Of course, we'd all love Dwight Howard, but...

Much like Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, and virtually any other superstar who ever switched teams or thought about switching teams, Chicago Bulls fans are now dreaming about Dwight Howard.

Much like the previously listed stars, there's a good chance that Dwight Howard leaves his team (among that group of guys rumored to potentially leave only Kobe and Wade stayed).  

The writing is on the wall.  When Magic ownership says they've already offered Dwight extensions, and Dwight responds that they can't legally offer him anything, nor has anything been offered, you can tell that things aren't going to end well.   Dwight doesn't want to deal with the fact he hasn't signed an extension, so he's pretending one doesn't exist. 

If you're a Magic fan, that's not good news.  If you're a fan of any other team, then the news is pretty good.  

Is Chicago in the running?

Chicago seems like a natural destination for Dwight.   Derrick Rose and Howard know each other through Adidas, Dwight has referred to Rose as his little brother.   They seem reasonably close, at least as close as Rose is to any star.

Chicago also has a large market which is likely appealing to Howard as it is to most star players, and of course, Chicago has a great chance to win a title. 

However, Howard has said he wants to be the man wherever he goes.   That's not going to happen in Chicago, especially with Rose hailing from the windy city.   He's also expressed a desire to stay in a warm climate.

Ric Bucher recently noted that Dwight's top choices presently were Orlando, Dallas, NJ, and LA (may have the order wrong, but Chicago was not mentioned).

How would a Dwight Howard trade work

Let's ignore whether Chicago is in the running for a moment and examine the dynamics of a Dwight Howard trade.

First, Orlando has to decide that they'll consider trading Dwight.  I'll tell you this, there is a 0% chance of this happening prior to the new CBA.   One of the things owners are going to push for is a franchise tag.

A franchise tag might give Orlando leverage to keep Howard for a couple more seasons, and so there's a chance Howard won't leave in the near future.    Also, there may not be the same type of deal in 2012 like there is in 2010 where a bevy of attractive destinations have open cap room.

Chicago is capped out, New York is capped out, the Lakers are capped out.   Dwight Howard may not have quite the attractive destinations to choose from, and Orlando may simply say "hey go find somewhere better than here", and Dwight may come back.

However, if Dwight does apply enough pressure, takes some negative publicity, and demands out, then he'll likely pick his destination, or at least limit it to one of a few teams.   Thus, if Howard wants to leave, odds are his list of preferences will be important.

Let's say Dwight wants Chicago and Orlando is willing

Given what we presently know, that Orlando says they won't trade Dwight no matter what and would rather lose him for nothing, and that Dwight doesn't have Chicago on his list presently (at least from the rumor mill), the odds of these two things happening don't look particularly promising, but if....

The trade probably looks something like this:
Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Kyle Korver, (Taj Gibson or Omer Asik), and draft picks for Dwight Howard and Hedo Turkoglu


Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, (Taj Gibson or Omer Asik), and picks for Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas

Either trade gives the Magic some pretty good players and dumps one bad contract onto Chicago.   Granted, the Bulls would be dumping Boozer back for Arenas, but there is no way to match salaries otherwise.

Is it worth it?

Heck yes.   I love Joakim and Deng, and it's possible this trade might set you back for a season, much like the Knicks are temporarily set back by trading a bunch of medium level players for Anthony, but at the end of the day, it's easier to find some more average to good players than it is to find the best center and a top 5 player in the NBA.

Should we dream bout this all summer?

Probably not.  

Look, if there's any chance of it happening, the Bulls will make it happen.   However, there likely is no chance that it's going to happen.   We don't need to call up Gar and tell him to work the phones.   No need to call Bulls management stupid for not making it happen.

If it has a chance, it will be explored and everything possible will be done to make it go.  

Sadly, that doesn't mean it has a chance.   Until there's at least a rumor that Orlando will consider offers, or Dwight is interested in Chicago, there simply is no reason to think this has a chance.


