Bulls blow out the Wizards

Not going to go full recap on you, because in a game where you absolutely annihilate the competition there typically isn't much to learn from the game.

Still, this game had some epic moments.

It started off early with the Rose ally oop pass to Joakim Noah on the fast break, and the Bulls kept rolling in the points against the Wizards.

Rose had a couple of his prettiest passes of the season, after jumping the passing lane to grab a steal he had a behind his head pass to Luol Deng for the dunk.   Then, later on in the night on the fast break he went between the legs to hit Noah with a pass for a dunk.  

The game ends with the crowd chanting for Scalabrine, (seriously, this still unnerves me) and Scal delivers with a crazy running bank shot causing Stacy King to epicly call him the White Mamba, a nickname which is sure to stick now. 

Overall, the Bulls basically won the game through tremendous defense and the offense of Rose, Noah, and Deng.  It was exactly the type of game the Bulls needed.   A blow out win on the road.  

If I had two complaints for the game, I'd mention that Rose got caught up in trying to own Wall early and played kind of sloppy, and at the end of the game when the Bulls were cruising and up by 19, Tom Thibodeau brought the starters back.

However, minor qualms with overall a satisfying win.


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  • If the Bulls can bring their United Center defense on the road during this home stretch, they could win 57 or 58 games.

  • Is anybody else worried about the Heat getting Mike Bibby and to a lesser extent Troy Murphy. If the Heat are smart they will defer to Bibby as the floor general and let him run the offense.

    Right now the Heat beat teams with sheer athleticism, and most of the time the "Big Three" just take turns in isolation, with Lebron essentially running the point. This relegates the point guard position to being just another spot up shooter.

    In my opinion, this is why the Heat can overwhelm lowly teams with just their talent but can't beat the true contenders who play a team game.

    If the Heat were to allow a true point guard like Bibby to run the show and get into a shuffle offense (or something like it), they would be very tough to beat.

    Of course even with Bibby, I think the ego's of the Heat(see Lebron and Wade) won't let that happen, even though it works so well with the Celtics "Big Three" allowing Rondo to run the show.

    Here's hopeing that the Heat don't use Bibby properly, or it could take the Heat to a different level.

    Go Bulls!

  • In reply to zmorg77:

    I am not concerned in the slightest ...
    The Heat will never allow a PG to run that team. And it's part of the reason that they will always be a little vulnerable as a team. Someday they may learn to overcome it, but they aren't anywhere close yet.
    As long as they continue to think that Lebron should be their "PG" and run the offense at all times, it doesn't really matter who their "traditional PG" is.

  • In reply to zmorg77:

    Shouldn't Scal be the Red Mamba, if we are going to bother with him at all, or the freckle faced Mamba.

  • In reply to zmorg77:

    Good to see Noah get some offensive action going -- he shot 8/10 for 19 points and 11 boards. That's a return to form and it's good for the Bulls, even if it brings Boozer's numbers down.

    Just to avoid his weak D in crunch time I'd rather have Boozer sitting on the bench with Asik on the floor, using Noah as a third scoring option.

  • In reply to JonoHimself:

    Asik, not Boozer in Crunch Time

    Who would have thought anybody would write that at the start of the season.

    Maybe we need a new nickname for Omer Asik. Big O doesn't seem proper considering Oscar Robertson. Big Turk sounds a bit too ethnic. How about the Clogger.

    OK, the Clogger is a horrible nickname. But since I watch Monday night comedies with my family, not basketball, I saw only 5 minutes of the Bulls. And guess what, Asik was playing.

    For one defensive stretch, the Wizards gave up 3 shots in the paint because of The Clogger being nearby. A Wizard finally through up an awkward shot from the paint because of The Clogger. As I recall, The Clogger got the rebound.

    Is it just me or does the 2nd string make up deficits and increase leads when The Clogger is in the game?

    I think it's an opponents nightmare when they have Noah harassing them on the 1st team and Omer Asik coming in to clog up the middle for the 2nd string.

    OK guys, flame if you must. But I'm glad we've got The Clogger in the middle on our 2nd string.

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I like "The Judge" for Asik, b/c of his resemblance to a young Judge Reinhold

  • In reply to rkraneis:

    I know it was the Wizards but I'm really liking Asik lately. He seems to be coming on strong. It's especially more gratifying knowing some people were having a fit over not trading him last week and actually comparing him to a D-League scrub (of course that person also didnt know Sir Isaac Newton was a mathematician, doh :-)

  • In reply to JonoHimself:

    Great to have a Snoozer in the Bulls favor!! This probobly has been brought up before, but what a great back up point guard we have in C.J. Watson. He's the kind of piece that makes us an elite team in the league.

    His turnovers are low, he gets everyone involved on offense, he's an offensive threat (denver anyone?) and his defense isn't bad at all. Additionally, he really seems to embrace his roll off the bench.

    I feel like our second unit at this point is a secret weapon in:

    1. Completely throwing off opposing team strategy and exposing bad scouting reports (or a lack of a comprehensive one).
    2. Giving our starters a rest

    With reference to the latter, Its interesting to analyze when Thibs uses his second unit as I think its an insight into what he (a basketball guru) considers the most important parts of the game. As Scott Skiles use to say, its not about making shots/playing well but rather, making shots and playing well at the right time in the game. I think Thibs understands this idea is getting to the point where he has more control than most.

  • In reply to zmorg77:

    I am not concerned at all about Mike Bibby, he is too old and stunk last year and this year. Murphy I'm more worried about because he is a good 3 point shooter and can get on the offensive glass. The Bulls should still take it to Miami, go Bulls.

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    I agree that Murphy might be the better pick up over Bibby. I loved Mike Bibby back in the Sac-town days so no disrespect but I dont think he puts MIA over the top. Hopefully he doenst kill us with 3s next game now that I said that...

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    BTW where is Mappy telling us how awesome Nick Young was last night???

  • In reply to Hendu0520:

    You know what bugs me a lot more than cheering for Scalabrine, when the crowd boos when the bulls don't score 100 pts in a win. That's a lot more ignorant than cheering for a guy who looks like he should be dressed like Ronald McDonald and passing out happy meals.

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