Jerry Sloan abruptly announces retirement after Bulls defeat Jazz

The news is all over the net, and Derrick Rose has sent his second coach this year to the unemployment line.   Granted, Sloan seemed to tire of the job moreso than to get let go by ownership, but I love the fact that Rose is the one pushing them in that direction.

Apparently, a deteriorating relationship with Deron Williams caused him to leave:

The increasingly contentious relationship between Sloan and Williams boiled over when they clashed at halftime of a loss to the Chicago Bulls
on Wednesday night. The showdown between Sloan and Williams became so
heated on Wednesday, at least two Jazz players feared that the coach and
star could come to blows - even though the confrontation ended before
reaching that point.

Did ownership force him out?  It doesn't seem like they directly forced him out, but it seems apparent that they begun to undermine him in their quest to make sure Deron Williams continues on with the Jazz.

I'm going to make a not so bold prediction.  Deron Williams leaves the Jazz, and they go on to suck balls for an extended period of time at which point we'll view them like we any of the small market teams without a superstar (Cleveland, Milwaukee, Charlotte, etc) as a team with little hope of ever turning it around.

Still, I can't say the Jazz will regret letting Sloan go if they helped force that direction and it wasn't simply his decision.  He's an all-time great coach, already enshrined in the hall of fame, but sometimes you need a new voice.  Players seem to lack respect for guys old enough to be their grandfather, and I'm sure his relatability has taken a dip over time.

It will be weird watching the Jazz without Sloan, and it's a shame he never won the coach of the year.   It's even more bizarre that he left in the midst of season that would end in a playoff run.   Still, every era comes to an end, and if it wasn't now, the end was soon.  It seems fitting for it to end against the Bulls, the same team that gave him his start and kept him from a ring. 

Good luck Jerry, in whatever direction life takes you from here.


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  • It really is a disgrace that Sloan never won coach of the year. If it wasn't for my love of Thibs for coach of the year I'd almost say that they should give the award to him at this season's completion. Then again, when you're in the hall of fame, who cares about coach of the year awards.

  • Wow. Unbelievable.

    You could see this coming from the reports after the game, but still. What an unfortunate way to end such an impressive era. In an age when teams bend to the will of the players and recycle figurehead coaches that have no real authority over their teams, he was the one wonderful old-school exception to the rule. The Jazz management always stood behind their coaching staff, and that gave them the power to hold their players accountable and get much more out of small-market, small-salary talent.

    I have a hard time believing management wanted him or forced him out. This comes a week after he signed an extension, and the Jazz just forfeited half their team in the offseason while standing by their long-time coach.

    I've always liked Deron Williams (went to college with him), but my respect for him just went down a notch. Think Sloan wants to be a part-time Thibs assistant? Replace Stacey King?

    By the way, who was the first coach Rose drove to retire? I guess I missed that.

    On a happier note, the NBA gave in to my bitchy e-mails, and League Pass now works in Puerto Rico!!!

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    I just laughed at the thought of Sloan dryly yelling "Give it to me Big Sexy!"

  • I believe it was Carlise who was let go.

  • Sorry it was Indiana's O'Brien

  • Listening to Utah Sports radio all afternoon today. I've heard interviews from Williams (was just posted on 1320 KFAN), and Monson (the SLTribune beat writer for the bulls).

    Rumors are flying fast and furious about all kinds of things ... and the attempts to put out the flames by all kinds of people is going just as furiously. It's amazing.

    Most of this stuff undoubtably is not true, but there has to be a basis for some of it.

    And at the end of it all, it amazes me the differing reactions for some of these guys. Some of them absolutely crucified Boozer in the press and radio waves for doing ... what turns out to be, stuff that's almost identical to what DWill seems to be doing right now.

    Bad attitude? Check. Williams has been growing increasingly frustrated with his teammates. Other reports suggest that Williams had just a horrible attitude lately.
    Injury concerns? Check. No Williams hasn't missed extended time, but he's got a nagging injury now that's keeping him out of games. Games that are just as important as the ones' the fans complained that Boozer missed.
    Tension with the coach? Check. Apparently more than Sloan wanted to deal with any longer.

    It's all just so unbelievable sometimes.

  • So should we be worried that after barely beating the lowly Clips, losing to the pathetic Warriors and crippled Blazers, the Bulls could only eke out a win over the Jazz when their coach and best player neatly came to blows at halftime? They're either officially in a slump or just plain suck on the road. Or this is Thib's version of Del Negro's 11 game losing streak with Noah out.

