Moral losses are a lot better than moral victories

So the Bulls aren't playing great basketball lately.    Derrick Rose wasn't able to attack the basket at his usual rate, the Bulls completely failed to box out and defend the glass.  In the first quarter, 10 of the first 12 Bucks points came off of offensive rebounds (it may have been worse, but I had stopped counting at 12). 

They got little love from the refs who seemed to routinely let contact go when the Bulls were on offense then blow the whistle on the other side.   Particularly at the start of the third where the Bulls seemed to fairly clearly draw fouls on three straight plays, but not get the whistle until the third one.

However, for all the ugliness, the Bulls ended up with a comfortable win, an ugly win, a moral loss.

Derrick Rose looks like he's playing hurt

Maybe he's not, but if something comes out in a few days saying he's playing through knee soreness or a minor ankle sprain or something I won't be surprised.   He's still playing at a fairly high level overall, but he's not pushing the ball like he typically does.   In this game, C.J. Watson pushed the ball harder when he was in the game than Rose.

His energy level just seems down.   Maybe it's simply playing with Boozer/Thomas in the starting lineup, and he knows his big men aren't beating anyone down the court, so he's running a different offense, but he doesn't seem as comfortable.

Rose, again, managed to throw up pretty impressive stats in what was a fairly poor outing for him.  He seemed to struggle badly to score in the paint, though he got robbed out of at least two separate trips to the foul line, which would have turned a 7/17  18 point night into a 7/15 21-22 point night and made all the difference in terms of efficiency.   However, despite that he struggled to really get inside and missed several floaters he normally knocks down.

He did regain his form from the three point line after missing a bunch of shots on the road (I think 0-11?) and knocked down three of four from the three point line which really helped out the offense.

Carlos Boozer gives plenty of offense, not so much defense

Boozer didn't box out well at all in this game, and if he had done a bit better job, the Bulls would have been leading the game by 20 for the majority of the game as the Bucks lived off of their offensive rebounds.    

He failed to get out on Ilyasova and Mbah a Moute when he was matched up on them which left them with a lot of open shots.  They didn't capitalize nearly as much as you'd expect, particularly Ilyasova who really struggled shooting the ball.   He also didn't put much pressure on Bogut when he was matched up on him either.

In the end, his lack of defense wasn't really capitalized on, but it's a disturbing trend, and it's going to become a large issue in the playoffs against better teams.

Offensively, Boozer more or less dominated outside of the offensive fouls / traveling calls that lead to turnovers.    A couple of those were pretty dicey though, especially relative to what Milwaukee was able to get away with on the offensive end.  

Even with the turnovers, Boozer was consistently able to create offense.   His turnaround jumper in the post is a dream.  It's been so long since we've had a guy who could create a shot like that.   Even when I know he can shoot it, my mind still thinks "terrible shot" everytime I see him try with visions of Tyrus, Chandler, and Taj trying the same shot so unsuccessfully.

Luol Deng turned the game in the third

In the third period when the game was still going back and forth, Luol Deng scored 11 points, including six of the Bulls final eight to help build up a five point lead going into the fourth while pacing the Bulls offense at a point where Corey Maggette was providing efficient offense for the Bucks on the other end of the floor.

Deng had a nice night, forced some fouls inside by forcing contact, and knocked down his mid range jumpers.   He was a couple open three point misses away from having a truly dominant night offensively.

Kurt Thomas gave another solid effort

He's limited offensively, and the Bulls are slowing down the pace while he's in the game, but Thomas has really made his hay on the defensive end of the court.   He harassed Bogut into a poor shooting night, and that alone more or less doomed the Bucks in this game.

One thing I love about Thomas is that he tends to make sure guys don't score when he fouls them.   You don't see a lot of and1s when Thomas fouls, unless he got screwed on the call.   For the most part he quickly realizes when he's been beat and let's the guy go or completely tangles them up giving them no chance at the basket.

