Adjustments for game five - play with speed, seriously

I noted this as the title of the game three adjustments, and we saw the Bulls attempt to do it in game four.  We saw them do it with tremendous success.   We saw them get out in transition a bunch.   We saw them build up their lead and play well while doing it.   We saw them play fast perpetually right up until the point that the game mattered.

As soon as things got really important, the Bulls inexplicably, though it's not inexplicable because virtually every coach does the same thing, decided to slow the game down and settle for contested fadeaway long two pointers.

Seriously Thibodeau, I expect more

The half court offense has been bottled up by Miami's defense.   You can't will Kyle Korver to make shots that he's not making.  I get it.   There's a certain amount of stuff here that's beyond your control.

However, the decision to go away from the tool that's lead to the most success is in your control.   Even if you can't get a transition opportunity, don't walk the ball up the court and start the half court offense with 12 seconds left.

It's not working, yet you see something is working, and you go away from it as soon as things get really important?   Why?   Why?

Derrick Rose, kill LeBron James off the dribble damn it

You've ruined sports radio for me until they stop talking about basketball, because I'm going to hear over and over again how LeBron James defended you.    You had the guy beat badly on that last play you decided to take the fadeaway jumper.   You had him off balance and had the step around him.

In fact, virtually every time LeBron was isolated on Rose or in a pick and roll with Rose, Derrick got past the perimeter level of defense quickly and easily and was at the second level at the hoop.   The only problem is there were typically three white jerseys waiting there for him when he got there.

However, LeBron has no chance to defend Derrick.   The only chance he had was that Rose just took stupid shots in isolation at the end of the game when he easily could have taken better ones.

Kyle Korver, empty your mind

All I can think of at this point is that the Heat are in his head.    He's 3/11 in the series so far, but his performance is even quieter than that as his make in game three was in garbage time.    The Bulls haven't played Korver as much, and when they have played him, he's let them down.

More Bogans?

I don't know what to say, but after spending most of the season annoyed at how much this guy plays, he now looks like perhaps the best player the Bulls have at SG.  He's knocking down a reasonable amount of his open threes, and he's defending really well.

At this point, I might lean towards putting Bogans in to close out games when you need defense and open three point shooting. 

Final thoughts

The odds of coming back from 1-3 aren't very good.   The odds of drafting Derrick Rose weren't very good either.   The Bulls should have one mission right now.   We've heard the script before.

Take game 5.    It's a home game.   It's a game you should be able to win if you play well.   Don't worry about anything else, because if you lose game 5, this whole thing is over.   So bring everything you have for that game.


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  • I don't want admit but this season is essentially DONE...
    The bulls executive got to prepare for next season...

    My idea is:
    - Trade noah ($10.000.000), korver ($5.000.000) and any 2 draft pick for billups ($14.200.000)...

    - rose can learn from the veteran billups...
    - asik has proved his worth and can move to take noah...
    - find any back up center again in the free market...
    - even if the bulls fail again next season with this trade... don't worry because after billups contract is finish, then make a move for "D.Howard"... and voila we got our BIG THREE... the heat can pick their on poison.... kill by boozer's rainbow jumper or howard's thunderous dunk or rose's acrobatic layup..... no more double team or triple team or quadruple team on rose....

    they got a good center who can rebound, make pass and good defender in noah...

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    I wouldn't look for any trade for Howard to happen because Orlando is in the same conference and Howard might not want to play for the Bulls. It would be another Carmelo situation. If the Bulls can swing a trade with Orlando for Howard they definitely need to do it, but I highly doubt it. Game 4 was lost with a dumb decision to take a fade away jumper by Rose at the end of regulation. That shows the immaturity of the Bulls and their rookie coach who by the way needs an offensive minded assistant coach for these kind of situations next year. I could go on and on about the many mistakes the team and the coach has made in this series like why can't Thomas key some minutes to bang against Bosh and stretch the floor a bit with his 15 to 20 jumper that he hits at a pretty descent clip. And why Korver was on the floor, the guy was not hitting his shot so that was a waste of time, and where is Taj Gibson, his minutes has been limited and again...WHY???

