Del Negro gets last laugh against Bulls

The Chicago Bulls fell to the Clippers on Derrick Rose's missed free throw.   The loss of Noah was obvious on the court, and Taj Gibson leaving the game with a concussion didn't help things much either.

If only Kurt Thomas had fouled out earlier the Bulls may have had a chance.   In any one point loss, you can point to many things that caused the loss.

The referees were not exactly a neutral crew

Blake Griffin was getting Tim Duncan after a 5 minute rant respect out there.   Taj Gibson got a foul for his chest getting in the way of Blake's lowered shoulder.  He drew two charges on ridiculous flops, and basically got every call.   Derrick Rose was slammed to the ground a couple times without getting the call.  He was upended with an arm to the chest which caused him to land on his back and turned him horizontal with no play on the ball, but did not get a flagrant.

On the flipside, the Bulls did get every call late in the game (though those were accurate calls), so it's hard to say the refs were biased against the Bulls and trying to make them lose (or else they would have made them non calls), but the early action by the refs really hurt the Bulls by taking players out of the game for extended stretches, and the Clippers got a bunch of bad calls in their favor.

I'm not a conspiracy theory guy.  The league has no interest in having the Clippers beat the Bulls.   A strong Chicago team is better for the league.   It was just one of those poorly reffed games, we've had a couple poorly reffed games in our favor as well.  It's just the way things go.

Derrick Rose had a really sloppy first half, before transforming into the MVP in the second half, before missing the final free throw

Hard to say much negative about Derrick, but in the first half he was really sloppy with his ball handling and wasn't generating the offense he could have.   He had several unforced turnovers,and let the Bulls fall behind by too much.

Still, with 34 points on the night and 24 shots, it's hard to really make that claim, he stepped up big time in the second half and simply didn't get any help.

Carlos Boozer collected too many cheap fouls, but Thibodeau should have put him in earlier

Boozer collected his 5th foul early in the fourth on a ridiculous flop by Griffin after sitting with four fouls.   At this point, Thibodeau sent Boozer  back to the bench.   I would have continued to play Boozer the rest of the quarter, because the Bulls needed his offense.

Note, that Boozer didn't foul out of the game.   Maybe if he played one more minute he would have fouled out, maybe two more minutes, or maybe he would have played all nine minutes without fouling out and given the Bulls more offense.

Most coaches theorize that they should save guys for the end of the game, but if the Bulls had kept their best players in the game earlier, then they may not have needed miracles at the end even if that player fouls out.   In the end, by benching your player to save them, you're always minimizing the amount of minutes he could give you, so don't do it.

Seriously, playing Bogans hurts so much

Not that either were amazing, but both Watson and Brewer were considerably better than Bogans.   At half time, I was screaming to myself "please don't start Bogans in the second half, please please!".   Bogans just gives you nothing.   15 minutes, one missed shot, one assist, one rebound, one turnover.    It's a typical Bogans line.   Maybe on a good night he hits two of there shots, but he's just not offering enough to continue playing.

Why Kurt Thomas and not James Johnson?

If ever there was a game to throw James Johnson into it, this was it.  On his good days, he can impact the game with his athleticism, the Clippers aren't sound enough defensively to consistently capitalize on his mistakes, and he would have put some extra pressure on the Clippers offensively that Asik and Thomas were not doing.

It got to the point I was hoping Thomas would foul out already just to get Johnson or small ball on the court.    He was just so slow.   He killed the team on offense by attracting absolutely no attention then failing to finish any plays when he did get the ball.

Whatever toughness he had did little to impact Griffin, whom he simply fouled whenever he got the ball.   It's not to blame Thomas, he is who he is at this point.

Kyle Korver, you're better than that

Korver had a terrible run with the reserves early and never was given much of an opportunity after that.    This highlights my issue with the way the Bulls use Korver though.  Running him out with the reserves has him as the primary play maker where he's likely to struggle.

Start him over Bogans and let him space the floor rather than play in a role as a shot creator.   As a floor spacer who just shoots open shots, Korver is far more deadly and creates much more room for Derrick Rose.

Final thoughts

The Bulls missed Noah dearly, and if they're missing Gibson for any length of time then the big man rotation is going to be in trouble.   This was a game made dangerous by the Clippers talent, but the Bulls should have won the game easily.   The final score doesn't depict how much the Bulls lost this game either as the Clippers missed 12 free throws. 

Hiccup games happen, but the Bulls need to get right back on track next game.


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  • You'd think VDN was still coaching the Bulls the way they played/


    Can we get to the BOTTOM-LINE please?

    The Bulls outscored the LAC in the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarters. I have said it many times before but this team has VOIDS, which makes them PRETENDERS right now.


