Marshon Brooks draft profile


Marshon Brooks (Providence)
6'5 SG, 195 lbs.

Marshon came out of nowhere and made a name for himself at Providence.  Always known as a savvy scorer at the college level, he really became a known commodity after his 52 point outburst against Notre Dame.  As he goes through workouts, expect his draft stock to increase to possibly mid-teens.

Offensively, Marshon is known as a straight out old-school scorer.  He can score off the dribble, off of backdoor cuts, around the basket, and off of the catch-and-shoot.  However, at Providence, he showed bad shot selection, and NBA execs will question whether he's a black hole or simply needed to take those shots given the quality of his team.

Marshon has great ball-handling ability as a two guard with an above average, though not elite, first step.  He can slither into the lane using great body control to get off unorthodox shots.  His body movements are uncanny like former Bull, John Salmons.  Off the catch-and-shoot, he is pretty deadly with his feet set, and showed good results at the draft combine.  Though he's a creative balll handler, he'll need to prove he can use that ability to help set up teammates.

Defensively, it is hard to judge how he will do at the next level since Providence played zone.  He will most likely struggle in going around screens and chasing guards until he is able to add a little more weight.  However, Marshon has a crazy wingspan at 7'1 and should be disruptive once he learns the defensive system though lateral quickness and foot-speed seems to be average for the next level.   

How does his game translate to the next level?

Overall, in a draft in need of impact talent, I see Marhon's draft status increasing until the mid-teens and at the latest being drafted in mid-twenties.  He is a do-it-all scorer, but there will be questions as to whether he will be a ball-stopper or a team creator. 

His game seems to resemble that of a Jamal Crawford in his frame, his ability to handle the ball, and the ability to get hot in a hurry.  The difference between Marshon is that he has the defensive length to be a force, but can he uses his abilities to do more than simply score?

How does he fit on the Bulls?

When talking about the Bulls, the biggest needs for the Bulls is a secondary ball-handler next to Rose, another offensive weapon, while still being able to play a little defense.  From a general standpoint, Marshon fits the bill perfectly and could be had if we are able to trade up slightly (maybe 3 or 4 picks higher).   

However, the Bulls are going to need to do some major background research to determine if Marshon can be a team player or if he is going to be disruptive.  While he is a scorer, is he going to get a chance to play for Coach Thibs? 

Marshon seems to be the type of player that will need to play through mistakes offensively, and Thibs is going to have to adjust a little.   Even with a crazy wing-span, it also might take time for him to learn Coach Thibs defensive system as he has played zone primarily in college.

Overall, I am looking at this draft with flexibility.  The first priority to me is to get another threat offensively that can create next to Rose.  If the Bulls are not able to trade for that veteran, then I am all for the Bulls trying to trade up to get Marshon on this team. 

While there may be a couple of other players we can draft that provide more stability, Marshon provides an opportunity to be a more impactful player.  At worst, he may be a sixth man type player.  If he becomes a ball-stopper, there are always ways to try and trade him. 


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  • I like his bravado and desire to play for the Bulls, but he may only be a 6th-man.

    The Bulls need a starting SG.

  • No way he falls past 20, unfortunately.

  • Bulls must prepare for Miami

  • In reply to Edward:

    This guy seems to be exactly what we need and lack. prety much my pick, unless some freaky big guy shows up out of nowhere.

    I would definately trade all 3 picks to get him. how high can we get with those picks, do our 3 picks get you into the high teens, I don't know, it seems reasonable to me.


    Call it hunch, but I think Taj Gibson will be dealt. The question is, "For who?"

    - Marshon Brooks
    - Alec Burks
    - Arron Afflalo
    - Nick Young
    - Evan Turner

    IMO...those are the leading candidates.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    One, Taj will not be traded for unproven rookies, no matter if they seem to fit a need. They are unproven, and we are not putting our SG needs in the arms of a rookie next year. Be real. Our FO isnt trading Taj anything less than a diff maker. ALA Mayo, Iggy, etc.

    Two, Affalo isnt getting traded by denver, Young isnt a good fit with his ball stoppage play style, and philly will move iggy before they move turner.

    So your hunch is a bad one.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Taj is not being dealt for a rookie unless there is some crazy package. The Bulls/Thibs seem to like players that are team players/have some sort of basketball IQ. I doubt they trade Taj for a player such as Nick Young, etc...

