Bulls going national

With the NBA locked out. Many Chicago Bulls are heading to play international ball this summer and compete in the European championships.

Joakim Noah has committed to France. He was interested in playing for France last year, but he wouldn't seriously commit to France last season due his plantar Fasciitis. I'm sure he also wanted to work out with Tom Thibodeau and get off on the right foot with the Bulls.

With the lockout, nothing is holding Noah back this year.

Luol Deng will be joining the British team which should come as no surprise as he does so every year unless he's having a lot of injury problems, while Omer Asik will play for Turkey as long as his injuries are healed enough to do so.

All in all, I can't say the national league comeptition is particularly good or bad for the players. On the one hand, they're at least playing basketball at a high level real coaches and competition. On the other hand, it's a chance to get injured, and the style and level of competition doesn't match the NBA.

It'd be easy to argue that I'd prefer the players hang out at home and work out hard instead while finding a group of NBA players to scrimmage against.

Hopefully our guys get some experience while staying healthy. If nothing else, we might get some video of our favorite players to watch.

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  • Noah's Shooting Skills
    No one can begrudge Joaquin for wanting to play for France.
    But I believe that somewhere Derrick Rose is practicing his 3 pointers and developing a post-up move to unleash on opponents next year.
    I think this is a pivotal summer for Noah.
    1) His thumb was injured, is it better now?
    2) We still don't know if Noah will ever be able to consistently shoot a 10 foot shot of any variety.
    I'd rather read that Noah is working on a jump hook with either hand or a 10 foot shot that takes less time for him to shoot than for me to type the phrase: Why doesn't Noah shoot?

  • I agree. Contrary to the belief that Rose, Deng, Boozer, a new SG will fix our problems....a good defense will always stay off Noah and double team the other guys by rotating fast.
    Noah is the key to Bulls making past Miami or Dallas or NY in the future.
    It is not even his defense but his offense is the key. If Noah doesn't work on his shot and Thibs's offensive schemes doesn't utilize his offensive skills better....the Bulls will come up short. I am not sure if he has that quick release to make a jumper because he can shoot a free throw pretty well. Will he work on it or can he improve? If not, the Bulls will keep coming up short in the playoffs.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Don't know that I believe Noah's offense is holding the team back. It's not like Dallas had any offense at center with Haywood and Chandler.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That's because their primary shot maker and shot creator/ball handlers are different/multiple which is not the case with the Bulls. Maybe, if our new SG is a creator/shot-maker, we can live with a offensively challenged Noah.

  • What about Nikola Mirotic....is he playing for a national team? I would like to see the dude play!

  • In reply to evilhoban:

    Not sure if Mirotic will be on the national team or not. I think there's a good chance he will.

  • great article on Derrick Rose and his summer:

  • I think this will be good for Noah. Not sure who else the French ahve, but Noah might have a chance to be the man on that team. Worked out well for Deng. He can really work on taking over games at times. Then come back to the states & bust his ass working on his individual game, new moves, conditioning, etc.

  • fb_avatar

    Tony parkers french i believe....so should be a good team if he plays too

  • As long as this new Bulls Confidential/Chicago Now script stays so large in scale that conversational/side by side comments within the same page are obliterated/conversational feel is ruined this site just doesn't have the same appeal. That's certainly no fault of Doug's. I hope they get it fixed, or else this format loses it's appeal IMO.

    Speaking of (inter)national, I hope everybody got to watch the 2010 Nike Hoops Summit with Nikola Mirotic having a very impressive showing. I have little doubt he's going to be a starting caliber player at minimum. That's not saying he needs to start, but of that quality IMO. More, he could be a very good player. You can't argue with No. 23 for Nikola after seeing him play. And to think at 19/20 he's a go to guy in a top Euroleague/Real Madrid. I hope within three years(I doubt it's two) they will allow for a buyout/he will desire to come to the NBA. Will Bulls director of International scouting Ivan Ducan's connections with Real Madrid help speed things up?

    Looks like the NFL lockout is coming to an end. Will the NBA's less profitable league feel added pressure to compete with the Jonses or no since it's a different fan base. How about 50/50 on revenues with players returining to majority say 53-47 when enough growth in revenues is reached? In the meantime token revenue sharing needs to be upped two to three times(?)? And the hard cap small teams can live with, but not ridiculous at $73-75 Mil? Will the exception/MLE remain? I wish we could get another scorer/all around good player such as Dallas was loaded with. Mainly, Tayshaun Prince with Luol playing some hybrid four/getting his Anthony mason look on/even more muscle. And what if by miracle Jimmy B. as a senior with NBA athleticism can immediately contribute? As Schaum(burg) says Noah bouncing back(and Booz) will be huge as to whether the Bulls can take the step forward/be a viable championship team.

  • Sorry for double post, but CBS/Ken Berger has an interesting assessment of new CBA solutions/ideas for the NBA and players. Included: sharing gate revenues as in NFL so smaller markets get bigger slice of pie when playing big market teams, get rid of luxury tax(big market/high profit teams like Bulls wouldn't get checks), and contraction for truly un-profitable, just too small market franchises. If the NBA cancels a good portion of the season or the whole season, I think a number of non-diehards or going to just watch the NFL which now runs into February, and just ditch the NBA altogether. Which means not only lost revenue for next season, but much lower money for the next several seasons to boot. i.e profitable teams losing combined hundreds of millions.

  • Thought you might be interested in the Doug. I don't know if this is a good sign or a bad sign.


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