Dwight Howard says he's not signing an extension

Per the Orlando Sentinel:

Dwight Howard on Thursday shot down an Orlando TV station's report that he will sign a two-year contract extension with the Magi before the current collective bargaining agreement expires on July 1.

no truth to that," Howard told reporters in Birmingham, Ala., where he
spent part of the day working with Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild
homes damaged by late April's deadly tornados.

"The biggest thing
right now is everybody understands I have one more year left. I'm
keeping my options open, but there's no other place I'd rather be than
Orlando. I want them to understand that.

"But, at the same time, I
do want to win, make sure everything is in line -- our team, just
everything from top to bottom -- and everybody is reaching for a
championship. It can't be me and a couple other guys. It's gotta be the
whole team [and] everybody on the staff. It's the same goal: the
championship attitude. As of right now, I don't plan to be anywhere else
besides Orlando."

Dwight Howard finally reversed his stance that there was no extension offer and that it wasn't even legal to make him one.   Thank goodness for that, because that was awfully annoying.

Instead, he flat out said that he's keeping his options open.   Sure, he threw Orlando fans a bone by saying Orlando is his first choice, but he wants to win.   Do you think that's going to happen in Orlando with their present situation?

Dwight is screwed in terms of winning a title right now in Orlando.

If Dwight really wants to win, what team could he force himself to that would earn him a title?

Miami?   Yes.   He would definitely win a title if he could force himself to Miami.   In fact, Chris Bosh might represent the best player they could get back for Dwight as well, and Miami would be insane not to swap Bosh for Howard if the deal was on the table.

At the same time, Orlando might never do better than that either, as sad as that may seem.   Does Dwight really want to go to Miami and win that way?   Who knows.  I wouldn't have thought so in the past, but I wouldn't have thought LeBron, Wade, and Bosh would team up.  Miami fits his criteria of staying in a warm weather climate as well.

Let's discount that theory for a moment though, because quite simply, if LeBron, Howard, and Wade were on one team, I'd stop watching the NBA until they retired.   Too scary to consider.

Where's the next best team he could go to win?

Lakers for Bynum?    I have to say that the Lakers would be an interesting rival for the Heat if they landed Howard for Bynum.  He'd give them much better offense and defense than Bynum did, and the Lakers would probably have bodies to match up against the Heat. 

However, with Pau and Kobe both reaching the age of serious decline, this would be a short term fix to his championship lust, and it wouldn't be a given that he'd pull it off, nor is it a given (at least according to what I've read) that LA would even make that trade though I have to think eventually sanity would prevail, and any idiocy about keeping Bynum would pass.

New York?   If you could combine him with Amare and Melo then sure, but New York probably can't come up with any kind of trad e package that would beat letting Howard just walk away for nothing to offer Orlando, so that seems like it's out.   If you include Melo or Amare in the deal then what's left isn't that good.

The Clippers? 
Well they could use Kamen to match salaries which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for Orlando, and they could add in Eric Gordon and maybe some draft picks.  

Not sure the Clips are ready to win a title though, Dwight and Griffin would be the most explosive front court in the history of the universe, but they also wouldn't be great complements to each other necessarily, and there's no good perimeter players there.  It's intriguing though.

The Thunder?  If Howard doesn't mind the small town thing, this might actually be his best destination, plus the Thunder can offer up something pretty enticing while also offering up the ability to send Howard to the West.

Russell Westbrook + Kendrick Perkins + Nate Robinson works, gives Orlando back a young star and a solid vet.   The Thunder get a dominant inside presence, tough guy, and a second superstar rather than just a second star.

The Thunder would be a perennial title threat after this deal, and it's something I think both sides would consider.   


Yes, this is the part you're reading the darn blog for.    The Bulls offer up Joakim Noah + Luol Deng + Kyle Korver + Pargo + Bogans + Lucas for Howard + Turkoglu works. 

The Bulls would lose a lot of depth, a lot of perimeter defense, and a lot of shooting.   However, they'd gain one of the most dominant players in the NBA to pair with Derrick Rose and would be perennial contenders for the next 6-7 seasons.  

