Bulls fall to Heat in an officiating farce

The Bulls were up 12 with three minutes to go, at that point, they should have closed the game.   They played horrifically down the stretch on offense.   The Heat pulled three straight three pointers out of their asses including a four point play by Dwyane Wade.

The humiliating defeat could not have happened without some horrible play by Chicago combined with some incredible play by Miami, but it also couldn't have happened without a stretch of the game dominated by call after horrific call after horrific call in favor of Miami.

Much like game four, the Heat mysteriously shot around 50% more free throws than Chicago while spending about half the amount of time in the paint.   How is that?   The world may never know.

Dwyane Wade got the call behind the three point line (and fairly so) when he got a four point play.  How did Rose not get the same call at the end of the game when LeBron clobbered him with the body on route to his huge block?  Granted, odds of Rose making that shot even if LeBron went straight up and didn't get a block?   Pretty low.

To lay the blame on the refs wouldn't be entirely fair though, Chciago had an epic collapse down the stretch where they went about four straight minutes without getting a single quality look at the basket. 

The Heat jacked up a few shots that you only call good if they go in (but they did), but also had several quick jaunts straight to the hoop, the kind of plays the Bulls defense had stopped all game long.

Chicago fell apart in this game.   They fell apart in the clutch all series.   Let's face it, in three of the four Miami wins, the Bulls could have won down the stretch but simply didn't. 

In the end, Derrick Rose will emerge from this stronger.   Most young players need to grow through some growing pains before winning the ring, and I can't imagine much more pain for Rose than this series.

Let's face it.   Derrick Rose was mostly terrible all series long, but I can only imagine how motivated he'll be in the summer to improve.

I'll do the happy thoughts and full season wrap up tomorrow.   Tonight, there's still a bit of anger left at the way this one ended, even though overall, very proud of the team for the season they put forward.

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  • Like the Thunder, the Bulls have to go through growing pains, the Heat will be to them what the Bad Boys were to the late 80s Bulls.

    Defining win for this Heat team. Looking forward to the 2006 finals rematch too. It should be the best NBA Finals in recent memory. I can't call it though; maybe after game 1.

    They have also gone from 1-6 against the Bulls and Celtics to 8-2; one of the biggest turnaround in the last 30 years.


  • You can say all you want about the Bulls collapsing but there needs to be a change in the NBA on how they officiate. It is crazy LeBron flops and then winks about it. I don't mind the Bulls losing fairly or even choking their shots but to get killed by officiating is kind of sad. Is this how NBA legends are made? Too much disgust right now.

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    Why doesn't anyone actually play the game anymore? Also I think it was BS that Taj got called for the Technical after yelling. I didn't see anything bad about it, I'd put it on par with Lebron or Wade throwing their arms up in the air after not getting a call and then going over to the refs afterwards. I think the Flagrant was more of a momentum changer, but it could have been stopped if not for the T.

  • Sadly, this might be the worst Heat team we

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    I'm not sure i can stand seeing the nba the next 5 years !! Gonna be boring !

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    ...and how are they going to get those? Is there a sale going on that I don't know about?

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    You're underestimating LeBron's "recruiting" prowess. It ranks just below his ego and just above his flopping ability.

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  • In reply to gwill:

    Not so sure, Wade looks like he only has 1-2 years max to dominate.

  • Again, good season by the BULLS no one expected this team to finish with the best record in the league. But the Bulls lost this game because of bad passes down the stretch, the refs didn't help with some of the unbelievable calls they were making against the Bulls, and ultimately not being able to score in critical situations. This Bulls team has to get better perimeter scorers, who??? That will be the challenge but they will definitely have to get someone to take some of the pressure off of Rose. And the whole Boozer Noah combination needs to be addressed cause I still say those 2 can not play together because of Boozer's lack of rotating on defense. Both guys were on the bench the entire 4th qtr. and those guys are starters. That can not happen, these 2 are starters and are on the bench in the ecf, that's crazy. IMO 1 of these guys either need to be traded or they need to get together this summer and get some on court chemistry. I for 1 am glad that this season is over for the Bulls cause the next time we see them play, this team should be different and they should be able to meet up with the Heat in next years playoffs with a different result. So again good season Bulls and GAR/PAX... you guys get to work and bring in another player or 2 that will help this team on the offensive end of the floor.

