Spare a thought for Vince Carter

So rumors are abound that the Phoenix Suns may buy out Vince Carter this season.  At age 34, without a ring but plenty of money in the bank, Carter's the type of player who will have to decide if he can find one last decent contract (maybe he could get a 2 year MLE deal), or whether to sign for the minimum with a team that gives him a chance to come away with the big prize.

Would the Bulls even consider Vince Carter?

They gave Tracy McGrady a workout last year despite the fact that many felt McGrady should be sent off to the glue farm and had an attitude that was probably even worse than his cousin's in terms of self-centeredness.

Given that, I suspect if they think Vince has some game left that they'll be more than willing to consider him.   Given that Carter isn't coming off of a crazy injury, they'll do so quietly behind closed doors rather than bringing him in for a workout.

Would you take Carter for the minimum?

Carter's always been one of my least liked players in the NBA.   The way he groused his way out of Toronto by faking injuries is deplorable.  He's been a guy who's folded when it counts for his team as well.

He's coming off his worst statistical year in terms of overall play, and at 34, it's safe to assume that's not an outlier, but a degradation of skills due to the aging process.   He's not going to defend much, probably won't hustle much, and has to be viewed as somewhat of an attitude risk.

I think you have to find out whether he feels comfortable being a side piece rather than a centerpiece, will come off the bench if necessary, and is all about team play at this point in his career.   

That' being said, Carter doesn't strike me as a guy who ever relished the role of being the man, and in fact, completely crumpled under it Toronto and demanded out.  So I expect the answers to these questions to be yes.

While it's not my first plan, I'd give a thumbs up to a Carter signing

Despite every negative thing I said about Carter, he can create his own shot off the dribble better than anyone else we'll get for the minimum.  He's a willing passer and can set up others.  He can drive to the hoop to create fouls occasionally, and he comes in a package with legitimate size.

There's a million reasons to dislike Carter, and a part of me would die rooting for the guy, but at the minimum, he's the type of guy you jump all over, and waive two months in if it doesn't work out.  

There are other brittle veterans out there who might be looking to sign on for a ring. Tracy McGrady, and Michael Redd are a couple other guys who might be available.  However, it's been too long since Redd has done anything to trust him to do anything ever again while McGrady's comeback tour included a coup against his new coach (gratitude for the win!),

Given the choice of the three, I think I'd side with Carter who can create off the dribble, be a secondary ball handler, draw some fouls, shoot decently from the outside, and provide a big body at the two guard position. 

This puts him as second, behind Richard Hamilton, on my crusty veteran two guard who might be available for the minimum list.    I like Vince's skillset more than Hamilton, but I think Hamilton has a bit more left in the tank, comes in with a better attitude, is less likely to fold like a cheap suit in the playoffs, and I trust him behind the arc a bit more. 

The Bulls also already have a playbook set up for a guy to run around screens and shoot mid range twos, and Hamilton probably executes it considerably better than Kyle Korver who's been jammed in that role all year.

Still, Hamilton may not be available, and I could be sold on Vince as the #1 crusty SG vet at the minimum with a strong argument despite my personal dislike for the guy's career.


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  • Agree with Doug

    I have no problem signing VC to a minimum or near minimum deal. However, VC must be made aware that starting is not guaranteed

  • I guess everyone will see what Vincent is really all about. Does he want to play for a contender or do he want one more descent payday. And who knows...he could end up with the Lakers too. Let's not think the Bulls is the only place he can contend for a title. He would be a good pick up but I ain't get my hopes up for a guy that has showed no heart for the majority of his career.

  • Hi !
    I saw that the Hawks dream to unload Joe Johnson

  • In reply to Ninch:

    Saw the same article and that trade also came to mind immediately. Yes, Johnson is grossly overpaid but IMO he would help the Bulls much more going forward than Loozer. I would also demand a decent pick because the Bulls are taking on several million dollars in additional salary over what they are contracted to pay Booz. Smith would have to be shipped out to another team to open up the 4 spot in Atlanta. Or, move Smith to the 3 and say sayonara to Marvin.

  • I think if the Bulls can snag both Carter and Mayo and draft somebody like Juan Johnson as a stretch 4 would be great.
    Bulls need somebody like Carter who could create his own shot. I like Vince Carter as a person and he probably was not meant to be the "1st" option and he pressed too much as the next MJ. Forget about what he did in Orlando...that offense is boom or bust.

    He can finally have a guy who can do what he needs...take the pressure of him. He has never really had that in his career(Howard's FT problems and lack of offense, Toronto/NJ without any other superstar).

  • I like Vince... what do you think of trying to pick up Josh Smith and Joe Johnson for Boozer/Korver and some spare parts? Gives us a more defensive 4 and a 2 guard... ties up money, but the numbers work... Just a thought...

  • In reply to RC360:

    that would be an awesome deal... can you get atlanta to agree to that lol... if they want to unload the contract of j.j. , and they would take some picks form the bulls , maybe they would agree to send smith along too... what a lineup that would be , with rose, johnson, deng noah and smith... but would the chemistry still be there?? thats what you worry about when making any trade at this point i would think...

  • I think Vince is the kind of guy the Bulls might have to go with if they want big improvement. There just are not many big names that are realisticly available. The Bulls could sign him with the intent of replacing him even as soon as mid-season. But I do think he would give them 10-15 points consistantly. If his ego doesn't get in the way.


    Read this if you haven't. Its Friedell's piece on the draft and has some very interesting quotes from Bulls' front office.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    The Bulls are keeping the picks cause they have no other choice. No other team wants to be the one that helps put the Bulls over the top by giving them what they need. Gar/Pax had better do some serious scouting with these 2 picks cause they're going to need them to be some good picks.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    It was interesting to hear Gar so confident about getting an impact player/s in this draft. Lets hope he's right.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I would rather have Rip, too, but he is NOT a threat behind the arc. He's #183 on the career 3-pt field goal list (497) while Vince is #17 (1427). Either player would be an underwhelming pickup but despite being an "upgrade" over #136 Bogans (624).

  • In reply to Reese1:

    IMO, go get Vince. He is still a high profiled player that can still score. He can get you 12-15ppg consistantly and thats what the Bulls are looking for. Hes 6'7,makes 3s, creates his shots, draws fouls, gets respect from the ref and he will make D Wade work on the defensive end. Plus he bigger then D Wade, so he might even take him in the post. Put Vince Carter into a meaningful game, and I think the dude will bring it. If he does come here, he needs to realize D Rose is the man here and he would be our 2nd or 3rd option I guess....but he would be starting for a title contender. Bulls play a helping defense, so as long as he does his job, I think he should be alright.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    i see where ford projects them getting harper, honeycutt and moore... if they did, it would be a very good draft for them possibly... but i think at least two of those players will be gone when they pick... it would be nice if they got those guys though...

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    I may be alone, but I'm not too sold on Vince Carter. He's the rare guy that actually looked worse for having played with Steve Nash. On top of that, he is one of the remaining ME FIRST guys in the league that epitomized everything that was wrong with the NBA post-Jordan.

    Finally, I just can't picture Vince Carter as a NBA champion. Which consequently means I can't picture the Bulls winning a title with Vince Carter involved as a member of their team.

    Obviously, he'd be an upgrade over Bogans. I just don't think he is the upgrade that has you playing a best of 7 series with the O'Brien on the line.

  • In reply to saigman:

    you're not alone

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