Were you rooting for Miami or LA last night?

It's odd, emotionally, I can't root for the Heat.   Can't do it.   Even though I think it's irrational, and I think the hate on Miami is still overblown.   I just can't root for them.

Logically, I think I'm glad the Heat won.   You see, the Bulls are fighting a battle for homecourt advantage, and for the first time in awhile, I'm concerned about how that home court might play out against the Western Conference teams as well as the Eastern Conference ones.

Is it more important for the Bulls to get the #2 seed than to have home court in a potential Chicago/L.A. matchup?   Yes.   Absolutely.

No doubt.

So why root for Miami?     I don't know, can Miami really catch Chicago at this point?   The Bulls are up three games in the loss column and own the tiebreak.    The means for the remainder of the season, the Bulls would need to lose four more games than Miami for Miami to grab the two seed.

Chicago has 19 games left this year.   Will they lose four more games this season?   I'm not sure of that.   However, if Miami loses even two more games this year, I think it's over, because I don't see the Bulls losing six games.   Even if Miami loses one more game this season I think it might be over, and heck, to be honest, I think the Bulls still have a shot if Miami wins out.

That said, is that really going to happen?   In their favor, Miami only has two road games left against a decent team, playing Atlanta both times.   They also play the Spurs, Thunder, Nuggets, 76ers, and Celtics at home.    I know Miami is deadly, and I've been leading the bandwagon of "don't count these guys out in the playoffs", but I think I am ready to feel comfortable with them not passing Chicago for the two seed this year.

Do I think the Bulls take them in a seven game series?   Right now, that looks like an epic battle to me.   Sure, we swept Miami, but we won by a combined total of eight points in three games that could have gone either way.    The hate on Miami for losing those games is ridiculous.

It's like if you beat me in a battle of coin flipping three times in a row, put it on ESPN and then all the analysts started talking about how I can't flip coins in the clutch and I'll never call a clutch coin flip again.   Sometimes things happen, and they are simply anomalies.  

So while Miami still scares the hell out of me in round two, I'm happy to think about any edge we can get in the Finals (should we get there) as well.  It's nice to dream big.

Quick side notes

Carlos Boozer's injury was described as similar to the one that cost him four games earlier this season.  He's listed as day to day, and I'd gather will miss the next three or four games, but fortunately, it isn't worse than that.

If you didn't hear it, Michael Jordan said that he thinks Rose should be MVP.  If you actually hear the sound bite, it sounds almost like he was goaded into saying it.  Of course, I doubt you can really goad Jordan into saying something he doesn't want to, but he didn't really offer up the comment freely, Nick Friedell harassed him into it.   I wanted to mention it, but didn't think it was worth a full article, because my only thought was "cool". 


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  • No doubt about it...I was rooting for Miami to lose. There are multiple reasons for them to lose.
    1. Bulls need to definitely get the 1st or 2nd seed(home-court) in the 1st two rounds
    2. The more chaotic the Heat are, the better. It will be nice for those guys to get a dose of humility(I think Bosh has already got it this season). The more they dis-integrate, it is better for the Bulls future. Wade and LeBron together has become a 1 1/2 player because they are essentially similar type players.
    3. It is just fun,entertaining and the best feeling as a Bulls fan to watch them lose even if it is irrational...that's the bottom-line.

  • Was easily rooting for LA. It was actually harder for me to choose between Miami and NY -- no matter who wins that game I'm disappointed. I'm thinking the only time I'll ever root for either of those two teams is if it benefits the Bulls somehow.

  • couldn't really care, but preferred Miami to win - just so that we'd stop hearing about all their issues. Man, they need a pyscho's couch in their locker room. I love barkleys comments on TNT about them.

    When looking at Bulls schedule v Miami's, I can't see Miami will get back to 2nd seed. The race is now for 1st, and I reckon is a real touch-and-go as to whether Bulls will beat Celts - I'm getting just as interested in Celtics games these days, just to see if they lose - 6ers tonight!