  • This is why I have mentioned all season about the Heat being champs. The officiating is always in their favor. Wade & James buddy up to the refs & any questionable calls goes in their favor

    No way Bulls or anyone else can beat that

  • My thoughts exactly.

  • ANOTHER BAD HEADLINE (courtesy of Doug Thonus):

    Blaming the refs is WEAK. VERY WEAK.

    The Bulls lost because they showed NO LEADERSHIP during the last 5 mins. of games 2-5.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You're as blind as the Refs.

    And we lost because of Tibs stupidity, see below.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    No we lost because GARPAX stupidity. They shouldn't have stand pat at the mid-season !! It was obvious this team couldn't win championship. YOU MUST HAVE 2 ALLSTAR TO WIN THE TITLE !!

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    You suck ASS, Mr. Happy.....

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    I want to say that NBA and WWF are the same- A moneyt making business and while the WWF is fixed so is the NBA. This is the only sport where the ref control the outcome. True Miami did hit shots but when you go to the line 7 straight times in tiw games . Boozer with a crazy foul whatever he sucks. Thibs did not play Noah I don't know why but whatever. I so upset can't think straight

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    MrHappy is so right; thus we should all go over and start reading his excellent blog... (Sarcasm)

  • Ive been following you for a year and u seem like a die hard bulls fan

  • This was like watching a car crash in slow motion. I can't remember a more stomach-punching loss this season, not just because it was the ECF and home court for the Bulls. With two minutes to go it felt like eight points might be enough to hold on, and when Rose hit that spin move floater it seemed things were going to work out.

    WRONG. Lebron and Wade murdered our 2011 season in those last two minutes, and our MVP missed a FT to tie the game. It might've been over by then, but any hope of stopping Miami's momentum was sucked out with that miss. I love Derrick Rose but his regular season clutchiness was gone this series.

    As someone who loved ripping on Karl Malone for missing those Finals series FTs, our MVP just did the same thing. It hurts but remember, big picture -- Rose is only 22. He's gonna think about that loss every day for a long summer. And he's gonna kick butt next year.

    The Empire Strikes Back, Wrestlemania X-7, Red Dead Redemption...The bad guys win one sometimes. But the evil empire always falls.

    Go Mavs.

  • On the downside, how much are we expecting to get out of Boozer when he's making $16 million in a few years?

  • Im the biggest bulls fan and to tell the truth we are just the cavs of last year with better d give rose the ball and get out the way lol that wont work we need some help and I cant see trading noah but damn we need scoring from two positions c and sg let me know if u agree

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    I'll take Keven Martin

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Who can the bulls seriously get at the two spot?

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    I think they could seriously get Kevin Martin with the right package, but giving up less to get Afflalo or C. Lee would be preferable. I'd take Ray Allen as a stop gap if we could work a trade. I'd love to have Thornton as a spark plug off the bench, JJ Barea as the same. There are guys out there.

    One day I would like to have a true back to the basket scorer, and one who is not a liabilty on D, but now I'm just talking crazy. Better chance of Noah or Asik developing into one than lucking into one; getting one to fall in our lap would be the only way to aquire a new guy to fit that profile.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    All the targets you list will be hard to get:
    * Martin, Lee: Houston's whole building plan seems to be buy low sell high don't worry about fit until we have enough pieces, so I suspect you wouldn't get either of those guys for fair value.
    * Afflalo: Denver's 2 guard going forward given Smith is out. Hard to imagine Denver not resigning him given they need to convince fans that they're not blowing up the team post Melo.
    * Ray Allen: Celtics have signalled they want to try again one more time. Can't see them trading him.
    * JJ Barea: Money is no object for Dallas, they'll pay to resign him if you make him an offer.
    * Thornton: Sacramento are desperately thin in the back court and their draft position means they're probably going to have to pick another front court player. They're in the market to pick up guards, not trade them away.