    - Rose needs to play with another SUPERSTAR (Melo), who can get FOUL CALLS and CREATE HIS OWN SHOT. Unless, that happens the Bulls are only Division contenders, not NBA championship contenders.

    - The SG position needs to UPGRADED, without question. Bogans, Korver and Brewer only combined for 9 points. If they had Melo, they could get away with that kind of lousy production at the 2-guard spot, but they don't. I don't see why Forman or Paxson don't drop Lucas and add Weaver, at the very least.

    - Dickey Johnson and John Lucas are a WASTE. What's the point of keeping or paying those two guys, if Thibs is only going to give them DNP after DNP? There isn't any. And the fact that Dickey Johnson got his option picked up is border-line criminal. HE'S STEALING MONEY!!! For those of you who remain CLUELESS about his potential, please STOP IT. He isn't and never was better than Nick Young, Sam Young, Wayne Ellington, etc.

    From now on, when it comes to TALENT EVALUATION, listen to me, instead of Doug Thonus.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Why don't you make your own blog instead of trolling for comments

  • In reply to boogernights:

    he does...and it's a hilarious read sometimes for its pessimistic approach

    yet other times, he's honest when others are afraid to admit it or talk about it.

  • In reply to boogernights:

    Mr. Happy you have some points I agree with such as the Bulls needing another scorer besides Rose because they have those miserable stretches and lost because they were out scored so bad in the 2nd quarter.
    Not playing JJ is criminal as is starting and playing Bogans!
    KK should start at SG and Brewer brings energy off the bench...even starting Watson would be much better then Bogans...Bogans brings nothing and with Noah out it is even more noticeable! Either play JJ or trade him, can he go down to the D league? He brings size and athletism but doesn't get playing time in this game is criminal!

    Its embarrasing to lose to the Clippers but they do have good players and have under achieved this year, but they can still surprise people especially with Griffin who is amazing!

  • In reply to boogernights:


    And please tell me that the CLUELESS on here aren't going to be making any EXCUSES.

    I realize that Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson are/were hurt, but that isn't an EXCUSE.

    I don't see the Celtics or Heat bitchin about not having Perkins, West, O'Neal, Haslem or Miller. Their reserves have STEPPED-UP and put their teams in the top two playoff positions within the Eastern Conference.

    If Paxson and Forman would be better at TALENT EVALUATION the Bulls would be a more balance team and true NBA championship CONTENDERS, not PRETENDERS.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    You really thing the Heat's reserves are why they are on a 12 game win streak? Wade and LeBron are shooting something like 60% from the field the last dozen games and Bosh is averaging a respectable 18-8 on the season now. The other night the big-3 basically outscored the Knicks. their reserves have been mediocre at best. they just have 3 all-stars in the startinbg line-up. So dont talk to me about reserves. The C's reserves have played well though to be fair.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    HAPPY is a C***SUCKER
    Yea tell them happy everyone is stupid except you. You should be the gm. Your so right If we would of drafted or traded for Nick/Sam young we would have the best record in the NBA. We probably would of won the championship last year with them. All the free agents would of signed with us. NOT. Look happy it's time to stop embarassing yourself you act like those players are going to put us over the top. And yes we all want melo ok but they don't plan on giving him to us for a bag of skittles. I'm sure in your nba2k11 game you traded melo for john Lucas but it's not happening here so wake up and stop making every laugh at you

  • In reply to MrHappy:


    * We'd have won if we had Carmelo Anthony!
    * We'd have won if we had Nick Young!
    * We'd have won if we didn't have Dickey Johnson!

    Well I guess you'd know.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    I'm definitely in the let players foul out camp. I saw a piece somewhere recently showing that despite foul numbers being about the same the rate of players fouling out has fallen a lot in the last couple of decade. Coaches worry too much about it, get as many minutes as you can, finishing the game with low minutes but less than 6 fouls is a complete waste.

  • In reply to boogernights:

    Doug most of your points are spot on. I was screaming not to start Bogans in the 2nd half as well. 0pts, 1ast, 1reb, 1to is his typical stat line, but it doesnt tell the whole story. Bogans could not stay in front of Gordon to start the game as was ultimately responsible for LAC to score a quick 6 or 8 points. This guy sucks!

    Korver cant be the main focus from the bench. All this running around waiting to come open is ridiculous. Even Ray Allen doesnt do that. They run him around now and then, let him spot up some, and even make a drive within the offense from time 2 time. Thibs spent enough time with Boston and should understand how to create a Ray Allen look alike (if thats what he is going for).

    I might have been not seeing straight from my bubbling blood pressure, but I saw a different Thomas than you did. I thought he played well considering he had been sitting around collecting dust for a while now. I think Griffin was less aggressive whil Thomas was in and took tons of long range shots (unfortunately he banked in that crazy 3-pointer). I do agree that JJ should have made an apearance though. He is young and athletic just like the Clips. i think he could have helped.