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    Ha, as long as ESPN is around you will never stop hearing about the Heat

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    Agree, 6ers game tonight should be a good'n

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    Always root against the Heat. Heat v. Taliban All Star team. Yup, I want Taliban to win, easy choice.

  • In reply to adocarbog:

    lol omg that is funny! adocarbog...i don't even want to say that word because of possibly being flagged for life in the infinite "Homeland Security" safety net, but yeah just about everyone is rooting for the Heat to fail like they did prior to this game! I didn't watch the game and wish I did but it looks like the big 3 had balanced scoring and Bosh having a big night which is surprising that it came against the Lakers with their size of Gasol and Bynum...what the heck happened there?!!

  • In reply to smiley:

    Ron Artest happened on a lot of possessions where go got sucker into a fast paced game, instead of a slow half court game. Although Heat did go down to Bosh in the post and Gasol is not that good defending that. Lakers could have had it but Artest did his thing and Kobe shot some stupid, LeBron type bricks instead of trying to run plays or post up.
    Not impressed with Lakers coaching attitude of, let's just see what happens if we let Kobe improvise.
    Shit, a black unmarked chopper landing in my yard, gotta go.

  • In reply to smiley:

    jordan's comment one of the more ironic comments that i've heard. The player who deserves the mvp based on talent, is Lebron James. The guy who'se getting the mvp based on political reasons, is derrick rose.

    Jordan said he endorses rose, but if he doesn't win, he'll understand how he'll feel. If anything, lebron shoul understand how he feels year.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    Very good point. If we're strictly talking about the best player, LeBron should win MVP every year -- just as Jordan should have won it every year.

  • In reply to walrus:

    Jordan and lebron are very different players. I think lebrons number overstate his impact on the game, he looks extremely passive on both ends of the floor very frequently, and hasn't developed any new skills in a while, still can't shoot or post up, and doesnt display much savvy in general.

  • In reply to ixonflex69:

    Agree ironflex, they are different players and you make some good points about James-- though I do think LeBron is still the best player in the NBA from a statistical standpoint. But like you, I know there's more to the game than stats.

  • In reply to walrus:

    I agree on LeBron winning last year but not this year. He has not looked like the best player this year. Even by Jordan's definition, you still have to be the best player on the court not by reputation but on production. And your team has to have a top 3 record.
    I am curious if any of MJ's teams was not a top 3 team record-wise.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I think Jordan won his first MVP before the Bulls were a top 3 team, but I can see what you're saying. The very fact that LeBron's Heat team is not currently a top 3 team, despite having two of the top players in the NBA, should work against him.

  • In reply to walrus:

    Lakers or Miami? As I posted last night, I was conflicted. My feelings were for the Miami to lose, but my head was saying homecourt over Lakers will be VERY IMPORTANT. So I

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    I'm currently in Afghanistan. We got a rocket attack from the Taliban last night. And I still agree with you.

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    I wish I could Rec your post. Thanks for being there. I hope you get to watch Bulls live and in HD.
    Oh, and how's Taliban All Star team this year. Is Ashchrhxgf El Dnfhrhehdhfbgfh still the point guard?

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    Off topic here (sorry Doug)

    Can anyone give me the names of some College sleepers the Bulls might be looking at drafting this year. I have not been able to watch as much College Ball as I would usually do so am a bit out of touch. With the tournaments and mad March Madness upon us it gives me an opportunity to see some possibilities play. We picked up Taj late in 2009 (I was very pleased with him being chosen - 4 year player on solid team) so was wondering who to look out for this year. Is there any PG or SG we could pick up maybe like Taj a Snr/Jnr who can come straight in and contribute.

    I know MrHappy you like doing the pre-draft scouting so any suggestions?


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    I thought this was going to be an angry response at first but that last line made me spit out my coffee...well played!