A new disturbing Bogans trend immerged

Think there's any chance we stop starting Bogans?   Think again, for the first time in recent memory, Thibodeau actually went back to Bogans in the first half after pulling him out.  Korver was really struggling out there, but I was surprised to see Bogans re-enter the game as he's typically only played at the start of quarters and then did not return.

Bogans knocked down a three, but he also had an absolutely ridiculous drive int four defenders.   Why four defenders met Bogans in the paint is beyond me.   Why he failed to pass the ball out to one of the three wide open Bulls and instead tried to force up a shot is even more unfathomable. 

Kyle Korver seemed completely lost in the first half before finding his shot a bit later

Korver has really struggled lately.   He started forcing a couple shots in this game, it appeared as though he felt he just needed to get some shots up to justify his time on the floor.  He's not hitting the tough shots for the most part, and even missed a couple open ones early.

In the second half he found his shot some though as he knocked down a three, pump faked into a dribble two, and had a brilliant pass to Boozer for an easy lay in.   Hopefully he's able to build off of the second half, because it's been a struggle lately.

How Ronnie Brewer played less than Bogans in this game is a mystery

This was a game primed for Brewer to play more minutes.   The Bucks have multiple perimeter threads in Salmons and Maggette, but Brewer barely played even though he was solid while on the floor.

See disturbing Bogans trend above.

Taj Gibson's searching for some offense, but found some defense

It seemed like Gibson got all five of his shots in about 30 seconds and then was scared to launch the ball after that.  Sure it's an exaggeration, but he had a stretch where it seemed like he just laid brick after brick.  

Gibson did a nice helping guys on defense and blocking shots on the interior.  He could have another block on Maggette as well, but got whistled for some body contact, apparently, he doesn't have the Dwight Howard respect there.

One problem with Gibson's shot blocking though is that in his pursuit for blocks, he frequently took himself out of rebound position, and the Bulls as a team, weren't rotating well to keep the Bucks off the boards.   That's not Gibson's fault, his job is to help and contest, but the other guys need to back him up better.

C.J. Watson played really well.

It's a shame we didn't find more minutes for him in this game.  Loved the veteran move on the fast break where he slowed down, made the defender run into him while protecting the ball and scoring a layup to draw the and1.  

He played with a lot of energy while on the floor on both ends, and the team seemed to light up a bit when he was out there. 

Omer Asik played pretty well too

Omer tends to get called for a lot of cheap fouls, but he still needs to work on staying out of foul trouble or making more decisive fouls like Kurt Thomas.   However, he impacted the game defensively, and he did a nice job on the glass in his limited minutes when the Bulls were really struggling on the glass.

He did fail to dunk a ball which should have been an easy dunk instead getting a touch foul, but it was a shot where he went up soft rather than getting the and1.  Fairly rare for Asik though as he typically goes up strong around the hoop, so I'll let it slide.

Final thoughts

It was an ugly, difficult to watch basketball game.   Skiles and Thibodeau must have been in heaven.    The Bulls pulled away in the fourth quarter by simply putting together one stretch of good offense that they sustained for a few minutes highlighted by five straight makes including threes by Rose and Korver.   The Bucks simply had no ability to trade basket for basket with the Bulls once their offense hit it's stride for however brief a period that was.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  This team didn't play well, but they found a way to win, and ultimately won by quite a bit.   Winning when you don't have the A game going is what separates the good/great teams from the average teams.

The Bulls have enough talent, that they can have numerous guys play very poorly and still win games.   They've done that recently against several opponents.   You'd like to see them just wipe up the floor with the Milwaukees, Detroits, etc, but in the end, what's important is the Ws.


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  • I just watched from the last 4 minutes of the 3rd, but saw the Bulls put it together like you said Doug for a small time in the 4th to pull away and seal the victory. I like how this team can win and shift into another gear, but like you say, this is not a luxury against a good team! We have a lot to work on, even without the loss of Noah like utilizing (Bogans, Brewer, KK, CJ)more effectively. I really like how Thomas is playing his heart out and contained Bogut and did good in other games, I hope Asik learns from him and can stay in the game longer by not making cheap fouls, but when you foul tangle the guy up!