  • In reply to boogernights:

    Amen Booger!!!

  • In reply to boogernights:

    King Of Crumbs nailed it. Stick with the program.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Hey Bozo, did you notice who committed the turnover on an inbounds play with 10 seconds left to allow Miami to take its first and only lead of the 4rth quarter and beat the Wizards. I think it said Young on the back of his jersey.

    Thats Nick Young for you 30 points and the goat(and not in a Michael Jordan way)

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    We have that second player, his name is Boozer. Not every game everything works out. We missed Taj and Noah and besides Rose, Boozer and Deng we had hardly any other contributions. We have our 1st, 2nd and 3rd scoring options. We unfortunatley had a poor game on the defensive end, shots did not go in for other players and some bad calls put us in a whole. We do not need Anthony. Rose is the ball guy and we do not need anyone else dominating the ball.

  • EDIT:

    The Bulls outscored the LAC in the 1st, 3rd and 4th Quarters, but still lost.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    that's when the bench is in. if we got melo, we'd still have outscored in the 1, 3 and 4 wouldn't we. we just need a shot creator off the bench. our bench defense is fantastic but offense is stagnant. melo won't help with that unless he comes off the bench.

  • Blake Griffin was a beast.

  • The Chicago Bulls = Central Division CONTENDERS and NBA Championship PRETENDERS.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    YeAh!!! Mr HaPpY kNoWs HoW tO uSe CaPs!!! AnD Be An AsS!!

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    Oh - and the fouls!!! I hate having to complain about refs again, but c'mon. The refs are slowly sending a message to every Bulls oponent that the best way to slow down Rose is to beat him up - WTF!! Rose is now a top 10 or so player in the league and got maybe half the respect the refs gave Griffin yesterday. I am still fuming as I write this.

  • In reply to MrHappy:

    TThere's not too much I have to say about this team cause there are obvious problems that needs to be addressed like the shooting guard position and nothing is being done about the problems. So hopefully they won't fall apart with Noah being out. It is very frustrating seeing them lose to a team like the Clippers, and I'm not knocking them cause I think talent is underated some times and the Clippers do have some talented players and talent will beat a team sometimes. It's just that the Bulls lose focus at times at home and when they do that other teams chances at winning at the UC get higher. I just hope something is done in trying to resolve the teams obvious problems cause losing to the Clippers at home is not a good or posituve

  • In reply to Reese1:

    I meant to say losing to a team like the Clippers is not a good or positive look in my opinion while other teams are doing all they can to improve their teams.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    And the refs did make some terrible calls and non calls as usual but I have said before, a team has to play above the refs sometimes cause they do control the games that they want to control. I know the Bulls have a couple of injuries but I think the one thing that frustrates me with them is their lack of focus at times.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    The calls Griffin got in the first half were criminal. That was the difference in the game. All the bulls bigs were in foul trouble the entire game and that may have contributed to their weak rotations.

    As far as starting Korver, was he spacing the floor when he was out there? He already plays more than half of his minutes with Rose as it is. So the idea that he should play more minutes with the hope that he will get hot for a few of them is still flawed. The bulls shouldn't be running their offense through him when Rose, Boozer and Deng are on the floor, that's just silly. Rose, Boozer, and Deng all shot well last night; they don't need any more spacing. Deng provides plenty of spacing. And Korver played the entire fourth quarter and got one shot. He had 1 reb and 1 TO and zero impact. He isn't a 30 minute a night player and Thibs is using him perfectly. If anything Thibs should be starting Brewer, who is having an impact when he is on the court and not shooting particularly well.

  • Exactly as I have said long before Noah got hurt, and certainly after he did.

    Noah is our defense, What Rose is to our offense, Noah is to our defense, and we will struggle to play .500 ball in his absense.

    Asik proved in the first half that he should start.

    As long as Bogans continues to start, the coach shall be known as Del Thibideau.

  • Nick Young, for a minute there, I thought that you were talking about my buddy Ben Gordon.

    Well said, never-the-less, especially for a member of the clueless club, or is it CLUELESS CLUB.

  • As I said, before the game, Asik should start.

    Taj is not a starting caliber power forward, never mind a center. He is too small for the first, and a midget at the second.

    Noah is as indespensible to our winning games as Rose is.

    Rose came out competely dissinterested to start the game, slept walked through the first half, luckily he woke up late. His ball management was more pathetic than usual, right up until he dribbled the ball off a Clippers foot on a fast break that could have tied the game(or won it with a kick out 3), and saved him the embarassment of missing the game tying free throw.

    The guy is obviously awesome at what he does, and his 3 point shooting is(has) becom(e)ing a weapon. Until his ball management improves(a lot)or he changes position to a 2 guard he is not going to be an elite point guard.

    By the way, even with Rose colored glasses did any of you guys actually think that he was making both of those free throws.

