2011 NBA Draft Trade-Ups; 2nd Round Prospects

Well Bulls Fans, it has been another great draft, and I just wanted to cover in case we trade up players I feel we should go for and also cover the 2nd round steals in my opinion.

1st round trade up targets


Marson Brooks (Providence) - Having covered Marshon already, I still feel he is a high risk due to questions over whether the small school prospect who had to dominate the ball for his team can blend in with the team concept as more of a role player in the NBA.  However, in terms of talent/needs, he is right up here.

Alec Burks (Colorado) - He's a versatile player that can do everything except shoot threes.  Can he develop that 3 point jumper?  If so, he is the best shooting guard prospect in this class.  If not, he is not a good fit here considering what we have.

Klay Thompson (Washington State) - He's the best shooter in this draft in my opinion.  He can score and shoot from mid-range as well as beyond the arc.  He added a little off-the-dribble jumper to his repertoire, but it is questionable whether he can be much more than a shooter.  He'll struggle defensively, and I'd rather have one of the other two guys who project as more complete players.


Bismack Biyombo - Really like his game; reminds me of Ben Wallace because of his strength, hustle, and smarts.  His stock is all over the board due to his raw offense, but his athleticism, defense, shot blocking, and defense could land him as early as the mid lottery.  More highly regarded than Faried due to a couple of inches taller and a little more skilled.

Kenneth Faried (Morehead State) - Unless we are early in the 20's, we will not get him.  He's another lunch pail and hard hat rebounding, hard-nosed guy who can play defense.  I like his game a lot, but don't know if he is worth trading up for compared to others, especially given the makeup of the team.

Players to Stay Away From

Iman Shumpert (Georgia Tech)
- He should be a great defender at the next level guarding point guards, shooting guards, or small forwards.  He can dribble a little offensively, but shows low basketball IQ on offense, has no jumper, and is slow to create.  If he was able to add a jump-shot, would be a really good role player, but doesn't immediately project to fill any useful role as we don't need a wing defender.

Tobias Harris (Tennessee) - He's a solid athlete with good size for a small forward and is capable of playing power forward.  While I think he is highly skilled, he is a tweener and I question his toughness.

Jordan Hamilton (Texas) - He can score with his shot, creates a little, and uses  backdoor cuts.  However, his shaky ball handling may not allow his offense to translate.  His slow release will limit his effectiveness as well.  Defensively, he is somewhat slow laterally and would be good for guarding small-forwards only.

2nd Round Steals

Every year there are steals in the 2nd round that usually present themselves as role players.  Below are listed my steals in order for how I like their fit for this Bulls team. There are certain talented players left off, because I fear their attitudes and ability to blend in with a high quality team right away or due to a raw skillset this team won't have time to develop. 

Most of the time I see a 2nd rounder make it to the NBA is when they have a great skill, great work ethic, or the will to out-hustle anyone.  There are more that could be covered, but I feel these are the ones that could be around for our 2nd round pick at 43. 

E'Twaun Moore (Purdue) - He's been my favorite in the 2nd round for the Bulls for a long time.  If he was an inch-and-half taller, he would be a mid first round pick.  However, at 6'4, he is still tall enough to guard most shooting guards in the NBA; especially in today's game.

He'd be a good fit next to Rose with his high basketball IQ, hustle, and quality at all facets of the game.  He plays above average defense, can shoot, has solid athlete,  can handle the ball occasionally, and can pull up for mid-range shot.  I don't see him scoring much in the paint though.  If he can max out his talent, I can see him being a better creating Courtney Lee.  

Jimmy Butler (Marquette) - Jimmy is strictly a small forward at the next level.  At 6'8, he is a hustle player that can play good defense, is a solid athlete, has a very high basketball IQ, is a solid shooter, and can occasionally slash.  If he maxes out his game, I can envision a Shane Battier with a bit more slashing but minus the three point shot.

Bojan Bogdanovic - At 6'7, he has unlimited range and is not afraid to shoot the big shot.  He does not have much ball handling and is going to struggle defensively due to limited athleticism.  If maxed out, he could be a lesser Wally Szczerbiak.  He also may stay overseas to develop more which would be a positive given our limited developmental minutes, but he's not necessarily enamored with NBA and may also stay permanently.

