Shots fired! Paxson says Del Negro never owned up to mistake with Noah

Per the Sun Times:

"It never should have happened, and I never
should have done it," Paxson said Monday. "It was a heat-of-the-moment
thing, and I was very frustrated with the way we were playing.

"What also disappointed me is that [Del Negro]
never owned up to making a mistake. That says more about him than it
does me. I was trying to protect my player [Noah, who was coming back
from injuries], I did it in the wrong way and I'm not proud of that."

But if choking and jabbing Del Negro was the
price Paxson had to pay to hire rookie coach Tom Thibodeau, then the
Bulls appear better for the "mistake."

"Tom came in with a positive plan and a belief
system from the start, and he has adhered to that." Paxson said. "He's
done the best job in the league."

Did Del Negro make a mistake playing Noah too much with the injury?   Sure. 

Do I think the man who got into a physical altercation with him over it should be the one to throw stones?   Probably not.   I don't know how anyone could interpret that situation as "saying more about Del Negro than Paxson" as Paxson put it.  

I mean really, Del Negro completely stunted the Bulls in his tenure.  You could probably find a billion different things to rip on him for that would make fans say 'hell yes, what a clown!', but you pick the only possible topic that could make Vinny look sympathetic.

Let's just focus on future coach of the year, Tom Thibodeau instead next time.

(PS, sorry for the lack of long rambling article/hornets game recap, spent the day in medical offices caring for family members and didn't have time this morning to write up something longer)


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  • The Hornets game was so ugly that it is hardly worth mentioning, other than that we won, a loss would have created an avalanche of angst.

    As for the Paxson/Del Bimbo comments, really at this point who gives a shit, we got the coach we wanted and needed, it just took 2 years too long.

    Hope it is nothing serious and the family is O.K.

  • Paxson and Del Negro need to handle this situation like REAL men...on the basketball court!

  • I wanted to choke him many times myself!

  • In reply to guypithecus:

    Look at Del Negro in that pic on the Sun Times link...don't you just want to choke that clown yourself! :-)

  • This is wrong. Paxson could have fired him right away and whatever Vinny's issues were, Paxson cannot touch him. Many crimes are committed in being a "lunatic for a moment" and otherwise that guy might be a saint. Basically, Paxson should have been fired.
    If Paxson was not from a championship team and if he was a part of the 1990's Milwaukee Bucks teams, he would have been fired in an instant.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Completely agree, even if I think Paxson has done a good job as GM (or whatever he is now) and Vinny wasn't a good coach assaulting the guy is not the way to deal with it and Paxson is lucky not to be fired (and the Bulls are lucky Vinny didn't sue them when he wasn't).

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Heat just lost again today. Let's go get that one seed now! Not many tough games left on the schedule. WE got a good chance to get to 60 wins!

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:


  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    In all fairness to Vinny, he came in when no one else would dare, and he followed a real mess as far as asserting leadership. He did have good assistants, and we all seem to think he didn't listen to them, so that's his bad. But let's not forget he did not have the team Thibs has, and Vinny had a lot of injury situations to deal with, and a fairly shallow bench to utilize.

  • In reply to coachskiles:

    No one else would dare? They turned Collins down, who would have been a much better coach. And Del Harris left halfway through VDN's time here, most likely because VDN pissed him off. And VDN had enough talent to go .500 in spite of his bad coaching, so there was more talent there than you might have thought.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    oh come on lighten up

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    I'm with Paxon on this one, and obviously John is still upset about Vinny neglecting one of the Bulls core players, & rightfully so. And I don't care who the one throwing the stones is.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    Can't believe anyone is siding with Del Negro over Paxson!
    This is the same guy who never played Noah in late game situations because of the myth that Noah was not a good foul shooter when throughout his college career, Noah was clutch at the line in big games and tight situations, Notice the confidence Thibs shows in Noah in big game situations? Del Negro would sit Noah down and sub him with the aging fraud Brad Miller with the excuse that he needed Miller's expertise at the line. A lot of Bulls fans bought it, not realizing that despite Noah's awkward delivery, he was solid at the line. What's Noah's free-throw percentage this year? Somewhere above 70%. And we're talking about a Center. What's the free throw percentage of Dwight Howard or any Center of note? Del Negro should not only have been pushed by Paxson, he should have been fired. Had Del Negro been allowed to hang on to his job, Noah would have been killed.

  • In reply to Normie:

    I'm taking an extreme stance here, but I like that Paxon pushed Del Negro & challenged him. Everyone gets a little too uptight in this PC world, whats the big deal with Paxon standing up for his players? I wish he would have punched him.

  • In reply to Normie:

    BTW- I'm glad Vinny's gone. His learning curve was excruciating, at times.

    I wonder how Paxson is gonna feel towards Coach Thibbs if the Bulls finish as the 2nd seed, ALL because Coach Thibbs allowed his EGO to get in the way of the Bulls winning a few more games this year. REMEMBER it was Coach Thibbs who who had John Lucas in the game-late against Phoenix and he blew the Free throws. He also left Boozer and Rose on the bench in another (winnable) game late, as well.

    Those 2-games might be the difference between 1st overall and 2nd seed.

    Just a thought...

  • In reply to Normie:

    Rose fell out of the sky on top of the clueless paxson! I it weren't for that fact the Bulls would still stink!

    If It can be screwed up Paxson is your man!

    Exactly who made vinnie the head coach, wasn't that the moron paxson!

  • In reply to Normie:

    Noah has improved but he is still a flyweight who gets pushed around by every good center and forward. He disappears just like Deng at the end of the game!

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    VDN Did One Thing Well

    VDN was very good at PR. When hired, Paxson and others said how well he interviewed.

    Last time I checked, supervisors don't grab employees by the shirt and get in their face.

    If you had a supervisor like Paxson, you probably would have said something. VDN said nothing, publicly.

    Scottie Pippen had his 1.8 seconds of infamy in a playoff game when Kukoc was given the final shot. Paxson's worst moment was shaking VDN and losing his temper.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    The point is not about VDN. We know about his deficiencies and he did screw up with Noah. But Paxson should not touch VDN. It basically shows Pax doesn't have the calmness to handle a big issue.
    It is like Dusty Baker with the Cubs. Dusty drove Kerry Wood and Mark Prior's arms to win some games but completely screwed up their careers. That doesn't mean Jim Hendry should try to physically assault him. He correctly fired him.

  • THE WORST... 35-point comeback loss to Sacramento, courtesy of VDN's poor rotations. And lack of tactical skills. But in all fairness, he did a good job with bringing DRose along, letting his skills and character firm up. And he WAS part of the most exciting Bulls playoff series I've seen! (That includes all six championships.)

    Family first, Doug, just open a thread and let us fill it up if you're too busy... I'm sure RW and some others could fill any gaps... :)

  • Here's the link...

  • In reply to petert23:

    Sorry to post a lot today, but this other story from the Sun Times on Tibs is fascinating too! Hope I'm not hijacking your thread, Doug... let me know if you mind...

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