    It may turn out that Shannon Brown or JR Smith (ugh) as free agents might be the best the Bulls can do unless they're willing to part with Gibson.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    They only have to get 1 of them. I'd be willing, & I think Pax & Gar would be willing, to make some tough decicions & part with a valued piece or 2.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Houston clearly wants Asik, so don't count out either of their 2s

    Boston may say they're making another run now, but what incentive do they have to say otherwise, esp before the lockout ends

    At some point Dallas may need to make a decision on the 3 PGs they have. a Dallas friend of mine told me he thinks Barea will not be back

    Agree about Thornton& Afflalo, buck make anyone an offer they can't refuse &...

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    I wonder what we could get for Boozer?

  • In reply to anasemaj:

    A man-scaping razor, a bottle of turtle wax and a suitcase probably...

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Aren't u the one who didn't agree with me when I told about Kevin Martin ??
    Why don't consider he is bad defender like MElo ??
    U're funny !!

  • In reply to deewaves:

    no I never said I didn't want K Martin. Maybe I said we didn't have enough to get him, or that the deadline wasn't the right time to make a deal, but now I think they might have to package some of their assets, maybe Taj or Omer, to get a great scorer like Martin is. I don't believe he is a bad defender, and I certaintly don't believe he is a team cancer as I do about Melo. Also he would not cost nearly as much as Melo, and would accept a back seat to Rose.

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    Not really surprised, I said during the regular season that the thing that scared me most about the Heat was that come playoff time Wade and LeBron would both be living at the line and it'd be like we were the 2006 Mavs seeing double. Some people said we didn't have to worry, Rose would get star calls too and it'd all even out. Well we've seen how well that theory works.

    I don't think anything is rigged, the refs are biased or anything like that, I just think things happen fast in real time and the refs sometimes have to guess. Who you going to guess in favour, the guys who have a reputation of being able to get to the line (LeBron and Wade) or the guy who has a reputation for jumping around guys and avoiding contact (Rose)? Rose has gotten better but he needs to get better still at selling the contact. Make no attempt to avoid it, plow into guys and fall arms flailing. Do it the entire year next year, change his reputation and then the marginal calls will go his way. It's not fair, but the refs are human and humans are biased, we're conditioned to see what we've seen in the past and expect to see again.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    That's pure nonsense about the refs. I am not saying they are rigged but calling technicals on Taj and letting LeBron get away with acting and LeBron/Wade talking to them every second of a FT session. The Refs are just intimidated by them and trying to justify bad officiating in this "technology" era is just nonsense. The Bulls choked at the end...I agree about that.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I don't see what technology has to do with it, technology isn't available to the refs for the majority of the decisions. They make decisions and they'll be bad decisions at times, all you can do is try to play that so you're on the right end of them. I think the Heat main guys do that better than the Bulls do.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    he's talking about living in the internet era & constant 24 hour media cycle with all the scrutiny it can bring, I believe

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    True. Looks like LeBron now owns Shaq's decade-long get-out-of-every-foul hall pass.

    But for as much as we want to talk about LeBron and Wade, it was really Bosh that the Bulls couldn't tamp down.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Yeah, the officiating was a joke, especially the bs tech on Gibson. Yeah, Rose came up small when it mattered again. But I refuse to let this bad taste at the end ruin what was a great season by this team. In fact, see nothing but positives going forward. The bulls might not win it next year, but they are going to be a lot better because of this loss. And I think the Heat might actually be worse next year because of it. What's the impetus to work hard and get better if you are already 4-1 better than your closest competition?

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    WOW sad loss at home! It really sucked we couldn't win 1 more home game and the Heat win in Miami in game 6. At least we made it to the Eastern Finals! Better luck next year with hopefully a decent starting SG!

  • In reply to jaymccray:

    Cant beat the refs and the heat, can only beat one

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  • In reply to Apbullsfan:

    Omg ESPN is making me sick seriously, these ass kissers!

  • In reply to Bullsfan87:

    I am not even going to open ESPN website.....As a Bulls fan, we need to have mental toughness not to go there and feel more miserable.

  • In reply to Bullsfan87:

    To trade CRAP, you have to give up a little GOLD. Offer Boozer/Asik to some teams. We might have to take a little garbage, too, but will need a serious SG. Something like Thabeet (garbage, but Thibs could get him to play D) and Kevin Martin, for example.

