Does Melo only want New York?

The nail in the coffin for any small hopes of acquiring Anthony.  According to a source (via ESPN), his wish list is down to one team.   The New York Knicks:

And while other franchises might be able to make better offers, Anthony
will not agree to sign anywhere long-term unless he is dealt to New
York, according to the source, who has been privy to private discussions
between Anthony, his representatives and the Nuggets organization.

Frank Isola disagrees:

Carmelo source tells News that Melo's first choice is still Knicks but he'd also consider deals with Chicago & NJ should Denver trade him

While I think Anthony definitely could help the Bulls if he came here in the right package, I'm not too broken up about him not coming here if (as I expect) it doesn't happen.   The fit with Anthony, who's a volume scorer, with this team would be dicey alongside Rose/Boozer.

His greatest strengths would have been mitigated on a team that has two other primarily offensive options, especially since those two are more fitting of a two man game.   That said, his ability to get to the free throw line and overall talent would have obviously been an upgrade as long as the cost wasn't too high.

However, all of that may be irrelevant.   If Melo wants New York, and with the Knicks off to a hot start,it's hard to make the claim that Chicago is a notably better winning situation for him, then he'll get NY.  They have cap room this summer, so he can control his own destiny by waiting.

He won't need a S&T from Denver to land in NY on a max contract next year, so the Nuggets don't have all that much leverage.   The only benefit he gets out of a contract now is that it will be on the old CBA, a nicety, but he's made enough money that if his heart is in New York, his body will end up there too.

Probably nothing really new here, but just a bunch of reports because Anthony happened to play the Knicks.



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    Don't listen to ESPN and their BIASED BULL-****.

  • In reply to MrHappy:



    They're WARM and they cover my HICKEYS.

  • FYI:

    Chris Sheridan is a Knicks' fan, who writes for ESPN NEW YORK.

    * And so is Ken Berg of CBSSPORTS.

  • 1. Do we even trust what NY media reports. Haven't we seen enough of this "homerism reporting" from Chris Sheridan of ESPN. It is not the question of whether we want Melo or not... I just don't believe these rumors.
    2. Even though NY has been winning this season....we shall see once their schedule gets tough. We have to give kudos to their winning streak especially on the road. But that said, except for Amare one on that team has proven to do well in the playoffs. And we all know about Amare's issues(fragile, no defense in the playoffs)...
    3. I agree with you on the money though. It is probably not much of a difference for the top level guys and he wants to probably win as much as anybody else. It is just the matter of how much effort and will he has for that when things get tough in the playoffs. And it is not like Denver sucks either. It is probably an easier road to the top in Denver compared to NY or Chicago. The only legit contender in the West for the next 3/4 years seems to be OKC. I think the Lakers go south from next year(doesn't mean suck).

  • And you Doug as well as his followers still need to GET A CLUE.

    Melo has a winning record against LBJ, DWADE, CBOSH, KD, and DHOWARD.

    * He's .500 against PPIERCE.

    He's the only guy out there that can get the Bulls out of the Eastern Conference.

    Maybe that's hard for some of you to grasp, since you have SETTLED on this Bulls team being a 50 win team, who has the ability to make it to the 2nd Round of the playoffs.

    GET A CLUE...that isn't the goal!!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Getting to the second round? Melo wishes.

    Carmelo is .143 against THE FIRST ROUND.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Capitalizing words and phrases in every other sentence doesn't give them EXTRA EFFECT. It just makes your flawed logic EASIER TO SPOT.


    Haven't they been accurate to this point?

  • Always seemed like the way it was going to play out, it's in Melo's interest not to weaken the Knicks by making them trade assets. The Knicks can then use one or both the SFs they have (Galinari and Chandler) to try to get a defensive center instead and they'll be a dangerous team.

    From a Bulls perspective I'm relieved more than anything. Obviously Melo has talent, but I'm not sure he fits that well with Rose, and Gibson is pretty vital when you have an injury prone guy like Boozer. Giving up Deng + Gibson + picks pretty much put the team all in, with no further moves possible. Doing that for someone you're iffy about fit with doesn't sit well with me.

  • I'm wondering if a 3-team trade involving the Knicks, Nuggets and Bulls can be worked out. I could care less who the Knicks and Nuggets swap (obviously Melo is the central piece), but the players I'd like to see coming to the Bulls are some combo of Bill Walker, Arron Afflalo, Eddy Curry (not for sentiment, just his expiring contract), Kenyon Martin (see Curry), Anthony Randolph (oozes potential in a non-JJ kind of way and a future Boozer replacement at the 4-spot) and/or a Happy favorite, KELENNA AZUBULKE.

