Bulls overcome poor effort to force OT but run out of gas

The refs made this one of the most unwatchable games you'll ever see.   They  missed foul after foul or called them on the wrong team all night long.  I don't mean to say the Bulls lost this game due to the refs, as there were plenty of horrid calls going in their direction as well, perhaps even more than the Pacers.

The Bulls were down by a ton of points after giving up craploads of offensive rebounds and letting Indiana get off plenty of easy shots inside.   Derrick Rose led a furious comeback to force overtime, scoring over and over again to close out the game.   Unfortunately, when you run Rose ISOs for 4 minutes no one else feels confident shooting, and when the Bulls went away from that in OT, no one else stepped up.

Derrick Rose redeemed himself for the Clippers missed FT

With 1.2 seconds left down by three, the Darren Collison got whistled for a foul on Rose in a three point shot.   Rose calmly knocked down all three free throws even if the second one was a bit dicey.  

Beyond that, Rose dominated this game on offense, especially in leading the come back.   He played decently in over time (and his TO and misses were really fouls that likely should have been called), but the Pacers found their offense and knocked down shots.

Rose eventually fouled out with 24 seconds left in the game, and King and Funk proceeded to bitch about Rose not getting calls when he shot 21 free throws on the night.

Joakim Noah looks like the flu is still bothering him

Don't know if that's the case, but his energy just seems lower the past two nights since he had to leave with flu like symptoms.  Granted, Noah was 7/8 for 17 points, but his lack of rebounding really sunk the team early.

Keith Bogans single handedly lost the Bulls this game

With the Bulls trying to mount a comeback in the third, Keith Bogans had consecutive turnovers and then fouled Roy Hibbert after a shot went in to give the Pacers the ball back and a free throw.   It was 7 point swing for the Pacers in about one minute due to three terrible plays by Bogans.  He also managed to compound his mistake with another frustration foul, and oh, he also was 0-3 on the night. 

This was a god awful train wreck.   Sure, it was early in the third, and who knows what would have happened if Bogans hadn't completely sabotaged the early run at a comeback, but Bogans not being a trainwreck probably had the Bulls down by about 8-9 points in the fourth instead of 16 to start it off.

Kurt Thomas can not play against energy players

Thomas had his moments in this game, he picked up a charge, set some screens, played physical, but he also got beat badly by Indiana's energy.   I was surprised the Bulls went with him at the end of the game given that he didn't play particularly well.

Kyle Korver needs to buy a dog

He repeatedly passed on open threes at the end of the game and overtime.   Shots where he was only open for a second, but enough time to get his shot off.   When he passes on those shots he really hurts the team, because they work hard to get him that look and often don't get a better look.

Deng, Asik, Watson, and Gibson were all okay

They basically did their job for the most part, but they weren't particularly special.   I was a bit disappointed not to see Asik down the stretch whom I thought generally outplayed Thomas, but given that Thomas did okay down the stretch I can't really complain in retrospect.

Deng played pretty decently on the night, but missed a couple key looks in OT that would have been big for the team.  

I liked Watson running the second team offense, he shot pretty well and gave the Bulls a lift and helped spark the comeback.

Amongst our bigs, Gibson might have been the best on the night, which isn't saying so much given that the Bulls bigs were dominated much of the night particularly on the glass.

Final thoughts

I'm a bit disappointed with the loss because the Bulls will no longer sweep the division, it would have been a cool feather in the hat to be the first team to ever do that.   Besides that Boston (barring a miracle) will also lose tonight keeping the Bulls a half game ahead of them for the #1 seed.

While it would have been a big opportunity for the Bulls to pass Boston convincingly, I still think the Bulls are in very good shape to win the #1 seed.   For those thinking Boston is in trouble due to the back to back, they lost this game so badly, that their starters barely played, so they'll still be decently rested against New Orleans.   Granted, New Orleans can just beat them because they're better and not because Boston is tired as well.

So the Bulls lost, and that's sad, but it was an amazing come back that was enjoyable to watch in the fourth quarter.   Obviously, a loss still hurts, but the Bulls weren't going to win out, and they'll still be in position of the one seed when the night is over.



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  • As Bulls began the final 20% of the season - 16 games with 9 on the road

  • In reply to Edward:

    The main thing is that the Celtics look like they're in complete disarray and have a significantly harder schedule down the stretch.