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  • "Look, if there's any chance of it happening, the Bulls will make it happen."

    Based on what? our management team has no record of getting deals done,and every single year we need more players they just simply state that the team is good enough and theres nothing out there. Dallas gets a deal done nearly every season, yet theres 'nothing out there' every single year for the bulls.

    they didn't go after Melo because of a player who cant score and is constantly hurt, they have no idea what they are doing. Deng = bad move,Boozer = bad,wallace = bad, offer to JJ = bad

    this management team is a joke and always will be,other then drafting rose they havn't done anything right.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    Not getting Melo hurt the Bulls offensively and defensively.

    1.) The Bulls lacked scoring from the wing.

    2.) It allowed LBJ to cover and stop DRose in the 4th.

    * If Melo was on the Bulls, neither of those things happen.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    you know what else doesnt happen? Defense on lebron. with Melo and boozer playing defense together we might as well be watching a bullfighters. "lets get out of the way as fast as we can.

  • In reply to sillyrussian:

    Thibs is defensive coach. Bring him any kind of players, he will make them a defensive team !!! trust me !!! We thought Noah was the anchor of our defensive but we went well when he was injured 2 months !!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    get over it,HE DIDNT WANT TO COME HERE, you act like the Bulls had a choice. Melo would make it better, but you would have to threaten his wife to get him here. let it go

  • In reply to stinger226:

    that's bullshits. at the begining his choices were NY and chicago before the season started. But bulls refused the offer that's why they sign Noah an extension. Later in december, the deal still alive but they refused again because of their damn word CHEMESTRY.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    +100. LBJ wouldn't have let Deng alone !! Sabix is right. This management didn't go after Melo because of Noah, a player who has been benched all the 4th quarters of the series !!! that's awful !!!

  • In reply to sabixx:

    you're totally right, they have no idea what theyre doing. that's why the bulls had the best record in the regular season and lost to a team composed of 2 future hall of famers and a potential 3rd one.

    What offer could they have made to JJ. the on that was 30 million less than the one atlanta made? if you want to make joe johnson the highest player in the league you are a joke... kinda like atlanta always will be.

  • In reply to sillyrussian:

    +1 spasiba

  • In reply to sillyrussian:

    They had the best record because of the regular season because of Rose and Thibs ,nothing else. Let me remind u they had Rose because of luck (1,7% of chances) and they almost let go Thibs because they're cheap !!!

  • In reply to sabixx:

    draft taj, asik, noah, deng, ben gordon, all terrible moves. you're right. getting cap flexibility for the chance to sign lebron/wade/bosh was terrible moves. trading nocioni, gooden, salmons, thomas, all those guys just to free up 2010 cap space so we could have the best record in the league. all terrible moves. you're right. we got a possible unprotected pick for TYRUS THOMAS. that has to the heist of the century. fortunately for fans like me a doug, bulls management doesnt have the short sightedness of people like you and happy. our team is young and growing. we dont need a quick fix that can back fire, we need a long term solution to put us over the top.

  • In reply to sillyrussian:

    We have no idea who Bulls will eventually get for that Charlotte pick, so it

  • In reply to Edward:

    Let Portland have their minor victory. Just consider the trade karmic payback for Bowie over Jordan. ;)

  • In reply to sabixx:

    As much as I like the current Bulls and the unfortunate officiating, the Bulls choked in the last few minutes of almost every game. It is almost like Rose and Thibs were on the NBA rigging conspiracy. The Heat looked like they kind of coasted until the last 3 minutes and turned it on like what the Bulls did to Indiana. Would Affalo or Courtney Lee fix this issue? We hope so but realistically and historically we have seen these kind of guys(Lee, Affalo)choke in the spotlight.
    If the Bulls have to take the next step, they need a second real all-star(not almost like a Deng or Noah). We had to give this 2010-11 season to GarPax to figure out who needs to be here and who needs to go while complimenting Rose. Now, they have an idea and if there is noise about Howard...he is available based on the CBA.