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    or maybe I should say more accurately ... no.

    I decided long ago that rather than try to pick a team to root for in circumstances where I'd like to see both teams lose ...
    I would instead, root for mother nature to open a huge hole in the earth and swallow both teams ... and their fans.

    Was the same for the Dallas/NY game last night.

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    Luol GTD tonight - bruised thigh so fingers crossed. I think the Bulls can cope with one loss (Taj in for Booz and can use Kurt against Collins) but Luol is a harder rotation to fill as I would expect to see him play some 4 with Booz out

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    If Lu can't go tonight, it gets VERY interesting. I wonder if Tibs will start Korver or Brewer? And it makes it much more likely we'll see The Butler make his Bulls debut... KK was on fire last game, I'd still LOVE for Tibs to find him a way to get more shots when he's so hot.

  • In reply to petert23:

    Great point, Peter T. Thibs doesn't like to disrupt his rotation -- which is why he preferred using Thomas when Noah got hurt. He's already taking Gibson off the bench for this game, is he going to weaken the 2nd unit further by also taking Korver (or Brewer) too? He likes the way the 2nd unit plays together so, even though Butler hasn't played yet, it wouldn't shock me to see him start tonight. I'm not sure it's a great idea putting Butler and Bogans on the floor together, though! But at this point I'm not going to question much of what Thibs does!

  • In reply to petert23:

    Didn't really care who won the game but if I had to choose, I would've cheered for the Lakers just because the plan that was put together by Miami to basically try to take over the league and the championship for years to come. I know the Lakers, Spurs and even the Bulls had their fair share of title runs at times through out the years, but they all won their titles the blue collar way with hard work, good drafting, and good managing. Everyone should know that this was planned by the Heat and the players involved, and none of those players never had any intentions of going anywhere else but Miami. It's possible the Heat will win a championship or two, but in the NBA you basically have to have a complete team to do so and right now the Heat don't have that and hopefully the Bulls will always stay one up on Miami.

  • In reply to petert23:

    By far I was hoping for the HEAT to lose. I'm not strategically involved enough to worry about opposing home court advantage scenarios. I agree as Ion said that D-Wade is the biggest cry baby in the league/expects 20 free's a game. And the "Shrug" aka LeBron isn't much better.

    On Tonight's game, having potentially two guys out(Deng and Booz) might give even an iron clad conformist like T.T. the excuse to try something unconventional like playing Derrick some at the two with C.J. at point, or starting Kyle at SG, and playing Brewer a good stretch at SF to see how he fares/that works.

    And such trials wouldn't be to enact a sea change, but simply to possibly confirm/explore some wrinkles for the playoffs/certain matchups. But Thibs probably/99% won't be down with that. I just hope they don't play Butler as he will never see any playoff minutes, and the only thing he used to offer, three shooting, now sucks wang the last two seasons(.333 and .323). Also, I'm waiting for Joakim's high post passing and drive game to return with the off hand layups and spins. Then maybe the offense can get rolling above 100 points instead of being stuck in the 80's and low 90's. And Omer please go back to dunking/finishing strong. Last game you were weak - three missed dunk opps.

  • In reply to adocarbog:

    The team led by the unlikable, self-centered ego maniac or the team led by the unlikable, self-centered ego maniacs. Tough call.

  • In reply to adocarbog:

    In seriousness, I was rooting (meaning, they win the game, and are immediately struck down by a parasitic organism that feeds on knee cartilage) for the Heat. As mentioned, home court advantages are in play, now, for the Bulls against various teams.

