Bulls and Pistons part two, go get Charlie Villanueva

I wrote yesterday about how the Bulls could potentially take on some extra salary in a deal that improves their team considerably.   The Bulls are close enough to a title at this point that they should actively be looking to add large amounts of salary that also adds talent in an effort to improve their roster.

The new CBA might impact that decision a little bit, but I find it highly likely that the NBA doesn't go to a hard cap system and that Reinsdorf, if he wants to, will still be able to ramp up his payroll Lakers style to attempt to win.

Besides trading for Ben Gordon, here's another idea what we could work out with the Pistons.

Detroit trades Charlie Villanueva + future protected pick for C.J. Watson and John Lucas and Jannero Pargo

The Bulls basically save the Pistons the majority of Villanueva's salary with this move as the only guaranteed guy on the books is Watson, who's only guaranteed for this season which saves the Pistons around 21 million dollars.

As incentive for doing so, the Pistons give the Bulls a future protected pick, the protection would likely be negotiable, but we'll say lotto protected for 2-3 years, possibly with some declining protection, and eventually unprotected.

Granted, we could hope to get the #8 pick in this deal, perhaps by throwing back Taj Gibson, but they probably aren't saving enough money in the trade to make them want to do that and adding Taj Gibson for the #8 might be a tough sell to fans.

Charlie Villanueva's a bad contract but we could use him

One thing the Bulls don't have on this roster is a plethora of scorers.   Villanueva's a scorer, and more importantly, he fills the role of stretch four.   He has legitimate three point range, and he could provide a much different look for our offense than it's presently capable of doing.

Because CV can create his own shot and shoot from beyond the arc, he gives the Bulls a much different look.    Now when the Bulls space the floor in a Rose/Korver/Deng/CV/Noah lineup, you really have three guys on the perimeter who can knock down the three point shot and a guy to attack the rim for an ally oop / get offensive boards when Rose drives. 

Granted, Villanueva's unlikely to get any defensive awards which won't amp Thibs up too much, but it's not always possible to pick up two way players.   Villanueva with all his warts provides the Bulls with an offensive matchup advantage against many players that they don't have right now.

He allows them to spread the offense in a way they can't spread it right now, and he can likely be obtained while improving our draft status simply by taking on extra salary.

This trade also offers up flexibility to move a front court piece

The Bulls are really loaded defensively in the front court with Big Sexy (if he returns), Joakim, Asik, and Taj.   There have been a number of trade ideas involving Taj Gibson to improve the SG position, but our fears of a Boozer injury and love for Taj make executing those ideas scary.

Adding a role player like CV to the roster gives the Bulls the depth to trade one of their defensive stalwarts in the front court as the minutes would be awfully crowded there without a trade.  

Perhaps a Taj + picks for OJ Mayo is the follow up deal in this scenario, and if Mayo is unavailable, I'm sure I can exhaust the SG option trades over the course of the summer.  

The primary point is, adding CV to the team gives the Bulls depth to deal out of, and moving one of our defensive oriented big man while bringing in CV might actually give the front court a better mix of options to employ with multiple defenders and multiple offensive players to utilize.

Will Thibs go with it?

The question I'd have in this case would be "Is Tom Thibodeau interested in a one dimensional stretch four?"    I don't know the answer to that.  It's certainly plausible that Thibodeau doesn't think the value of having Villanueva in as a stretch four would ever exceed what he's allowing on the defensive end.

Of course, we do play Carlos Boozer, so Thobideau apparently is willing to late some poor defensive guys play if they can score the ball (as he should).  

Overall, Villanueva's not the best guy out there, but this is a trade that would help Chicago in the short term, open up other trade possibilities by adding depth, and improve their long term positioning in the draft (or allow for other trade options).

* editors note, this idea was initially formed by Sham from shamsports.com unless the comments are mostly negative, then it's my fault.


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  • That glue doesn't stick.

  • Doug, love your work, but this is probably my least favorite idea you, or Sham or whoever, has ever had. CV is not someone I want at just about any price, yet alone his.

  • Doug, not sure if the summer heat is getting to your head but these last two days have been some of your WORST posts.