    Let's not blame the refs for the Bulls lackluster efforts.


    The Bulls have been outscored by double-digits in 16 separate quarters this year.

    (It happened again last night in the 2nd Quarter.)

    Who do you blame for that? Not the refs.

  • Yes a win is a win but how far will this type of play from the team carry them against the elite teams especially in the playoffs.


    Who remembers my 1st Prediction?

    I said the Bulls would be 10-5 when Boozer returns. They were 9-6.

    Who remembers my 2nd Prediction?

    I said the Bulls would be 21-10 by the end of December. 1 win vs. NJ left to go.

    It's time to get BOLD. Here's my 3rd prediction.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    and an octopus picked the winners of many World Cup matches.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    REALITY CHECK Carmelo doesn't want to come here, you babbling idiot.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    I really cant wait til melo gets traded somewhere else to see who he's goina say next..

    Only 3 players i want..

    Arron afflalo (best two guard for our team..over smith & mayo)
    Courtney lee
    Rudy fernandez

    What do all of them common?
    Cheap contracts and all of them can be aquired for just a 1st and.a.salary match..

    I really dont want to trade anyone anymore.. i dont think we need to..
    Were a team that didnt play with our 2nd best player for 2months and were up there among the top teams and not just in the east..& see'ing the damage he does on the court what think our record couldnt be 6-7 games better?

    Noah & boozer hasnt played together..and now with kurt thomas playing this way ..when noah gets back where loaded up front.. what this team lacks is a guy who can hit not just a knock down three but a guy who can run a variety of screens with boozer & conpany and play off ball..rudy fernandez is the best athlete that can go for back door lobs or run through screens all game like allen in our offense..courtney lee can score when asked and come off screens alittle but the difference from lee to bogans is not even worth talking about... and arron afflalo is my pick and ny guy since the start of preseason when we showed the world keith bogans is our starter.. afflalo is one of the games best shooters one of the best defenders.. and he gives you scoring from a playing just a role..our perimeter defense gets fixed.. our lack of scoring gets fix because spacingmeans everything and the only guy who teams say defend the line is korver and he's only playing20 mins.. you put a true shooter in the lineup..teams wont sag off of afflalo like bogans..a post up with boozer becomes deadly when you got a 43% 3 point cant just clog the paint or double rose in the half court because afflalo is far better than bogans..he's far better than alot of guys shooting.. hes up there among the best for a reason.. this isnt a keith bogans.situation where he shoots 35 % and can only.shoot wide open ones.. this is a true shooter..


  • In reply to Yunqn:

    I would trade Bogans in a heartbeat for anyone on injured reserve.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    While I had no doubt that the Bulls would end up winning last night, up until that 4th quarter spurt that game was like pulling teeth.
    A few random observations:
    -Yes, Booz just doesn't seem to get it on D, but man oh man is he lethal with the ball down low. As many have said, this is something the Bulls have not had in years and years. Plus, he seems to be a real leader out on the court - I recall one play in particular when he (or someone) passed the ball to Korver at the top of the 3 point arc and Booz said "Take it Kyle" and he drained the three. Just nice to see (hear) one of your stars stepping up like that.
    -Is it just me, or was there a point towards the end of the 1st half when Thomas was SO damn slow getting down the court on offense that I swear he was just daring Thibs to yank him. I mean, I know he is suddenly getting a ton of minutes but come on Kurt, you're supposed to at least pretend to be in NBA condition!
    -Korver - we are just not using him right. He just can't run around those screens like that, although he only needs a tiny bit of room and about a half second to get his shot off, he wasn't getting that room and either passed off or took some ugly-looking shots. I agree with you Doug he needs to be out there on the floor with Rose - drive and kick is the way to use him.
    -Bogans - no argument from me, and again I agree with Doug that the best answer is likely already on the roster, Brewer and Korver and indeed, maybe some Watson with Rose.
    -For most of last night Rose, to me, looked like he was playing on low energy. I wonder if he took a look at Milwaukee's depleted roster and thought, "I don't have to bring the "A" game tonight."? I mean, he MUST get sick of risking his body night after night while the refs swallow their whistles.
    -Overall, more than pleased with what Deng has been bringing to the court. Works hard on defense and doesn't try to do too much on offense.
    -Also overall pretty happy with the way Thibs has been handling the bigs without Noah. In a case where you have a pretty skilled center like Bogut, give Thomas as many minutes as his body and his foul situation will allow. Sorry, just not too worried about Taj's' minutes when Booz dominates on offense like he has.
    -Winning ugly...there's no such thing.