The deal for Dwight is probably similar to going to OKC in terms of championship contention except that in OKC he'd make it to the finals every year, in Chicago, it would be Bulls and Heat playing for the title in the ECF.

For Orlando, the OKC deal is significantly better as the overall talent level coming back may be similar, but getting a better star in Westbrook is probably more appealing to them then getting two very good players in Deng/Noah.

Final thoughts

If Dwight's going to leave, he has to feel he has a legitimate chance to win, and I'd guess he wants that chance to last more than one season.   As such there are only three places that really offer that OKC, Chicago, and Miami.  

At least we're on the list, even if it's a long shot.


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  • It would be in the best interest for Howard not to sign an extension with the Magic. It's not too much they can do to build a true contender around him. Do I think the Bulls will have a chance to get Howard? I doubt it because I can't see the Magic trading him in conference. If they did decide to do a trade with the Bulls, you're right Doug the Bulls would lose a lot of depth but the Bulls would have a dominate one two punch in Rose and Howard and the Bulls would have to build around those 2. However Bulls fans shouldn't get their hopes up too much on this proposed trade idea. But something bold will definitely have to be done by the Bulls to stay competitive against the Heat.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I've never thought the conference/division thing mattered too much.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    No it don't matter to Bulls fans but I'm sure it matters to the Magic brass and their fans.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The Magic don't care where Dwight Howard goes if he isn't staying in Florida. Their primary concern is competing with the Miami Heat; their concern is getting the best value for Howard. With that in mind, Chicago has the best players to package in a deal. I've been writing it on this site since February - Bynum's nothing but an urban legend and OKC just gave Perkins an extension. I don't see with the pieces the Bulls do making the right players available to make a deal happen.

    also, fwiw, I don't think the Magic would stay away from Boozer coming back because they need to replace interior scoring. Say what you want about his defense, Boozer's still a 20-10 guy the Bulls are trying to give away. Boozer + Noah is a better frontcourt package than anyone could offer the Magic.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    Lets be real here sir, regardless to if the Magic wants him in the conference or not if they do decide to trade him, the Bulls DO NOT and CAN NOT come up with the best package. OKC could provide the best deal for the magic. I know it's your homer side to being a Bulls fan and I respect that but bottom line... the Bulls would not have the best package in a deal for Howard. Look at OKC'S team and you can see what they can give up, Westbrook and Perkins would probably be part of the deal and that's probably only half of what they could offer.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I agree that Westbrook might be the best player the Magic will be getting back if the trade partner is one of OKC/Bulls/Lakers. But,we saw with Melo that he decided where he will go rather than the best package talked about(NJ at that time). I think it is more complex than just what Magic want or the conference rival etc..
    It is mainly where Howard wants to go, what history does that organization have, what the Magic want(salary relief or established talent or lottery picks or a combination of all that), the age of the superstar whom Howard will play with(that's why the Lakers is probably not going to happen), marketing opportunities, weather, new CBA etc..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Exactly, which is why everyone needs to calm down with all of this trade talk. No one knows where Howard wants to go. And to be perfectly honest, I do feel if he really wants to win a championship and be on a team that wins by playing defense with him anchoring the middle, the Bulls would be the best place for him in a perfect NBA world where he can still get his shot attempts. With the position that he plays it would still be Rose's team but he definitely would probably lead the Bulls in scoring. Now if he were to be traded to L.A. or OKC, he should know that Kobe and Durant will get their shots and his attempts go down and more than likely he would not lead the team in scoring which means his role would be diminished a great deal playing with either player. But like you mentioned... it all depends on where he wants to play.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    OK, so now you have the Magic putting their best TWO players - Howard & Jameer Nelson - on the market & replacing them w/ Westbrook & Perkins? OK. LOL

  • In reply to the1tab:

    It is not about Nelson or Perkins here. Westbrook is probably the best player the Magic can get in a trade if Howard acts like Melo.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    One HUGE caveat: Nelson doesn't have a job if Westbrook is acquired. So while I agree the focus of an OKC trade is the best player going back to Orlando, the Magic would have to do something w/ Nelson if that was the route they chose.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    It is easier to trade Nelson(he has a pretty decent deal) for his talent. Without Howard, Nelson is useless to Orlando anyhow.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    I see you don't understand the trading of the NBA Tab, OKC would have the best package tho, FYI.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    No... lol... actually I do understand trading in the NBA. Teams usually deal out of need or want. With Jameer Nelson & Gilbert Arenas both expensive GUARDS, and NOBODY wanting Arenas' paper, it would make no sense for Orlando to trade a dominant CENTER for a stud POINT GUARD when they already have a good point guard.