    Someone play around on the ESPN Trade Machine and make it work! :)

  • In reply to DickeyJohnson:

    Holy crap, you just named 36 million dollars worth of players. The only way the Bulls can manage that is to include both Deng and Boozer in the deal.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    I mean, not all of them of course...but I figure Curry or Martin need to be included for salary purposes along with a player we can actually use (i.e. shooting guards Afflalo, Walker). So something realistic could be Afflalo/Curry, Walker/Martin, Walker/Curry, Afflalo/ get my drift.

    D'Antoni tends to run a tight 8-man rotation anyway, leaving guys like Walker and Randolph in the dust, but it also doesn't help that they've both struggled with injuries lately. They would be, much like guys we're always proposing for trade, a bit devalued, but that kinda equalizes them with our trade pieces too. Garbage for garbage haha.

  • In reply to DickeyJohnson:

    The difficulty in making it a three team deal is why do those two teams do it? Normally you bring in a third team to help with salary matching but the Knicks already have Curry's expiring so a deal between just the two teams is going to work out pretty easily.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    True true, and for better or worse we don't have an albatross expiring contract like a Curry or a Martin. I was looking strictly to upgrade our talent...clearly not thinking fiscally!

  • I really don't want to believe Melo only wants the Knicks but all news reports,(which of many can't be trusted) has him only wanting the Knicks. All I can say is a lot of news reports over this past summer had lebron coming to the Bulls so who knows... maybe it could be another team that wants to keep their name a secret until the very end.


    * That's another very reliable Melo source.

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    TEAMHAPPY > TEAMCARMELO15 (mmmmmmmm....)

  • Doug,

    Actually they did.

    They FIRST reported that Melo prefers the Bulls and Knicks. Then Yahoo, CBS, NBC and ESPN all wrote articles on that same point a few weeks later.

    They are more connected than you think.

  • MJ:

    I still think MJ might want Melo on the Bulls.


    If Melo successfully follows in MJ's footsteps and wins in Chicago, that's a lot of EXPOSURE and COIN for the both of them.

    To Bulls: Melo
    To Nuggets: Gerald Wallace, James Johnson and Picks
    To Kings: Luol Deng, Taj Gibson and Cash
    To Bobcats: Omri Casspi and Jason Thompson

    It could work.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    we could just save ourselves all the agita by just trading Deng for Wallace, a move that I've proposed for a number of years now.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    New Report:

    Chicago remains at the top of the list for Carmelo Anthony.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Your own personal website doesn't qualify as a reliable source.

  • They have had an easy schedule but no matter how easy the teams are to win so many on the road is still a good effort. Obviously they're not going to keep the streak up once the competition gets harder but the East is soft past the big 4 teams, they might be able to push Atlanta for the #5 seed.

  • 3-TEAM RACE:

    * I'm still not buying NJ.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Speaking of 3-WAYS:

    My BED, a glass of WARM milk and a good BOOK.

    Now, that's UNBEATABULL

  • In reply to MrHappysBoyfriend:

    This is too much. I am about to cry reading the incredible proliferation of Mr. Happy's boyfriend. Only his significant other could understand what he is really talking about.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    This looks like LeBron's summer all over again. Knicks/Bulls were favorites for LeBron but he ended up in Miami. So...which team is Melo's Miami?
    Is it Orlando, Dallas, Lakers(all warm weather teams and good franchises)?

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    Lakers? I don't think even Phil Jackson could keep Kobe and Melo from killing each other for 82 games.

    Orlando is the only remotely plausible team really, their existing star really doesn't want the ball every time down the floor so Melo would still have the green light. If the Nuggets decide that Carter's expiring and a couple of crappy picks is the best they're going to do, and the Magic decide it's worth a shot of trying to get Melo to sign an extension, then maybe it happens. I really can't see Denver letting Melo go that cheaply though, and the Magic have no way of signing him in the off season.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    He would fit in Orlando like a dream, and if they had even a cent they could squeeze out of their franchise right now they would use it to try and get him under payroll. They just have no money whatsoever.

  • In reply to schaumburgfan:

    EExcept this time all everyone's been hearing about is N.Y.and N.J., Bulls supposedly don't have a shot just like everyone thought Miami didn't have a shot at Lebron... just sayin.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Remember, the Bulls could have had Melo for Noah, Deng, and Taj Gibson. But then we would have to run Garpax right out of town.

  • I talk to Jersey Chaser on twitter. He is much more connected than Mr. Happy is...