    I guess it all comes down to what Orlando thinks while comparing
    Noah Vs Brook Lopez Vs Andrew Bynum and the extra pieces they get? The extra pieces matter but it is always the main piece which is the deciding factor in a trade.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Two names that fit for that future 2nd all star, Andrew Iguodala and Kevin MArtin.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    I think Igoudala along with a Courtney Lee type of SG will make a lot of sense for the Bulls. The biggest problem against Miami(other than Miami, OKC and maybe NY), I don't see any unsolvable threats for the Bulls.
    We needed another ball handler and somebody other than Bogans to be a SG. We are trying to find the perfect fit of a SG who can handle the ball(like Rose), shoot 3s(like Korver), play defense(like Brewer, Bogans)...I don't know if we can find one and this one-way player idea failed. I think the ball handler is more important than shooting 3s or playing defense for the Bulls. Almost any NBA player can make an open shot or be taught to play defense(except Boozer)but ball handling/passing is a tough skill against smothering defense. Heck, I think Rose is not so great at it with his small hands.

    Doug...What do you think of Monta Ellis alongside Rose? Can Ellis play decent defense on Wade?

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Nene and JR Smith are free agents and would GREAT in a Bulls uniform!!!

  • In reply to dbaris:

    I think Chicago would be big enough for the both of them. Pippen and others played in the shadow of the greatest ever, yet still got their due. Derricks personality is such that a more outgoing character like Dwight could thrive on such things as endorsements. Also, if he's going somewhere where he is clearly the alpha dog, he's going somewhere where his team won't be as good.

  • In reply to dbaris:

    free agency is over dude

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Wtf are u talking about? Free agency starts in July, if there's not a lockout.

  • In reply to calle3:

    its over for us, unless there is an MLE, which there won't be, and that would only get a 5 mil player. Only trades from here on out. Know the system dude.

  • In reply to dbaris:

    Good rundown, Doug.

    I agree that you do whatever you can to get Howard short of trading Rose. Noah's my favorite Bulls' player, but in a trade for Howard, I'll quickly get over it. However, if Howard really wants to come here to win championships (and I don't see many other reasons for him to want to come here), he won't want a player like Deng to exit. This is why I don't see the Bulls as being a player in a midseason "Melo-type" deal. Noah will be off BYC (I think) after the 2011-12 season. If Howard wants Chicago and championships, he will need to wait until after next season when Noah's full contract can be included. Then Noah with players (Korver, Brewer, Asik, Gibson or whoever), not including Deng, and picks could work for both sides.

    This is the only way I see this working.

  • In reply to Nossem:

    Given the CBA is up in the air you can't even say if the BYC rule will still exist, or what the salary matching rules will be. Just impossible to work out the exact parameters of a trade right now.

  • In reply to Nossem:

    The bulls best line up with superman here is
    Rose@ pg. Any Sg. Dang @sf. Noah@ pf. Superman@C

  • In reply to Nossem:

    Rose over 20 points a game
    Dang just does work
    Noah and superman best rebounding team in history and most double doubls for big man
    Champion team till they walk away with 10 rings a piece
    O that means Labron 1 if he gets it this one chance
    I feel the bulls have a team now but once' s Howard is in
    There is no stopping them!!!
    Tell me not D Rose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to Nossem:

    Anyone who believes that a player ... ANY player ... is the primary way to improve this team, is mistaken.

    Could we use an upgrade or two? Yes
    Would Howard be a nice upgrade? As much as I love Noah, Yes he would be.

    But those are secondary areas to work on in my opinion.

    Our offense ... irregardless of whether we were hitting shots or not ... is stagnant, simplistic, and predictable.
    This needs to change.