    I never said OKC couldn't put together a decent package. Literacy not your strong suit? What I said was that it wasn't likely that the Magic would trade BOTH of their best 2 players - Howard & Nelson - in the same summer. If they traded Howard for a package centered on Westbrook, Nelson would have to go. It's called logic.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    My literacy is just fine sir but I can see you got offended by questioning my literary, it will be ok for you tho... one day. However you did say that the Bulls could put forth the best trade package for a trade for Howard and I disagreed, and I never mentioned Nelson just Howard. Next time pay attention to what you are reading and you won't have this problem. You have a good evening.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    If Team A has a starting point guard, and acquires a new starting point guard, do they or do they not need to move the incumbant? LOL

  • In reply to Reese1:

    What perimeter defense would we lose...Luol Deng? Ronnie Brewers better. And Howard makes up for Noah's and Deng's defense combined. We lose 3pt shooting...Kyle Korver? I'm sure Rasual Butler can provide what KK and Bogans does plus more. If we can trade for D.Howard, we really won't lose anything.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Here we go again .... another summer of who the bulls can trade for ... we just went through this with the Lebron, D- Wade, and Bosh hype from last summer, then the Melo comming to the Bulls hype, and now it's Howard .... It aint gonna happen! For whatever reasons the NBA superstars just don't see Chicago appealing enough.You would think that if a player wants to try and beat Miami, they best chance would be joinig the Bulls.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You missed one sleeper trade partner for Howard that could put together a package as/more attractive to the Bulls: Memphis.

    Rudy Gay & Marc Gasol could be enough to get Howard out of Orlando, bringing back a legit center & big 3. Plus, playing w/ Conley & Randolph could make Memphis a beast in the Western Conference for a long time.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    It'll have to be after July 1st, because Gasol is expiring and Rudy Gay is still a Base Year Compensation player. Plus, in order to get Dwight, you will have to take Hedo or Gilbert and I dont think Michael Heisley wants to do that.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    the hang-up on Hedo & Arenas is smoke mirrors. The Orlando Magic are looking for the best compensation they can get for Dwight Howard, and there are very few teams that can/will take on esp Arenas' paper. In fact, even w/ how special Dwight Howard is, I've been told Arenas being forced on teams would be a deal breaker almost 100% of the time.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    I agree with the Gilbert thing but I think you could force Hedo on somebody, but not Heisley. I think we (Bulls) should try for the Howard trade but should be more focused on grabbing J-Rich in a sign and trade or Ray Allen (assuming he exercises his player option) in a deal (Taj, Korver, Watson and Our #1 (only if absolutely necessary) this year gets it done) that leaves us with a draft pick (Nolan Smith comes to mind).

    Leaves us with
    PG Rose, SG Allen, PF Boozer, SF Deng, C Noah
    Bench: PG N. Smith, SG Bogans, PF K. Thomas, SF Brewer, C Asik.

    2nd Unit is kinda weak, but I really believe that Allen is the missing piece!

  • In reply to nolebron:

    Don't want Rip Hamilton or Ray Allen - they're older Kyle Korvers at this point.

    If the Bulls wants someone to do nothing but stroke, let's talk to Minnesota about Johnny Flynn now that Rubio's coming to America.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    When you're this close though? Kyle Korver helps you win in the regular season, but Rip Hamilton and Ray Allen have jewelery!