  • Early returns on the piece, not so hot. Oh well. The offseason is just getting going.

  • Doug, I love your blog and columns, but this madness must stop!.
    First Ben Gordon, now Charlie Villanueva. Please, these guys would be a step backwards!

    We just learned the hard way that deep in the playoffs one-way players can become a liability. Their deficiencies can no longer be hidden (unless perhaps they

  • In reply to Edward:

    Agree. While I like the idea of picking up a Stretch-4, I'm not able to trust Coach Tibs to create the best match-ups with one-way players, after seeing how stubborn he's been throughout both the regular season and post season.

    The way I see it, we already have a 2-way backup Shooting Guard in Rasual Butler, so if we can get a starting-caliber 2 that's solid at both ends through free agency or by packaging any combo of Brewer/Korver/Bogans/Pargo/Lucas & picks to someone looking to shave salary, that would be great. Although personally, my priority would be shooter over scorer, as a "black hole" will always want the ball in their hands, diminishing Rose's impact. (That's why I'm skittish of Mayo).

    I'm loath to deal Gibson or Asik in a trade like this because there is a high likelihood both continue to improve & they're nearly as good as Boozer & Noah right now. Some would say Taj is already better. If we keep Big Sexy around I would be willing to include Noah in the package, but that would need to be for a guy like Kevin Martin. I think Martin would be a great fit here and Houston has a substantial desire for a 5 with Yao Ming's problems.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Butler a two way player? He's the worst offensive player on the team! I keep hearing from some people about what a tragedy it is Butler was glued to the bench and I think people must be getting him mixed up with Caron, Rasual shot 33% from the field this year.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Dude, you're delusional. His career shooting numbers are significantly better than Bogans & Brewer, and are just slightly worse than Korver's. And he shot over 54% in the handful of minutes he got here.

    At 6'7" & 215, he's got prototypical size. He's a good defender, not as good man-up as Bogans & not as many steals as Brewer but is a far better shot blocker than either one because of his length & athleticism.

    Is he an All-Star? Of course not. But he was the ONLY option at 2 Guard we had on the roster this season that was a legitimate 2-way player & Tibs never played him. He gives the some backup minutes to work him in the rotation through the end of the Season & we don't struggle anywhere NEAR as much in the post season. If he replaces Korver in the ECF, we're playing Dallas right now, PERIOD.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I don't care about his career, I care about what he can do now. You may have heard that players sometimes decline as they age? Well role players tend to decline sooner and as he's now 32 I think being bad is the new normal for him. He was one of the worst players in the league this year, and got about as many minutes as he deserved on the Bulls (ie he played ahead of Scal, Pargo and Lucas who are even worse).

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Come on Shakes, at least do a LITTLE research, lol. The two prior years when he was a starter Butler averaged 42% FG, 36% 3pt & was an 81.5% free throw shooter. The reason he did poorly this year was because he lost his starting job as the Clippers went with the youth movement & he had a rough time adjusting not only to his minutes being cut in half, but also playing a different position when his role changed to a backup Small Forward.

    Here, we didn't have to worry about production from the 3, as Luol had his best year as a pro. We desperately needed the 11.6 PPG he averaged the past two seasons starting at 2 Guard. This is still a quality player in the right role, one we desperately needed, and he would have easily outperformed Korver in the Playoffs. Hell, Scalabrine would've outperformed Korver in the Playoffs. Your argument is flawed in every way.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    And his wife left him and his dog got sick and he drove his pickup off a cliff so I should feel sorry for the guy and he doesn't really suck please believe me. I don't really care how badly he felt about losing his starting job, he wouldn't be playing 30+ a game on the Bulls either so if he can't play like anything but dog shit in limited minutes he's not much use to the team.

    Anyway even in Butler's best year of his career he shot a league average TS% (54%). For most of his career he's been well below average (50%). He can't even use the volume scorer excuse since he averages under 13 points per 36. He's simply a below average guy, someone who maybe can hang in the rotation for a good team with OK defense but nothing more.