    I'd hate to give up the Turkish Hammer, but we must get rid of Boozer. He will never fit into the defensive schemes and the way the Bulls play, that's 70 percent of the deal. And his offense is already very spotty, DRose doesn't how to feed him properly, and he's only going to decline.

    What does it say that Kurt Thomas (who's close to 40!) is twice the player in the 4th quarter?!

    Otherwise, if no deals can be made, then Thibs must start Brewer. He proved himself as the best SG on this team, by far. Bogans is great to have off the bench to shut down guys like Wade, and Korver will one day recover his shot, right?

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    I think the Bulls will see how Boozer and Noah perform together until next trading deadline and I am pretty sure Boozer will have good numbers in the reg season. I agree, if there is a deal out there where we can get a stud SG...they will have to give Asik or Noah with Boozer. Nobody is going to take Boozer by himself.
    Unfortunately, I feel Asik is a better piece than Noah going forward. If Asik can develop some decent offense...he can cover for Boozer's inability on defense. Noah has absolutely no offense and his defense sucked against Bosh. Noah was exposed big time in this series.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    By the say, Schaumburgfan, always appreciate your comments. First, Boozer may have to redeem himself by putting up good numbers before any team will even think about taking this bum. But I'm not sure if Asik will develop much more. It's a risk getting rid of the solid Noah for him, plus Noah has another contract that's hard to move.

    Second, though, you're quite right about a number of teams have never got that #2 guy and their teams imploded. Perhaps the difference here is that we have a better coach than most (well, except for in this series!) and there are good players up and down the roster.

    If we simply compare our great Bulls team of old (MJ, Pip and gang) vs. this one, it's no comparison. We know Rose will never be nearly as good as MJ, in part because MJ could ALWAYS get a shot at the end of games and often convert. There will never be as clutch a player as Michael Jordan. The dude spoiled us Bulls fan for a lifetime! That team could CRUSH this Bulls team, I'm afraid.

    The strong need is for a SG who can shoot AND create, so we don't over-rely on Rose. And develop Gibson into more of a post presence.

    For this team to really take the next step, I think Rose has become more Pippen-like (distribute more, play better D), Gibson become that Horace Grant/Rodman player, and then we need a serious scorer. With the Bulls D, that can be a team that can go all the way.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    Thanks for the compliment. I think after Rose and Deng, I have the highest hopes for Taj and Asik. I had read that Taj was trying to develop a 3 pointer last summer. Hopefully, he can become the stretch 4 we need...someone like a Bosh.

    I don't think Rose will ever become like a Pippen. Pippen didn't have offense when he came into the league but had the vision for passing and could play some defense. It is the other way around with Rose...his drive, offensive skills are his forte.

    With all that said, these guys have to develop that killer mentality and toughness. This was almost a repeat of the Indiana series with the Bulls being Indiana. I think they just got intimidated by the Heat in the last few minutes and expected things to go wrong and it went wrong.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Taj as a stretch 4 would be perfect. Frankly, Jaj and Asik as starting duo would be pretty hard to top if Taj could score 15 a game, and Asik had at least a hook shot in his repetoire.

    I suppose you're right about Rose never becoming a Pippen, but I'd love to see better D (though he has improved) and more expert passing. For example, if Boozer stays on the team, he should study Deron Williams tapes and see how he used Boozer. Also, Deng deserves better looks. Too often, this looked like Derrick vs. the World offense, and that's going to fail against the long, athletic defenses that the Bulls will always see in the playoffs.

    "Killer mentality and toughness" are key, but so are smarts. And our team was out-smarted at the ends of these games.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    whats most sad is that the nba already let the heat get away with massive tampering violations, and then they still feel the need to help them get to the finals anyway? its disgusting. I hate to see people like waste money on playoff tickets when the outcome of the series was per-determined by men in conference rooms.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    Why is everyone worried about the Heat for the next 5 years????

    Wade looks borderline done to me, 2 years from now. Not going to be pretty watching him play. The reason for a lockout, will happen cause of these jackasses. NBA owners are pissed already, now if all the players want to join up. New rules are coming to prevent this, so I like the Bulls chances going forward.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    Wade looks done because Bogans/Brewer had his number! That was the most beautiful thing to watch in this otherwise painful series. Meanwhile. James and Bosh has the advantages against Deng and Boozer, and that showed.