    I believe the playoff tiebreaker for Bulls / Lakers is still conference record (as they're tied head to head), in which case the Lakers would likely win if the teams end up tied.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    Yes, the Celtics do appear to have some problems. the way that they are playing we might just back into the #1 seed, not that I would complain about it either way.

  • tough game tonight. bulls brought their c- game on the second night of a road back-to-back with an 8 game winning streak, no boozer, a sick noah, and a shotless korver against a rested, motivated pacers team. they were down 20 in the third, 16 to start the fourth. most every team in the league packs it in in this situation and writes it off as a schedule loss. can't win them all. so you have to love the comeback, based on getting stops and not just hitting a flurry of threes (though that would have been nice). they just didn't have legs tonight, but didn't give in and almost stole it at the end. so bravo for that.

    on a tactical level, it really mucks up the offense when guys are passing up shots everyone else expects them to take (looking at you, taj and kyle...), usually resulting in a turnover or rushed contested shot by someone else. better off just missing a shot everyone else is preparing to either rebound or play defense out of.

    thing about rose, i know he hit the last three free throws to tie it, but i would wager that he is kicking himself for missing the one before that. i'm not down on him, just occurred to me that he is the type who is kicking himself for it and will drive him further.

    anyway, this loss did not kill us, and will only make us stronger.

    go bulls.

    ps. go rockets, too!

  • I've been able to keep up with the Pacers over the years from having family and friends there and the history of the Bulls games there in Indy has not been good. It's not that the Bulls play poorly there, but It's the poor officiating 95% of the time and tonight was a perfect example. The refs wanted to give the game to the Pacers but some of the B.S. that the Pacers were doing was too obvious for the refs not to call. I was at the game and the Bulls fans in the crowd was unbelievable. Rose had to do too much driving to the basket tonight and Deng had a good game. Bogans showed again why the Bulls have to get a shooting guard this summer. Some of the shots he put up were not even close in person and Korver was acting as if Thibs told him he would kick his ass if he tried to shoot the ball. The Bulls could've used Boozer help tonight cause in the first half the Pacers bigs were all around the basket and their guards got to the basket too easy as well. Then again when I think about it... Boozer wouldn't have mattered on defense. Rose is the clear cut MVP this season, he is too fast and too strong as Stacey would say. He got to the rim damn near anytime he felt like it. I hate to see the Bulls lose this one cause I have always despised the Pacers cause for one, I know he's retired but I use to hate Reggie Miller and his jump shooting leg kick into a player to draw a foul self, and as I stated earlier, the Pacers get some B.S. calls in that barnyard they call conceco fieldhouse. I call it
    a barnyard cause that's exactly what it looks like from the outside of it... a big ass barn. It was also the first lost for the Bulls to a division opponent. Good news is the Celtics lost but Miami won, Bulls have to regroup and do their best to hold on to that number one seed cause Atlanta certainly didn't help losing to the heat at home by 21 points. Let's hope the Bulls can build another nice long winning streak to wrap up the home court for the EC playoffs.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    "I was at the game and the Bulls fans in the crowd was unbelievable."

    Hey Reese, if you don't mind, please describe some of the sights/sounds, especially in that fourth quarter. I listened to some of the game on the radio, and it was actually kind of hard to follow because of the equal cheering for both sides. Also, seemed Rose got the biggest ovation of any player for either team during introductions.

  • In reply to bucketball:

    It was basically a playoff atmosphere, the MVP chants were incredible for a road game and the crowd was surely in favor of the Bulls. I think it was Mcroberts at the free throw line and the crowd were booting in the fourth as if the Bulls were at the UC. And Rose was definitely the crowd favorite even tho the Pacer fans still cheered for their team.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    that's good stuff. should see something similar this weekend in milwalkee, i imagine.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    just have to file this one under cannot win them all.

    Thanks for pointing out Bogans personal 9-0(Missed wide open 3, back to back turnovers, bonehead flagrant leading to a 5 point possesion) run for Indiana that killed our early shot at a comeback. As you would say, I was gouging my eyes out.

    That Deng putback(after 2 great Taj offensise rebounds)that was waved off and the ball on the side, and Taj missing that bunny left hander were just signs that we were not meant to get over the hump tonight.