    I mean come on, Butler is the key to beating the Heat? If Korver, one of the quickest releases in the game, had trouble getting shots off against the Heat's athleticism why would Butler be able to do it? At his best maybe he would have been a small upgrade on Bogans, but he certainly wasn't at his best this year.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Yeah, Butler's below average on offense. I'm not comparing him to D Wade, I'm comparing him to Bogans, Korver & Brewer from behind the arc. (BTW, Butler's also a WAY, WAY better 3pt shooter than D Wade). Is Rasual as good as Kyle from downtown? Nope. Is he better than Bogans & Brewer? Hell yeah, by a nice margin. Hell, in 08-09 he shot better from 3pt land than Korver, for crying out loud.

    Look, with Rose taking all the attention in the back-court Rasual would see more wide open looks than he has in his entire career. Combined. Korver's the only guy on the team that's a better 3pt shooter, while Rasual's defense is comparable to Bogans' & Brewer's.

    The Heat wouldn't have been able to scald the Bulls with the Bibby/LeBron pick-n-roll, nor would they have been able to mount the huge comebacks they did when Boozer & Korver were out there at the same time, if Rasual was getting Kyle's minutes. Even if Butler too was as ice cold as Korver, Miami has no advantage to capitalize on with Rasual on defense.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I'm not saying he's the savior of the franchise, but when a guy's hitting 3 pointers at 36% on over 1400 attempts over the last 5 season's, there's no way you can legitimately think he's not a better shooter than Brewer & Bogans. One year as a back-up, while playing out of position, is the exception not the the rule.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Keith Bogans has attempted 1200 in the last 5 years and hit a touch over 36% (while playing fewer minutes, so he was actually taking them at a higher rate), and the last two years hit 36% and 38% vs 34% for Butler.

    So I'd say Bogans is indeed a better shooter. Meanwhile Brewer's not a better shooter, but he's a far better player than either of them.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Over the last 3 seasons, including this past year when Butler struggled & Bogans had a metric ton of open looks, both guys shots just under 36% from behind the arc. However, Butler held that percentage while shooting 45% more attempts and Bogans benefited from Rose on 237 3 pointers this season, the 2nd highest total of his career. On all those wide open looks, he hit the 2nd highest percentage of his career.

    It seems obvious to me that, just like Bogans, Butler would also find himself with more open shots and his percentage would also improve dramatically. More importantly than that, Butler has some ability to create his own shot or take a guy off the dribble. While it's not his strong suit, he actually has the ability & athleticism, while Bogans & Brewer absolutely do not. Butler's defense is comparable to Brewer's, yet Rasual is miles better in the shooting department, so how you say Ronnie's the better player is beyond me. Brewer's offensive game is getting garbage from the baseline, Bogans is a statue on the wing. Like Edward mentioned below, Butler is an athletic wing that looks for, and can get his own shot. While he's not a Super-Star or even an All-Star because he doesn't create with consistency, he ACTUALLY POSSESSES that skill-set unlike Bogans, Brewer & Korver.

    If you don't want to believe it until you see it, that's fine. But I already have, and to me the comparisons here are like apples to oranges.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Definitely not a fan of this trade idea

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Did Mr. Happy hack the blog?

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I really can't believe people are so down on getting a potential lottery pick (even if it is protected for a couple of years, Detroit are miles away from making the playoffs right now) for CJ Watson. Forget Charlie V, this is excellent value for taking on a bad contract, even if we bought out Charlie V for nothing and never played him the Bulls make a killing from this deal. This is exactly how we should be demanding JR use the profits he's making from the Bulls, to buy assets from cash strapped teams (the asset being the pick, not Charlie V!).