  • In reply to MadTown56:

    By the way, I forgot to add this...regarding Korver's defensive skills: I made a point to watch him a lot on D last night and for the most part he looked like he was sticking with his man pretty well. Just as whoever is guarding Korver knows they're going to have to chase him all over the court and use up a lot of energy running around double and triple screens, so Korver was doing the same thing a lot on defense and from what I could see, he was staying with his man (was it Salmons or Iliyasova? Not sure). I don't think Korver is going to be making too many all-NBA defensive teams anytime soon, but he hasn't seemed to have been the liability I thought he was gonna be...

  • In reply to MadTown56:

    At least Korver tries. There was at least one play last night where KK's man scored, cause he had to leave him to help out because Boozer was playing so soft.

  • In reply to jpbaker81:

    and Charlotte is looking to dump every salary that it can so Jordan can afford his Cubans, so they are not taking on Dengs remaining $45 million.

  • Couldn't agree more about your assessment of Boozer... he is an all-star, and I expect him to play better D. Its really been bothering me a lot lately. People are giving him an out cause admittedly, his offense is something we have never seen from a Bulls 4 (at least not in a long, long time). He never defends away from the basket and last night as Doug so accurately pointed out, he didn't even box out effectively.

    Also consider the Knicks game... when it was money time in the fourth quarter, I would expect Boozer to be begging Thibs to let him defend Amare'. It sure is nice to have such an effective post player, but he must pick-up his D.

    Perhaps he is waiting for the playoffs... but that is a long way off.

  • With regard to re-entrance of Bogans... something needed to be done to spread the floor cause Korver was taking such off-balance shots. In the last couple games, he was really starting to lose confidence as I've even noticed a few times where he passed out of a wide open shot. Hopefully, the second half got his confidence back. As Doug has pointed out, playing him with Rose more so he can spot up instead of running off a pick, would help him get back on track.

    As for making a dynamic change during the game and subbing Bogans in for Korver, I would have preferred to see Watson stay in longer, and move over to the 2, as he was playing really well.

    I almost hate to see Bogans make a shot, as I know it will just prolong his playing time.

  • In reply to Swish14U:

    Yeah I believe Korver is being asked to do to much cause of the lack of scoring from the perimeter. He is a off the ball rhythm spot up shooter and defenders are playing more defense on him cause the Bulls don't have anyone else consistent enough from the perimeter. Don't know what's gonna be done but something needs to be.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And I think the true scorers in Rose and Korver are starting to be effected with the inconsistency from the other perimeter players cause of the extra D being played on them.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And I think the true scorers in Rose and Korver are starting to be effected with the inconsistency from the other perimeter players cause of the extra D being played on them.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Maybe the Bulls MUST include Bogans in any trade for a SG to get him out of the rotation.


    Where are the next Olympics held? Great Britain.

    Luol Deng might be repping the Bobcats and the JordanBrand soon.

    Plus, Melo winning and following in MJ's Chicago footsteps = 9 figure $ the JB.

  • That isn't entirely unrealistic. I think we'd need to plunk two #1 picks into the kitty as well for Carmelo to make it worth Denver's while. Also, I think Charlotte is looking for some young talent in exchange for Wallace. So, ultimately, the trade won't look like this, but something similar might work.

  • finer words describing 'why bogans is ruining our offense', haven't been written.

  • Perhaps Thib needs to call out Boozer on his lazy defense.
    Start platooned him a bit with Gibson. It would show up Boozer a bit, but its demoralizing for the other 4 to chase and bang for 16-18 seconds and then have Boozers man pop out and have an uncontested 15 footer.

