Joakim Noah makes 2nd team all defense, five Bulls receive votes

Per the official NBA press release, the voting broke down like this:

1st team Name 1st votes 2nd votes Points
Center Dwight Howard 27 2 56
Guard Rajon Rondo 16 7 39
Forward LeBron James 17 4 38
Guard Kobe Bryant 13 7 33
Forward Kevin Garnett 15 3 33
2nd team Name 1st votes 2nd votes Points
Guard Tony Allen 7 9 23
Guard Chris Paul 6 6 18
Center Tyson Chandler 3 11 17
Forward Andre Iguodala 5 5 15
Forward Joakim Noah 3 9 15

Others receiving votes:

Name 1st votes 2nd votes points
Derrick Rose 4 6 14
Dwyane Wade 3 7 13
Russell Westbrook 4 5 13
Gerald Wallace 1 9 11
Grant Hill 4 3 11
Luol Deng 4 3 11
Tim Duncan 3 5 11
Chuck Hayes 2 6 10
Al Horford 3 1 7
Josh Smith 1 5 7
Ron Artest 1 5 7
Serge Ibaka 1 4 6
Shane Battier 2 1 5
Thabo Sefolosha 0 5 5
Wesley Matthews 2 0 4
Kendrick Perkins 0 3 3
Nicolas Batum 1 1 3
Joe Johnson 1 0 2
Keith Bogans 1 0 2
Kyle Lowry 0 2 2
Lamar Odom 0 2 2
Luc Mbah a Moute 0 2 2
Manu Ginobili 1 0 2
Andrew Bogut 0 1 1
Andrew Bynum 0 1 1
Arron Afflalo 0 1 1
Jrue Holiday 0 1 1
Kirk Hinrich 0 1 1
Nene 0 1 1
Ronnie Brewer 0 1 1
Shawn Marion 0 1 1
Tayshaun Prince 0 1 1

Perhaps what's most interesting about the list is that Derrick Rose was actually rated the second best defender on the Chicago Bulls.  He received more points than Dwyane Wade and Russell Westbrook.  Maybe his reputation as a poor defender is changing.

I'm also a bit surprised that Deng didn't make it up to second team defense this year though his 11 points were fairly close to Andre Iguodala's 15.

Nice to see that the Bulls had five players receiving at least one vote from someone though and congratulations to Noah for making it onto the second team.  It's sort of an odd nomination given that he missed so much time this season, but he's certainly worthy when playing healthy.



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  • Noah posted on his facebook that he is going to get the 1st team next year I dont think there's any way he can do that unless he is moved to the 4 spot as long as dwight is around!

  • In reply to UtahBullsFan:

    he actually had the 4 spot here on the 2nd team with Chandler @ C

  • In reply to UtahBullsFan:

    What about if Howard is playing the 5 and Noah is playing the 4 on the Bulls next year, or vice versa? See ing how we will have to include Taj and Omer in the deal, I'm sure they will move one of them to PF....I think probably Howard will be the Power Forward,and Noah the Center. You heard it here first. Hee Hee

  • In reply to zmorg77:

    pretty sure Orlando wopuld want Noah back in a trade

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Why is that? With Noah's new deal, he is getting paid (as he should be), I think getting Omer (a true 7 Foot Rookie, that showed plenty of promise this year, who will only be getting $1.8 Million next year. Taj only gets $1.2 Mill next year, and a Team option for $2 Million the year after that. You get the Front court of the Future for $3 Million next year. Along with that, you give them Boozer to and Brewer to make the sign and trade work, with Gilbert Arenas' big contract coming back to the Bulls. Throw in our Three 1st round draft picks (the charlotte one is a possible lottery), and you have a great deal for both Teams.

  • Also with the Lakers implosion Shannon Brown I think has a players option for next year if the team starts to rebuild and doesnt trade for Dwight or CP3 I think he could come into the picture

  • Brewer gets robbed by coming off the bench, only 1 second place vote? I guess you need to put up a lot of points like Kobe to be voted into a defensive award (bleh). I'd have dropped both Rondo (gambler who rarely bothers to play actual defense) and Kobe (coasting on reputation) and had Tony Allen and Ronnie Brewer on the first team. Yeah no point guard, but Noah rarely plays forward so if position doesn't matter there it shouldn't for the guards.