    Wade will resurrect against the Mavs, who don't have an answer for him. But compared to Bosh and James, he will fade first. And Haslem is no spring chicken either.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    Caron Butler will come back for the finals, he can play D

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    As the discussion turns to players that will help the Bulls, management should look at the drama schools.
    NBA officiating requires flopping and acting to "sell" fouls. Maybe law schools also, then during timeouts our players can talk to the refs and plead their cases. Works for the Heat.

    Thibs should have taken a T last night.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    Thanks Bulls, Thanks Doug

    The Chicago Bulls gave it a great run this year. I don't enjoy reading the morning newspaper when the Bulls lose. And today was especially painful.

    But there's great reason to hope for next year. But for this year, when a team beats you 4 games in a row, the better team one.

    I cannot root for the Heat against the Mavs. Nothing against the real basketball superman, Lebron James. I'd just rather Nowitzki, Kidd, and Tyson Chandler get a ring. I wonder if they can.

    Thanks for all the articles Doug (and others). Always fun learning new things at this blog, and sometimes putting in my 2 cents. I and many others appreciate your writing Doug.

    Time to sharpen a few hooks and return to fishing. This season is over.

  • In reply to gibby6385:

    Lets all buy plane tickets to Orlando and give Dwight Howard praise for his talent. Unless we find that magical Scottie Pippen draft pick, I don't see how Derrick will get the help he needs. He was dead at the end of all four of our defeats. It

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    Bulls would have lost this series even if the officials were biased in favor of the Bulls. Back in the late 80's, I was excited about the Jordan/Pippen Bulls because everyone knew it was just a matter of time before that team, without any roster change, would eventually win NBA championship. I do not feel the same for the current Bulls. This team as is will never will NBA championship, period. In addition to Rose, Bulls need one more legitimate star (NBA all star caliber). I am very concerned about Boozer and even Noah being the core of the team. Boozer will be the biggest headache for the Bulls front office moving forward. Because of the Boozer contract, I have little hope the Bulls can improve enough to win a championship. Even Noah's performance during this playoffs was a huge disappointment.

  • In reply to igotpar:


  • In reply to igotpar:

    You do realize how close these games were, right? Even if the refs started calling Lebron for picking up his pivot foot and taking 3+ steps, we'd have won a couple of these games.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    the Noah contract is JUST AS BAD as Boozers people. Noah has suffered major injuries in every season hes played in. people. I wish people would stop pretending this guy is just going to suddenly be healthy out of nowhere.

  • These last two games had some of the most unbalanced officiating I've ever seen. When Miami had the ball, the game was called very tight. Touch fouls were called frequently & were almost a guarantee if the ball holder was standing on paint. Hard fouls were almost never allowed and instead called open-path or flagrant. When Chicago had the ball, the refs "let them play". Touch fouls were never called at any point, even if the ball handler was in the paint. In fact, Bulls players were hacked by multiple players every time they drove the lane, yet many times fouls were not called. Chicago was called for pushing under the basket for rebounds, yet Miami players that pushed for position were never called.

    The worst part of the past couple games though, was the coaching. Coach Tibs looked every bit the Rookie Head Coach he was. Bogans had no business playing in the Indiana Series, as the Pacers did not have a threat at 2 Guard. While, Korver had no place on the court this Series because his defensive liability was so great, it negated all of his offensive production. And that's even if he was bringing the Hot Sauce. No one in the world, not even Michael FREAKING Jordan, could convince me that Kyle Korver was the better player to have on the floor than Rasual Butler.

    I've heard alot of foolish people say you can't just drop a guy in the Eastern Conference Finals & expect him to play well. Well guess what morons? IT ALREADY HAPPENED! Two words: Udonis Haslem. Before the ECF, he played in FREAKING NOVEMBER. The reason he impacted a couple of games were: 1) the Bulls weren't expecting him and 2) he filled two desperate needs: interior defense and rebounding. Rasual Butler is the only 2 Guard on your roster that can consistently hit open J's & trey's AND isn't a liability on Defense. Guess what? HE FILLS A DESPERATE NEED! Who cares who started all year, or who's supposed to get how many minutes?! PLAY THE MAN THAT GIVES YOU THE BEST MATCH-UP!