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Tomorrow's topic will be trading Noah for Greg Oden.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I was at the UC for Rasual Butler

  • In reply to Edward:

    Hey Edward, did you copy/paste my ECF Game 5 post-game rant? LOL

    Literally, could not agree more.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Thibs needs an offensive assistant this summer. And the Bulls need a ball handler who can dribble and shoot or pass out of a double team. It can be any position except PG. Butler, Korver types are all fringe players. We don't need to become another team which keeps exiting in the ECF every year. This is upto GarPax to show some boldness and make a tough decision of either trading Noah or Boozer or Taj to get that piece.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I have to disagree with you on Taj, he's young, athletic, a great defender & his offensive game is still improving. How would we replace that at the 4 if we give him up? What do we do when teams run roughshod over Boozer & we're screaming at the TV to get Carlos the hell outta there? What happens when Boozer get's hurt & misses 30 games with another boo-boo? If we trade Noah, at least we can resign Kurt Thomas & we've got Asik. You get rid of the TAJ-Mahal & we've got SERIOUS problems.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    It's a lot easier to find a backup PF than a near all-star starting center. You have to trade someone if you want to get a SG, but trading Noah is a major blowing up of the team as it's currently constructed (and I can't think of any SGs that might be available that are worth giving up Noah for anyway).

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    At this point, we have to part with someone. And with Boozer's contract, Asik's upside as a legit 7fter, and Noah's ability (and contract)it's somewhat clear that Taj is the odd man out. He's still on his rookie contract and we'd need to give him a nice chunk of change in the near future.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Come on Doug, you know I love your work, but the beginning of the end of the Pistons was when Dumars traded away Mr Big Shot for an expiring Answer, then he wasted the max cap space blatantly over-paying the two guys you now want to trade for.

    You think Korver's lack of defense hurt us vs Miami? Gordon and Villanueva send out invitations for the other team to score.

  • In reply to Edward:

    how about trading boozer, asik and any one draft pick for kevin martin and jared jeffries from rockets ?
    The rockets need a new young Center for replacing yao ming...
    they are also got overstock in SG too...

    we can then promote taj gibson to replace boozer...
    jared jeffries can be used at SF when Thibs move deng to PF for small line up....
    Whaddya say ??

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Jarred Jeffries is a free agent, the Rockets bought him out and he signed for the rest of the season with the Knicks.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    sure, let's also trade for Artest, Arenas, & Rashard Lewis

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Actually, I would love to get Artest in a trade like this :

    Deng, Boozer, Asik
    Artest, Gasol

    Miami Heat, here we come!

  • In reply to Edward:

    Reasonable idea if we get the 8th pick but I dunno.. Seems like a lateral move

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I dont think Charlie V is cutting it for me versus the Miami Heat. Honestly the Bulls need to acquire players who will strike fear in teams that are contenders. For me, I just think Charlie would shrink in key matchups against teams like the Heat, Celtics or Lakers. The Bulls need to stop getting players that are too "nice". You can say that DRose is "nice" but on the court he is looking to kill. The Bulls need to get tougher and better at the same time. Sorry, but also the Bulls are not reacquiring BG. They wouldnt pay him over 8 million to stay, why would they get him back to come off the bench at 11 per. Trust me he would be sitting right next to CBooz on the bench during crunch time because of his lack of D. The guy I want is Monte Ellis. He may not be the best defender in the league but he has a great knack of playing the passing lanes and then runnig out in trnasition. Remember this year in Oakland when the Bulls were turning the ball over, that can be DRose and Ellis causing the same havoc. You can say the Bulls will have a small backcourt which can be a concern, however because Thibbs defense has 5 players on a string would it be that much of a disadvantage. Offensively this team would thrive in the open court obviously, and I think Monte's shooting has improved to the point where he is slightly above average. Now will teams double DRose knowing that Monte can go off for 30 on any given night? Who will Lebron cover down the stretch. Sorry, but DWade is not staying with Monte and Derrick at this point of his career. MOnte makes 11 per, wouldnt Taj, Brewers short contract, a returning CJ Watson, and Charlotte's pick get it done. From Golden State's perspective, is a rich Monte Ellis even getting you to the playoffs. They need all the cap space and young players they can get.WHo agrees or disagrees?

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Blame it on the heat. Next idea please...

  • In reply to Edward:

    In my absence, I agree with Edward, and in this case just about everybody else.

  • Sham's role in this involved little beyond floating the name Villanueva. I do not condone or agree with Doug's particular version of the deal, because, in my eyes, you only take on Villanueva if you're getting the #8 pick as well. Otherwise, there's no point, There are other jumpshooting bigs to be had. You may as well just take on Anthony Tolliver, or draft Justin Harper, or something. The attraction for getting Villanueva is getting the #8.

