David Kaplan: Derrick Rose has a grade 2 ankle sprain

Per David Kaplan:

Sources told me that Rose suffered a Grade 2 sprain of one of the
main ligaments on the outside of his ankle and it could affect his
mobility for Game 2 on Wednesday evening. He will be treated with
several different methods and is expected to start when the Bulls try to
even the series.

Here's the first random clip I found about grade 2 ankle sprain recovery times on google:

2: the ligament is partially torn with some resulting instability. Swelling
and bruising often occur immediately. A Grade 2 tear can take from 3-6 weeks
to heal and requires RICE therapy and rehabilitation exercises to strengthen
the ankle and ensure full range of motion of the ankle. If the ankle is
not rehabilitated properly, a Grade 2 sprain often leads to a weak ankle
with recurrent sprains.

That doesn't sound particularly good.   Now Derrick is said to have no swelling which would indicate, possibly, a more minor sprain, but Derrick has looked obviously limited since his original sprain in game four.

He had little explosion in game two of the second round, and Atlanta gave him plenty of room to operate, but he still struggled to get things done.  To me, this looks very similar to the start of his sophomore season where he had an ankle injury and started very slowly and looked like he wasn't playing with much burst.

I'm not panicked about whether the Bulls can beat the Hawks, but if Rose isn't healthy then there certainly should be an elevated level of concern.   However, the Bulls simply aren't going to beat the Heat if Derrick Rose is playing on one wheel.  Not unless something fairly extraordinary happens.



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  • I don't know whom to trust. Everybody else claim there was no MRI. I honestly don't trust Kaplan because he talks a lot without verification.
    The only proof we have is as you wrote there is no swelling..so wouldn't a grade 2 sprain produce swelling immediately as per your random clip.

  • Lets hope Joe Johnson isn't out to show the Bulls up with getting help from Crawford who is capable of scoring big numbers upsetting the Bulls in the second round. If Memphis can do it, ATL certainly can. Some respect needs to be showed to the Hawks cause they have scorers that can get it done while the Bulls have a now injured Rose and a bunch of inconsistent question marks. Everyone need to stop making predictions... Bulls in 5, Bulls in 6, fact of the matter is Rose is injured and the Bulls don't have any other consistent scorers. Give respect when it is due. It's not the regular season and the Bulls have yet to realize this. If the Bulls are suppose to be an ELITE team which I have questioned all season long, they had better step up and prove it cause a 62-20 record means nothing in the playoffs if you can't prove why you have the best record in the league.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Most of these sports reporters and critics saying the Hawks won't play the same as game 1 and they will go back to playing stupid has got to be fueling thus Hawks team. Bulls better come with the energy and FOCUS.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The sad thing about that (re)injury was that the game was over. Even if you deny reality/never say die then fine foul immediately. Instead, the Bulls just danced around seemingly not knowing whether to foul or defend or what. It's a shame I don't know if you blame the players or the coach for that misplayed situation. Sometimes "bad luck" has a way of following you when you are not doing what you're supposed to.

  • In reply to MikeKeane:

    I blame Rose. Frustration got the best of him, and he went for a useless steal. IMO Thibs had it right. Our starters should play until the end. The lead was eight not twenty+.

  • In reply to Reese1:


    I believe the first paragraph of this article. MRI was had.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Rose is a warrior, he will be fine.

    Although we've been trying to explain why the bulls lost, there's still something weird.
    Bulls hardly ever (if not ever) collapse on the 4th quarter most of all when they are at home. Bulls have been a 4th quarter team all the season, they always find a way to close games. The only way to beat bulls has been to take a large lead before the 4th !

    But yesterday, it didn't go that way. I still don't get it. When I saw only 1pt lead for ATL at the end of the 3rd, i said to myself there's no way we're loosing this game. But we lost !!

    My point is bulls must now take a lead before the 4th instead of coming back. It won't work against Boston or Miami. Anyway i am confident Thibs will make adjustments next game ! let'S go bulls !!

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Atlanta was simply on fire. Even when they took bad shoots they made them.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Whether the ankle is troubling him or not Rose needs to dial back the jump shots either way. It's criminal that Deng was killing the Hawks in the first half and only got 3 shots in the second half (despite being on court the entire time).

    Rose has to realise that he's the hero now for being MVP but he will very quickly get the Dirk treatment if the Bulls don't live up to expectations. Probably more so since everyone is just waiting to say "I told you so, score first point guards can't win". I believe a score first point guard can win, but it takes a lot of restraint, they don't have the luxury of the point guard deciding for them "hey, maybe someone else should shoot now" like a guy at other positions does. It's asking a hell of a lot of a third year player who hadn't even won a playoff series before this year.