  • In reply to Nossem:

    Don't mistake me I like this years team this was to bring it home I just could not understand y not use butler yea korver is my guy seen's he was with jazz
    But butler is more consisted on the 3 pointers and plays good D
    Just y not play him??? He is good just under the radar good!!!!

  • In reply to Gonzo:

    Rasual Butler is not under the radar good, or any kind of good, for that matter. He had a few good years, but is a career 40% shooter. Ronnie Brewer can provide scoring like that while actually defending.

  • In reply to Gonzo:

    the reason they didnt use Butler is because they didnt get him in the rotation when they acquired him and its to late to throw him in in a big playoff game.

  • In reply to Nossem:

    Maybe the Cavs waive Rip Hamilton, if this 3 team deal goes through, and the Bulls (depending on the new CBA) could possibly sign him later. Or maybe the Bulls could pick up someone like a Josh Selby or Nolan Smith in the draft, or sign a undrafted diamond in rough somewhat like Wesley Matthews. The Bulls could also bring in Kelenna Azubuike, and who knows, he may turn out to be 100% healthy and a serviceable SG. In my opinion, I don't believe there's any reason for the Bulls to blow the team up over Howard. We had the best record in the league and made it to the ECF w/o Melo, Howard, and Amare. I believe we'll be right there in the Finals next year if we acquire 2 good consistent scorers between now and then.

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    The Bulls don't need to get Howard, but they'd be crazy not to if they could. 3 times DPOY, 5 times leading rebounder, and 23 a game on nearly 60% shooting this year. He's only 25 years old and has barely missed a game his whole career. He also happens to play the position that the Heat have the least chance of guarding. Short of getting LeBron there's not another guy in the league I'd pick over him.

    This isn't a Melo situation where we're talking a second or third tier star, this is a legit superstar that you have to make a deal for if he wants to come here.

  • In reply to dbaris:

    Nene will cost more than the MLE (if there even is a MLE) so no way for the Bulls to get him. ALso he's a good player but the Bulls don't really need a center given they have an above average starter and reserve at that position already.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Everybody at one time or another this year complained about the Bulls offense. Brewer can't shoot. Bogans empty stat line. Korver is streaky, yet burns you defensively many nights. Boozer went down the toilet after December. Joakim lost all ability to drive and score, shoot hooks or jump shots. And Derrick looked vulnerable in the playoffs shooting .396.

    Who realistically right now wants to trade with the Bulls or come here? Howard coming to Chicago? Melo, LeBron, Wade, Bosh all said no thanks. We're simply going to have to hope that Noah's offensive game returns, and Boozer gets in better shape/stays healthy to score near his career numbers. If the Bulls get a talented offensive assistant who relates well with players, and Thibs quits yelling and swearing ala Skiles/vintage Doug Collins during games then the Bulls could be very good next year.

    Unfortunately the upcoming draft is weak, and made weaker by the looming CBA causing many talented players to withdraw. Maybe if the new CBA works out just right the Bulls trade their expirings at the deadline, and pick up a potent scoring guard ala Kevin Martin. Though he like most made available have their flaws. Championships seem a bit unrealistic with the Bulls offensive talent right now, but they could defeinitely be a very, very good/entertaining playoff team the next few years. It's too bad about the CBA because otherwise maybe we could have pulled off a trade on draft night. Now it looks like everything's riding on next Februrary, and Jo and Booz bouncing back. Any chance of a draft night steal seems lost with everybody moving up due to all the withdrawals. My guys were Reggie Jackson and Klay Thompson, but they moved up. Now the best available for me probably Charles Jenkins and/or JuJuan Johnson.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yes trade Noah for Kevin Martin

  • In reply to calle3:

    You call up to offer that trade and Houston first check to see whether it's April 1st before yelling "no take backs!" and gleefully accepting.

