Note to Bulls Fans: We're OK

I usually throw some stats and stuff into what I write, but today this
is pretty much just going to be limited to observations and opinions.

A lot of Bulls' fans seemed to be on the brink of euphoria after the
Bulls easily handled the Heat in game 1.  After the Heat just about
completely shut down the Bulls in game 2, many of those same fans can
now be seen shivering in the corner with their heads between their
knees, muttering incoherently and just trying to catch their breath.

Seriously folks, you need to get a grip.
My guess is that the problem most Bulls' fans are experiencing is that
they can't get past their expectations, most of which were set before
this season began.  Just about every expert saw the Heat as an instant irresistible force that would simply cut through the NBA
like a hot knife through butter.  Never in the history of the league
have 3 players of the caliber of James, Wade and Bosh, in the prime
years of their careers, joined forces.  Despite the fact that the Heat
had some problems over the course of the season, many fans have
continued to live in a state of dread for that day when the stars would
come out and exert their inexorable will, blowing past any unfortunate
team in their path.

On the other side, not much was expected of the Bulls.  In September,
most fans felt that a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals would be an
absolute wet dream.  As the team continued to achieve, we began to
believe, but always lagged behind the reality.

So here we are, facing the superstar-laden Miami Heat and a lot of fans
are flat-out intimidated.  We just can't get over those expectations of
what the season would be for the Heat and for the Bulls.  When the Bulls
easily won game 1 people got giddy 'cause, despite what the Bulls did
in the regular season, their inferiority complex about the Bulls and the
programmed concept of the Heat's invincibility led them to that state
and gave them hope they didn't expect to have.

Game 2 crashed fans back to earth and back into their pre-programmed inferiority complex.

Relax folks, while it certainly would've been better to go to Miami up 2-0, this series is far from over.

In game 1, the Heat learned that they can't simply rule the day on
reputation.  In fact, when they gave only ordinary effort, they got
their doors blown off by the Bulls. In game 2, the Heat came out with as
much energy as they could muster and even played some nice team
basketball. They also dusted off Udonis Haslem who has been on the shelf
with a foot injury since November.  When healthy, Haslem's legit...kind
of a veteran version of Taj Gibson. 

It was a potent combination for the Heat, but it only resulted in a
victory because the Bulls scoring trio of Rose, Boozer and Korver shot
under 30%.  Some credit should be given to the Heat's defense, but the
truth is that the Bulls missed a lot of very makeable shots and were
awful at the free throw line.  If this continues to happen, then yes,
the series is over.  The thing is, it's in the Bulls hands to win or lose this series, not the all-powerful Heat's.

The Bulls remain the better defensive team and the better rebounding
team.  This won't change.  The Heat have scored 82 and 85 points in the
first 2 games of the series.  They averaged 102 per game in the regular
season.  Although the mighty Heat pulled away from the Bulls in the 4th
quarter of game 2, they did it while scoring only 14 points in the that
quarter...14!  In the second halves of the first two games, the Heat
have only been able to muster 71 points.  Clearly, the Bulls know how to
D-up Miami when it matters.

This series is going to be tough and is by no means a sure thing.  The
Heat are a favorite for a reason and they've wrestled away home court
advantage...for the moment. However, my advice is that you forget your
pre-conceived notions about these teams.  There is no "super team" in
this fight.  Both teams are very good, but both are also somewhat
flawed.  It's going to be a helluva series and I still feel very good
about the Bulls in 7.

They can do this.

Tom Nossem


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  • I needed this lol-thank you.

  • Great post Tom keep it up but I do believe rose will have a break out Sunday which will push the bulls to victory just go back to Chicago 2-2 please!

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    he hasn't had a dominant MVP game in a little while, he is due

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Amen, he is defintely due

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    Interesting Debate:

    On the expectations of the Heat's top 3, and where they rank amongst the all time's, are they even in the top 5? Top 10?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    just comparing them to Bulls trios, they are not better than Jordan/Pippen/Grant or Jordan/Pippen/Rodman. Pippen & Jordan would shut those 2 down on defense. Scottie Pippen is the best most versitile defender of all time.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    and just throwing out Lakers & Celtics trios might be enough to push them out of the top 10, certainly top 5

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Of course they aren't better than the bulls trio. They haven't won 72 games yet in a season. Besides they aren't even better than the celtics big three when they were in good shape back in 2008-2009.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Yeah, 08-09 Celtics beat 10-11 Heat any day.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    don't forget Rodman would make Posh Bosh cry, and probablly not come out for the second half. Horace would have frustrated the hell out of him also.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    We have figured out, how to stop one of the big 2. I'm not worried, Bulls in 6 or 7 if the refs want to make it interesting.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    This is a great post and thank you for submitting it. While I was overly giddy about the game one win I was intimidated by the Heat. What's funny though is after the Heat won game 2 is when I was able to properly analyze what I saw in the first two games. I honestly believe the Bulls are the better team and should win this series. Missed free throws and open jump shoots was the big killer for us in game 2. I don't expect this to continue. I'm picking Bulls in 6.

  • Break out game that is lol

  • Bulls will win Game 3....great post Tom

  • Yeah, everyone relax. It'll be a split in Miami, and the Bulls winning the series in either game 6 or 7.

    Thanks Tom for talking some fans off the ledge.