  • Thibs, hall of fame defensive assistant head coach. Offensively a nice repretoire of plays and schemes, but IMO looking inexperienced/lacking in vision..


    I haven't seen the last couple of games, but there's no doubt the offensive production(from many players and scoring totals) has been stagnant. And fastbreak points are down as well. I'm just going to throw this out there:

    If Taj is still hampered by foot/ankle issues(plus the concussion) then so be it. Otherwise, I'm assuming since they figure he didn't work at center/gets in foul trouble with bumping bigs that he can only get filler minutes behind Boozer at PF. Granted from what I've heard/seen stats Taj has been bricking it. But when Taj gets his minutes for his short career he puts up solid numbers 9ppg and nearly eight rebounds. Plus the very good/better then Boozer blocking/help side overall defensive effect.

    So Boozer will get into foul trouble at center. And banged around by bigger players. Well.. I say it's worth the risk. Look, we need Taj's production with Jo out. I know, fans/media always want to play guys out of postiion for some perceived advantage. And most times it never works.

    But didn't Boozer play some center during injuries to other guys(Okur etc.) on the Jazz roster? If not, and Doug and others will say, "No way you can play Boozer at center, he's 6'8, and will get knocked around."

    Unless he's unwilling to do it(which I would hope would not be the case), I'd have to play Boozer some real minutes at center at least in ball games where there is no legit scorer at center which is many. Taj is just too productive on both ends to only be playing 15 minutes a game. Likewise Boozer. Either Taj sits, or Boozer plays some center. It's just that simple. And you still have Bogut nights where a rested Kurt Thomas comes in, and does his thing defensively while Taj gets effectively a light workload/night off.

    If people disagree that Boozer can play some at the five, I understand. But I think keeping a productive guy such as Taj out of the equation is a mistake. Likewise Booz. They both have to play because they are the best players/bigs we have. Period. And when Taj does play significant minutes then he goes into post moves mode where he's much more effective, and that fuels his mid range jumper. No inside game, no mid range jumper. That's just how it works especially for Taj.

    On another front: C.J. and Ronnie both have had 1.6 or so steals a game when they get mid 20's minutes. Plus their boards for minutes played are not bad either. That just fuels the easy transition points we need to help unclog this stagnation/defenses getting set/comfy/cozy.

    I highly doubt Thibs will explore any of these options as he seems as set in his ways/minutes as Vinny was. But not having producers like Ronnie and C.J. out there more(C.J. was 3-4, but played 8 minutes) hurts in more ways then one. And Taj unless his foot/ankle/concussion are seriously hampering him needs his butt out on the court. Let's remember that he and Jo have overseen one of the leading shot blocking and rebounding teams in the league. And the more minutes he plays/production he gives, the more legitimacy he displays, and the less B.S. fouls he gets on many nights from the refs.

    Finally: I think Deng on some nights does better with rest, and save him for other nights where he then produces at a high level such as the Lakes did with Odom last year. Deng at 38 minutes wears down in my view, and gives you diminishing returns. So more minutes for Ronnie(and yes J.J.) at the SF.

    Final outrage: Start C.J. Watson with Derrick Rose, and make D-Rose the two guard attacking in unpredictable patterns with the ball initially out of his hands. He'd be lethal, and on D what can I tell you, his leaping and strength make him much bigger then he actually is. At least start C.J. with D, and then if C.J. is the scorer he can bring his real game of attacking which is being utterly wasted.

