Kyle Singler draft profile


Kyle Singler (Duke)
6'8, SF/PF, 230 lbs.

I thought I would post this to give you a case of  "Duke-itis."   In all seriousness, Kyle Singler has been a very productive Dukie throughout his career.  Kyle excelled at Duke as a role player by playing average defense, knocking down open shots, occasionally taking a player off the dribble, getting some key rebounds, and great hustle.

Offensively, he gets most of his points off of kick-outs or by going around picks and finding the open jumper.  If someone runs out hard on Singler, he can put the ball on the floor and to set up an open mid-range jumper.  Singler is good at offensive rebounding when needed and passes well when provided the opportunity.  

However, Kyle will struggle at the next level offensively when not getting open shots due to the athletic difference between the NCAA and pros. I think small-forwards will limit his open shot opportunities, and he lacks the quick first step to beat most NBA power forwards off the dribble, let alone small forwards.   He will struggle to finish in the paint due to lack of vertical, strength, and size.

Defensively while solid in college, Kyle will probably struggle in the pros.  Kyle lacks the quickness to stay with most small-forwards and the strength or height to match up against most power forwards.  

Overall Impressions

Overall, Kyle is being projected as a late first round pick.  While Kyle possesses many great traits; hustle, basketball IQ, and a high skill-level, the athletic barrier to play on the next level may be too great for him to overcome.  While his shot is solid, he'll have a harder time finding room to get it off at the next level.

The best opportunity for Kyle might be to find a system where he can play as a stretch four.  If he can find a niche there, I think he could be a journeyman for a while.  At best, I see him as a Matt Harpring type-player, but more than likely think his game will translate beautifully overseas.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

While his hustle, high basketball I.Q., and championship pedigree fits the GarPaxDorf model, I really see him struggling to make a real contribution for us in the near future.  The Bulls do need backup minutes to Luol, but I don't see him fitting it well.

I like Kyle as a player and think he could find a small role in the NBA, but I would rather take a chance on someone with a higher ceiling or at least a dominant skill that allows him to fit into a niche role player.


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  • Pass.

  • Let's get to some real options.

    - Justin Harper
    - E'Twaun Moore
    - JaJuan Johnson
    - Jimmy Butler
    - Keith Benson
    - Shelvin Mack

  • I forget you covered the real JJ. Good call.

  • Please, no more Dukies...they're cursed to never win NBA titles. We already have two and how did that work out for us. Now, I may be wrong.....but I doubt it!!!

  • In reply to HollywoodKole:

    Someone should tell Danny Ferry and Jeff Mullins to give their rings back then.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Lol yes

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    First off, I was only joking. I was taking a stab at the universiy b/c I'm a UNC fan. However, pointing out two players, one of which was deep on the bench, from a school that has put a ton of players in the league doesn't convince me to feel otherwise.

  • Gar Forman/Pax have recently gone for athletic players(Noah, Taj, Asik, J.J.). Singler is sub par athletically. We need someone who can do more then just shoot, and be a defensive liability ala Kyle Korver. And this guy is no Korver shooting it. There's no way they draft this guy unless he drops to the second round, and hopefully not even then.

  • These are the type of guys who can look good against bad teams and flame out against elite teams who will play defense/rotate.
    That's what a lot of Dukies do. I have seen them play against Clemson who are a replica of the Bulls team in ACC level. Clemson plays great defense and no offense most of the time except for 1 or 2 guys. Duke always struggle to score against Clemson who have athletic defenders who rotate but end up winning because of the poor shooting of Clemson. That's why Duke loses so much in NCAA tournament too except when they have a couple of above-average athletic guys.

  • Like I have stated before, the Bulls don't have time to waste on guys like this anymore. And some people get offended when I say NO MORE DUKE PLAYERS!!! It's nice that they are high IQ guys and all but a lot of then athletic wise SUCK big time and the Bulls don't need another Kyle Korver that can't be consistent.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    at this point I've had enough Dukies, but Gerald Henderson looked great against us this past season, and he plays 2 guard on both ends. We might have had a shot at him in the JJ draft.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    this guy is good, im not gonna lie and im not just saying that cuz i love him and im a crazie duke fan. yes, there are some things that he will need to adjust to and improve his quickness and whatnot, but there are plenty of other players that are in the draft that need to work on certain things. yes he does struggle to hit shots unless he is wide open, but this guy is one versitile player. if i were a coach i would want him on my team.

  • Would he be a taller JJ Redick or is he not the pure shooter that Redick is.

    Can he be a tall 2 guard as a reserve, ala Stever Kerr.

    We definately need a backup for Deng who can shoot/score. My sense is that he may be a better shooter/scorer than Deng is.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    JJ redick was maybe the best pure shooter NCAA basketball has ever seen. Singler is taller but his college game is nothing compared to JJ. Also I think you're underestimating dengs scoring ability if you think singler is a better scorer than deng. There's a reason singler has no shot at going first round in one of the weakest drafts in memory.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Really just asking, don't watch that much college ball, and getting guy reactions.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    He really is not that great of a shooter unless he is wide open. He struggled against college level competition when there decent athletes. I don't think he is anywhere near Redick and I doubt he would make shots at the same rate as Deng if he got the same shots.

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