    Not his fault, but the one free throw that Rose did actually miss officially cost us the game at the end of regulation. Cant hit them all cant win them all.

    Even though we won the battle of the boards the rebounding was an issue. The non rebounders, i.e. Korver, Rose etc need to learn that when the ball goes up they need to find a body and plant and ass on it or at least hit it somehow. It is not always the fault of the big guys for not getting defensive rebounds.

    If Kover is going to pass up every shot what the Fuck is he doing playing the last 12 minutes straight. Agree that Thomas looked a step slow tonight and Noah didn't have his usual energy. Would have liked to have seen more Asik in the last 12 minutes.

    Can we just trade Boozer for Hansbrough.

    Wouldn't this Hansbrough be the perfect power forward for this Bulls team, he plays like a psycho animal, Chicago would love him, never expected him to have anything resembling that kind of offense in the NBA.

    Would have loved to wake up this morning to the Bulls being officially alone in the #1 seed(ahead in the loss column) that is really what sucks about this loss more than the loss itself.

  • In reply to Reese1:


    Deng wasn't okay...he SUCKED.

    0 points in the 4th Quarter and 0/4 in overtime...is that OKAY?

    No...let's not be CLUELESS!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Do you know what SUCKS even worse?
    0/5 FGs in the fourth ... 2/12 6pts 4reb for the game ... against the crappy Pistons no less. Apparently Melo SUCKS even worse.

    Thank god we didn't get him.

  • In reply to Silverwulf:

    I am sure that he played lock down defense though.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Furthermore, it looks like Boozer lacks HEART and TOUGHNESS.

    Thanks to Boston trading Perkins and Miami keeping LBJ as their first scoring option, the #1 Seed is at stake. It's time for certain $10+ million dollar men on the Bulls roster to show the BLANK up.

    In my opinion, the Bulls' brass should try to trade Boozer to Denver for a trade exception and then go after Kevin Love with it.

    Duke players have no HEART or TOUGHNESS...point blank, bottom-line.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Isn't funny how Mappy Troll only posts after a Bulls loss?

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    Mappy is a little late to the party, I was all over getting Love for the past 18 months or so, although I still can't figure out how he rebounds as well as he does.

    Face it guys, we are stuck with Boozer for 5 long years. If we are seeing the best of him this year, it will be a very long 5 years.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    If Boozer can come back from his injury and recent malaise to his previous 19ppg and 9 or 10 boards it will help the scoring/offense. Their team D will not be the problem even with Boozer. it's the offense on some nights with no post big. Jo's game sounds like it's coming back. he get's back to an offensive game post injury and illness, and we'll be fine. Too many threes lately especially from Derrick. You go 0 for 2 then lay of for a while. We don't need 0 for 5 from him or 1 for 7's from Bogans. I'm still dissapointed we didn't see more of C.J. after his 16 point performance in what like 19 minutes. He's the guy we need to see more minutes/explore at least. Though last night he bricked it, and is shooting a poor percentage for the season. But part of that is some of his game/buckest need to come driving to the basket and getting to the line.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    They would've won this game if Boozer was out there, but Boozer wasn't out there. I'm glad there's a long rest before the next one; our guys need it.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    ya hopefully we can dominate Sac-town an rest up some more.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Tell that to Grant Hill

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I checked Tyler Hansbrough's stats for last 8 games.

    He played aeverage 35 mins with .558, 8.4 rbs, and 22.8 pts.
    He is playing well and he is back after last yr's inner ear infection.

    He reminds me Austin Croshere a lot.

    Bulls is a better team than Pacers, but for some reason, Noah is not energetic anymore.

    I missed how Noah played last playoff in BOS series.

    There are few ways now I see Bulls played in the game:

    1. ROSE penetrated or made a jump-shot
    2. ROSE passed to Boozer, and Boozer fade away
    3. ROSE passed to Deng, Deng shot the ball or cut into zone
    4. ROSE passes to Bogans or Korver, then maked a 3 pointer
    5. ROSE passes to Noah, Noah used his left hand (missed usually)

    Every play is about ROSE.
    It allowed other teams esaily to set up their stradegy to stop Bulss in playoff.

  • In reply to p5688114:

    yep, i think every other team sees it the same way you do. this year, we go as far as rose and team defense take us. rose doesn't have to do all of the scoring, but he does have to manufacture 70% of the offense. one thing we have to do is get better at converting 4 on 3 when rose gives up the ball when trapped.