    Right now: IMO Thibs is seriously misusing his players/rosters. Yes, they are winning, but they are 0-5 against winning ECF teams, and look anything but like a playoff threat on offense.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    I agree totally with u.Offense is a problem. Starting Watson and Gibson will help. Boozer can plays C. In utah, boozer was always playing with another undersized big man(Millaps). And Jefferson and Millaps are starters and both of them are undersized of the center spot but jazz is pretty good. I'm sure Boozer-Gibson is much better than Boozer-THomas. Thomas is only a defender and is not even taller than Gibson.
    Here'S is our best lineup right now until a trade :
    Rose-Watson(korver)- Deng-Gibson-Boozer.
    Bogans should be taken off the rotation. Thomas should be used minimally.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    For all of you O. J. Mayo fans looks like the Timberwolves are going to trade for him, looks like another one of the Bulls potential targets for shooting guard will be gone. If the Bulls are to make a move they need to stop dragging their feet before they get stuck trading for a player that is no better than Bogans... if that's possible.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Thank god....he would have never fit here....give it a year and you all will thank me.

  • Hard to complain about a 20-10 Bulls team but it's looking like Thibs might need an intervention to force him to play Bogans less. Before any trades happen it'd be nice to see Brewer get a shot at starting. I'd like to see Brewer start. Bring in Korver off the bench first and then you can sub Brewer back in for Korver when Watson spells Rose....or any combination that has Bogans on the bench where he belongs. I totally agree with the above commnet about hating to see Bogans make a shot since it could lead to him playing more. But watching him pass out of wide open shots is pretty tough to watch too. I just dont get it. We have Korver, Brewer and Watson that all should be playing more. Can we hire JVG to stage an intervention with Thibs?

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    Forward all intervention requests to ReinsPaxdorf.

  • We are NO 1 team in the NBA (last 10 games stats) in points allowed 1 pt better than Celtics and 3 pts better than the Heat. We allow only 86 ppg.
    We are No 1 team in +/- in assists per game. No team has more assists while allowing low assist numbers to opponents.

    Over the entire season we are No. 1 in the NBA in +/- in rebounds as well.

    Yet people complain about Thibs. Really?!?!?!

    Our play now is slow, with very few fast breaks. Why, because Thomas and Boozer are very different than Noah and Gibson combo.
    However, the great thing about Thibs is that he made both of those combinations wining combinations. We win in fast paced games with Noah and Gibson and we win ugly with Boozer and Thomas combination.

    We simply win. So kvit your bitching.

  • No... I said the Bulls would hover around the .500 mark if they didn't continue to improve and stop falling behind by double digits I the first half in a lot a their games at the beginning of the season. And as far as the playoffs go, unless the Bulls somehow try to fix their shooting guard problem, you're right they will be a 2nd rd. exit this year and if they don't continue to improve the team overall, they will fall behind the teams that are obviously trying to improve their teams this season. Sound like someone within the Bulls brass need to be creative and keep this team from being just a good team and turn them to an elite team in the east cause I see these other teams are trying to make some big moves while the Bulls seem to be stuck with what they have cause of financial reasons and not enough assets. Whether some people want to admit it or not and I for one don't want to, the Bucks are falling behind talent wise in the east because if all the movement being made by other teams. And don't get me wrong, the Bulls do have talent, I just don't think it is enough at the moment. This is where management comes in to bring in the needed players to get this team over the top this year or next year.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    EXCUSE TYPING ON MOBILE PHONE.. I meant to say the bulls

  • In reply to Reese1:

    adocarbog - Totally agree its impressive that this team is winning with the Bigs situation (first Boozer out and now Noah)

    And dont get me wrong I'm thrilled to have Thibs as a coach.

    Still not happy to see Bogans starting though and nothing is going to change my mind on that one. Pretty sure Bogans isnt specifically responsible for any of the stats you mentioned above.

    However, that is some good stuff you pointed out above.

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    Oh, I'd love to see Brewer start as well. My comment above has nothing to do with Bogans though, as useless as he may be.
    However, it is amazing we win games, with some ease (LA and OKC wins included) without needing to reach 100pts and in many games 80s is enough. Team after team set records in low % shooting for the season against us. This with Boozer in the lineup is amazing. We are Boston but younger.

