • JR Smith said during the trade deadline also that he would like to be a Chicago Bull. Too bad stupid a$$ Paxson let him go for nothing. I knew that move was stupid right when it happened. He was a bigtime HS product and we didnt even give him a chance.

  • Belinelli can stroke it from deep as well....that dude can flat out shoot.

  • alright then, the ayes have it. J.R. Smith is our newest Chicago Bull!

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