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    Sometimes, playing a tough opponent, in a tough arena, in a very emotionally charged atmosphere, on an extended road trip, when you don't play your best ... a win is a win.

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    In reply to Davidmon5:

    Chances he winds up in Charlotte?

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    If management undermined Sloan and sided with D. Will, it seems to me the ire should be directed at O'Connor. The players have only as much power (or influence) as the organization gives them.

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    Worry is an interesting term. I think most people put the Bulls under 50 wins to start the year, they're on a pace to do considerably better than that while playing with massive injuries.

    If you're worried that this team isn't elite, well didn't we kind of know that starting the season? Aren't they better than we thought?

    I hope they find a way to take it up a level further, and I'm excited about the idea of Noah coming back. I think they have flaws right now, and a lot of their marquee wins have been while the opponent was missing someone, but at the same time, the Bulls have been missing players all year too, and are still cruising along at a good clip.

  • In reply to DougThonus:

    That's fair and a great way to put it back in perspective, but I guess I'm frustrated with the huge disparity between how they play at home and how they play on the road. I'd even venture to say that they *are* an elite team at home. They are most definitely not on the road. Although consistency between those two is one of the things that makes elite teams...elite.

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    The Lakers last year were way better at home than on the road and they won the championship. I don't think having a better home than away record disqualifies a team from being elite.

    That said the Bulls do need to get the road record up above the .500 mark to get the seeding needed to have a shot. The Lakers were lucky to get home court the whole way with the win total they put up.

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  • I recall Sloan and Williams had some kind of problem going back to Williams' rookie year when Keith McLeod started in front of him for half the season. Winning heals all wounds so I guess for a while there they got along OK but with Utah now struggling a bit seems like they've clashed again.

  • The Williams to the Knicks rumours are going to be flying now. I'm sure Chris Paul will be happy to be able to keep a bit lower profile in the rumours at least for a while.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Thank God...Williams is not a SG/SF....You know there will be posts all over this blog to make a trade for him using Deng, Gibson and some picks for the next few years.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    What's wrong with that? Rose and D.Will can play in the back court together. D.Will could defend the SG's and Rose could concentrate on scoring. Brewer and Korver could rotate at the 3. Asik is a 7 footer, and he's going to be so good that we wouldn't miss Gibson, anyway.

    Just kidding.

  • In reply to magestew:

    dont even start..williams is going to ride it out.. its unlike the melo situation where he's still under the same cba.. after this season the players know where they stand and williams will know he rather just play out that season

    melo 3yr 65 million can only happend this season
    and will lose money if he doesnt take that extension from any team now..williams will lose more money opting out of the now cba because of the cba by the time will be lower.. melo is still under the high paying cba.. williams wont so he will make more money by staying that final season and then going to a team he likes.. i.e dallas(his hometown..and thats right after kidd leaves)

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Actually I think the move is Clippers back up the truck and try do get DWill with Griffen.
    But that's kinda funny. To the NBA sports writing establishment.....
    players name in the news EQUALS trade to Knicks
    Failing that the Lakers
    Last resort Bulls

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Rumors that the players will come to the Bulls come after New York, but before Los Angeles. The difference is that L.A. actually ends up getting them after months of Bulls rumors. See Kobe Bryant (re-signing) or Pau Gasol.

    Have you ever noticed how important the hyphen is in the word re-sign? Without it, it means the exact opposite. That's made me re-read more than a few improperly punctuated Sam Smith paragraphs.

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  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Chris Paul would rather keep his high profile than have DWill replace him on the Stoudemire/Anthony New York championship team.

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    From the big name upcoming free agents NY needs to get Howard to win a championship. I don't think Paul, Williams or Melo gets it done because they're still going to be terrible defensively.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    New York with Howard, Stoudemire, and Anthony-or-Paul-or-Williams would be really scary.

    PAXSON needs to MAN-UP and trade DICKEY JOHNSON and Asik to CLUELESS Orlando for SUPERMAN before that happens.

  • In reply to Davidmon5:

    it WILL NEVER HAPPEN.. because next years cap is bound to come down.. they can only get 1 of those players.. especially if they land melo now.. his per year salary is going to be 20 million and stoudemire increases.. and if they cant get paul or williams then why would you not resign felton? they wont have enough money for melo,stoudemire,felton & dwight.. not in this new salary cap..

    dwight is most likely to stay anyway... i see paul or williams heading to orlando since otis smith is the only gm who actaully makes moves.. i think he will get paul to come if melo goes to newyork because like i said.. they cant afford all three anymore..

  • True ... Boozer never showed a lack of respect for his coach. At least none that I ever remember hearing about.