  • In reply to anasemaj:

    The Heat deserve every single ounce of criticism that is thrown their way. They had a championship parade months before their first practice. Anyone with the nerve to say "not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7.." (NOT SEVEN?!) is rightly deserving of the utmost scrutiny. I don't hate the Heat in the way that I hate socialism, or in the way that I hate racism, or in the way that I hate my x-wife(just kidding). But for every inkling sense of the term "sports hatred" the Heat meet or exceed all requirements. I hate the Heat for all the polar opposite reasons I love Derrick Rose and this Bulls team. Lebron James is the most talented player to ever come into the NBA, period. Yet in year 8 we have not seen him add a single element to his game. I can't root for Lebron because he is a failure in my eyes, he is a waste. The guy was given the gifts to become a truly transcendental player, he literally could have been better than Michael. But his own psychological shortcomings, his refusal to be humbled, his refusal to add to his game, has kept him from becoming what he could have. Lebron is a great player, but he could have been so much more. F the Heat.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Yeah, I agree the Heat deserve scrutiny. With all the amazingly self-centered quotes their big three have given, such as that "not 7" one, D-Wade's, "We ready, we ready," and Chris Bosh's "don't play so hard" type quotes, I mean, really this guys look like they are trying to piss people off. Remember how Bosh was saying Asik was playing too hard when they both scrambled for a loose ball and dove to the floor and Bosh got injured because Asik sort of landed on his ankle? Bosh was like, "hey man, people have careers here - you can't just dive to the floor like that." Translated, "just let me have the ball next time and don't play so hard because I'm a wuss yet I still want to win a championship without playing my heart out." He's clueless. Wade is a complete actor and lier. Lebron likes to try and send messages to his coaches by plowing them over and pretending its an accident. Lebron's a completely self-centered idiot. What's not to like? Oh that's right, almost everything sometimes their game. I say sometimes because sometimes their game looks bad. Wade almost refuses to set a screen for everyone. They totally take turns, and Bosh thinks he's Dirk Nowitzki.

    And perhaps the biggest reason to criticize the Heat: they rarely beat elite teams in the league. They're something like 2-7 versus the top 5 teams? That's pretty bad for a team that talks themselves up as being one of, if not the, greatest franchise in history for several months before playing a single NBA game together. Pride comes before the fall, and in this case, it is fun to watch.

  • In reply to ironsam:

    Bosh just wants to chill :-) He can chill out and watch the NBA Finals from home.

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    In reply to ironsam:

    Tough one, because I'm not too fond of either team but I do really like Dwayne Wade. Usually, if the Bulls are not involved in the game then I just want to see good basketball. Good basketball. Which is why I actually wanted the Heat to win, because I'm tired of watching this clown car they're running up & down I 95. It's bad for the game. Dwayne Wade is too great for this nonsense. Bosh isn't and Lebron isn't, but Wade is. Really, what I want to see is for them to get it that this is 100% D-Wade's team. I honestly don't care about the final score, it'd just be nice to watch them play like they got some g--damn sense.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    wade is the biggest bitch in the nba, he expects to shoot 20FTS every game

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    In reply to ixonflex69:

    True that he complains a lot but I'm not going to lay that strictly on Wade. That's just the politics of being a superstar in the NBA. They have to do it. Tim Duncan wasn't always like that, now he's one of the worst offenders. Does that make him a bitch? Is anyone even going to mention it when his time comes for the hall of fame? Doubt it.

  • In reply to Redwhitenblack:

    Yeah it's annoying watching him give the refs teh evil eye every time he misses a shot and expects the call. He's both a great player and lil bitch. His poor me speech the other day was pathetic.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Lakers or Heat? I root for Chicago.

    I don't really care on Lakers or Heat. If they meet in the finals maybe, but they won't meet there.

    I root for the Bulls.

    Tonite someone gave my daughter and I tickets. 1st half near courtside, 2nd half in the balcony.

    Does anyone know any Turkish cheers so I can root for Omer Asik in his native language? Really. Anyone speak Turkish?

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Officiating was brutal last night. Lakers got jobbed.

    It seemed like they weren't going to let Miami lose.
    Again and again, the refs play too big a role in Heat games.