    Kyle Korver (48 career postseason games)
    AGE 30 7.5 PPG, .412 FG%, .387 3FG%

    Rip Hamilton (120 career postseason games)
    AGE 33 20.6 PPG, .441 FG%, .337 3FG%

    Ray Allen (110 career postseason games)
    AGE 35 19.4 PPG, .452 FG%, .415 3FG%

    Plus Allen and Hamilton don't get bullied while on D, they maybe older but not that much older than Korver, plus against Miami this postseason Allen averaged 16.4 PPG on 47% shooting and 50% on 3's averaging 6 attempts/game while playing 40 minutes! Korver against Miami averaged 3.8 PPG on 32% shooting and 29% on 3's averaging 3 attempts/game while playing 15 minutes!

    Sorry I'd rather have Allen!

  • In reply to nolebron:

    With all due respect, postseason CAREER numbers mean little/nothing to me at this point. Hamilton has nothing but a $12M salary left, and Allen's defensive struggles aren't breaking news. Is Korver the answer? Probably not. But I'm not thrilled at the prospect of overpaying basically the same skill set again.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    Agreed, but at the end of the day the way this Bulls team is constructed, they aren't good enough to beat Miami because they have no "O". Something has to change. Korver was part of the problem against Miami, not the solution. As far as career postseason numbers go...they don't tell the whole story but in this discussion they can't be dismissed, KK wasn't ready for the moment and struggled mightily because he simply doesn't have as many reps as Allen or Hamilton. Said another way, you can have 2 more crappy postseasons of KK for $10M or you can have 1 good to great postseason of Hamilton or Allen for about the same price.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    I don't know about Ray Allen. If you have seen him...he showed up once in 3 games. He is good but old. He is ok as a replacement for Korver though but not as our primary SG.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    My opinion is that Hamilton has ZERO left. I might be willing to swap Korver for Allen, but the C's wouldn't do that straight up. How much collateral damage is it worth to have a guy play 18 min/gm and be responsible for hoisting 4-5 three pointers a night? That's the hard sell. Again, I think I would prefer looking for an expendable younger player like Johnny Flynn. The Bulls aren't in the same position as the Celtics; these Bulls aren't a one-and-done situation. DRose is 22. We don't need to look for rented AARP members to fill the bench if we don't have to. I agree Allen > Korver, but I'm not a big fan of either.

  • In reply to nolebron:

    I'm with you, Ray Allen would make our team complete.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    Even with a decent supporting cast which has changed two times, Orlando went only once to the finals with Howard(with Garnett out at Boston). They have regressed and it shows that he needs another superstar at the wing/guard position. And, Nelson is probably as good or better than Conley. The honest truth is even with Howard....you need another superstar kind along with a couple of almost all-stars to end up in the finals. That level is very difficult to get to and Memphis is the last place he will go.
    It is the organization success of consistent building/winning which matters to these guys. Bulls, Lakers and maybe OKC/NJ which are in this conversation. NJ because of Deron and the big market plus a Finals coach/money spending owner etc..

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    NJ doesn't have the pieces to make a blockbuster again, because of the Deron trade. They would need a strong third team to get grossly overpaid as part of the deal - like somehow getting MIN to include Beasley & taking a big chunk of money from ORL - for the Nets to be a player. IMO it's LAL, CHI & maybe OKC and/or MEM.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    NJ has Brook Lopez who can play along a defensive minded Center(who are easier to get) to trade and quite a bit of cap-space. They will probably take Arenas if Howard is coming along. But, who knows ...this is all guesses.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Jersey has the same problem the Bulls do: Arenas makes $22M in three years, and they have to extend their superstar, face-of-the-franchise point guard. Washington won the lottery when Otis Smith became the only person on the planey stupid enough to take that paper; he would have been better served to keep Rashard Lewis.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    What about this?


    We also send NO our #1 and $3M, has to be done before the 1st of July.

    We get: Depth at the SF position so Deng doesn't die playing 40+ nightly, or we could move Deng and not get burned. Depth at the 4 & 5 positions, when we eventually move Taj and 1 less year at the back end of those contracts than Boozer was.

    They get cap relief, cash and someone to play with CP3. Carlos would be a better fit with CP3, this would also allow them to let David West walk, esp. if he is coming off of an ACL tear.

