The Memo II - I can't watch, but it has to be awesome

Sadly, due to my work's no streaming video policy, I can't yet watch the Memo II, not even to see if this post works or not. However, knowing how bad ass Justin is, I'm going to just post the video without watching it yet and bask in its glory in another 9 hours.


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  • This is Godfather 2-esque (i.e., a sequel that improves upon a classic original). Thanks for posting.

  • Lol is Rose the big unicorn?? The video is hottt!!!

  • Goosebumps..... Am I the only one?

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    goosebumps? shoot, I got an erection

  • Better than the original.

  • When you get big time.... don't forget us.... that was HOT!!!

  • First of all the effort to make these videos is greatly appreciated. I'm sure there are others who would like to put together vids also, but aside from talent you have to have the know how and drive to actually do the work. Justin if you are the producer/creator of these vids then way to go man.

    Honestly, personally I think the first video was pretty cool simply because it was centered around "The Memo": Derrick's nasty in your face, elevated dunk and Stacy's now iconic call. If I am going to be completely honest, for me Stacy is good, but not great. But he has his moments, and overall his calls are good/entertaining. However, compared to so many lame broadcast color guys I hear on NBA league pass Stacy is the bomb.

    But this second video "The Memo II" is really artful. I like the old guys talking oblivious while Derrick(in H.S. I guess) goes up for one of the most elevated hang time dunks on any level in the world. The fact that that prelude to greatness realtively private moment was captured on video in and of itself is cool. But sharing that with the back and forth shots/effect even multiplies the stream of consciousness(?)/hidden window voyueristic effect. Nice.

    It's just cool that somebody is taking something Bulls fans really enjoy already in Derrick's exploits and Stacy's calls, and then making these entertaining shorts. I wish more people would do these, and post them on youtube though I know there are some out there that I have watched, but moreso of individual players, and not the whole team which is what I'd also like to see. I know the genre now embraces hip-hop/rap themes, but I wish for the sake of the few old school dudes we could have maybe some Ozzy "Bark at the Moon" for example melodic metal(not that shouting "metal" crap they have now) insanity to go with not just Derrick's but the whole Bulls teams exploits. Anyway, awesome job. I'm glad your talents and effort have this forum in part thanks to Doug.

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    If hip-hop has taken over rock only has itself to blame for becoming so stagnant and navel gazey and awful. Oh and kids get off my lawn. ;)

    Though if you're going with Ozzy I think Iron Man would work.

  • Dont really care for the Unicorn thing....but the video was unreal!

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    I didn't know about the word origin of unicorn, kind of cool, but the conotations? Uh, not that there's anything wrong with that...

  • ooouuuhhh this is just awesome. Nice mix !

  • this is one of my favorites I dunno if you guys have seen it

  • Thank you sir!

  • Hip hop goes so well with basketball, one of the reasons being its rhythm based. I also would like to see more shorts with 70's ABA funk music, or perhaps jazz (as Michael Scott would like to note that basketball is like jazz)

  • Awesome video Justin. Makes me wanna go hoop it up right now.

    Please consider doing a video to some classic 70's funk, that stuff works so well with basketball

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    just watched it some more, awesome doesn't do it justice. Masterful.

  • That video was sick!!!

  • Awesome bro I think I have watched it 10 times today


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    Kirk's gonna get nasty in the playoffs!

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    "Kirk" Hahah You now shalt be know as Vinny Del Chiry

    Haha Jk

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    no its intentional, I've pleged to do it all year although not my idea originally, but I love the poetic nature of it.

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    I mean how awesome would it have been to hear a postgame from Del Negro after the win the other night, in whick Del Negro actually referenced him as "kirk". I didn't his postgame so I am just going to assume he did.

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    didn't hear his postgame

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    I sorry man either way its funny haha

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    New here and actually created a profile just to comment............Sick

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    Justin....great video! I posted it up on another bball website!

  • I didn't get the impression that you didn't, but I guess I'm just agreeing that I would like to see a couple more genres exlored

  • Video was great ... only one thing wrong with it.
    It ended too quick!
    I wanted more ;-)

  • that high school or AAU warm up dunk is pretty filthy. Dude can soar.

  • Finally got to watch it, great job again Justin.

    My only thought now, do I change my ring tone from the Memo part 1 (starting at the STOP IT! STOP IT!) to the Memo II starting with the BIG TIME PLAYERS MAKE BIG TIME PLAYS!

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    I'm having trouble with the same decision.

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    How do you guys do that?

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    Here's a copy of the memo part 1 set up for my ring tone.

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    I don't know how to do that otherwise I would

  • tailor made, especially without the ponytail

  • Any chance I can commission you to do the open for my podcast?

  • His expression says it all "What are you going to do?"

  • I love at the 1:03 mark when Stacey's "whew!" is syncronized to Derrick's

  • Great job, if you're thinking of doing another video one with Rose breaking guys ankles would be pretty cool, especially the commentary where King is cracking jokes "Help me I've fallen and I can't get up" and Funk tries but doesn't quite get it "I fell down!"

  • Yes I know :) It's always the little things in life that make you smile

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    also, right before then, at the :55 mark, I love the Neil Funk buildup of "aaaaaaaand" as Rose & Brewer are fast breaking right before Derrick slams it home & the sound explodes

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    That video is ri-damn-diculously hot! Keep up the good work! We have to come up with a new nickname for D.Rose. I like the Blur in a nod to Clark Kent in Smallville. Rose is mild-mannered like Kent, but when it's time to go to work Rose has that incredible speed and strength. I've even heard broadcasters describe him as a "blur" in general terms. If the whole Superman theme wasn't already played out by Shaq and D. Howard, the Blur would be perfect for Rose.

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