Bulls Beat #190 - Not so easy


Bulls Beat #190 - Never Easy

The Chicago Bulls have split four games with the Atlanta Hawks since my last podcast and have a legitimate chance to steal this series from Chicago. I discus the series, the recen awards, and the rest of the playoffs.


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  • 1st to say that sucked. Are we always going to play up or down to the situation?

  • The Bulls have lost the second game on the road in both series. It looks like the focus and energy not there after they win one on the road. I would guess this to a little bit of mental fatigue.

    And they missed too many open shots in this game and Atlanta has better offense than Indiana. The Bulls seem to think that Atlanta will choke at the end if they keep the game close and that hasn't really happened. I think mental rest is as important for the young guys more than physical rest.

  • My bad, I forgot to actually include the intro on the show, I guess we'll have to wait until next week.

  • Bulls offense is the issue and this was EASY to predict all season. We all LOVE Joakim Noah but he is NOT an offensive threat. We all know the Bulls SG position is borderline pathetic. Add that to a team with ONE offensive playmaker and you get these Bulls offensive issues. Getting a SG is a MUST this summer but I have a bigger goal and it has NOTHING to do with a SG. If the Bulls REALLY want to take control of the NBA, they go HARD after Dwight Howard. With the Lakers getting swept and embarrassed out of the playoffs, one would expect them to make a strong push for Howard this summer. However, the Bulls have Boozer, Noah, Deng, Asik, Gibson and tons of draft picks in the next few years. In my honest opinion, the Bulls should be willing to give up whatever it takes to pair Rose with Howard. When you have a dominant big like Dwight Howard along with a dominant guard like Derrick Rose, it makes the other positions much less important offensively.

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    I second the motion.

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    Come on Doug dont call DRose's MVP pedestrian. He was the only person in the top ten in points and rebounds. Also wasnt he only 1 of 6 players to score 2000pts have over 600assists, and 300 rebounds. He carried this team when they were injury plagued. You say that u would take Lebron over him still, but with the clock counting down who would you want the ball with DRose or Lebron. Im thinking Drose.

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    A pedestrian MVP season is still an absolutely remarkable season you have to realize.

    You don't win an MVP by just being very good ever. However, among the best of the best seasons, this one is more in the Steve Nash realm than the Michael Jordan realm.

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    I don't think Noah's a "pathetic" offensive option. Look at the teams left in the playoffs, and Noah is probably as good or better of an offensive threat than the guys playing center for Boston, the Thunder, the Heat, or the Mavs.

    No doubt the Bulls should get Dwight Howard if there is some way to get him without giving up Rose.

  • You bring up Ray Allen, why not just sign Jason Richardson? His shooting really isnt that far off Allen at this point, he can create better off the dribble and is more athletic defensively. Asik to Houston, Lee to Orlando with a pick and Richardson to Chicago in a S&T. Or just sign Richardson to the MLE, assuming this still exists after the new CBA.

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    Allen and Richardson are not even remotely in the same area when it comes to shooting. That's like saying Kyle Korver and Keith Bogans are similar caliber threats and only separated by their FG%. Watching the games that isn't true.

  • I've got a question for you, Doug. I've argued with Bulls fans about Dwight Howard and HOW MUCH the Bulls should be willing to trade if he became available to the Bulls. I said I'd trade them Noah, Boozer, Deng and picks for Howard, Bass and Turkoglu. While I know Deng and Boozer are far better than Bass and Turkoglu, but in my opinion, if you have a chance to pair Howard WITH Rose, you make it happen regardless of spare parts. Rose, (FA SG), Turkoglu, Gibson and Howard would be pretty dynamic. Would you be willing to trade those 3?

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    I would probably do that too. Anything that gets you Howard and Rose is probably worth doing.