  • In reply to calle3:

    Give magic korver and noah and all three draft picks this year. Surely they didn't want to lose howard for nothing like raptors and cavaliers. I don't think that nets, mavericks and lakers can sign howard.
    Dallas is full of old machines (kidd, dirk, butler, bla bla bla). They won't be able to compete for title in many years.
    Nets ??? It is a small market. Mr.Howard, you will be laugh by amare, carmelo or maybe cp3 in new york(if he come next year).
    Lakers??? They would have to deal bynum first. But who want to take a bad ass center that have both weak legs and his pussy fist at jj barea (go pick someone on your size).
    Knicks ??? Carmelo, amare and paul made an oath at melo's wedding last time that they would unite at knicks. "Sorry superman. You're out".

    If Howard still have some "good" sense, he will come to bulls. Because bulls have an mvp, an expert defense coach, good market, young core players and crazy home crowd fans every night.
    But if howard still can see through this then so be it. Maybe it is already bulls ill fate.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Miss type:
    But if howard still can not see through this then so be it. Maybe it is already bulls ill fate

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    You have to accept that players don't make their decisions for purely on court reasons. If Howard wants to go to LA because he likes the weather and the lifestyle there then there's nothing you can do.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Like I said. It is either howard stupid ego or bulls damn fate.

  • In reply to CoolWind:


    Bullls Get: Dwight Howard & Hedo
    Thunder Gets: Carlos Boozer
    Magic Gets: Noah, Harden, Collison, and Korver

    F Deng
    F Gibson
    C Howard
    G F/A
    G Rose

    Bench: Hedo, Asik, Brewer, Watson, F/A

  • In reply to BullsFTW:

    And why do the Magic & Thunder do this?

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Magic sure have to do this if they don't want to lose howard for nothing. But for the thunders it is a Big BS. Young talent for crap big bulk contract player. Maybe in nba 2k11, they would do that. Hahahaha....

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    The Bulls don't have the cap space to sign Howard, the Magic can just tell him "OK, sign for the Bulls for the MLE, we dare you, we'll be here with the max contract if you change your mind". This isn't a LeBron situation where the team he went to had cap space, nor is it a Garnett situation where he was getting old and the team realised they couldn't get good before he declined. There's no reason why the Magic have to just give Howard away.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    what about Brooklyn/ NJ ? Ya ever think about that?

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    You want to make Orlando an offer they can't refuse:

    Deng, Noah, Korver, Watson, Bogans, Pargo, Lucas, Scal/Butler AND 5 (yes, 5) first round picks


    Howard, Arenas and Turkoglu

    (do the math, the salaries work under the current CBA)

    Under the current CBA, that trade works because two of the 1st-rounders are this summer's CHI and MIA picks, and since the trade wouldn't happen until after July 1st, the Bulls would only be sending out 3 future 1st's (2013, 2015 and 2017).

    Scalabrine or Butler are only included to make the salaries work, one of them would be a sign-and-trade with only the first year guaranteed.

    The Magic would be unloading both of their horrible contracts, and would only be taking back long-term deals for Deng and Noah. Noah would be a big draw in Orlando, he'd certainly help them sell tickets for that new arena they just built.

    Korver, Watson and Scal/Butler would all be expirings, and Bogans, Pargo & Lucas are all non-guaranteed deals for next season.

    The Magic's fans won't be happy about Dwight being traded no matter what, but getting back Noah and five first-round picks and dumping Arenas and Turkoglu makes it an easier pill to swallow.

    Plus, nobody wants to see their team get LeBron'd, they'd much rather get Melo'd if given the chance.

    Of course, this means that Dwight would have to want to come to Chicago. Even if he wants to be "the man", at least by playing with DRose he can still be the main scorer since Derrick doesn't have any problem with being a facilitator (when he has someone to pass the ball to).

    I have to believe that more than anything, Dwight wants to win, and playing with DRose gives him a better chance of doing that- especially since the Bulls will still have Taj/Asik plus the Charlotte pick (plus Arenas' HUGE expiring in 2 years) to try and land a 3rd piece to the puzzle.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Forget about Dwight Howard.