Demetri McCamey (Illinois) - At 6'3 with a sturdy frame, he could be a good point guard behind Derrick for a few minutes.  He has solid passing vision, good handles, and can shoot with unlimited range when on.  Defensively, he could not guard anyone at Illinois so don't expect it at the next level either.

A bonus undraftred FA sleeper

Kalin Lucas (Michigan State) - If healthy, I expect Kalin to make it to the next level in due time.  While short at 6'1, he is very quick, with good handles, solid defense, high basketball IQ, toughness, shooting, and solid pick-and-roll play.  I don't expect him to get to the lane and finish like college, but his game should translate as a backup point guard for a while. 



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  • Ahh I forgot about Kalin Lucas. Would've been a first round pick a year or two ago hadn't he got hurt. Another guy that I like in the late 1st rd is Justin Harper from Richmond. He's a 6'9 PF that shot 45% from 3 last year. He could fill the stretch four role.

    Another guy who could be a sleeper in the 2nd round, Andrew Goudelock from the College of Charleston. He has MAJOR range. I would love to see the Bulls grab him. Just look at the vid below:


  • In reply to joeacook3:

    I like Goudelock but I don't know if he will last to pick 43 and can he do anything besides be a streak shooter off the bench?

  • NO SMALL GUARDS....im done with that.

    Bulls need to be looking at Nikola Mirotic in the 2nd round as well. Some scouts are saying he has top 10 talent...much like they said about Asik.

    Davis Bertans, Shelvin Mack, Justin Harper, Nolan Smith, Josh Selby,Nikola Vuvecic, Jeremy Tyler should all be on our radar.

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  • I agree with you in that I'd rather have Brooks or Burks over Thompson because they are more complete players. I disagree, however, in saying that a non-3pt-shooting Burks wouldn't be a good fit for this team. The Bulls need another ballhandler as much as they need 3pt shooting. Burks is basically a PG in a SG's body at this point. He gets to the line and creates for others. Obviously, one would want him to get a shot, but I don't think he's a failure on the Bulls if he doesn't.

    I also disagree that the Bulls don't need a wing defender (re: Shumpert). Brewer, Watson and Bogans will not be around for more than another year or two. After that, you'll want cheap back-court/wing defenders on the team and draft picks are the best way to go. But you don't want to wait another year or two because then you'll be relying on rookies. It's part of the reason that, while I want the Bulls to trade up for Brooks, if they get CJ Watson/Ronnie Brewer clones in the draft, I won't be completely disappointed. Plan for the future now. There's no playing time to be had next season anyway, so drafting for the short-term probably isn't advised.

  • Justin Harper and E'Twaun Moore.

    My talent evaluation is better than anyone elses on here. It's been proven.

    The Bulls' don't need anymore Dickey Johnson type mistakes. They need to draft SMARTS over SKILLS. They need BASKETBALL PLAYERS with good CHARACTER, not ATHLETES with POTENTIAL.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    The only thing you've ever proven is how your evolution is more stunted than anyone else's on here. You prove it with every post....

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Nikola Mirotic is good...really good. And im not a fan of Euro Players at all...check this guy out. He reminds me of Dirk/Toni Kukuc. 6'10 sf/pf with range. If we wanna stash someone overseas for a couple seasons....this dude would be perfect.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Whoever the Bulls draft should be ready to go to Europe especially the 2nd round guy. Hopefully, that guy produces better stats in Europe and can be used in a future trade instead of just going to D-league or not seeing the court with Thibs.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I wouldn't mind Mirotic but I doubt the Bulls have time to develop him; even in a couple of years.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    he will be in europe just like Asik was. Bring him over in 3 years. Could end up being a 6th man or backup to Deng by then. Dude has a ton of talent.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    I would like that a lot, but its very possible he's off the table by 28

  • In reply to Csharp:

    Ideal scenario to me:

    28-Jenkins would be a major steal here. NBA ready too, could slide right into the rotation & give them shooting & creating.

    30-Stashable Foreign Guy X. If you can't trade this pick for a likely late 1st rounder next year, which is not likely, draft a Euro who can somewhat retain their value, giving us a low risk asset to move in a potential big deal. If the Bulls want to make a move for a starting 2 through the draft, next year could be the year to do it, with a lot of high quality 2s likely to enter. They probably can't get as high as I would like them to, as the Charlotte pick is about 2-3 years away from having great value. Still I think they are are a year away from making a big deal, and hitting on the 28 & 30 picks are a huge key. Infact, I would pretty much be taking the foreign player/trade for future route with every late 1st rounder we get during the Derrick Rose era. Keep snoballing these picks to make a big deal.