    Just throwing it out there, does anyone else (except Mr. Happy, because Nick Young sucks!) have a good trading partner to get rid of Boozer, seems like if we put our heads together we can figure out a way to dump Boozer.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I agree. Its not like you're just giving someone away. You're taking away from them too. And furthermore, if you want to win a championship, you have to esentially beat everyone anyways. That's also why I believe its overstated that the Bulls have it rough b/c they are in the East, & the East is superior now. You'd have to play Miami eventually. Also, its not like its murderers row going through the East anyways, as Miami & Chicago are clearly on a different level thean everyone else.

  • I think the Bulls have a great chance even if it is the same conference. We all think of what the 3 d-bags did in July 2010. But, honestly we didn't have a championship experienced FO or any great superstar on the team(Rose wasn't considered a superstar last off-season) and Thibs was a rookie. LeBron even mentioned that Riley put all his rings on the table during the FA process. These kind of things influenced him. So, getting back to Howard...he is definitely not staying in Orlando unless they get a CPaul or some other stud like him. I also think he respects Boozer than most of us and off-course the MVP season has made Rose a younger Wade to attract Howard.

    I also think this post-season has shown that Noah while very valuable cannot be a 2nd or 3rd option on a championship team.

  • That might have been one of the worst collapses I've ever seen tonight.

    It's really a shame Nowitzki signed an extension with Dallas a couple years ago. Would've nice to have him instead of Boozer, even if he is already 32.

  • In reply to jt563905:

    Nowtizki is what all we dream about in Boozer.

  • In reply to jt563905:

    There is no way Orlando trades Howard to Miami, unless of course they get LeBron James in return. There's been some bad blood between the two franchises, so it's hard to imagine Orlando making any deal to significantly improve the Miami Heat.

    I think the OKC deal is pretty interesting and imagine that both teams would pull the trigger on that deal pretty quickly.

  • In reply to bryield:

    AGREED, Bulls would not have the best offer which is why I said I doubt if the Bulls have a chance.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I think Howard would have to make the Bulls his number 1 choice for him to be traded to Chicago. Just like Carmelo did with N.Y.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Like what schaumburgfan said, the Nets had a better offer than the Knicks, but Melo preferred New York over New Jersey/Brooklyn.

    The person to persuade is Dwight, not Otis. Dwight has the leverage on where he wants to go, and I'm sure he considers Chicago as an enticing destination. Think about it big market, great tradition, respected coach, and a superstar name Derrick Rose.

    If Dwight decides Chicago is where he wants to go, then our package does not have to be the best, but good enough for Orlando, and a package of Boozer, Noah, and Multiple Picks is really good enough

  • In reply to jt563905:

    Don't know about that, OKC and the Bulls had some pretty bad ones as well.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    This is true but let's remember that the Heat played great defense down the stretch of game 5. The Bulls were not getting good looks let along knocking them down. Plus, in that game 5, the Bulls stretch defense certainly wasn't their finest, but it wasn't "that" horrible.. Miami was just making circus shots left and right.

    Miami's defense crumbled.

  • In reply to jt563905:

    Did anyone else notice this at the end of the broadcast (after they interviewed Dirk) on the replay of Wade

  • In reply to Edward:

    The Heat can cobble together 8-16 points a night off lame calls, acting, phantom fouls, etc. The refs give them the benefit of the doubt more often than most other players, so they're taking advantage of it. It's extra annoying considering they already have the upper-hand on talent/athleticism.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The Bulls should offer Noah + Boozer + Kyle Korver + Multiple Picks for Dwight Howard + JJ Redick

    F Deng
    F Gibson
    C Howard
    G Redick
    G Rose
    Bench: Brewer, Asik, Watson

  • In reply to BullsFTW:

    Nay... I don't think that magic will take boozer after a heart breaking performance at post season. If we change boozer became deng, then there might still be a little chance.

  • In reply to BullsFTW:

    1) There is bad blood between Chicago and Orlando too (remember the JJ Redick Contract?)

    2)Just food for thought: I think the Bulls can offer the Magic something almost as valuable as Westbrook: taking Arenas' contract off their hands. OKC doesn't have the salaries to do that.

    Carlos Boozer $13,500,000, Noah $10,000,000, Gibson $1,195,680, Deng $12,341,275 = 37,036,000.


    Howard $17,885,400 + Arenas $19,269,308 = $37,154,000

    You can play with picks and expiring contracts from there.