    Watson, Bogans and #28 for Villanueva and 8 gets it done. If they need #30 as well, they can have it, but preferably with one of their seconds coming back.

  • I don't understand these rediculous trades for high salaried players when DOUG argued the Bulls COULD NOT trade for a player like Stephen Jackson at the trade deadline because of the new CBA! These articles are completely contradictory of his beliefs in February. Like I said then, the Bulls excuse to NOT trade for a large salary like Stephen Jackson because of fears they couldn't re-sign Rose was totally bogus!

  • So doug, in less than 24 hours you went from total genius on the BG thread, to Sam Smith status with me.

    I mean not only is Charli V a bad contract, he isnt something we need. Like seriously, not needed at all, unless we get the #8 Pick. Outside of that, he and his baldness stays out of Chicago.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    agreed. Charlie isnt impressive at all. And we don't him !

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Yet he's outperformed Ben Gordon the past two seasons in Detroit and you were super keen on having Gordon back.

    I think both deals are for the picks you get back as incentive to take their contracts, and if the players can be even mediocre rotation guys then that's fine.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    u don't understand. Charlie a PF. With 4 good big men, do u we need another PF who can't defend and rebound ? No
    However BG plays the position which we need and he is efficient when he is healthy !

  • In reply to deewaves:

    The idea is that you trade Gibson for a SG if you do this deal, so it does address the SG situation. Charlie V becomes the 4th big behind Noah/Boozer/Asik (and probably still some Deng at the 4 when we go small), he wouldn't be getting that many minutes when the team is healthy.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    for u is it a good move to trade Gibson for Charlie ? I'm sure u don't think so. So that's why I won't do it. a PF for a worse PF isn't a good deal. but a good PF for a good SG, I'd do because we need a SG. that's it !!!

  • In reply to deewaves:

    No, Gibson wouldn't be traded for Charlie, he's being traded in a separate deal. The reason to trade for Charlie is you get the pick from Detroit, which you can package with Gibson and maybe the Bulls picks or the Bobcats pick to get a better SG.

    To me the deal isn't about Charlie V at all, we're just taking on his salary for Detroit so they'll pay us a pick. Charlie V becomes a guy that plays minimally, mostly only if there's injuries.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    No Charlie villanueva in the building !

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    Charlie V must wear a headband since he cannot grow facial hair. The absence of eyebrows makes the wearing mandatory.

    Bulls have a ban on headbands. Sorry Charlie

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    I said when the season started that the Bulls need perimeter scorers and that it would hurt the Bulls if they made a deep run into the playoffs. Now that the obvious has happened, there have been some outlandish trade proposals lately suggested on this blog and I think its pretty much out of desperation of Bulls fans to now after seeing how the Heat just basically out scored the Bulls because of the Bulls poor perimeter players that these crazy ideas of trades are coming up. The Bulls don't need to rush and make any trades cause no one knows what the CBA will do to any trade ideas so I think they need to just wait and see what happens. However it would be nice if the Bulls could move up in the draft to get in on some of the better talented players cause free agency now days is very tricky with these guys wanting to team up to play and with the location desires of some of the players. Bulls do need scoring from the perimeter and trade bait should be the draft picks the Bulls own, Omer Asik, even tho I would hate to lose him, Carlos Boozer even tho I doubt any team is interested, Bogans, Watson, Korver, and any other bench player except Gibson and Brewer if possible. Those two guys would only be traded if a impact player were involved. The defense of the Bulls is solid and I read somewhere that the Heat is relieved that Dallas doesn't play defense like the Bulls which is somewhat of a compliment to the Bulls players and Thibs defensive system. I have confidence that the Bulls will bring in the offensive players to get this team in the same conversation as the Heat cause right now... this Heat team is on a roll defensively and Wade and Lebron are starting to look like a lethal combo on both ends of the floor. The Bulls have to improve this team if they want to get past this team over the next 5 years cause they ate probably the only team in the east that has a better chance to compete with the Heat in the playoffs for a very long time.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:


    Now, let us never speak of this again.