    Kurt Thomas is another great example. Where in God's name was he in Game 4, when you needed to give Noah a rest late 3rd Qtr/early 4th Qtr? And while I'm on the subject of rest, you just saw Tuesday Tom, YOU JUST SAW TUESDAY how bad Rose plays at the end of the game when he doesn't get a break early in the 4th! So what do you do when we're up 11 FREAKING POINTS? You whip him with the riding crop till he gasses and positively HANDS Miami the game!

    Hubris, Tom Thibodeau, hubris & stupidity are the bedfellows that kept you from winning a Championship as a Rookie Head Coach.

    Rant Over.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I agree totally with yo rant & yo frustration is understood perfectly!

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    ..the officiating sucks..this was clearly heat ball all the way, officiating wise..who the fuck falls for lousy acting in the ECF? NBA refs, yup NBA refs!!!these guys are freakin' huge, and they fall/fake all the time on a slight nudge (talkin' bout heat players)..the refs didn't help either..and no tech on james' wink? why give gibson a tech on a humanly reaction? refs cooked this series well..

    ..could not also understand why thibs never played or even tried playing rasual, we would never know if he was a good offensive answer at the SG..and why play thomas just now? bosh was never effective when thomas was in the court..bosh got worried "big sexy" might smack him the face whenever he drives..

    ..anyways, nothin' to do know except wait for next season..hopefully GARPAX takes care of business and brings in a good compliment to drose and this team..and hope the bulls have learned their lesson in this series..

    ..not really interested in this mavs-heat series, but hope the mavs whip these super-douches asses..

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Super. Agree!

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I agree with you completely, it seemed like Thibs was scared, he didn't know what to do, kinda paralyzed really. That's the time assistants need to step in and get into him. It wasn't as if we didn't have a few options left, as you pointed out correctly.

    Yes I'm proud of my team, but this one (or really the last four) stings pretty bad.

    Well onto the draft and btw GO MAVS!

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    Please don

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I told u all the season !!! u took me as a hater or an idiot when i was speaking about Melo. I told U all the season to BE realistic. I knew playoff isn't the regular season. I told u we didn't have enough offensive talent to beat miami or boston in playoffs.

    Bulls are a good defensive team, Heat is a good defensive. so who win ? the most offensive team.

    I warned u Luol was so irregular and boozer is crap !!! bulls should have maDe a trade at the mid-season. Instead of that bulls organiztion and most of their fans refused to improve the team because of ASIK. oohh ASIK is so great that u won't give him up for OJ Mayo. THAT'S MADNESS. Deng is so versatile that u can't trade him for Melo. GET REAL BULLS FANS !!!! I KNEW PLAYOFFS ARE ANOTHER MONSTER !!!! U CAN'T WIN CHAMPIONSHIP WITH ONLY 1 STAR !!! I HOPE U LEARNT FROM IT !!


  • In reply to deewaves:

    we can't trade Noah, Boozer and deng because of their heavy contracts !! We can only do small imrovements.
    Seiously imagine miami heat when they have the chemestry, a good PG, a good center and a good bench !! It'S gonna be ugly for us !


  • In reply to deewaves:

    I can guarantee you GarPax would have got Melo. But, Melo did not want to come here...he wanted NY. Forget about him. No going back on that. The biggest difference between Melo and LeBron is LeBron is not a volume shooter like Melo. And LeBron has faced a lot of failures and is ready now.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I agree, Melo didn't want to come here. He wanted NY and even if he did, Denver wanted Noah and pieces, not Deng and/or Asik like you mentioned deewaves. I'm pretty sure if Denver offered Melo for Deng and Asik, it would have been done in a second.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    answer this could you trade noah even tho he is the heart of the team he even cried last night that guy loves us and we should all love him. Boozer on the other hand he can go id rather have aaron gray back atleast he consistantly gives us nothing lol has ne 1 heard his rap song with twista insted of sticking bosh he was recording raps and why does he wiggle his head

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    As the Fan commented earlier; This was 'exactly' like watching a car wreck about to happen! Was in slow motion, and for whatever stupid reason, Bulls kept allowing 'James' to the foul line at this critical point of the game! Stupid, stupid, stupid; They deserve this 'Crash'!