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    when u go when teams stats (opponents FG%), u can noticed that chicago is the second best defensive team behind miami and followed by Boston and Dallas. However, whereas boston, miami and dallas still among the firts four, chicago is ranked 9th.
    It's good to defend, but u also have to puts the ball int the basket. We must attack better if we want to be a truly contenders like miami and boston.
    Seriously, people have been talking about it for long time, but this is the first i really realize that if Rose cannot find a way to draw contacts, It will be hard for the bulls offensivly.
    Rose must leard how to draw a fouls like boozer, kobe, westbrook you know best ?!

    playing Korver or Watson a starting SG will help our offense a lot. Even Korver isn't a great defender, but i don't think starting him will make us be a bad defensive teams(we're the second behind miami). Seriously, having in the lineup 2 players who cannot score is one the reason we haven't reached yet a contender level.

  • In reply to deewaves:

    don't read this post, i filled of erros, read the one below.

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    excuse, i correct my erroors.
    when u go on teams stats (opponents FG%), u can noticed that chicago is the second best defensive team behind miami and followed by Boston and Dallas. However, whereas boston, miami and dallas still among the firts four in scoring, chicago is ranked 9th.
    It's good to defend, but u also have to put the ball in the basket. We must attack better if we want to be a truly contender like miami and boston.
    Seriously, people have been talking about it for long time, but this is the first i really realize that if Rose keep not finding a way to draw contacts, It will be hard for the bulls offensivly.
    Rose must learn how to draw a foul like boozer, kobe, westbrook you know best ?!
    playing Korver or Watson a starting SG will would help our offense a lot. Even Korver isn't a great defender, i don't think starting him will make us be a bad defensive team(we're the second defensivly in the nba behind miami). Seriously, having in the lineup 2 players who cannot score is one the reason we haven't reached yet a contender level.

  • +100, that's what i've been talking about, look my post below. Our defense is really good(second best in the nba) but we don't attack that good. we have to improve the offense to turn into a contender. Starting Watson and Gibson can solve the problem. Both, Watson and brewer defend better than bogans and attack better. Gibson can defend as well as Thomas but attacks a lot better.

    I think this coach is underrated the offense. Our defense is right now in the level where it was supposed to be. bulls has passed defensive challenge. It's time to go foward and improve our offense. It got me upset when i saw Thibs bench Korver for Bogans at the middle of the 2nd quarter yesterday. He could have put in Watson or brewer. Moreover Waston were playing very well.

    Another thing, we aren't benefiting at 100% of rose-boozer duo. Bulls aren't capitalizing on the double-teams of Rose and boozer. Thibs has a lot to do offensivly.

  • if it's in CAPS it's all MAPPY CRAP'S.

    I don't know if we are all blinded by homerism, but we do seem to be getting the short end of the stick from the officials on a fairly regular basis.

  • unfortunately, who he is is far worse than I imagined now that I watch him every day. His lack of effort on D is not quite Ben Gordonesque, but it is disturbing non-the-less.

  • From what I see Bogans defense while adequate, is overated. Brewer is better, and Korver probably tries harder.

  • That's usually the Bulls brass M o... wait til the last minute and all of the shooting guards that they need will probably be gone. And as far as Minnesota's so called package, that's too bad for the Bulls isn't it? I wasn't really a big fan of bringing in Mayo even though he would be a better upgrade over Bogans.

  • it's complicated only when they make it. I dont know if you remember the trade the Bulls made back in the day when they traded Charles Oakley to the Knicks for Bill Cartwright and I know things are different now but the Bulls need to be creative now just like they were back then cause they didnt want to give up Oakley but they were one piece away from contending then as they are now. I'm just saying that the Bulls need to get creative cause the way the east is shaping up and teams like N.Y. and N.J. that are willing to spend however much it will take to bring in the best players to win... the Bulls are going to fall behind these teams cause they are not willing to spend that kind of money. But who knows after this new CBA next year comes out they may or may not be OK, we will just have to wait and see if their is a hard cap. It's not that much talent in the league though so who knows what the Bulls future will be.

  • "...Bogans as a defensive minded backup."

    Defensive minded in that he helps the opposition's defense every time he steps onto the court???

    Kidding aside, this is actually the area where I'm most disappointed in Bogans. He was passed off as something of a Bruce Bowen-lite, and I just haven't seen it.

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