    However, my idea would leave the Bulls hurting badly at PF and SF (Brewer at the 3? Draft JaJuan for range?). Plus, Arenas' contract would expire the year after Rose would get his new max contract, so that would be a financially ugly year for the Bulls. I think it's a better offer than OKC could make though.

  • In reply to BullsFTW:

    Also, Devil's Advocate:

    Most trades to get Howard will hurt the Bulls in one position or another, to the point that I doubt they would be favored over the Heat even after the trade. You would still likely lack shooters, so opposing defenses could clog the paint to slow Rose/Howard down. It's not like you would be using Howard in a pick and roll situation.

    If you have a reasonable chance at getting Howard, I guess you throw caution to the wind and take it. However, frankly, if the Bulls managed to trade up in the draft to snag Brooks (Say the 28th pick, next years #1, maybe even this years #2 as well) and took JaJuan Johnson with the 30th, I'd like that more than gutting the team for Howard. Brooks gives you an athletic 2 guard that can score, maybe even one that could be special. Jajuan gives you a big man that can shoot, a future pick and roll partner for Rose and an option outside of Boozer. Neither rookie is know for their defense, but I like their physical gifts in that regard, and I think Thibs could bring them along.

    Also, first time poster, long time reader.

  • In reply to kumquatq3:

    I think it's possible (if you do the trade I suggested for example) that you might end up worse off for a single season but if you can get Dwight and Rose together then you do it and figure it out later.

    Right now the Bulls are a star player away from winning the whole thing. You get Dwight/Rose together and you are never more than role players away from winning the whole thing.

    It's much easier to find role players than a star player.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Plus, another way to look at the Bulls getting Howard is this:
    Heat would have the top SF (by a wide stretch), top SG (significant edge over others) and a top 5 PF.

    Bulls would have the top C (by a wide stretch), top PG (significant edge of others) and a top 10 PF or SF (depending on whether it was Boozer or Deng that left to make salaries work).

    For the most part, what you end up having to counteract is the production of Haslem/Miller and the bunch of jabronis on the Heat roster. I don't think that is as daunting as trying to counteract the impact of LeBron or Wade by any means.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    doesn't a potential loss of the MLE change that philosophy some though? It will become a lot tougher once over the cap to aquire even a decent-good player.

    then again look how Joel Anthony & Chalmers are made to look

  • In reply to kumquatq3:

    I like your draft pick (trade up) suggestions.
    If Bulls can't engineer a draft day trade for a very good two-way SG (which may cost Bulls draft picks) then I like your choices. But trading up high enough for Brooks may be difficult - hope we can pull it off.

    Oh, and Dwight Howard to Chicago ain't happening this month so let's improve the team this June/draft night.

  • In reply to Edward:

    The more I think about it, if Marshon Brooks stock keeps rising, it may require trading the Charlotte pick to move up enough. I just don't see how next year's #1 and a 2nd moves Bulls up more than a few slots.

    And aside from Taj and Asik, whom I don't want to trade, I don't see any players that have good trade value on Bulls roster.

  • In reply to BullsFTW:

    If the Magic are trading Howard, they will want to make sure to dump a bad contract or two....the first two are Arenas and Turkoglu(older, bigger contracts) than Redick or Nelson.

  • In reply to BullsFTW:

    I don't believe Dwight is coming here. This is the trade I think should happen on draft day:

    http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=3qkscto (add in our draft picks if you wanna)

    After this, with Rubio coming to MIN, we should definitely offer some picks or something for Johnny Flynn. Just my idea.

  • In reply to BullsFTW:

    Pipe Dream But...


    Plus...we send Orlando 3 #1's (Ours and Charlotte's) and $3M.

    We can't take back Redick (Because we're the ones who signed him to an offer sheet), Boozer must be included (Joakim has a Poison Pill because his extention doesn't kick in till next year).