  • In reply to bucketball:

    Derrick doesn't manufacture 70% of the offense... it may seem that way, but thanks to advanced statistics we know he operates at a 31.2% usage rate.

  • In reply to jgingeri:

    usage rate is the percentage of possessions that end in a player's shot attempt, assist, turnover, or free throw attempts. two things to point out:

    1. you can have a high usage rate with out being an effective offensive player (miss a lot of shots, dribble the ball off your foot, not score a point)
    2. you can be an effective offensive player with out having a high usage rate (set good screens, move the ball).

    What i see with derrick and the bulls is that often derrick breaks down the defense off the dribble, draws help, and passes the ball out, defense rotates, ball is swung until an open man shoots or drives past a defender put at a disadvantage by closing out . the person creating the initial advantage that forces the defense to react makes no mark in any offensive statistic (+/- excepted), including usage rate, in this scenario.

    basically, to rectify this injustice, i made up an undefined stat (manufactured offense) and pulled a number out of my butt (70%). that said, your skepticism is warranted, but i just wanted to explain myself better.

  • In reply to p5688114:

    Croshere was not the physical force that Hansbrough is, he was more of a finese and hustle guy, and I think that he could shoot 3's

    Can't we just trade Boozer for Hansbrough, oh yea, I aready said that.

  • In reply to p5688114:

    Noah is working on getting his mojo back, and the BOS series was two seasons ago. You can bet that Noah will be playing at the highest energy level come playoff time. Notice he is still wearing some protection on that bum hand. And Rose may have the 2nd highest usage rate in the league, but its still at 31.2%, leaving a lot of room for other players to make plays. I just don't get people that say, "It allowed other teams esaily to set up their stradegy to stop Bulls in playoff." You do realize that coaches are doing everything in their power to stop Rose in each and every game don't you? Its not as if opponents aren't scouting and game planning until playoff time. Yes lengthy playoff series do come with more preparation, but its not as if someone will bust out this magical answer to stopping the Bulls. Even if its game 1 of the ECF and our opponent comes out with an excellent game plan and defeats us, Thibs then has the opportunity to rebuttle with his own game plan in game 2 and as the playoffs progress. Some have questioned Thibs shortcomings in failing to use certain well known tactics to help Rose with the traps and double teams. I personally have been very impressed with Thibs ability as a tactician and believe that the guy does everything for a reason. He has put Derrick through the gauntlet of double teams and traps to prepare him for the playoffs. So that when the time comes, and DRose MUST break a trap he has the experience behind him to get it done.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    love has more HEART and TOUGHNESS than boozer?

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Is it the same mystery person who got Melo to be traded to Chicago for peanuts or who got Wade to sign the FA deal in Chicago?
    Is Kevin Love coming here because
    1. He played with Rose in FIBA
    2. He practices with Rose during Summer and you have overheard their conversation
    3. Minnesota wants assets/cap space to rebuild;-)
    4. Love wants to play in Chicago because he wants to play for a winner..

    God!!I have too much time responding to Happy's posts;-)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    In first place with a chance to win a title? No damn nba team in their right mind has ever traded away a huge piece for a trade exception in that spot. Your just a fucking moron.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Man....like i said yesterday...stop Hansbrough an the Bulls will win. Hansbrough freakin dominated us! Wtf. Well at least Boston lost to Houston. Bulls still in 1st...need W's though.

  • Kudos to the Bulls for fighting it out even on a back-to-back game.
    But a few games like this in the playoffs and the series is gone or momentum will be gone.
    1. If Bogans is missing wide open shots and Korver doesn't want to shoot unless he gets about 4 seconds of wide-open time, there is no chance we can do everything with defense.
    2. The team desperately needs either Rose or Deng to get consistent with the 3-pointer if they want to go deep in the playoffs. There is no way this team can win in the playoffs without one of the starters being a consistent 3-pt shooter.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    The Lakers have won the last two years without an above average three point shooter in the starting lineup.

    The Bulls need offense, that doesn't need to be from the three though. They probably shouldn't be taking as many as they have been lately (even if the game where they made 18 was fun).

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Its a 82game season which mean u will lose some and wins some in the bulls case they have been winning a lot more than losing so Monday night the kings going down hard

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