  • I certainly think the Magic would be all over it. I mean their picks are garbage anyway and if they don't use Carter's expiring on Melo there's probably nothing else they can get with it.

    I just can't see Denver doing it though. No GM likes to admit defeat and trade a guy for 10 cents on the dollar until they absolutely have to.

  • THE BULLS NEED TO TRADE FOR MELO to keep him away from New York. If New York gets Melo, that just another team to worry about. Why dont we just send Taj,Deng, Others, an a couple draft picks away an have a CORE OF NOAH,ROSE,BOOZER, and MELO. You are a legit championship contender for the next 5 years then. You make the trade and find a good cheap SG through free agency. Good free agents want to play for good teams, an it happens every year, good players sign for cheap. GO get Melo an send our guys out West so we only see them 2 TIMES A YEAR. Get it Done! Melo would deff. sign with Chicago!

  • Melo No, Mayo Yes

    If Melo is constantly pushing for NYC, I hope Bulls managmement gets over it. He doesn't want to play for Chicago, he wants NYC (for his wife's career?). Melo isn't about winning. He wants to please his wife and see the bright lights of NYC (seems plausible, I don't blame him.)

    But isn't Mayo a possibility? Or another shooting guard? I'm not the basketball expert like some on this blog (I'm being honest, not facetious).

    How can we significantly, incrementally improve the Bulls? Carmelo is a pipe dream. But would a shooting guard like Mayo be an improvement? Or some other shooting guard?

    I think Carmelo is wasted effort on Bulls management's part. Would he improve the Bulls? Probably, but it depends on what we have to trade to get him as a counterbalance.

    But improving the Bulls roster will depend not on blockbuster deals but good incremental changes.

    That's why I don't want the "melo", I'd rather have the "mayo" (or something/somebody like a Mayo).

  • In reply to rkraneis:


    Not if you want the Bulls to win it all.


  • I'm not interested. Melo is a guy who does not fit with rose and will just take the ball out of his hands. Believe it or not we have the perect sf fo this team in luol deng.

    What do you want for a sf who fits perfectly on this team? Good defender, plays off the bll, space the floor, rebound, keep defenses honest. I just described luol deng. Yes his rebounding is down, but the bulls problem right now isn't rebounding so I'm not worried about that. But if he can stay healthy, there are few players who could fit this position better. What the bulls need is a sg who can defend and shoot. Im fine going for afflalo but we really don't need to go crazy with trade ideas.

  • I don't think there's any chance in Carmelo Anthony coming to the Bulls. Really, when you look at Taj and his injuries even this season, I don't think he has the trade value/interest people think he does.(Which is good because he's really an excellent/mutli- talented player albeit with some limitations.)

    And they are not trading Noah or Boozer(the long coveted Big). And no one wants Deng's contract.

    I don't see any chance whatsoever we get Anthony. And I do think his attitude/character does have some questions along with at times his three shooting and his D.

    What concerns me more is where he might be headed to. If N.Y. could somehow exchange Felton for CP-3 and add Melo that could be a powerful team though granted they could be challenged defensively as a playoff team despite the regular season numbers which so far are good. Even if the CP-3(Chris Paul) pick up is unrealistic, Melo still adds some offensive fuel to the second scoring machine D'Antoni is bulding.

    And what about the Magic? Again maybe not doable, but wherever he goes could turn another team into a near Super as Miami is starting to apppear they could be. Myself, I hope Melo goes to N.Y or N.J., and not Orlando. But we will know sometime before or around the February trading deadline.

  • In reply to MarkNorman:

    Courtney Lee really doesn't really fill a need, Just a Ronnie Brewer with a threeball IMO. That doesn't defend as well. He wont elevate the level of play at SG to new levels.

  • IMO the media is pushing this whole thing because espn is very close to New York....they get a lot of exposure out there. Hoopshype just had a article today that said he would come to Chicago too. Chemistry might be a problem at first, but just like Miami.....they will find a way to work it out. Then you have 5+ years of legit contenders for this Bulls team instead of a team that tries really hard. Why would we let New York get Melo for nothing when we have a better package possibly?

  • I really think the best hope is to go after Jason Richardson in the off season and hope he's old enough that he now wants to win and will buy into playing defense like Ray Allen did in Boston.

  • He would be a perfect fit this summer. Maybe we can get him at the deadline if Phoenix falls out, which is likely?