    Of all the teams out there the teams we should look to trade with are teams that are going through coaching changes,wanting to go young are going for sale.

    During the offseason there was a rumor where Derrick Rose wanted Joe Johnson for the shooting guard spot.

    Atlanta-Joe Johnson and Josh Smith
    Philadelphia-Iguodala and Elton Brand
    Houston-Kevin Martin,Scola

    I am not assigning any probabilities with each team but the Bulls have expirings and I think a team like Atlanta or Philly will appreciate them.

    Doug I'll be looking forward to your podcast about what offseason plans the Bulls could follow even though the new CBA isn't agreed upon still

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Whatever Orlando get back it's going to be crap compared to what they have, Howard is the second best player in the league and we're talking building a trade around guys that have never made the all star team. I don't really think that makes a lot of sense, they'd be better off getting some good picks because if they lose Howard they want to be in tank mode. Not sure if Howard's LA preferences include the Clippers, but they're the sensible trading partner here, Kaman lets them make a trade where Orlando doesn't have to take on any long term salary and they have the Wolves pick, which should be top #3. You could also throw in guys like Aminu and Bledsoe, cheap rookies who look decent, which is what a rebuilding team normally wants.

    Even then so long as there's even a 10% chance of Howard staying they should just keep him and hope. The way the salary situation of other teams work out I think they'll have a much better than 10% chance of retaining him, so they should just say no.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I wanted to take a break for a while flogging but I'm starting to see too many stories about this subject and personally I don't see Howard coming to the Bulls in any type of trade. Yes it could happen but just like the Carmelo situation... Howard has to want to come to the Bulls. It's not about the Bulls management " making " it happen, its about Howard and where he wants to play. The Bulls need to make getting a 2 guard that can score and other players for the bench that can score when needed a priority. That should be there main concern. Now if there are truthful rumors that Howard does want the Bulls, that's when management drop everything and make the Howard trade happen, until then stay the course and get this Bulls team more offensive options. I said earlier in the season, Rose should not take as many shot as he does cause come playoff time that would hurt the Bulls and that's what has happened to the Bulls. A point guard has to have other options on offense to be successful and with the Boozer situation, that was not the case. With Boozer coming up on 30 years of age, I don't look for him to improve his game past this years performance. Sure he had his injuries this season but the defense was not there and never has been so why would he change now? The Bulls probably can't get a trade for him but the Bulls need to explore every option in trying to trade Boozer cause he is not the answer and I have always thought that Noah and Boozer does not fit well together in the floor because of Boozer' s inability to rotate on defense and he takes a lot of rebounds from Noah because that's the only thing he concentrates on the defensive end of the floor which causes Noah to have to try and guard 2 players, his man and Boozers. The Bulls if they are to upgrade on the offensive side of the Ball will probably have to give up some of their best bench players, but at this point I think they need to take a page out of Miami's book and get the offensive players that are willing to commit to playing defense as well. Now who the Bulls will be able to get will be the challenge for theBulls brass this summer cause this series elimination has to hurt not just the fans but the Bulls management ad well cause if they didn't see what this team needs before... they should surely see it now and trying to put together a team to compete with the Heat will take some bold moves.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Doug,the east was terrible this year, and isn't going to remain so. you keep referencing the 60+ wins like it means something. ask cleveland how much those 60+ wins mean now. the bulls time to win was now,before Miami gets rolling, and they blew it. the odds of deng/boozer/noah all being healthy again when the playoffs start are terrible.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    who will make the leap to be better than the bulls?

