Carlos Boozer out at least one game, and I'd bet more

Per Sam Smith, Boozer is out against Memphis and is day to day:

That's because Carlos Boozer
will not make the trip with the team in order to get treatment on his
sprained left ankle. The team does not know how long Boozer will be out
as sprained ankles generally become a day-to-day event.

But Boozer experienced significant swelling and was in a walking boot
as he left the United Center after Saturday's thrilling win over the
Miami Heat. Actually more of a riding boot as Boozer was being driven in
a cart and wasn't walking very well.

So Taj Gibson will return to the starting lineup, where he was to start the season with Boozer sidelined with a broken hand.

Well that's going to make the Memphis game considerably more difficult.   The Bulls front court is very thin now, and they'll need to hope to get quality minutes from Asik as well as play more small ball.

Hopefully Taj Gibson gets out of his funk, because the Bulls will absolutely rely on him to perform while Boozer is out.   The knowledge that he's going to get big playing time might be enough to increase performance as more reps often means a greater chance to play through issues for players.

The Bulls face Charlotte on Tuesday in a back to back, and if Boozer is already ruled out for Monday, odds are pretty good that he'll miss that game as well.   At this point, I'll simply hope he makes it back for the Dallas game on Thursday.

It definitely changes the tenor of the week to be missing him again.   Given Boozer's history, it wouldn't surprise me if he misses at least a full week and possibly longer.


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  • This is why you have to take care of business against bottom-feeders when you're relatively healthy. The three games we recently pissed away against bad teams could really come back to bite us in the playoff seedings.

  • In reply to Ufficio:

    Of course you always hope to, but the Bulls are still, overall, doing a very good job against poor teams.

  • I hope he's back for Dallas.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Not a chance. The severity with which they are talking, this sounds like at least a week.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Well, that is 4 days off, so we'll see. We really need someone to make Dirk work on the defensive end.

  • In reply to RichG:

  • In reply to samlearner:

    According to Memphis: OJ Mayo is not available. And even if he was, they wouldn't trade him for a shooting guard that sucks more than him (Gordon) with a salary that is more than 2x as large. That trade couldn't even happen in a parallel universe.

  • In reply to samlearner:

    Impressively bad trade. Detroit salary dump Gordon in a move that actually barely saves them money at all, and Memphis get to pay a larger salary to the older version of the player they already have.

  • In reply to RichG:

    Taj will do just fine. He will not score Boozer volume of points but will match or beat with rebounding and better defense. Do not forget Taj in the first 15 games.

  • We atleast know where and when this injury really happened compared to the previous one;-)
    This might actually be a blessing in disguise. It might help Taj get back offensively and build his confidence or increase his trade value a little bit if necessary.

    And probably more playing time for Scalabrine..

  • Memphis is going to be tough now, Randolph & Gasol vs Gibson & Thomas, ugh.

    Might have to give JJ some burn while Boozer is out, which is always a coin flip.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    if korver can get it going, it might be a better option to give cj and korver more time and play deng almost entirely at the 4.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    That depends on match ups. Against the Grizzlies I think you want to run a real PF as much as you can, against the Bobcats it's reasonable.

  • In reply to pinkizdead:

    I don't expect them to win this game at all. Even before the injury I would have been dubious. Road game, early start in the matinee, 1st of a back-2-back, and I don't like the way we match up with Memphis at all. They are a talented team that had underachieved this year some, and they offer athleticism all over the court. Z-Bo is a beast, Marc Gasol somewhat of a force down low, I really think he is going to have a good game, Rudy Gay is having a phenominal year and is a tough cover for Deng, Mayo is athletic...I don't like our chances here, esp without Booz.

    I had us at 3-1 last week, with a win over Miami, they did it. This week I'm thinking 3-1 again. But it could be tough. I think they drop this one, then Tues night they get Charlotte again, they are dangerous as they already proved that to us, Dallas 2 days later, but I think we got that one. Dirk just coming back, they are not looking great. Boozer could return. Then a cake walk, Cleveland at home Saturday to wrap up the week.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    well bogans is going to have step up. it's feels wierd to say, however, w/o boozer/noah bogans is almost guaranteed to see some sig play time.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    I think you go small, and let Randolph jack up lots of shots.

  • I hope he gets back soon.
    Carlos' defense has already begun to cause some sophisticated fans to begin to view him with some skepticism.
    Boozer doesnt have enough positive history with Chicago sports fans to withstand a pattern of sustained injury.
    Hiis stay here could become contentious.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Clearly Boozer needs to perform to make fans happy, and fans should be concerned if this turns into a 2-3 week injury for sure.

  • I was already of the mind that the Bulls were a better team without Boozer as opposed to J. Noah. I'm entirely confident that Taj and Asik will step up and the team will do what they need to do defensively to pull out some wins this week.

  • In reply to logikal77:

    I certainly don't think they'll go 0-fer the week if Boozer misses the next four games, but they might easily go 2-2 rather than 3-1 or 4-0.

  • Agreed that there is no one on the Bulls that can produce offensively like Carlos, actually very very few in the League; when healthy.
    Nonetheless, the fans of Utah weren't unhappy to lose him. And many had felt that way for awhile; including the several years when the Jazz unsuccessfully tried to trade him.
    Boozer's connection with the Bulls and Chicago is new, Carlos hasn't been here long enough to develop a relationship and perception with the fans yet.
    Chicago fans are knowledgeable and discerning . They will not put up with a malingerer or slacker.
    I'm not saying that Boozer is either of those.
    However...Like it or not there is a developing chorus questioning his defensive effort. (Note: some of the team's positive defensive statistics were earned prior to Boozer's return)
    And if he continues to have a series of injuries, his unformed relationship with the city and it's fans could be like they were in Utah or Chicago being a tough town, worse.
    Now, it is early and Boozer can come back quickly, he can aggressively assert himself on defense, the Bulls gel and he becomes the next Ernie Banks.
    His image hasn't been completely formed and the jury is out.

    Now having said all that, the Bulls are DRose and Noah's team.
    I believe that every current and near-future Bull's place and perception will ultimately be determined by their relationship with them.

  • If you compare to how the Miami trio handled FA,,,Boozer is grace personified. It was an unfortunate injury and I don't understand the defense complaints at all. I am not saying he should not become a great defensive player if he can but we struggled to get somebody for offense and now we complain..
    The SG offensive woes exacerbate his missing any games because we don't have anybody else except Rose to be a consistent offense supplier...

  • Also, we need to look at how they stop clutch shots because most NBA games are decided in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter usually. I think that gives a better indicator of how they will perform in the playoffs.

  • Loved seeing CJ get more time with DRose....hope that continues....and Korver might be out of his funk...

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