Bulls vs Bucks at 7pm on CSN where the Bulls avenge the Bears

The Chicago Bulls host a Milwaukee Bucks team that has failed to live up to expectations and is now missing point guard Brandon Jennings.  On top of that, Corey Maggette and John Salmons are questionable for the game tonight as well possibly limiting their fire power considerably.

The Bulls are about to start off through a difficult stretch in their schedule after fattening up over the weak Decmeber/January schedule, so the Bulls need to take these games while they can.

Keys to the game

Derrick Rose will fight through a wave of defenders

Scott Skiles loves to defend the paint fiercely with a whole ton of bodies.   Derrick's going to find a wall of defender when attempting to get into the paint.  I expect Skiles to not focus so much on trapping Rose on the perimeter as much as I expect him to just leave far more defenders on the interior to harass him.

The result will be Derrick Rose taking more mid range shots or drawing fouls against the internal wall of players. 

Carlos Boozer will have a field day

The Bucks have no one to defend him.  In the post they might put Bogut on him, but Boozer will kill Bogut with his speed if he has to step out and defend him 18 feet from the basket and will shoot jumpers over him if he doesn't.

Anyone other than Bogut is likely to be crushed in the post.  This is a game where Boozer should rack up plenty of points or have lots of assist opportunities out of double teams.

Milwaukee has no offense, we have great defense

Skiles recently quipped that to get better they needed to start scoring more than 91 a game.   Well, not likely tonight.   The Bulls defense should absolutely eat these guys alive.   The Bulls need to focus on not giving them easy opportunities and expect the Bucks to throw out a score in the low 80s.

Don't get dragged down to their level

Skiles seems great at dragging teams down to his level and beating them with less talent.  The Bulls have had stretches where they've been dragged down to the level of weaker opponents as well.  They need to remain focused and not let that happen tonight.

I will be loving it live tonight

In the Derrick Rose era, I believe the Bulls are 18-1 when I attend the games including playoff contests.  I'm also going with my buddy Raj, I don't think the Bulls have ever lost a game that Raj and I attended together (probably around 10-0).

Final thoughts

Seems like everything is in place for an easy win.   The Bulls can't look ahead to Orlando on Friday though and need to take care of business tonight.   Chicago needs someone to go and kick some Wisconsin ass after Sunday, it's up to the Bulls to enact some vengeance.


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  • This is going to be another ugly game you'd think, both teams try to make their opponent grind it out offensively, and neither team is at all efficient scoring in the half court (obviously the Bucks are far worse than the Bulls).

    I'm guessing whichever team shoots over 40% wins.

  • I haven't watched Milwaukee enough to make my own determination, Doug, so I'm asking your opinion. Have the Bucks already started tuning Skiles out? Or have the injuries been just that devastating? I didn't think their additions would make them better than the Bulls as some predicted but I didn't expect them to be this bad, either.

  • In reply to magestew:

    Maggette isn't happy. He rates his Bucks experience an "F."


  • In reply to TimS:

    That signing is still a real mystery to me

  • In reply to TimS:

    Slow down ugly ball as you'd expect. Rose/Boozer/Deng a combined 2-12 isn't helping matters.

  • In reply to TimS:

    Kurt Thomas deserves some MVP chants today.

  • In reply to TimS:

    Oh give it to me, BIG SEXY!

  • In reply to TimS:

    You gotta love the way C.J Watson has been coming on as of late. I was really excited about us making that trade for him in the offseason.

  • In reply to TimS:

    Typical Bulls game offensively where it's been a bit of a struggle at times, but when you dominate offensive rebounding and turnovers to the extent they have then shots not falling doesn't really matter.

  • In reply to TimS:

    Noah on the broadcast saying he hopes to be back before the all-star break ... great news.

  • In reply to TimS:

    major ass saving by kurt thomas on this one

  • In reply to TimS:

    nobody else has it goign at all

  • In reply to TimS:

    terrible quarter

  • In reply to TimS:

    CDR had 0 points last game and we happen to get him on a day where he can hit whatever circus shot he wants to take.

  • In reply to TimS:

    Oh well, another game taken care of, looking forward to the Magic game, can Howard stop the force that is Big Sexy?

  • In reply to TimS:

    Which one of the CLUELESS is going to try and defend Luol Deng's performance?

    - 9 points on 3/8 FG shooting and he gave up 30 points to CDR.

    I can't wait for this CLUELESS debate.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Maggette started at SF and scored 4 points. Deng only switched to CDR after CDR had already scored most of those points. But it wouldn't be a MrHappy post if it was factual.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Other than Kurt Thomas and CDR, no one played particularly well offensively tonight; including Rose Boozer, and Bogut.
    If Mr. Happy can be redundant so can I... Bulls need a 2.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    The Bulls need Noah back to facilitate ball movement from inside out. We have plenty of SG who fit our needs, unfortunately none of them are starting.

    Don't get me wrong, I would welcome Mayo or Lee, but we don't really NEED one.

  • In reply to msalivar:

    Bogans, Brewer, and Korver went 4 for 19.
    Inside out or upside down with the exception of a few of Korver's shots they were all wide open basically uncontested. Inside out only gets you good looks. We had them, but can't make them.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Sam Smith has a post up....http://www.nba.com/bulls/news/smith_110124.html
    The section titled "Potential buyout players could give Bulls a boost" mentions Iguodala.
    I know it's Sam and all, but a person can dream.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Seems to be more of an in passing reference rather than any trade talk. The only way to get Iggy would be in the oft-talked about swap for Deng, but I think at this point both teams say no to that.

