Omer Asik to miss the remainder of playoffs with fractured Tibia

Bulls rookie
center Omer Asik sustained a fractured left fibula in Game 3 of the Eastern
Conference Finals at Miami on May 22.  He was examined by Bulls Head Team
Physician, Dr. Brian Cole of Midwest Orthopedics at Rush.  The diagnosis
was confirmed via MRI and CT scan before Game 4.  He attempted to play in
Game 4, but had recurrent discomfort and a loss of function.  Asik's
injury will not require surgery.  He is out for the remainder of the
playoffs with an expected recovery of six weeks.

Well that really sucks, not surprising given that he couldn't really play much in game four, but it certain limits the Bulls already limited odds.  

I'm kind of surprised that they threw him out there at all given the circumstances, but it's a positive that he won't require surgery.


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  • Hopefully this means Big Sexy rather than any Boozer/Gibson lineups. I can't believe that it took Thibs one game in the regular season to abandon Boozer/Gibson then after not using it all year he went back to it in the playoffs after Asik went down.

  • I hate that Omer suffered a season ending injury, but maybe this will force Thibs to finally give Thomas some minutes. He should've been in this series a long time ago. Hopefully the Bulls haven't given up and get force the Heat to close the series out back in Miami. And Bulls fans that's going to the game need to be as loud as they can get for this game cause I'm not making excuses, but quite a few calls weren't called for the Bulls while in Miami...LET THE REFS HEAR AND FEEL THE FRUSTRATION BULLS FANS...

  • In reply to Reese1:

    We will definitely miss Omer but I still keep wondering why Thibs would not have played Kurt Thomas as of yet. Especially since Thib coached for a team that was known to make trades after the all-star break for big men veterans like Kustic, PJ Brown that played very well and even assisted in winning a championship. Thomas is not only an experienced playoff veteran, but defensive minded, provides good ball movement and can hit a 15-20 foot jumper. He also can provide on the court leadership that the Bulls needed many times especially in the 4th quarter. I feel this is why the Bulls are down 3-1. Thomas is hungry for a ring and his window of playing is almost over. This is the guy that u want in the game. I would rather have him in the game then Boozer anyday. He wont stand their like a statue while u blow by him and score then foul u. Boozer is a bum that we better try to get rid of this off season and draft another big man.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Glad to see some positive posts from you lately Reese! You were hammering the team for a little bit and some of it was deserved, but in all seriousness, glad to see the positive enthusiasm again. Keep it up! Let's take it one game at a time and pull off an epic upset! Anything's possible! Go Bulls!

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    You see positive posts cause I'm a winner first and I like for a team that I'm a fan of to win as well but some of the moves and decisions by Bulls players and personnel are sometimes questionable and senseless. I don't want the Bulls to give up cause they are at an almost impossible deficit in the series to come back from. They have to win tonight to at least send this series back to Miami and put the pressure on the Heat to win the series on their own floor. The Heat knows that Dallas is now in the Finals and are waiting on their opponent so the Heat I'm sure will be trying to close the series out tonight and the Bulls and the fans need to come with everything they've got to spoil Miami's celebration...NOT IN CHICAGO!!!

  • They broke the Turkish Hammer.
    No more Asik and Destroy.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    He broke himself on Rose's foot. Token clumsy big man. I still love him.

  • Yeah, unfortunate end to a very nice rookie season. I hope they can work on creating a post game for him this off-season. The guy has the size, length and quickness to be great with his back to the basket, just don't know if he can develop the skill-set. Even if he just had a consistent hook shot, he'd probably be a top five center with that defense, and make Noah trade-bait.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I don't know what teams be doing in practice or the off season but I cant understand why their no true development of players in any sport. I guess if you got it u got it or the player decides he wants to be better is the only way. Omer can be a great force on offense is he attacks the basket with authority like when he dunks. I guess they are so used to not getting the ball most big men cant handle the rock or post up a player to score.

  • it went through my mind last night as I watched, looked more like he broke something than sprained it

  • If you look at the series, we controlled it, unquestionably, while Omer was available. He played all of game 1, we dominated, missed the final quarter or so of games 2 & 3 and that was when we collapsed each time, and he barely played last night, we lost, and in an overtime game he easily could have been the difference. We're easily tied 2-2 without him getting stitches & breaking his leg, maybe better.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Been that way all season, the defense with Asik in is generally outstanding (even if Thibs seems to have an aneurysm at the odd play he gets wrong, his impact on the others he gets right more than cancels that out).

    I also don't think it's a coincidence Gibson stunk with no Asik. A lot of the credit Gibson gets for his defense should really go to Asik, since a lot of their minutes overlap. Gibson is a solid defender but just doesn't have the size to really have a huge influence.

    Asik really need to be the third big next year and play extended minutes. Difficult because it leaves a minutes squeeze on Gibson, who you ideally want to keep because Boozer & Noah haven't exactly had an injury free history. Also difficult to play him with Noah when Noah is playing tentative on offense like he has since coming back from injury. But we need to find a way to get Asik up over the 20 MPG mark on a nightly basis.

    I flip flop on whether that means a Gibson trade, he is an asset that might help us get a SG and he's going to be underused when the team is healthy, but we'll probably curse it when Boozer and Noah combine to miss half the season.

    Tough decisions ahead for the GarPax execu-borg of the year.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    execu-borg...that's good stuff!

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Well Dallas sure made a mockery of all of us saying there was no need to care about them because they wont make the finals. Don't think they'll can beat the Heat, but hey, maybe the reverse jinx will keep working for them. :)

    Westbrook's playoff issues are very similar to Rose, vs the regular season he had more points but fewer assists on more turnovers and a much worse percentage. It's a bit of a worry that two similar style players have struggled in the playoffs, I don't really buy into scoring point guards not being able to win but I have to say this year's evidence supports those who do believe it.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Westbrook is playing the wrong position. OKC needs to move him to SG and let Mayner do the PG stuff. Westbrook is big enough for the 2 position and wouldn't be expected to run the offense that way where he seems to do stupid stuff. It's more understandable to see Rose struggle a bit, compared to Westbrook, in that Rose doesn't have one of the top 3 offensive players in the league to pass the ball to (Durant). I can't even imagine what Durant + Rose would look like - it'd be MUCH better than Durant + Westbrook.

  • In reply to ironsam:

    I think one of the differences between Rose and Westbrook is that Westbrook seems to want to be the leading scorer on his team. Derrick doesn't care and would be more than willing to pass the ball, the Bulls just aren't built for him to play that way now so he has to try to do everything and be the leading scorer. I'm pretty sure that Rose would gladly take a win and 15 assists a night if he had reliable shooters to pass to.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Westbrook's problem is that no one has taken him into a film room, and exposed him to hours on end of the Garnett-Marbury years in Minnesota.

    People say 'history repeats itself' all the time, but in this case, it is a lot more than a cliche.

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