    As I've said before, in some ways the Bulls might have become too good too fast and raised the bar on expectations too much. Maybe they'll need some painful losses like the dynasty Bulls to work the kinks out.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Completely agree Shakes

    Booz 6-11 14pts
    Gluol 8-12 21pts
    DR 11-27 24pts

    The stats don't lie. Our number 2 and 3 options combined go 14-23 for 35pts BUT still combined take less shots that Derrick and score 11 more points.

    I know DRose really wants the team to win but he is not going to win the games by himself. As the PG he has to be aware of the hot guys and get them the ball where they want it. Instead of shooting (because he took few layups) 27 shots take 18 and get another 5 assists to Booz or Gluol and we win the game.

    If Derrick is not going to the line then he MUST be a low volume offensive player and use his quickness to penetrate and set up either

    1. Booz on pnr
    2. Gluol on the Princeton weave drive
    3. Gluol/KK/KB on the corner 3 drive and kick

    Or Dump the Ball into Booz on the block a lot more and initiate the Offence from there
    1. 1 on 1 |Booz can do his stuff and score
    2. Doubled he can pass to JoNo as we saw
    3. Doubled he can pass out to KK/KB for the 3. If he passing out to Derrick, Derrick HAS TO (sometimes)make the extra pass to a better 3 point shooter in the corner or opposite wing (Gluol).
    [This is actually a repeat of a posting I wrote when JoNo got back after injury and he and Booz were not geling]

    I'm sure someone from the Bulls coaching staff does actually read this blog (I believe it is the most informed and intelligent Bulls Blog on the net) and would hope that ALL our suggestions are at least considered. A great coach is the one who will listen to outside suggestions and where appropriate uses them. A coach who stubbornly continue with the same losing formula (let DRose shoot 27 shots when other players are performing better on Offence) is not a great coach. We know Thibs is a great Defensive coach, but I don't have many issues with his defensive schemes, its his offence and the adjustments needed for the post-season. Can he step up with a better offensive plan? or will he just continue to rely on a hobbled Derrick to bail him out?

    If Thibs is not big enough to tell Derrick to rein in the shooting then I hope Derrick is humble enough to realise he will not win the NBA Championship without the help of his teammates on offence!

  • Friedell reports that xray came back negative and he's fine. Thibs said he went through everything today and did fine with no swelling. Not sure who's telling the truth.


  • In reply to kayak0109:

    I would go with Friedell...

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    Just picked up 300 Lvl Suite tickets for the game tomorrow!!!

    I also heard X-rays were negative. Seems they would need an MRI to determine if his ligament was torn--I understand no one has openly said his ligament was torn. But Grade 2 suggest so.

    Wiki suggests MRI shows better contrast of soft tissues (a.k.a. Rose's ligaments). No bueno. Phantom MRI test would be nice to know about. Go Bulls!

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    Obviously limited? He looked absolutely fine to me in game 5 vs Pacers. Yesterday he jacked way too many jumpers instead of driving, but he's done that from time to time even when healthy. He didn't look limited when he did decide to attack.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    I will rather start watson

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    why the hell does friedell care about xrays? We're talking about a sprain

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The x-ray being negative is important news, sprains can often disguise a break, and if Rose had a break then that would be him done for the season (unless you want to go all Grant Hill with him and screw the next half decade of his career).

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    of course its important, but an xray doesn't show a grade 2 sprain. No one's advocating skipping xrays, but if you're talking about the severity of sprains & tissue damage, you need an MRI

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The x-ray is all that matters really at this point in the season. So long as it's not broken he's going to play. All an MRI is going to tell you is how long he's going to have to rest after the playoffs for it to fully heal.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    he'd know if he had something broken

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    2011 NBA Finals:

    Mavs vs. Bulls...Bulls in 6.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'm liking that! I still would go with Bulls-Thunder, but I want the Mavs. My best friend is a die-hard Mavs fan.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Captain Relevance is back.

    Bulls are battling in the ECF semis and Mappy is predicting the finals. Pure comedy as always...keep it up even if its not intended to be humorous

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Each time Rose has twisted his ankle, he has inverted it. If he everted it, then I would be concerned. Rose will not be limited much. Since he didn't get an MRI, it's obvious that it is not serious.

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