    Right now the whole league seems to be waiting for the Melo trade to resolve itself before any other trades happen.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:


  • In reply to MrHappy:

    also had 7 rebounds a block & a steal

    they switched him to CDR because CDR was going off

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Sounds like some CLUELESS fool was reading the box score instead of watching the game. Probably why you like Nick Young so much, you can't see past the lines on the box score.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    My wife teaches Jr. High School English ...

    Yeah, I know that doesn't have anything to do with your post, but whenever I read your posts, I end of thinking about Jr. High for some reason.


  • In reply to magestew:

    Bad news guys JJ is questionable for tonight!!!! Haha JK

    But Boozer is listed as questionable ????

  • In reply to UtahBullsFan:

    how did JJ get hurt, tail bone injury for sitting on the bench too long?

  • In reply to ZombieKevie:


  • In reply to UtahBullsFan:

    I will be loving it live tonight

    In the Derrick Rose era, I believe the Bulls are 18-1 when I attend the games including playoff contests. I'm also going with my buddy Raj, I don't think the Bulls have ever lost a game that Raj and I attended together (probably around 10-0).

    We call comments like these one thing in my house - a Jinx
    Lets hope that is not the case tonight! Have fun at the game.

  • In reply to magestew:

    COME ON RAJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Should be a tough win tonight. Come on Bullies!

  • I love the personal stats Doug! I thought I was the only one who believed in such.

    I can't remember ever watching the Bulls lose live, might have happened once. I think I am somewhere around 10-0, 9-1 dating back to my first game in the early 90's, seeing Dikembe Mutombo playing for the Nuggets back when they had those rainbow colored uni's

  • After the game DRose said that his back has been killing him. i think he tweaked it in the beginning of the Cleveland game. He said he could use the 3 days.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Ya the play he tweaked it was in the first quarter of the cleveland game. The play was an outlet pass from Boozer to Rose. He grabbed his back right after he landed.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    Bulls get 3 full days off, play a back2back, then 3 more days off before heading West 1 more time. Then Noah should be back, mentioning during the 3rd quarter that he hopes to be back before the all-star break. In fact, he said it quite confidently & emphatically. I would imagine now he come back Feb 15th, our first home game back from the trip. Of course he still needs rehab to go according to schedule, and he'd have to run it by management, but that would put his absence at 28 games, with 30 to go. Just 7 more games without him, 4 tough ones, 3 so-so.

    Good job of the Bulls weathering the storm.

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    As much as I want to believe that he'll be back before the all-star game, this is the guy who was playing through the injury to start with. Noah will lobby to be out there ASAP but whether the doctors will (or should) let him is another matter.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    I agree. I would think the team would hold him out til after all star weekend, that would give him an extra 8 days to fully heal & prepare for contact. Still, we're talking about 7-9 games

  • In reply to Waldock:

    I remember the play where he (Derrick) landed weird. I thought at the time, "how can his back take that." Well I guess he is human after all.

  • He'd be useful and inexpensive. A player that could fit in immediately. A good space saver until the Bulls can get a long term solution. Someone younger and more athletic that can develop with Rose and Noah.

  • I'm sure people will remember CDR scored 30 on the Bulls and will bring it up as a reason to trade for him. Of course there's a reason he averages 8 points a game, it's because he balances his 30 point games with a LOT of single digit games.

  • Boy Carlos was really trying on defense tonight. He's not particularly good at it, but he was definitely trying.
    In the 1st quarter Boozer didn't come out and contend on a pick and roll. Thibs quickly brought in Gibson.
    Next time in, which was real late in the 2nd. Serious effort.

  • In reply to Waldock:

    I think Boozer scares me more when he tries, it's easier to accept someone not putting in the effort than playing professional sport for so long and having no idea what they're doing!

    He did have a nice block on Bogut though.

  • Tom Thib has handled it incredibly well. I was concerned about this, but no longer.
    Like Noah said when he was with Funk and King during the 3rd quarter, this is not a democracy. The coach is the boss.

  • Remember the December 18th Clippers game when with 0.8 sec remaining Rose missed his second FT and Bulls lost 100-99?

    At that time I wondered if Rose would use that failure as motivation to become an 80+% FT shooter which he certainly has the talent to do.

    Since Dec 18th Rose is 129-149 = 86.5% An amazing improvement for a career mid-70s FT shooter! With tonight's 10-10 he's now at 82% for the year.

    Like to see this rub off on Boozer and Deng.

  • In reply to Edward:


    Good Numbers btw.

    I've noticed throughout the season that we're not as focused on the line as we need to be.
    I think around the date you're talking about, Rose was shooting about 73-74% from the FT line. I remember thinking that that was just silly from a guy who shoots as well as he does. It had to just be a lack of concentration and focus. And I think that was the case ... as he's shown that when he wants to make it a big deal, he can.

    The team is 27th in the league in team FT% shooting.
    Not good.
    But to go along with your post ... I believe that around mid December, they were 29th ... with the team's improvement coming mainly from Rose.

    So I'd have to second the idea that a few of the other guys ought to start focusing a little more on the FT line.

  • If there is a team i think the Bulls don't match well is ORL. even with Noah. They are very strong in the wings and post (obviously) and they beat us hard on the last games. Althoguh Rashard Lewis created a tough matchup, and he's out. Maybe we get their shooters on a bad night... but come playoffs - ORL is the team i want out of the way...

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