  • In reply to ChiRy:

    I'd love to add Jason Richardson to Bulls roster at SG. But its likely impossible. Richardson will be an unrestricted free agent in July. He makes $14mil currently and is playing well so he will command and get a large salary this summer. Bulls are currently $2mil under the cap but will be over come July due to Noah's new contract taking effect.

    How can Bulls salary match in a trade for Richardson before July?

    I'd love him in a Bulls uniform, but I don't think its possible.

  • In reply to Edward:

    They can't trade for him, I'm talking about chasing him for the MLE (if it still exists under the new CBA). Richardson is an older guy who might be available for that price to a winning team (or might just decide he wants all the money he can milk from his career, but it doesn't hurt to try).

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Although the new CBA will apply, Richardson will likely get an 8 figure salary as a free agent. He's turns 30 next month, I don't know if that's old enough that he'll settle for a MLE when another team offers him 3-4 years at 8 figures per.

    Look at what Joe Johnson just signed for - they're the same age and Jason Richardson is better than Joe Johnson.

    Like I said, I'd love him in a Bulls uniform. I just don't think its possible. We might as well try to sign Melo for a MLE.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Whether you think he's better or not, Joe Johnson is an all-star and Richardson isn't. Plus the huge amount of teams with space affected Joe Johnson's value.

    The question becomes who is going to sign him for more than the MLE? If the Suns miss the playoffs do they keep him? Hard to believe. The Knicks are spending their cap space on Melo, the Rockets have Martin at SG, and no other decent teams (ie ones that would be interested in a 30+ year old) have space from memory.

    So unless he can work out a sign and trade the MLE might be it.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Not likely! We disagree.

  • In reply to Edward:

    You say Richardson signs for a MLE, I say he gets 8 figures. In July (or after the lockout) we will see who is correct.
    I hope its you, Shakes! haha.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I'm not saying he signs for the MLE, I'm saying there's a chance he will, and we should be trying to be the team.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I think Bulls are going to have to unearth a young prospect to solve their SG void. One example is Jodie Meeks on Philadelphia who Doug Collins is now playing. Wesley Matthews now with Portland is another example. Bulls need to make their own example.

    This is where Bulls scouts and front office should be judged. D-Rose fell in their lap. And signing Boozer was easy once the cap space was created.

    Bulls are going to have to somehow find and land the next undervalued SG and get him on their roster. Cause Bulls only trade assets are the Charlotte pick and Taj Gibson. I don't think Bulls own pick and/or JJ have much trade value. I would be reluctant to trade Taj unless it was for a real stud SG and I don't see that happening or being available.

    I hope Bulls can make a smart and shrewd move with the Charlotte pick. This pick is what Bulls got for LaMarcus Aldridge.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Here's my problem with this: Guys like Wesley Matthews and Jodie Meeks (and Mayo and Lee and Rudy and whoever else you care to mention) aren't really going to make a difference above and beyond the Brewer/Korver combination.

    I mean forget Bogans, Thibs is being stubborn but that will eventually end and Brewer & Korver will be taking the vast majority of the SG & backup SF minutes. So when we discuss the SG situation you have to ask who is going to improve on those two.

    The reality is it's a tough ask. Whoever you get has to accept that their role is going to be limited. Since Boozer came back Deng has averaged 11 FGA a night in 36 minutes, realistically whoever the SG is is probably going to have to live on those sorts of chances.

    So you need a guy who can accept a role as a 3rd/4th option, maybe with an increased role while Rose/Boozer rests, and who can either defend as well as Brewer but shoot better, or shoot as well as Korver but either handle the ball or defend better.

    I mean even discounting how you'd get them, how many guys fit that description and would be available at any price?

    I'd say you're looking at a bunch of guys that aren't realistic options:

    Guys who would never accept that role: Wade, Bryant, Ellis
    Unavailable: Manu, Allen, Eric Gordon, Curry
    Maybe available because they're glass: Roy, Martin

    So now you get to the next lot, and I think you probably have: Richardson, Crawford, Joe Johnson, Iguodala, Carter

    All are way too difficult to acquire in a trade due to salary. Maybe you can get lucky with the MLE in the off season (unlikely but possible) on the three FAs, but I think both Carter and Crawford are attitude question marks anyway.

    After that you have a bunch of young or youngish guys who are cheap but IMO not (big) upgrades, ie the names we keep hearing. Why disrupt chemistry and give away something to get someone unless it upgrades the team?

    So I think the Bulls basically have three choices:
    * Live with Brewer/Korver
    * Get super lucky with Richardson on the MLE
    * Get super lucky in the draft and get someone who slides

    Obviously the first is by far the most likely.

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