  • In reply to Reese1:

    But the bottom line is the Bulls need more consistent scorers next year, they are going to have to go over the luxzury tax to bring in the players that can help this team on offense. As I said the Bulls have flaws on the offensive end of the ball and if they want to continue to keep pace with a team like Miami who will continue to get better, the Bulls have to bring in the right players cause their is no room for errors, the Heat will be a much better team next year and it will be that much harder to take them down especially if they win the championship.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    I like the creativity, but I don't think including Noah in a trade for a washed up point guard is going to be the answer. Salary wise it works, but when you're looking at energy, defense, and future productivity it makes no sense.

    Also, I expect Noah to come back next season with an improved offense. His offense was greatly improved prior to his thumb injury and I don't feel like he ever got confident in it again since he's been back. Another off season of working on it and I don't think he'll be the offensive liability that he was in these playoffs. He'll start hitting the foul line jumper again which will free up space in the low post for Boozer or for cutters.

    Also, trading Noah to the Knicks makes them way better. A full season of Carmelo, Amare, and Noah is way better IMO than Melo, Amare, & Billups. I don't think the Bulls want to better one of their Eastern Conf opponents.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    trading noah for billups is just to clear the salary cap for signing howard after billups contract is finish.... also, Carmelo/Amare/Noah vs Rose/Howard/Boozer which is better ??
    For the side note, I would rather knicks win than Mr.Decision and his Co. win...

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    If you are going to trade Noah, you can get a great young player than Billups....I can give you a big list-> Monta Ellis, Stephen Curry, Kevin Love, Harden, Josh Smith, Kevin Martin etc...
    The Bulls have given away a lot of good young players for cap space in the last couple of years(Gordon, Tyrus, Hinrich). We shouldn't be trading assets for cap space anymore.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    You don't trade a top Center for cap space in hopes of signing Howard. Where does that leave us when Howard goes to L.A.? It was one thing to trade Hinrich when you already had Rose in hopes of getting 2 of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh. I like Asik but he's not ready to take over starting for Noah yet so it's not worth the risk.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    On the end of regulation play - the only chance Rose had of beating LeBron off the dribble was to do it right away when LeBron wasn't expecting it. As soon as Rose started dribbling and dancing with the ball left and right, LeBron had a chance to stay in front. And I don't think it's as easy as you make it seem for Rose to get past LeBron (unless, like I just said, he did it right after the ball was inbounded to sort of surprise LeBron). The problem was that we wanted to take the very last shot without leaving time on the clock so he had to wait a few moments before going head to head with LeBron.

  • In reply to HINrichPolice:

    Good point, I haven't rewatched the play yet, but I didn't think Rose was past Lebron yet when he pulled back either. Sure it was a jumper at the end, but he seemed to have had a good look and got up pretty high over Lebron. It was a very makeable shot.

    I also wonder why Derrick has abandoned his little floater that seemed so unstoppable before. Instead of driving all the way to the hole and potentially getting offensive fouls, he could pull up a little more and use his floater. Just an idea.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    The Bulls lost another game against the Heat because LeBron James played a superior game than Derrick Rose, and Spolestro outcoached Thibs once again. Two many mistakes by our two Bulls leaders are why this game was lost.

    Doug said it yesterday: "Rose has to be the best player on the floor." He was not. But it's partly because Thibs is not helping the dude. He was again completely gassed at the end, as he played the entire second half. A PG like Rose, who expends so much effort, needs a blow early in the 4th quarter so he can take the game home. Why did he take those step-back Js on James instead of go by him?? He was fatigued.

    Also, if Spolestra has the guts to play Haslem, why is Thibs not playing Kurt Thomas when Asik got hurt?! Thomas is a proven playoff performer, and would have found a way to help for a few minutes.

    And let's face it, Miami got lucky with Miller having a huge game. He hasn't had a game that good in over a year.

    Now, some good things: Bogans is completely locking down D Wade, like nobody I've ever seen. Wade even looks intimidated by him, and when he does get slightly open, help comes. Boozer is playing with more confidence on O. Deng is still doing a solid job on James, who scored 35 but was 11 of 26. Noah showed up in a big way. Brewer is playing great ball.

    Series is not over. If the Bulls can overwhelm the Heat in game 5, get some confidence back (especially Rose), then it's possible to make a comeback. This team is tough. One game at a time boys . . .

