Winner of the Chicago / Miami tickets is..


first runner up is:
Mitchell Wiggins

Please post here in the announcement thread with a comment.   Kjs3143, you have until Midnight to post a comment, otherwise, the tickets will go to Mitchell Wiggens.


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  • Sounds good, if the other guy doesn't post until midnight, you are in.

  • (by midnight)

  • Good luck

  • Congrats to M.W. I hope the other guy doesn't post. Your keys to the game showed good effort(although I thought they were fairly obvious ones - sour grapes :( ha, ha, but your effort is always there. And you help this site remain active and friendly/respectful. You deserve it. Enjoy the game. I hope Thibs sees the light, and the Bulls team kicks in with C.J. Taj, and Kyle somehow coming on scoring wise. Otherwise I think it will be tough winning this game. But certainly possible at home. Nice job.

  • Alright Mitchell! Good luck, cheering for ya

  • I hope the other poster doesn't show respond as he/she doesn't most of the time.
    You should have had a minimum post requirement for the drawing...

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    yeah, it'd be cool to have a drawing just for the regulars

  • By the way everybody please keep voting for Derrick for the all-star game. As of now he's in second/a starter, but you never know. Nine more days to vote at or text on your phones. It would/will be great to have a Chicago Bull starting once again. Please vote as D-Rose wants this no matter what he says about being the water boy.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    RW- Please remind me what the text number is.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    MYNBA or 69622
    also the responding link is (also for my nba)

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Hope you get tix MW.
    On a more mundane note....
    "I heard the Bulls met with Johnson [Thursday]," he tweeted. "Doing what he can to impress them [Thursday night at the D-League Showcase] -- 31 points, six rebounds and three assists...According to one NBA scout speaking to FanHouse earlier this week, Johnson's could be a hot commodity for NBA teams looking for a scoring boost, calling him a 'pure scorer with the ability to play a little ... point guard, too,'" wrote Scott Schroeder.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Trey Johnson is who Schroeder is suggesting,

    kjs3143 can always abdicate and have a "Comments" board group of friends for life.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Hey guys. I read this blog everyday I do t usually comment tho unless happy says something that ricks me off. Newayz I belive mw should have outright won them cuz he is a true fan and I on this blog daily. Hope that kid doesn't comment. Good luck mw

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Sorry meant to say " don't usually comment on this blog". And meant to say when happy ticks me off. And meant to say me is a true fan and is on this blog daily. Sorry using my iPhone. That's one of the reasons I don't comment

  • In reply to Waldock:

    "mw is a true fan". Lol

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Mitchell Wiggins you better go nuts for me man! Bring the Bulls some luck too!!!!

  • In reply to Waldock:

    T-minus 8:23:30 till MW wins the tickets. Good luck, man.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Mitchell Wiggins!!!! Go nuts for me man!!!!!! Bring the Bulls some luck!

  • Dude, if this other person shows up I'd be surprised and dissapointed. By all rights it should be you. Enjoy.

  • Mitch you're great. You're one of the reasons I post here. Also Doug, you're a fantastic host and has always been fair.
    Mitchell Wiggins, I want you in Miami and I'm sure all true fans of this Blog are pulling for you.

  • In reply to Normie:

    "I want you there for us against Miami....."
    Not "I want you in miami..."
    I guess that happens when you live in New York and are commenting on Bulls basketball, and while in a hurry not checking to see where the game is being played

  • In reply to Normie:


    Since when do you spell MrHappy "kjs3143"? Haha.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    is dude really not gonna post? good for MW though

  • In reply to Normie:

    What Doug didn't tell you is that you get to sit next to me...YIPPY!!!

    Can't wait to educate...should be fun.

  • that's funny about the haircut, life & luck definately have a sense of humor

  • I agree - Mitchell Wiggins is by far my favorite "commenter" to read on this site....good luck Mithcell :-)

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    I agree. Insightful, articulate, & passionate, you are a real treat to read, and to engage in conversation. You deserve to be at the game.

  • From what I read about him, he is not unlike a lot of players who succeed in Europe or the D-League, he is not very athletic or long (measured just under 6'4" w/o shoes & has 6'5" wingspan), yet makes up for it by being an extremelly clever & crafty scorer, & has a sweet jumper. His defense has improved, and has played sound defense based on positioning but once again his size & athleticism prevents him from excelling.

  • About 7 hours away! The guy posted after 12 last night, so he might not check til late, plus tonight is Friday night, might be preoccupied.

    LET'S GO MITCH!!!!

  • Hi! Im kjs3143 ! Thank you so much for the tickets Doug. I will never forget this moment. I can't even describe how i am feeling right now. Thank you once again!! go Bulls!

  • thank you so much and wish you luck for next time as well!

  • In reply to kjs3143:

    bring them the W!!

  • In reply to bsampso2:

    I'm excited for you, look like the tickets found the right guy.

  • In reply to bsampso2:

    I talked with kjs3143 and he's a die hard Bulls fan and really amped about going. I'm sorry you didn't get in Mitchell, you've been a great contributor to this blog and I certainly appreciate your contributions.

  • Mitchell,


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