    This has been Riley's style since he was with the Knicks.
    It seemed like they weren't going to let Miami lose.
    Phil J knew how to counteract it.
    But it effects the creditablity of league.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    I heard Stacey King and Neil Funk talking about the St. John's-Rutgers game the other night, saying that wouldn't happen in the NBA, because the refs were so much better. I almost died from laughter.

    The NBA refs are slightly ahead of the WWE officials in terms of credibility at this point; and they seem to be getting closer all the time.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    I know every team gets its share of good calls. But, wasn't it very obvious that the Heat got a lot of calls in the last few minutes. I don't know if it was pre-determined, but Artest was literally mugged(I know Artest does that a lot)by Ilgauskas.

    Also, we need to watch how long Bosh will be so aggressive(he had Gasoft guarding him;-)).. And, Mike Miller had to have a good game sometime. Let's see if they can keep it consistent.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    Speaking of announcing (future)championships what's up with J.R.(Reinsdorf) announcing Bulls could win four more championships?? I guess he thinks Thibs and Derrick need to know they are expected to win with the team they've already got? Or is he sending notice that, barring new CBA restrictions, he's "bustin' a (the salary) cap in Miami's ass!?" But seriously Doug, anyone what gives there?

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Going out on a limb here...I think Rose is ultra-talented and is developing his game at an incredible rate but I think Reinsdorf wants to make sure he doesn't get complacent. I guess if anyone knows what it takes to win 4 championships, it is Reinsdorf.

    Also, for a player to get the super-star calls in the playoffs, it just cannot be the game but also hype. With all the publicity the Heat, Celtics, Lakers getting...I am sure the Refs will be influenced a little bit on the iffy calls. It is always good to have that hype to get the Jordan calls as they say.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    With Deng possibly out, does anyone think we see the debut of Rasual Butler? I would like that very much.

  • In reply to Crowned:

    I was saying that earlier. Thibs doesn't like to disrupt his rotation and his second unit will already be depleted by virtue of having to start Taj...there's a slight possibility Thibs even starts Butler (the way he did Thomas) so that he can keep his second unit together.

  • In reply to walrus:

    Guys why would you want to see Butler start let alone play unless you think maybe with his length he's possibly a better defender then Ronnie..? Otherwise I don't get it. He' strictly a three point shooter at .409 last year and this year .323 from the field(!) same as his three point percentage.
    Last year .333 and this season .323 from three?
    Myself I can't get too interested in seeing this guy play. It's like when they got Flip Murray, and you see him hit a few threes in a game, but then you realize how poor his shooting is/hurts the team on most nights, and it's like OK, infatuation with the latest thing over.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I'm not saying I want Butler to start, RW. I'm just saying that it wouldn't shock me. The idea of having both Butler and Bogans in the lineup is a little frightening actually so I'm really just rooting for Deng to be okay. However, if Deng can't go, then I think the more likely scenario is that Brewer starts and Butler gets some time with the second unit.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I was actually rooting for a hurricane to take out my two least favorite teams. Unfortunately, it didn't happen and Kobe's underbite wasn't enough to overcome the Bosstrich and co.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    You guys are on top of it.

  • Definitely the Lakers.

    Having suffered all these years as a Bulls fan its great to see the Heat supporters (well the few that there really are) suffering and booing their team.

    The one problem I have from the game is how poorly the Lakers exposed the Heats weaknesses. But then Fisher v Bibby is a draw and Bynum never got the ball in the post.

    This bit hurts (grrrr) to Miami's credit they actually used all their weapons properly. Especially using LBJ as the facilitator and DW as the main man. I think all of LBJs failures recently will benefit the Heat long term IF they continue to use the Big three as they did last night [and Miller plays as well as he did, and Bibby/Chalmers continue to hit 3s and Z....... u get the message lol]

    Hollingers final standings now have us tied with the Celtics (59-23)(they would have the tie-break against us tho). April 7 might just come down to the most important game for us Bulls Fans for 13 years!!

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