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    If the Bulls can win games 5 and 6 I would give them a Hell of a chance to win this series but I think game 6 will be it for the Bulls if they don't pack it in for game 5. And you're right, they have to take it one game at a time. Don't go out on your home court, put the pressure back on the heat to win game 6. Maybe in game six the Bulls get in the head of the heat, get lucky and force a game 7 where anything can happen. It is possible for the Bulls to tie the series but it all starts with Thibs. He need to give Miami some different looks, put Thomas in the game...PLEASE!!! Get the Miami players out of the paint so Rose can get to the rack. It's not over and it doesn't have to be if Thibs will just give Miami some different looks.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    Agree..Whether it is physical fatigue or basketball fatigue or the constant harping from Thibs or it just showing his youth/inexperience or he is tense....Rose hasn't shown up in this series.
    But, you are right that Thibs has put in him in a difficult situation. Actually, I think Thibs hasn't figured out the rotation. Miami won the game with its bench and the Bulls bench didn't show up. Bogans is the kind of player who plays on Wade when our "future" SG is having issues with Wade or in foul trouble.
    You know the sad part is ESPN's LeBron fans seem right and will make us unable to watch them anymore.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    LeBron is the new Kobe. I strongly dislike that cocky clown. But he's good and his team will only get better, unfortunately. Haslem is huge for them, and he'll come back healthy next year, and Miller won't be as injury-plagued either. And you know they're going to get rid of at least 2 of those 4 old big bums on their bench - Magliore, Z, Howard and Dampier - and replace them with better quality young players.

    So, in some ways, this is the year for the Bulls to sneak through (even without the SG upgrade), but Rose and Thibs have let us down in this series. The bench needs to play more minutes and together as a unit, like they have all season, rather than spotty minutes with starters. Rose, Noah and Boozer were all very tired at the end because he didn't rest them enough. Conversely, LeBron, Wade, Haslem and Bosh all had tons of energy at the end of the game. It was obvious.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    We can blame Rose all we want. But we saw with Durant on Monday. All the international basketball, carrying the team for a grimy 62 win season, getting beaten up by Pacers has made him mentally fatigued.
    Rose has to just learn from this and Thibs the same thing. Thibs is also showing his "coaching" youth. He needs to do two things:
    1. Look at the big picture better
    2. Hire an offensive coach who can use the Bulls players's strengths.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    +100000000000 to the hiring of an offensive minded coach. Our offense is unimaginitive and, well, offensive.

  • In reply to skystang06:

    Also, I believe Thibs has done a fantastic job, but I am tired of hearing him say "we just need to play better defensively." Every team in the NBA would be thrilled if they could hold teams below 90 points, but it seems for Thibs thats not good enough.
    I know our offense is limited due to personnel, but lets be honest for a change. Thibs, Defense is great, offense needs work.

  • In reply to skystang06:

    After the assessment so far of this series for Miami to be up 3 games to 1 is because of the bench production. Game 1 it was the Bulls. Game 2 was Mia. Game 3 was Mia and then Game 4 it was Mia. To say that Lebron has outplayed Rose are not true performance metrics because they play two different positions and have been guarded by different opponents, besides Game 4 towards last 5 mins of the game.


  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Got nothing to lose, should be nice & loose & ready to lay it all on the line. Ain't over yet. Play with speed. Asik's probably done, how about some Kirk Thomas pick n' pop? Limit Korver's minutes & matchups. If you're not going to give Derrick a breather in the 4th, do it more at the end of the 3rd. Derrick should be going to the line early & often. Get their D to react, then start spreading the ball more, but be aggressive early.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Completely agree! Change the whole damn thing up, Thibs. But I'd stay with Bogans starting, because he's been shutting Wade down. But keep Korver's butt glued to the bench. Bring in the new bench mob with Watson, Brewer, Butler, Thomas and Gibson. And let them play! Hit the Heat with 2 waves of lineups like in Game 1, until they wilt. :)

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    More Bogans? How about more Brewer? He was awesome last night. Everyone thought we signed him to be the starter, yet not 1 game all year does Thibs try him major minutes.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    start Brewer, play Korver when they go to the bench, Bogans some thereafter

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I agree Brewer has been awesome in this series. Korver just has to sit. I would put Butler in Korver's place. Korver is mentally done.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Or just divy up the SG minutes to Brewer and Bogans. Bogans has played really well in this series. I like Korver but he's not helping right now and just needs to sit. Bogans has been hitting his 3's in this series at a reasonable rate and locking down Wade on D so he definitely needs to be above Korver in the rotation right now.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    My take on this series:

    Thibs needs to realize our defense has been adequate and our offensive has struggled.