    43-E'twaun Moore if available, or highest level remaining stashable prospect.

  • In reply to Csharp:

    ^ I dont mind that either.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I heard that there are starting a team in Greenland. You can take your GM talents to North Pole and help the Bulls.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'll play along with your belief that you are the best talent evaluator.

    However, to prove to the rest of the people around here how wonderful you are, I suggest that you choose two people who were available at the 28th and 30th spots and let us know who you would have selected. Then we can see how well Mr. Happy's horses do.

    I'll look for you on Friday and expect to see who you would have chosen, given who was available.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I will be happy if we land 2 of these guys....

    Justin Harper,Iman Shumpert,Nikola Mirotic,Nikola Vuvecic,Nolan Smith,Josh Selby, Jeremy Tyler, Tyler Honeycutt

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Trading up. I could see a Portland, Dallas(maybe not this year but historically they are an agressive franchise in acquiring talent), Lakers etc. giving up a valued piece to move up to say No.10-14. If they could/had takers, would the Bulls part with any significant pieces to trade up to say the No.10 spot, and a shot at Alec Burkes for example?

    ESPN stated Miami and the Lakers are looking to trade up in the first round. One name mentioned was Ododm. That's a legit piece that some teams could be interested in.

    I'm sure to give up a lottery slot say No.10, and a shot Alec Burkes for example who many NBA execs/analysts have stated they think this guy could be a legit starting SG would take some name talent.. ? So what name talent do we have to offer to trade up, and would be willing to part with? Asik was a guy Houston and Memphis seemed to be interested in. Would you trade him and our two firsts for a shot at Burkes/the No.10 pick? Or No.12 to get say Klay Thompson? Would another franchise selecting in those spots be interested in that deal? Honestly, I'd be very surprised if the Bulls who have a tendency to overvalue their players would trade Omer for a 10-14 slot/chance at a quality scorer. And we know Thibs will not give a rookie much burn probably unless it was a name player we traded up for, a lottery guy such as Burkes. More realistically, I hope a Reggie Jackson, Charles Jenkins, Nolan Smith falls to us. And JuJuan Johnson most likely will be there if Gar/Pax are so inclined. And maybe by some chance Thibs will give the rookie a chance to play.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I shouldn't read MrHappy posts while drinking coffee.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    First, I just want to say that anyone who has to proclaim that they are the best at evaluating talent, probably is not. And saying that is is proven? Other than saying James Johnson sucks, what are you basing that on. Second, I don't know who the Bulls will take or who they are even looking at. Shelvin Mack seems like the kind of player they have taken in the past though. Upper classmen, good leader, winning team, it seems to be the Bulls kind of guy. After going away from tradition and getting the results of Tyrus Thomas, I don't see them taking a chance on the kid from Tokyo, Tyler. Gouldelock and Hansbrough are two kids that I'm very interested in, though. Not saying the Bulls should draft them, but I want to see how they turn out.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I think Tyler could still be a solid NBA player. Give him 2 years with good coaching and around a team like the Chicago Bulls (where not going full tilt will get you no playing time)I think he will be solid. I keep thinking about DeAndre Jordan an all the question marks about him. Now look, every team in the league would love to have Jordan on their team. I could see the same success with Tyler. Plus you can never have to many athletic bigman.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Jesus Christ are you serious? Really? Have you no shame?

  • I totally disagree on Shumpert. If he is available late 1st you pull the trigger quick. If the Bulls wanna make a trade for a veteran shooting guard then Bogans, Brewer are gonna be dealt. I would keep Korver for a bench shooter. Another guy I like is David Lighty from Ohio State. PLus, Shumpet is from River Forrest, Come on man so some love.

  • In reply to 426James:

    I think both Shumpert and Lighty could be good defensive players, but I just don't see much in the way of can the play offense. If we know for sure that Brewer will be dealt, then fine, Shumpert is a nice prospect. Can he had a 3 point shot? Is he quick enough to beat a man off the dribble? I don't know what can translate on O.

    I can see your opinion though and I appreciate it.

  • The Bulls should trade up and select Klay Thompson

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