  • All I can say is the Bulls definitely need to win one of the next 2 games in Miami cause if they fail, this series will more than likely be over in 6 games in favor of Miami. We all can type and say the Bulls will be ok but reality is the Bulls players have to put their best efforts out on the floor in order to get the home court advantage back. This is the second straight series they have lost home court advantage and this time they might not be lucky in getting it back. The poor offensive showing the Bulls displayed name 2 at home, in the ECF can not and should not be accepted. So again everyone can say the Bulls will be ok... but the players have to go out and prove they will be ok and they have to show that they want to win by going out and staying consistent. I know teams make their adjustments but I just can not understand a team not staying consistent for something thus big. Bulls players, its the playoffs and that means you have to come with intensity, focus, and energy for every game.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You make good valid points, but the reality is, both teams had a bad game so far in this series. It's tied 1-1, I don't see why fans should be worried so far. The Bulls just need to play their game on offense and defense and they'll be alright. If anyone should be worried, it's the Heat. They played well according to everyone out there and the Bulls played like crap and it was still tied with a couple of minutes to go.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    but furthermore I think if both teams have a bad game at the same time, or a good one, I think Bulls win

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    i agree with you. I'm sure everything will be alright for the bulls. This is a close serie, anyone can beat anyone whether you're at home or not. Miami beat us at the UC, it doesn't matter because we can also beat them at miami. Moreover Rose said he will keep driving the whole game 3.
    I don't know if we will the serie but i'm confident we'll take one game at miami.

  • Reese1 damn they can't win every game! This is not nba2k this is real life u can't win them all that's why its a best of seven series

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    shoot, even NBA2k, I put Jordan on this current Bulls team, played half the season, been murdering teams, but still lost 2 games. Some days you just don't have it.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    did you have him coming off the bench for bogans at about the 4 minute mark of the first and third quarters.

  • In reply to BigWay:


  • In reply to BigWay:

    Just wanted to point out that Kevin Durant is currently on a 0-13 streak on 3pt attempts in his last two games against Dallas...and nobody is suggesting that he take a break from shooting 3's if he's not making them...

    That's because even All-Star Players like Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose have to deal with cold streaks in certain parts of their game...that doesn't mean that they can't adjust, it just means that you definitely don't consider REMOVING that asset and weapon in their arsenal.

    It is the wide array of weapons and ways they can beat you that makes them the All-Stars's in the first place. Removing weapons is not the answer.

    Note: This is not to say that I don't think that D. Rose should drive to the basket more. I think he should. In fact, I would say that my belief has always been that Derrick Rose should drive to the basket repeatedly until the other team shows that they can stop it, and only then unleash the outside game.

    Go Bulls! Beat the Heat in 5.


  • In reply to BigWay:

    While your correct in most on this post , we cant control what the refrees do call or dont call. What happen in game two the heat players cried to the refrees and then got call after call!When lebron or Duane got called for a foul they would go to the refree and CRY about the call, No one Knows what was said to the refree but it did change the way the game went after the first quarter in game two!From what I saw on TV the HEAT remind me of the way the Pistons use to play, DIRTY !! Lebron said he was the bad guy and now he is acting that way!

  • In reply to winkiechicago:

    + .01

    That Duane guy sure cries a lot

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    Agreed, Bulls are still in control of this thing. If Miami wins the next 2, a big if, then it time to worry.

    I'm still optimistic, still confident. How terrible did we play game 2? Everyone except Taj, Asik, & Brewer had a bad game, and still were tied at 73 with under 6 minutes to go. And those guys didn't even have that great of a game. When we play our game, get a fair shake from the refs, we are just a better team than the Heat. I still believe Bulls in 6.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    tied @ 73 w/ 4:36 to go

    played that bad & still had a chance to pull it out against a Heat team playing so well

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    the heat had only scored 2 points in the quarter at that time.

    It is hard to say that the heat played well despite everything going in their favor statistically.

    That is why I gained more confidence about how beatable they are from the game 2 lose than I did the game 1 win.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    +1000. I don't know if we'll be in the nba finals but i'm sure bulls are going to win one of the next two games.

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    exactly it's a tight serie. Both team has the same level. which means that anyone can beat anyone no matters where the game takes place(miami or chicago). Bulls will defenitly win game 3 or 4.

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    Exactly what I said when they lost the home court advantage again... DAMN! WHY DO THE BULLS HAVE A HARD TIME PROTECTING THEIR HOME COURT??? And you're right, this isn't NBA2K cause the game would probably protect the homecourt. This is real life and the Bulls will find out the hard way some things in life situations can't be taken for granted.

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    If you watch ESPN, we are not ok obviously. It is amazing these analysts want the Bulls to lose because they have these notion of small steps to becoming a champion. Boston was down 0-2 with a broken down old team but the same analysts were predicting that they will come back. But, the Bulls beat up on the Heat in the 1st game and lose a close one,...they are out of the series now.
    What I find wrong is not their bias but their inability to think analytically. Rose cannot be a scoring PG as it is not some old formula for winning, Bulls have to learn to lose before they can win, LeBron and Wade play great defense(when all they do is gamble), Haslem will score 15 pts every game while Noah/Taj/Boozer will never score again, LeBron and Wade are not on steroids(I had to throw that in as I think they are).

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I agree about your last point, that both LeBron & Wade are taking some kind of PEDs.

    Good blog post here on the subject of PEDs, and Rose & James's alternate assumptions. Is it just me or does Rose come across openly & bluntly with seemingly nothing to hide, while quite the opposite for James:

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I've always thought LeBron was on PEDs of some sort; most likely hormonal ones. I mean, no offense, but he looks like he is d@mn near 40 in the face.

    Same thing with Greg Oden. He looked like he was about 45 when he was at OSU.

    As for Wade, if Valtrex counts as a PED, he's definitely guilty!

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