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    A couple of thoughts:

    Luol Deng has dispelled all notions that he is not worthy of the contract he signed in '08. He was the best Bulls' player in the MIA series.

    I felt Joakim Noah's emotions took him out of the series and he was too amped up and wired to play "Hollywood". He over rotated/over helped, especially on the pick/roll, and didn't intelligently close out on Bosh; although none of the Bulls' big men really did a good job at closing out on MIA players through out the series.

    Magic Johnson called on Russell Westbrook to work on his decision making skills during the offseason, I hope Derrick Rose does the same. His 3 point selection has been horrid in the playoffs, but what really concerns me more is his jump passing. Too often when Rose is pressured he gets himself caught in the air with no where to go. His two late turnovers last night highlight the fact that he cannot just depend on his athletic ability alone to make plays. The one pass to Kurt Thomas, when he tried to jump and throw the ball across his body and over James, who was trying to trap Rose, is not the type of risky, dangerous pass that a PG throws late in a playoff game with the game tied. I know though that Rose will take this loss and use it as fuel to continue to improve his game during the offseason.

    With that being said, congrats to the Bulls for a great season. I couldn't be more proud to call myself a Chicago Bulls' fan.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    Nothing is guaranteed next year from the way the Bulls lost. We can be back to the same exact scenario even with a Kevin Martin or OJ Mayo instead of Bogans. We as Bulls fans, expect a repeat of the Jordan era(even if we claim not to)with the current Bulls. But there is that elite difference MJ had which I am not sure anyone in the league has it right now. So, we have to suffer through this for a while.
    We think we have the 1st piece and all we need is that 2nd piece. I don't know about that. There have been a lot of teams which went into ECF with a young first piece and nothing happened later.....LeBron with the CAVS, Howard with the Magic, Wade with Heat, Melo with the Nuggets, Garnett with the Wolves...you can go on and on. All those guys could not get the second piece and the teams dis-integrated or still trying.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    In these free agency situations with All-Stars, its the player who chooses and forces his way to his preferred team. Denver had no ability to trade Melo to any other team besides NY cause Melo was not going to sign with any team.

    NJ never had a chance in spite of all the negotiations to execute a trade because Melo would not sign with NJ. Melo wanted NY and MSG and that's what he got!

    NOW, what does Dwight Howard want? It's all in his hands not Orlando's.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    We had more than enough talent, these games were all very close WITH the very clear ref bias towards the Heat. This might have been a Bulls sweep if it was called evenly. To assume the refs didn't play a very major role in this outcome and making things unbalanced would be ignoring reality.

  • In reply to DozenDeuce:

    I Agree with you completely!
    How freaking difficult is it? Play the correct matchups and give Rose and Deng some rest so they can close in the 4th quarter. That's It!!!

    It was obvious to all who watched the Boston/Miami series that Boston was in the games and then Miami surged in the 4th quarters. So Thibs needed to have Rose and Deng rested for the last 6-8 minutes against Miami. WE SAW THAT IN THE BOSTON SERIES. And I wrote that myself before Bulls/Miami series began.

    I've been an advocate for Butler since I saw his first game as a Bull against Atlanta. He OBVIOUSLY had physical tools at the 2-guard like no one else on the Bulls roster!! I saw that in 2 minutes!

    Also, Miami added Henry Bibby in March as a released player just like Bulls added Butler. And Miami played Bibby, there's no law against it.

    You are 100% correct, DozenDuece, that Thibs coached like a rookie. All season Thibs was strong at the things he did as an assistant - planning, preparing, teaching, defense. And weak at substitutions, recognizing matchups, offensive creativity, real-time adjustments, etc. - the head coaching responsibilities he's never performed.

    I sense many of Miami's adjustments were suggestions made by savvy Hall-of-Famer Pat Riley. They were too insightful to be made by a neophyte like Spolestra.

  • "...How is that? The world may never know. "

    Ha, that's funny

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