    Celtics are declining. Knicks have no picks, no assets, no cap room. Orlando will lose dwight. Atlanta has there 120million dollar man who is the highest paid player in the league so they are cap strung with no improvement in sight. washington is on a 5 year rebuilding plan. 76ers are good but are stuck with mediocre young players and brand/iguodala contracts. Pacers aren't going to be good anytime soon. The bucks are the only team that may trend up. but like you said, injury's are injuries so the same should apply for the bucks. if they were injured once the "odds" are they'll be injured again. everyone else in the east is plain terrible.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I do give the bulls management a bit of a break with free agency because the heat obviously tampered with the players involved and the bulls couldn't of known that going in.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I believe the problems fix themselves, as we mature as a team & the players improve individually. Going out & getting a solid 2 guard is bonus, and an allstar - superstar would be a dream scenario.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    letting Gordon go was a terrible move,so I don't know why you list that. We'd be a drastically better team with Gordon. listing getting a unprotected pick for Tyrus thomas as something they did is a joke. they're the ones who drafted the giant bust to begin with,they don't get any credit for getting rid of him because they brought him. look what that cost us too,look at that guy in Portland beasting every night.

    resigning Noah was one of the stupidest things Ive ever seen, and he rewarded them by another injury plagued year.

    its like this team cant understand the concept of health,at all. what sane team would ever construct a team that is going to Rely on Deng,Boozer and Noah all being healthy when they almost never are? use some damn sense.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    You have a lot of anger for a fan of a team that finished with the best record in the NBA and made it down to the final four teams in the playoffs with a core group of players that only includes one guy who's going to leave his prime in the next four seasons.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    you'd really rather have gordon for 11 million a year? I love gordon more than most, so much to even say im a gordon homer, but he is not an 11 million dollar player. if he signed the 5-50 or 5-54 whatever it was extension, then great. Fair market value for a one way player. Basically jason terry in a younger body. He would have absolutely helped in this series. If we could trade kyle korver, bogans, some more cap relief and one of our 1st rounders for him this year i say do it. But at the time, when we needed cap space, we could not afford to resign him to a 60 million dollar contract.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    You know what upsets me about the Bulls, the excuses that come up EVERY year. It's always about NEXT season, never about the present. People are talking about the AMNESTY being implemented in the new CBA and Doug just mentioned grandfathered contracts. This PROVES we could have swung a deal for a guy like Stephen Jackson. At the time, KC and the rest of the media HID behind the new CBA. People said getting a player like Jackson could prevent us from re-signing Rose, WHAT A CROCK. KC Johnson is ALREADY talking about NEXT trade deadline as the best time to fill our SG hole! It's just UNREAL how people in Chicago (not everyone) buy the Bulls propaganda.

  • In reply to sukid09:

    Proof? what Proof? Speculation and talk say nothing about proof. And what would we have given up for stephen jackson? And was stephen jackson even available?

  • In reply to sukid09:

    Even if Howard says no I don't wanna be traded to Chicago, I still think the Bulls can win a title with a guy like Jason Richardson.

    The lack of production from the 2 guard in the Heat series was killing the Bulls and is a big reason why they struggled in all of their playoff series because teams loaded up on Rose.

    I do think Noah and Boozer can be better next season assuming there is a season.

    I'd love Howard but if they can't get him I still think the Bulls would have a Championship winning team.

    They just need a versatile 2 guard and I'll take Smith, JRich or Crawford. Any of those three could drastically help the Bulls inept offense. Brewer has shown also he could start so I like where the Bulls are still and I believe they could have very we'll been in the NBA final had some breaks gone their way.

  • In reply to souleater7:

    How do the Bulls get Jason Richardson though? The Magic can offer him more money, and given they want Howard to stay they probably will do what it takes to show thy're trying to keep talent.