    Bulls win because we get Dwight and an extra $5M in cap room (bring us up to $7M in total cap space, which would facilitate another deal, possibly acquiring Redick after the restriction expires)

    Magic get 2 pieces (so they don't absolutely suck), get to get rid of Turk and his crappy contract, several draft picks to bulid depth (or use to get rid of some more bad contracts, i'm looking at you Duhon) after they have their eventual fire sale (it's coming..Rich DeVos isn't gonna want to spend into the tax for a perennial loser) plus the $3M dollars essentially allows them to monetize their Trade Exemption.

    Why would Orlando want to trade Dwight for 60 games of Andrew Bynum? Plus Bynum averages 24 MPG whereas Deng plays an average of 36 MPG (that's an extra quarter!) and they cost about the same.

    The best deal is the OKC deal but I have a feeling it isn't going to matter because Dwight is going to dictate where he is going and it isn't going to be here...pick up the phone and call him Derrick!

  • In reply to Edward:

    YES! Their big three do it all the time. He did the "someone just gouged my eye out" routine until it was clear the refs weren't (thankfully this time) buying it. It's called gamesmanship - or what you and I would call being a total wanker.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I laughed at that. it must be tough being a ref sometimes having to put up with these whiners

  • In reply to anasemaj:

    F--k the refs. They bring it on themselves. Call an impartial game, and they wouldn't have to put up with it.

    Instead, they act like a bunch of star f--king groupies, and call games accordingly.

  • In reply to Edward:

    If there was a trade that made Dwight come and Boozer go, I'm not sure what would make me happier!

  • In reply to Edward:

    Doug, do you think its any possible way we could do this trade and not lose Deng?

    Je would be the hardest on the team to replace, but having Turk would fix some of the scoring.

    But easily OKC has the best offer, i think we come in 2 though.

  • In reply to Edward:

    ORL or LAL...take your pick.

    He's not coming to the Bulls. Deep down, DRose doesn't like the guy.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Dont know if Rose likes Howard or not but I agree he will end up in the west if he is indeed traded.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Did you hear that from your source who said Wade was definitely coming to Chicago?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Crazy trade idea here not including the Bulls:
    If Dwight says he wants out and the Magic want to screw him...
    Send Howard and Turkoglu to Cleveland for Baron Davis & Jamison and the #1 & #4 picks. Cleveland gets Howard so who cares about the picks and Orlando gets to start over with some new young stars.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Wow!!! you have an ear to Rose's inner voice too;-)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I don't know what you're talking about. Dwight and Derrick are good friends.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Someone who knows how should create a youtube video of the Heat

  • In reply to Edward:

    I am more upset at what they get away with...jawing with the referees for every foul, getting momentum changing calls in games(it matters because they are talented enough to make use of it). But, it is probably the refs are intimidated by them as they are old refs and "probably" not corrupt.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Yes, what happened to the "rule change" that disallowed complaining about calls? Miami complains about every single call! It detracts from the game.

    And as Doug said in his podcast, the blatant cheating by faking/pretending needs to be dealt with with ejection/suspension similar to throwing a punch.

  • In reply to jt563905:

    That's right. It's all depends on howard himself. Anyone at bulls is expendable, except d-rose.

  • In reply to jt563905:

    I think the Clippers still make the most sense, lets Howard be Hollywood, be the man on the team over Griffin, and the Clippers have the Wolves pick which IMO is the best thing the Magic can get from any team. Who wants to be paying guys like Bynum or Noah & Deng big money when you're a rebuilding team? You want picks and rookies.

    It's a real shame for the Clippers they gave away their pick, if they had the #1 I think the #1, Wolves pick, Kaman's expiring, Aminu & Bledsoe (plus filler) for Howard and Turk with a deadline of "take it by draft day or leave it" is a deal that the Magic almost have to do, and would have left the Clippers with Gordon/Griffin/Howard as a core. As it stands, the Magic will no doubt hold out for Gordon, and it's hard to see Howard agreeing to a deal including Gordon, he knows how much it sucks to have no good wing players around him.

    The Thunder's offer is good but I can't see him going there, both for the small town and the appearance of riding on Durant's coat tails. Any old scrub + Harden + Durant + Ibaka + Howard would be the best team in the league though.

  • a lot of teams could have

  • Doug, do you see a way we could get Ryan Anderson back in a deal?

  • Doug, do you think someone would take Boozer and Charlotte's #1 for some relief?

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