  • I didn't even bother listening to the full podcast cause as I said before, It's the same old song and dance with this Bulls team after a loss, they didn't defend well, they didn't rebound well too many turnovers, no energy, or its someone's fault. This team plain and simple does not know how to stay focused and they lack consistent scoring from other players. This will not win a championship. Because of the Bulls inconsistency in scoring they can not afford to not be focused on the defensive end of the court. Again, this is not the regular season, adjustments are made by the other team. Noah said they played harder than them...REALLY??? I mean REALLY??? Are they not suppose to? It has nothing to do with energy side the energy in game 4 was there, but the Focus of trying to put this teams back against the wall was not. This Bulls team just does not get it and its now a best of 3 series and anything can happen. They had better hope they're not on the wrong in of this series when it is over cause the Hawks have proved they have five or six guys that are capable of having big nights since the Bulls defense let Smith and Teague look like all stars. It's sad but , I see a 7 game series with this Hawks team... hope I'm wrong.

  • What ails the offense at the moment is too much Rose, simple as that. If you're going to be that one dimensional history says you better have Michael Jordan, otherwise you're not winning a championship.

    I don't really buy any argument that Rose has to take as many shots as he has because "nobody else can create their own shot" ... I'm pretty sure anyone on the team can generate a missed shot, because that's what the current game plan is generating for Rose! The simple evidence is on the scoreboard: the Bulls are struggling right now using this strategy, and were doing far better offensively in the regular season with a more balanced strategy. It's not like Atlanta are a great defensive team (heck, it's not like the Pacers were either), so there's no reason why the offense should just drop off other than that they've changed what they're doing and now it's Rose Rose and only Rose.

    Thibs is supposed to be coach of the year, now would be the time to show why by steering your point guard back onto the normal game plan!

    What I can't explain is the defensive effort in the 4th, that was just plain bad, Atlanta are normally terrible at scoring inside and they cut the Bulls up. One of the few times this year when the game has been on the line and the Bulls didn't turn up the defense and suffocate the life out the opponent.

    I think the game 1 loss was a lot easier to take, they hit some stupid hard shots and that's life. This time they got themselves some real easy looks.

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    Agree completely Shakes. When Derrick starts going 1 on 5 from the start of the 4th qtr the Bulls are in trouble. I think this is where his inexperience shows. I know he doesn't do it because he doesn't trust his teammates I believe he does it because 1. he believes he can score on every possesion (have to love the confidence) and 2. Thibs lets him.

    As a white man who can't jump I always look back on the time MJ grabbed Steve Kerr at the end of a timeout and said "Be ready Steve". Iso for MJ was run but instaed of taking the tough game winning shot he kicked to an open Steve Kerr who buried the jumper and won the game. Earlier in his career MJ always forced that shot but experience told him he couldn't do it all by himself. I hope Derrick learns that lesson VERY SOON and uses his ability of attacking the defence to set up others for good looks more often. He has shown he is prepared to do this (against Heat when he kicked for Luol to hit the three) so I hope Reggie has a quiet word with him to say mix it up a bit more.

    If at the end of a game Thibs insists on NOT using Booz and KK on offence he has to put Taj and Ronnie in as defensive specialists so we play 5 on 5 on D and 1 on 5 on O!!!

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    Yeah, I wasn't saying Rose was being selfish, I've said before I think he's still inexperienced and it shows at times when he pushes too hard.

    62 wins, title contention and an MVP have really masked the fact that Rose is still a year or two away from really hitting his peak. And if the Bulls come up short this year then we just have to hope it's part of him learning how to balance his own game with needing to run the team.

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    At least he's big enough to admit the error

    Salvatore was upset that he made the error, especially at such a critical juncture in the game.

    "I blew my whistle. I was positive it was not a foul," Salvatore said. "I blew my whistle by accident. Which is an inadvertent whistle. That's why I disallowed it ... Having watched replay. It was a foul. I made a mistake. I was wrong."

    Sure we can expect a few extra calls to go our way on Tuesday lol

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    His whistle knew it was a foul more than he did apparently.

  • In reply to UnstopaBull:

    But these errors at crucial times really looks bad. I have seen so many errors at crucial times in these playoffs...use a damn replay.
    1. Denver Vs OKC...the basket interference call in the last min
    2. Pierce's stupid technical foul call
    3. The missed call yesterday


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