  • In reply to sukid09:

    We need to give a ball handling wing player to assess Thibs's strengths and weaknesses. This roster was too flawed for us to even evaluate Thibs. Would Thibs run a different play if Affalo or Courtney Lee was on the Bulls instead of Bogans or Brewer? It looked almost like Thibs himself bought into the hype of Derrick Rose. He didn't try anything different/adjust for 3 games continuously at the end after the experience with the Indiana/Atlanata series. Maybe Thibs is way smarter than we think and wanted Rose to see what happens if he tries to do everything by himself against a good team. That's what I hope the reason the Bulls looked so bad at the end of Game 5.
    The disturbing part for me was not double teaming LeBron at the end. I know LeBron can pass but he committed quite a few turnovers too. Why not make Miller or Haslem beat you or even Bosh rather than LeBron after you realized he is making his shots. The final 3 minutes of Game 5 still haunts me on how it was played out like JV type schemed plays.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    One of the worst things was relying on Rose to close as Superman without giving him any rest in the 2nd half. That is pure suicide!

  • In reply to Edward:

    Might have been easier to give him rest if his backup didn't put up a 42% TS% playoffs ... love CJ's defense but unless he can start hitting shots then the Bulls have to consider a change.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I dreamed about this this deal all afternoon :

    Deng, Boozington, Asik
    Gasol, Artest

    Do you think LA might bite?

    Why for LA :
    They need some retooling and although Booz is a downgrade from Gasol, they finally get a real back up to the fragile Bynum and have a lot of frontcourt depth.
    Deng is a huge upgrade over Artest.

    Why for Chi:
    We loose some frontcourt depth but get a real second option to Rose. Gasol would be the perfect partner to Noah.
    Ron Ron is kinda garbage, but is still a good/great defender.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    Luol started every game this season in addition to every game of the 06' season. How does this constitute as "never being healthy"?????

  • In reply to sabixx:

    would you still be saying that if they got LeBron or Wade?

  • In reply to sabixx:

    The Bulls went all out to get Dwyane Wade and LeBron James including moving contracts and picks just to increase their odds because they were worth it.

    Dwight Howard is also worth it.

    They may not be successful for variety of reasons (player choice, opposing team choice), but if Howard is available, they will do what they can to make it work.

    Melo wasn't worth it because Melo isn't that good and it would have taken 3 core player and picks to make it happen.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Melo isn't good !? You all say that he is only a volume scorer. Actually when you see how bulls got eliminated, that's exactly what they want (a scorer, only a scorer) !!!
    Melo didn't come here because bulls overrated Noah (a player benched all the 4th quarter of the series). Now Bulls realize Asik and even Kurt thomas can do his job as well as him !!

  • In reply to sabixx:

    this management team got us the best record and the eastern finals, we should line them up and shoot all of them, how could they not get your advice on building this team, you should be pissed.

  • In reply to sabixx:

    +1000000. I repeat them that every day. bulls management overrated their players are are too lazy. i still wondering why GarPax won the executive of year this season !!

  • Starting thinking Elton Brand...


    * That trades saves Philly a lot of $ in the short-term.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    yes and it makes us worse in the short term. Nocioni is washed up. and brand is 32 going on 33 with a broken down body. he's not as good of a rebounder as boozer and defends about the same. great idea. lets have MORE money under contract for a worse team for the next 2 years when we need to resign rose, taj, and asik.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Philly is a big market where the fans are excited to worry about money. Even if they worry, why would they give up short term contracts(Brand and Nocioni) for a long term contract of Boozer who struggled in the playoffs.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Why on Earth would we make that trade? We're just worse after it. We save get a little bit of cap room earlier, but we'll be so capped out at that point it won't matter.

    This would only make sense if there was a hard cap, but in that instance they'll have a way to grandfather people into it that will let us get rid of Boozer.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    your starting to make some sense, I like this idea

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    What's wrong with you ? What are we going to do with Elton ? He is not better than boozer !! he is has a heavy contract as him, he is an injury prone like Boozer, he is fat as boozer and his numbers isn't better !!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    IMO it's on Rose to talk with Howard, to convince him !! Rose has won an MVP, he proved everybody he is a superstar, a best PG and a FP !! Now he has to start to play with other stars. Rose should call him !!

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