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Josh Selby (Kansas)
6'3, 195 lbs., SG/PG

Coming out of high school hyped as one of the top three prep players, Selby, a phenomenal athlete, entered college with a reputation as an explosive scorer.  His college career started rocky amid concerns over eligibility, and he struggled to find a consistent role.
Offensively, Josh is the ultimate scorer and has the talent to be the best one-on-one scorer in this draft.  He can score off the dribble, getting into the lane and using the floater or going all t he way to the hoop.  He can also shoot, but he's streaky from the perimeter. Josh has one of the most explosive, if not the most explosive first step in this draft.  Once he uses that potent first step, he has the ability to use spin moves to shield off oncoming defenders.  

Even though he is a scorer, he has enough combo guard skills to set up others.  However, he is not a point guard and should only play spot minutes as a back-up point guard if at all.

Josh shows a very raw offensive game.  Kansas never really played to his strengths as a scorer, and he was tied down on a team that uses set variations of a high/lo, featuring low-post players or very systematic guards.  Josh struggled in terms of not slowing down and in return would force offensive fouls and turnovers.  The question remains how will he adjust when he if forces to play in a half-court set in the NBA.   

Defensively, Josh has all the great tools to be a great defender when playing point guards.  He has strength, great lateral quickness, quick hands, and quick feet.  He is solid off the ball in terms of staying with his opponent while keeping his eyes on the basketball.  He occasionally gets beat off the dribble by playing too close, but that can be managed if he shows he can take instruction.  

However, when guarding twos, Josh will struggle if posted up.  He lacks the strength to deny post up position and the size to contest.  While he should do well getting around screens, most shooting guards will be able to simply shoot over him as well.


Overall, Josh is one of the more talented players in this draft, but very raw and lacks the size to play the two guard position his skills match.  He is a high risk/high reward player and will need a team that drafts him to be patient.  Currently, he is projected to go from late teens to late first round.  He has enough talent to where his stock could increase to late lottery.  He also has enough question marks in his game to be a bust.  I feel that Josh has the talent to be a dangerous 6th man off the bench and play when he is on.

How would he fit on the Bulls?

First off, unless the Bulls trade up a few spots, it is likely that Josh Selby just miss the Bulls reach.  However, if able to trade up or if he falls, the Bulls must think long-and-hard about drafting Selby. 

Right now on this team, Josh is talented enough to be our 2nd most impactive player (if he can put it together)  and will most likely be the most talented player the Bulls can get in the late first round.  Coach Thibs likes to play players that play safe which could work against Selby.

Obviously, the Bulls struggled with a secondary creator outside of Rose and a great 6th man candidate.  Putting Selby next to Rose would be difficult for many opposing teams in spurts and would speed up our offense tremendously.  If bringing Josh off the bench, you will always have one creator/scorer in the game.   

Defensively, Josh has the potential to be a great defender in Thibs' system at the point guard and solid when playing non-post up shooting guards.

The question will be if the Bulls have the opportunity to draft Selby, do they want to risk a guaranteed contract on such a high risk player?  Selby at his best proves to be a more explosive Lou Williams (not quite as good as Monta Ellis) but he is also raw enough to be out of the league soon. 

Questions remain.  Can he scorer when not playing fast-pace?  Can he create for others?  Will he have a consistent enough shot?  Will he be coachable?  If he can answer the questions he could be a late steal.


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  • KU grad here.


    Josh Shelby scored 30 some points in his opener against some mid-major school and then was never heard from again.

    Shelby is undersized (I question his 6'-3" listing) and doesn't have the talent to work next to Rose. His three point shooting didn't impress me, nor did his ability to handle the ball and drive to the paint.

    Again, NOOO!

  • I can understand why Selby would be at least explored due to his crazy athleticism and his AAU etc. offensive prowess. He was ranked No.6 in the country as a McDonald's All-American. That said, his numbers were so hideous, granted he was injured/played in just 20 games. And his attitude(not just the suspension), but comments from scouts etc. ring of a guy who won't live up to the promise. Have to pass. A shame to with his crazy vert and excellent first step.

    I'm just wondering if the Bulls will gamble on a SG if they see one they think can be a good starter, and try to move up in the draft? I know they see bigs as critical to winning in the playoffs aka Taj and Omer. I doubt they'd part with either of them. And perhaps they shouldn't. But overvaluing and hanging on has been something(Deng-Gasol) that some have accused the Bulls of in the past. If they see a star talent with at least decent attitude maybe you take the chance on that elusive second scorer/slasher. Alec Burkes has been a prolific scorer from the get go which many guys who score on the pro level Eric Gordon etc. do. Unlike Gordon Burkes doesn't have the perimeter/three point shot/range. But shooting 80% from the line and a consistent not funky release maybe he gets that too. I'd be surprised if they would make such an agressive move though. As we know a lot of people see them as fairly conservative. Maybe they'll swing a deal and take a Burkes or Klay Thompson, and prove us wrong. Otherwise it's hope we can get someone decent MLE who thinks the Bulls can win, and Noah and Booz come back offensively(which the latter two are going to have to do anyway if we're going to win IMO).

  • In reply to MikeKeane:

    I believe his numbers were abysmal after his injury, but before it they were decent (although obviously it's all a small sample size).

  • I honestly would rather the Bulls go after someone else, but he is the type of talent that does better in the NBA than in most college systems. Guards rarely flourish at KU also.

    However, he shows a lot of rawness and if he has the desire to do it at the next level.

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