Bulls Beat #201 - Best CBA?

All collective bargaining agreements aren't made equal. I discuss why the CBA you want as a Bulls fan may not be fair for everyone, and why I blame the owners, yet want them to win the negotiation.

Bulls Beat #201 - Best CBA?

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  • On the topic of whether players would invest money back into basketball--I think they would, in a slightly obscure, indirect way: higher player salaries would attract better talent. It may be a slight increase, but it might happen.

    Now, part of this is about guys in European leagues choosing whether to come over to the NBA or not, which could be affected by lower player salaries. I really couldn't say whether that's true or not, though I feel like you hear sometimes about guys preferring to stay in Europe. Maybe a few million here or there would make the difference to some guys.

    However, there's also the notion of competing for talent across different sports. This isn't something you hear happening a lot between basketball. The only example I can think of is Charlie Ward, and I don't know how much salary played into his decision to go to the NBA. But it happens all the time between baseball and football. How many highly-rated QB prospects choose to go to the minor leagues right out of college for a huge signing bonus rather than play three years in the NCAA for only a college degree in compensation? I don't know how this dynamic would work against the NBA, but logic says it might.

    Anyway, it's probably a small effect, but so would the effect that owners would have reinvesting in the league. I think it largely doesn't affect fans either way.

  • In reply to Duke:

    Higher average salaries wouldn't change Europeans coming over. The real problem with them coming over is the rookie salary scale for guys drafted in the first round means they have to lose money for 3-4 years sometimes before they can cash in.

    Neither side is looking to change the rookie salary scale though.

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