    I could see Taj being traded for a piece of a more impact player; whom that is could be a number of players.

    I personally am willing to risk going for Brooks if we cannot trade for an impact vet; does not have to be old. I think we are going to see that impact vet played a lot more than a rookie SG in most scenarios. Plus, while I always love adding young talent, we have a good young core in Deng, Noah, and obviously Rose. On top of that we have Brewer, Taj, & Asik. We have great young pieces on our team.

    Evan Turner; it would take a lot to get him. Taj is an exciting piece as he is solid, will get better, and is really cheap for his production.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    IF you assume that we are stuck with Bozo, then maybe Taj of Aflalo would make sense for us and maybe even some for Denver depending on how many guys they lose up front.

    Taj and Aflalo seem to be somewhat equitable talents.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'm intrigued! Don't see how we nab him, though.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    What's up guys ? I heard that Monta Ellis is on the market and the warriors might be interessed by luol deng ! for me that's great news because Monta ellis is great scorer, disher and defender. With him, it will be like we have got 2 Rose in the team. That's awesome !
    What do think about ??

  • In reply to deewaves:

    He's a great scorer but too small imo. Giving up Deng would mean the Bulls need another small forward that can score and I don't think there are too many small forwards that can match up to Deng's defense. Rose and Ellis would be too small of a backcourt.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    But this backcourt will be very explosive. IMO even if we loose deng, with Thibs there can't be any defensive issues because Thibs is a magician defensivly

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Been thinking about this go for an impact player thing, and what I ask myself is "what would the Spurs do?" They've been in this situation for years of only having late draft picks to work with and they've gotten well above average value over the last decade.

    Would the Spurs go for an impact player who has questionable shot selection and isn't an efficient scorer? Or would they go for a less flashy player who shoots a good percentage and doesn't project to ever be a star, but could give you a solid 15-20 MPG off the bench and maybe develop into a starter in a year or two? I think the later, even though most teams seem to go for the former (and most teams are as successful at drafting as the Spurs so ...)

    Maybe that's the path the Bulls should look to follow. Don't swing for impact, just get a contributor who you can get some solid shooting and defense out of. The Bulls don't need to make another Tyrus Thomas or James Johnson unlimited upside potential pick. Which probably means Lighty, Liggins, Moore, that kind of guy? I don't watch college ball so I'm only going by what I've read and limited highlights, so obviously my player suggestions might be completely wrong, I just think there should be a type the Bulls target and Brooks doesn't seem to fit it.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    I think you can look at it both ways. This kid has the scorer's mentality and has a bigger IQ than a James Johnson or even a Ty Thomas type player. However, it is his shot selection that scares teams. Look at it like is he going to produce a good selfish like a Ben Gordon or a blackhole like Larry Hughes.

    As for Monta Ellis for Luol Deng. I would be interested to think about it if we could not get an impact guard such as a Ray Allen or someone that could provide a difference. The reason being is that Ellis and Rose; while similar players would be an absolute terror for other teams. You can then use Brewer as the defensive SF or hope that a player such as Tayshaun Prince signs.

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    But isn't the difference between good and bad selfish largely down to skill set? If Larry Hughes could shoot as well from the perimeter as Gordon then he'd probably have been a better player than Gordon.

    It seems to me like good outside shooters have to try very hard to be the bad kind of selfish, simply because if you're going to take too many shots most of them will be jump shots, and if you can at least hit them at a reasonable rate you're probably not hurting your team that much.

    Brooks seems to be kind of middle of the road as a perimeter shooter from what I understand? Where as Gordon was excellent and Hughes abysmal (didn't realise Hughes chucked his way to 20 a game on 41/29% in college, ouch, his NBA career is unsurprising knowing that). So I guess it depends on how much improvement he has in his shooting if my theory is correct.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Sometimes yes, but sometimes it's mentality and how the player is used and how they adapt. Example; Jamal Crawford during Bulls days; solid shooter, but ball-stopper extreme. Jamal Crawford now on Bulls with better D would be awesome.

    Nick Young; great shooter, but do I want him on this Bulls team? No because I think he would create a drift.

    Rashad McCants another example.

    Good examples; Ben Gordon, Latrell Spreewell, etc..

  • In reply to kevinstates:

    Ellis is just a much superior scorer to Deng, that is something the Bulls are desperate for.

    Thibs will figure out the defense at small forward without Deng, but he won't bbe hahppy without his security blanket.

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