    Speaking of Noah it's pretty crazy he made it, missed so many games and isn't even the best defensive big on his own team (although admittedly Asik plays limited minutes). But given how the team coped just fine with Big Sexy it's pretty hard to justify picking him out of position on the second team.

    Still congrats to Jo!

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    I dunno I think Jo is smarter and faster and can stay with the guards on the PAR ... I think the only advantage that Omer has over Jo is size and strength

  • In reply to UtahBullsFan:

    Agree...Noah deserved it because of the way he can guard anybody from a LeBron to Joe Johnson. Brewer doesn't deserve it. He is just being the same as Rondo(gambler). I like his drive to be on the 1st team...who knows he can get there because it seems to be on reputation.

  • In reply to UtahBullsFan:

    Nice showing by DRose. Looks like he got recognized for more than just his improvement on offense.

  • In reply to walrus:

    He got more votes than Batum ... ;)

  • In reply to walrus:

    Anybody else think Lebron is a way overrated defender? Don't get me wrong, he is a good defender, but I don't think he's 1st team good. If we're just talking defense, I'm pick Luol over Lebron...but maybe I'm just a Bulls homer!

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    its those highlight reel blocks from behind he makes

  • In reply to kayak0109:


    pretty lackluster. Would this team make anyone fearful? Doubt it.

  • In reply to walrus:

    Sorry guys, but I can't think of awards anymore...Let's get a good win tomorrow!!!!

  • In reply to UtahBullsFan:

    Where's Carlos Boozer? ;)

  • In reply to walrus:

    screaming like a hyena and slapping his hands in disbelief.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Wow I didnt even notice that he was voted in at the forward spot

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    "Speaking of Noah it's pretty crazy he made it, missed so many games and isn't even the best defensive big on his own team (although admittedly Asik plays limited minutes). But given how the team coped just fine with Big Sexy it's pretty hard to justify picking him out of position on the second team."

    SHAKES, people like you do a disservice to this Blog with idiotic postings like the above. You're probably a little clown who posts out of your mother's basement and consider yourself an authority on the game. People like you not only embarrass bloggers on this site, but embarrass all Bulls fans worldwide!

  • In reply to Normie:

    I'm sure my mother will be happy to hear she now has a basement, should increase the value of her house.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    My picks would have looked more like this:

    PG: Rose / Rondo
    SG: T. Allen / Brewer
    SF: Artest / Lebron
    PF: Garnett / Noah
    C: Howard / Chandler

    It pains me to put Lebron on there, but he's pretty good ... although I think it's pretty close between him and a handful of others.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    I should say that Lebron's defensive number's are pretty good ... even though I think they are inflated and don't accurately reflect his defensive ability ... which I generally think is overrated.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    To me Lebron defensively is Miami's Noah, but because of the work that he does on offense he is not as intense as Noah is on defense. But he is Miami's helper, and when he needs to he grabs the big rebounds. Lebron is as good as he wants to be on defense. Even as just a defender, I would take him over Deng.

    If anyone is overrated at this point it is likely Artest, but I am not sure that Deng is in the top 3 at his position.

  • In reply to BigWay:

    You sir, are an idiot.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    Look for Noah to overtake Garnett next season, at least the way that the coaches voted.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    Wish Deng woulda gotten the 2nd team recognition, but as opposed to awards voted on by the media, or worse yet, internet polls, I won't do too much second-guessing when the coaches vote. I'm sure that they favor their own conferences and see some nostalgia in the voting, but these guys watch a lot of game action and know what they're looking at.

    As for Noah, IMO he's an amazingly versatile defensive big. No surprised that coaches love his D.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Tony Allen, whom I wanted the Bulls to get instead of Bogans should have taken Kobe's spot.

    Brewer did not get robbed, you have to play significant minutes to get on these teams.

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