    Derrick has under preformed--essentially loosing the game for us last night by missing the go-ahead free throw and giving the ball up twice in OT. He also shot poorly from the field. Credit Lebron I guess.

    We won't have a chance to win for the next five years if we don't acquire Dwight Howard in a mid-season trade next year. Adding a legit shooting guard won't be enough unless it

  • In reply to Jmax:

    I like your last paragraph...totally sums it up. I think some people are against it, but I wouldn't be against the new CBA allowing a franchise tag to prevent things like the Heat's big 3 from happening again. People always use the Boston comparison, but those guys all came through trades except Pierce who was already there, not to mention none were in their primes and dominant individual talents anymore either. 3 stars joining forces like this is bad for the NBA IMO.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    The worst thing about this is this: Bogans, Korver, CJ Watson will not be even in the Miami rotation as much as they are on the Bulls. That tells about our depth for all our talk about their depth issues.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    Thibs has some great attributes as a coach: His preparation and planning. His rapport with his players. His defensive strategies, etc. All things he developed during his many years as an assistant.

    But in terms of making decisions in real-time during the flow of the game, recognizing matchups, substitutions, resting players, offensive creativity, and flexibility to innovate - Thibs is lacking. In these

  • In reply to Edward:

    even all 3 announcers were saying before the plays that Bulls should go iso with Rose

  • In reply to Edward:

    Even MJ passed it to Kerr/Pax on those championship plays and he was a SG. Thibs is coaching "scared". I think he is scared to try new things because he is worried it might backfire.

    There are three big things which hurt the Bulls.
    1. No offense from 2 positions(Center and SG) almost all the time and no creativity from Thibs on offense.
    2. Our PGs(Rose and CJ) are both shoot first PGs which gets other players out of rhythm a lot and that leads to crucial turnovers.
    3. Boozer and Noah's injuries hurt the team eventually with them not getting in a good rhythm and not able to play to their full potential.

  • In reply to Edward:

    ISOs at the end of games are dumb. Doesn't matter who is guarding your player. The stats show that teams offensive efficiency falls off a cliff at the end of games, and that's the one time teams tend to run nothing but ISOs. That should damn the ISO to the garbage bin but apparently coaches don't care about winning, they care more about not sticking their neck out and getting trashed if a non star player misses a good shot. Better to lose on your star jacking up a contested piece of crap.

    The team that doesn't fall off a cliff? NO who don't have an ISO player so they just let Chris Paul run the normal offense. They score at the same rate at the end of games that they do the rest of the game. Funny about that.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    I agree too. Stacking a team is wrong for the NBA. Don't fool yourself. The celtics did it too even if it was a trade. Garnett gave up a $90 mil for a $60 mil contract extension in Boston just to win a title. Also, look at their stats from that year and tell me they weren't in their prime. The celtics stacked their team, the timberwolves stacked it, the lakers did and now the heat did. Players are earning too much money and now are using it to pick and choose.

  • In reply to mepeterser2451:

    I know the Celtics did it too. I guess I just look at it a little differently when it's 2 or 3 teams choosing to stack a team and not 3 individuals on their own deciding it. If the rest of the teams in the league want to hurt their own product, I don't get it, but whatever. I don't think Ray Allen was pushing for a trade to Boston, that was all Seattle. Garnett asked for a trade and lucky for him, McHale wanted to do his buddy in Boston a favor. But if 3 egomaniac stars go together and make it happen on their own it's even worse. That's all I was saying.