  • In reply to 1096ballenf:

    The worst proposed trade in the history of the NBA

  • I mean we still love you Doug, and this wont turn me away, but come on now.

  • First thought: "No way!"

    But after careful consideration: "No f*ckin' way!"

  • In reply to jamatokwu:

    +100. I Dont like Charlie at all and he is not what we need !

  • We need a Stretch 4. The problem with picking up bad contracts on one-way players is the issue of getting into big time trouble of making changes like Orlando and Detroit. The Bulls are in a far better state than those teams and we need to figure out to get 2-way or atleast a complete 1-way player(not like Kyle Korver).
    I think Villanueva is actually a pretty good bet if the deal can be done as Mark Deeks writes above. We can then use maybe the 8th pick for Mayo or Affalo or somebody else who can create a shot as a SG

  • What's up guys ? I heard that Monta Ellis is on the market and the warriors might be interessed by luol deng ! for me that's great news because Monta ellis is great scorer, disher and defender. With him, it will be like we have got 2 Rose in the team. That's awesome !
    What do think about ?

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Ellis is 6'3?. It will be a small backcourt, Thibs does not like small backcourt. Who is guarding Wade?. Not to mention Lebron if Loul is included in the trade.

  • In reply to supercesto:

    Defense is not only about size. Monta ellis is a very good defender although he is undersized. He is ranked among the top 5 stealers this season. Besides, look how brewer defended on James and yet there's a big size difference between them.
    For luol deng, i think Thibs is a genuis.Bring any roster and he will make it defensive.

  • In reply to supercesto:

    Ronnie Brewer can guard Lebron...and Lebron torched Deng anyway

  • In reply to supercesto:

    Am I the only person who likes this idea? lol

  • In reply to supercesto:

    But we should trade Luol Deng for Ellis and then sign Tayshaun Prince.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Hey, we need ideas. There aren't a lot of great players to get. Dwight Howard is pretty much a dream. We need to do something to boost the offense of this club.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I don't mind the trade for the future pick, since Detroit are probably going to be mediocre or bad the next few years. If you can get a future pick of there's just for taking on Charlie V's contract then why not do it. Having that plus the Bobcats pick would give us two potential lottery picks we could use in a trade.

    On the other hand the follow up trade is awful. If we're trading Taj for Mayo the Griz should be the ones throwing in the pick since we're giving up the best player in the deal.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    The reason the Warriors are rumoured to be interested in moving him is because they don't think he works with Curry. If he doesn't work with Curry why does he work with Rose? The issues would be the same, lack of size defensively and a need for both to dominate the ball offensively.

    If you could get him super cheap it's worthwhile but I wouldn't pay fair value for him given the question marks.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Who said it doesn't work ? Warriors has first to begin to play defense before saying curry and ellis can'T play together. Anyway we shouldnt care if it doesn't work for them, we should rather consider the fact Monta ellis is exactly which we need namely a shooter who can spread the floor, someone who put the pressure off Rose since he is a good disher and a very good ball handler. IMO he is a perfect target for us !
    Besides he is defensive mind guy just like Thibs loves !

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Well they're not going to explicitly come out and say "we really have to trade this guy" and kill his value. But if they're happy with the way their back court is working why are they thinking of trading him? It's been in the rumours all year that the Warriors are eventually going to move Ellis because they prefer Curry and don't think keeping both is a combo that works.

    Ellis would seem to work best next to a point guard who is happy to bring the ball up the court and hand it off to him fairly often, not another guy who wants a lot of the ball. He's an on ball player, assisted on only about 40% of his shots.

    I think you get him if he could be had without giving up any of Rose/Deng/Noah because if you upgrade talent then you can take a risk on fit, Korver + Watson matches his salary. So throw in Gibson and some picks and if they'd take that I'd do it. If they wanted much more (and they probably will) I'd say no.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    I can only assume you're still in shock (and maybe rightfully so) from the Bulls unfortunate departure from the playoffs.

    This is who you want on the team?

  • In reply to deewaves:

    You say no to JR Smith, but YES to the guy who police had to stop sprinting into the Cavaliers locker room after a dust up with Ryan Hollins?

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