  • Nice. That surreal image just made me laugh out loud. It's like picturing Ron Artest patting a fan on the back...or Del Negro drawing up a game plan on the white board without writing any letters backwards...

  • I can't remember the exact details but he felt since he was a top pick and the most talented PG on the roster he should automatically get the starting spot whether he could run the offense the way Sloan wanted it or not.

  • It does because 34-7 vs 23-18 is the sort of record that is achievable from this point for the Bulls.

    That said 57 wins isn't going to get the top seed, there would need to be some luck like the #4 knocking out the #1 to keep home court, much like the Lakers got lucky with the Celtics coming out of the East instead of the Cavs.

  • bulls 1st(not bobcats)to new york
    anthony randolph to houston
    courtney lee to chicago

    new york lands melo..

    but in other news i think jerry didnt really wanna stay for the extension he just got and i think the arguing and knowing that deron may leave and they didnt get along as he would like with his point guard and best player.. i think this is pretty shocking..

    look for byron scott to lose his job after he plays us..

    then flip saunders.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    If that gets it done, count me in.

  • In reply to Yunqn:

    I don't know. Is D-Will really that big of a dick, or was it also possibly the case everybody was burned out on a great coach just ready to move on whether he realized it or not?

    That photo I think Alex posted did appear to show Williams being condescending/dismissive of Sloan like he was some irascible old uncle being told to relax they would bring him another plate of lasagna(in regards to Williams running the wrong play).

    Players just make so much f'ing money now that it's hard to imagine those guys not thinking(and in reality being) more powerful/influential/important then a lot of these coaches who are bascially hired to be fired. Teams used to have the same core guys for years. Now you see so many trades where younger some what unprovens are just cast aside while mega drafts/stars are paid like a Saudi King. Players like LeBron and Carmleo as much as I dislike both did stay with their respective clubs for seven years to try and win with the hometown(fans) team who drafted them.

    I don't know. I just think people who say "It's (just) a business." If a sport we love, and is a microcosm of our own struggles/attempts at triumph/excelling in life, if that's just become a business then so has congress/paid off lobbies, mass conglomerated corporations who own everything along the chain from the appliances we buy to the netwworks who broadcast the teams we watch to the 'news' completely partial marketing spin they decide to steer us down that incomprehensible/subliminal path all the way now from the cradle to the grave.

    Bottom line: there are a lot more improtant things f'ed up n life then professional sports. And maybe as a mirror/microcosm(?),outdated word, but the poor rearing and exploitation of players and fans is simply a sign of the times. Maybe we should somewhat feel sorry for the LeBrons and D-Wils if they are incomprehensibly spoiled A-holes. Bottom line: it's us, the public, who have become so wrapped up in our own inner world of texting, cell phone entrourage, workplace imersion/escape, that children, local community, government, and business have all become in a sense unhealthy/corrupted..?

    Bottom line: can D-Will really be as big a d-bag as a deceitful creatin like D-Wade and LeBum(national TV special "for the Boys Club" to emtionally sodmomize the greater Cleveland(smaller market that David Stern.. and nobody else really gives a sh*t about anyay). And is it really Wade and LeBrons fault that they were told they were such hot sh*t and paid ungodly amounts of money while their "teammates" make comparably jack/are true laughngstock nobodies. I'd say we are all pretty f'ed up/responsible in this mess. It's just shame that some of these old school, hardworking guys(like Jerry Sloan) maybe didn't realize it wasn't enough for them just to excell in their own lives while the society around them was crumbling.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I want to retract one thing I said(not that anybody really needs to read this social commentary blather(not a rant!! LOL).

    Jerry Sloan is not responsible for the problems in scoiety/NBA etc. I mentioned. Someone, a lot of someones need(ed) to do something about it, but I think Jerry's probably done enough/had enough on his plate.

    If you're above 35(or maybe some old shcool younger guys/who have followed NBA recent history(80's-90's), the Sam Smith article about Jerry Sloan's departure might be worh the read. Though again blaming D-Wil might have to be taken with a grain of salt/responsibility from the league/payroll inequity to the max.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    D-Will seemed more interested in sneering for the camera than worrying about making his shots. But I wonder if Coach Sloan didn't have this "out" in mind for a long time? As Doug says, beginning and ending it with the Bulls? Hmmm. I'm not so sure this was an impromptu sort of thing. I think it may have happened even if D-Will scored fifty and Utah won the game. But I'm getting the impression that D-Will is a jerk. Starbury of the future?

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Ya i lost a little respect for DWill yesterday. Its alright though, Rose worked him the other night lol

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