    Those guys on the Celtics, if they were still in their prime, it was with 1 or 2 at most good years left, not 5 or 6+ like the Heat. I also think their production was enhanced by playing together. Sure Pierce is going to still score when now you can't double him cause Ray Allen is sitting in the corner and Garnett is in the post. Individually though, they weren't in their prime years anymore. This same effect is going to help extend Wade's prime as well. He's taken such a beating over the years that he's got the least amount of productive years left out of the Heat's 3. But now that he has Lebron and Bosh, teams can't go as hard at him so it'll help extend his career a bit I think.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    I may be wrong here too, I'm just going on correct me if I'm wrong, but Garnett didn't want to go to Boston until they pulled the Ray Allen trade. It's not like he forced himself there like Carmelo just did with the Knicks. It's way different than what happened last summer.

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    Agree, very bad for the NBA. And if the Bulls got Howard like many are hoping for, we'd be just like those stacked, rigged teams. No thank you. I'd rather win as an honest team and lose as one. The Bulls dynasty was an honest team, as the main players (esp. MJ, Pippen, Grant, Armstrong, Kukoc, etc.) came through the draft. They got Rodman for the 2nd 3-peat because most teams didn't want that erratic dude on their team, thankfully!

    The Spurs, the Thunder and even the Mavs are similar. Teams that were built honestly.

    This Heat team, in converse, is nauseating. It's an All-Star team and while Wade is declining a bit, James and Bosh are at their peaks. Just like the Lakers getting Gasol was a joke.

    I hope the real TEAMs can beat these clowns, otherwise the NBA is doomed.

  • In reply to ethanboldt:

    It's funny you mention that. Back in the fall, one of the ESPN morons wrote an article comparing the Heat 3 to other great teams in the past and how no one has won a championship on their own and he mentioned all the Bulls teams, Lakers teams, Celtics etc. It was all bogus. I actually did research and looked up how all of those players were obtained by their teams. Most were drafted by their teams, there were a couple trades (recent Celtics team, Robert Parish to Celtics, Gasol to Lakers, etc), but most of the impact players on those teams got there legitimately. I wrote that ESPN clown a long email explaining how he was wrong quoting all this, saying it's not that anyone said Lebron didn't need anyone to help him win, the problem was how they all did it.

    People don't realize that that's most people's issue with this current Heat team. Not to mention that they're all cocky A-Holes, but that's besides the point!

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    Remember "KARMA is a bitch".

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    Right guys. But when is Karma going to kick in!? This Heat team is getting all the luck, with Haslem suddenly getting healthy, Miller contributing, James actually not choking, etc.

    Seriously, these ESPN idiots (save Tim Legler, who know his ball) drive me insane as well. This Heat team is the least legit NBA roster in the history of the league. What other team ever got 2 all-stars IN THEIR PRIME? I can't think of any. Garnett and Allen were past their prime, still good, but clearly past their peak.

    Even the hated Lakers always got great players through trades/league gifts, but never did they get 2 of them in the same year.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Note to Bulls Fans: We're OK

  • In reply to Dionysus:

    Uh, No, we're not OK. If we won last night (and it was within Bulls grasp) we'd be OK.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Depends on what Dionysus meant...
    Long Term: We're OK
    2010-2011 ECF: We're not OK.

    There is definitely a slight glimmer of hope still because the heat haven't won 4 games yet, but we're on our last legs. Pray for a epic miracle!

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    The Bulls haven't used Brewer enough (both in minutes and involvement when he's out there) all year, why expect it to change now.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    don't expect it, but it would help, no doubt about it

  • In reply to kayak0109:

    Bulls just need to execute down the stretch. Through 6 minutes of the fourth quarter, the bulls are outscoring the Heat by a fair amount for the series. It'd be nice if they were up by 20 at that point in game 5, but if they aren't they just need to do the things they have been doing all season long.

  • In reply to CoolWind:

    Epically misguided... (I'm trying to be nice). You don't give up a top 5 center for a chucker on his last legs.

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    You could do that...but it'd be the stupidest thing anyone ever did. Noah is clearly not the problem.

    Wow its sad to read the comments from some of these pussy fans

  • In reply to bullshooter:

    I'm proud of our team. It's been an amazing year even with an obviously flawed roster. We're on our way up and we still have games to be play.

  • Thanks Doug! I've been waiting on someone to address the Rose Lebron matchup for what it really is. I sent this to espn earlier:

    The story of the series should be more about DRose

  • Amen Doug about Rose needing to kill Lebron off the dribble, this is what I sent to espn earlier:

    The story of the series should be more about DRose

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