Kenneth Faried draft profile

Kenneth Faried (Morehead St.)
6'7, 225 lbs., PF
An undiscovered, mid-major player,  Kenneth Faried is strictly a Power Forward at the NBA level without much of an offensive game.  However, Kenneth is the most tenacious rebounder I have seen since Danny Fortson.  He's a great athlete who plays with a high motor, intensity, and has a muscular build. 

In many ways, his play emulates Dennis Rodman, and what team would not love to have someone that hustles, rebounds, and gets after it?

Offensively, Kenneth is pretty much a lost cause.  He scores exclusively on put-backs, offensive rebounds, free throws, and lobs.  Occasionally, Kenneth has a quick turn-around post over his left should and move to lay it in, but that will be few and far between in the NBA unless he learns a counter move. 

He sets strong picks, relentless goes after the ball, and routinely beats his defender down the floor in transition.  After four years of college ball, Kenneth has yet to develop a jumper, but does have great work ethic.  If he can develop a semblance of a jumper, he will be a steal in the top 20 of the draft.

One thing that usually translates to the pro level is rebounding and Kenneth averaged 14 rebounds a game as a senior.  Paul Millsap, DeJuan Blair, Dennis Rodman, Danny Fortson, and Reggie Evans are all examples of players that are undersized in height, but game has transformed at the Pro Level. 

On top of rebounding, Kenneth is special in terms of his relentlessness, will to win, aggressive play, and physical build all thrown into a great athletic package.  He seems to have a decent basketball IQ, so that should help his transition to the next level..  

Kenneth plays with excellent lateral quickness which should allow him to defend the pick and roll well at the next level while still getting back to his man or rebound position.  He has great length at 6'8 and averaged nearly three blocks and two steals a game. 

This is what makes him special and in my opinion, someone that is going to be more than a Reggie Evans and more like a Ben Wallace/Dennis Rodman type player.  He has the quicks to do more than just rebound.


Overall, Kenneth Faried might be one of those players a team reaches for and hopes to carve out a specialist rebounder/defender role for, but simply has too many weaknesses to overcome. 

However, with his length, athletic ability, and basketball IQ, I feel he is more likely to be a great role player or starter on a team loaded with other offensive talent.  I can envision Kenneth going from late teens to early 20's, but he should have a role in the NBA for a long time.

How does he fit with the Bulls?

The Bulls are in need of getting players that fit a particular role, and while they have many big guys, we have learned that you can never have enough big guys.  While we definitely are in need of a shooting guard, at this juncture, I am more about taking a player that I feel will play a long time in the NBA, and Kenneth Faried has that ability to be special for someone taken in the late first round. 

There will be certain shooting guards available in the later first rounds that could fill our needs, but again, Kenneth Faried would provide as close of a sure thing in the later rounds.   However, we would have to package up to get him, and I don't think we could move up high enough to get him.

His tenacity, hustle, and attitude make him a quality fit for the team, and he's someone who could come in and make an impact as a rookie, especially given his four years of college experience.


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  • If the Bulls traded Asik or Gibson for a 2, this would definitely be a guy that would interest me.

  • He doesn't fit with the Bulls right now but I can't believe how late this guy is slipping. Sure he doesn't score, but that's actually a benefit in a way, he'll be seen as a hustle player and a guy you'll be able to keep cheap after his rookie contract.

    I'd be totally on board with a deal that shipped out Asik/Gibson for a SG and drafting this guy. He's going to be the steal of the draft, unlike scoring numbers rebounding numbers almost always transfer over to the NBA.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    I agree and he is playoff basketball type player; relentless!

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Can we trade Boozer for him

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    sounds exactly like the type of player that I love on my team and enjoy rooting for.

    who would you take Faried or Justin Harper if they were both available.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    Yeah we couldn't trade Boozer for him. As a better player overall, no doubt Kenneth Faried. As someone that could play for our team right away as constructed, Harper could get spot minutes as a stretch 4.

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