    Several Bulls players spoutted the usual platitudes, he's the guy I want at the line in that situation, he makes that shot 9 out of 10 times, which is strange for a 70 something percent career FT shooter.

    Get ready for a lot more games like this over the next 2 months.

  • Bulls can add SG Kyle Weaver at no cost or obligation!
    They could play Weaver until January 10th before they must guarantee his contract for the rest of the season. This amounts to a FREE 3-Week Tryout. Why not do it?!? There's is no downside.

    Bench Bogans for 3 weeks and give Weaver the 15 mpg. At the end of 3-weeks Bulls can decide if they like Weaver and either cut or sign him. Maybe Bulls get a decent SG for free, and Weaver certainly can't play much worse than Bogans for 3-weeks.

    My God. please tell me Bulls will not guarantee Lucas' contract on January 10th!

  • I'm trying really hard not to a conspiracy theorist as well, but with Thibedeau using and keeping guys like Scalabrini Lucas and Bogans really makes me wonder, what's really going on with his rotations and his wanting to keep these guys on the team and playing major minutes. I'm really trying not to think negative about Thibs.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    You and I were among the few who declared Bulls need to add another 7-footer before Noah had surgery.
    Now Gar Forman declares they don't need to add another big after Noah's has surgery and will miss 30 games.

    Talent wins in the NBA and Bulls don't have enough yet. That can be forgiven as Bulls may need another year to add some additional assets. But Bulls are mismanaging the current roster by extending yet not playing JJ, playing Bogans, keeping Lucas, releasing Weaver. It's mind-numbing, and makes my interest wane a bit. Makes me think the front office and Thibs are not on the same page or just poor talent evaluators because the holes are so obvious.

    Playing Deng 45 mpg for the next 2 months isn't the solution.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Then every team in the NBA is poor at talent evaluation because nobody has picked up Weaver.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    No NBA team drafted Wesley Matthews either (who quickly became a very productive NBA starter) so that's what your line of reasoning gets you.

  • In reply to Edward:

    For every 1 guy that wasn't drafted and makes it in the NBA there are dozens that don't. The fact people remember the Ben Wallaces and Brad Millers is because they're the exception not the rule.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    That's a good GM's job - to find the exceptions! Not simply follow all the other GM's.

    Its easy to select Rose or Blake Griffin when the No. 1 pick falls into your lap. But adding key players or developing assets when flexibility is limited is the mark of a quality GM.

    This current situation is the Bulls wake up call.

  • In reply to Edward:

    So the Bulls Picks of Noah and Taj were no good? Taj is probably the best 26th pick I've seen in some time.

  • In reply to bcz1980:

    Sure those were good picks. I never said they weren't.

    But since you bring up the 2007 draft the bungle was not trading up in the 2nd round to secure Marc Gasol and getting stuck with the stiff Aaron Gray as a result. That was a defining moment, IMO.

    My point is Bulls are not as close to contending as we fans like to think. And Bulls now have very limited flexibility. Whether or not Bulls front office can make the necessary improvements to truly contend during Rose's prime will define them. Its going to take some serious creativity!

  • In reply to Edward:

    You're right Edward, the Bulls are not close to contending and AS i HAVE STATED BEFORE, where would the Bulls be had they not Drafted Jordan,which Rod Thorn actually has the honer for drafting the most successful draft pick in Bulls history, and if they had not gotten lucky and got the number 1 in 2008 which turned out to be Rose. What else has this current management done in the past 12 years? So I agree that this is the Bulls brass time to show that they can continue to build this team into a contender. There are some serious holes on this team that needs to be filled and something needs to be done either this year or after the season.

  • In reply to Edward:

    But any GM, no matter how good, is going to cycle through a lot of busts looking for the diamond in the rough if they keep on trying out D league guys.

    Are you honestly telling me you'd be OK with 15 minutes given to a series of scrubs every game in the hope that eventually one of them sticks?

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    We are living through a cycle of a scrub who will turn 31 at season's end - if you want Bogans to stick and Lucas on the roster that's your opinion, not mine.

    I'm saying, at a minimum and barring a trade, those minutes should be given to Weaver (or someone similar) and JJ.

    Bulls have to develop some additional young talent. This is not a contending team as currently constructed.

  • In reply to Edward:

    I'd love for the Bulls to just sit on what they have. Tweak the rotation, but I like what we have going forward. If a good deal lays itself in GarPax's lap, than so be it. I, however, do not want to see them start to parlay their #1 picks, one of which is potentially very valuable, for some rent a center who will eventually get pushed out of the rotation by gibson or asik.

  • In reply to KingOfCrumbs:

    I believe GarPax will hold the Charlotte pick. Unless a true impact player became available which is not likely.

  • In reply to KingOfCrumbs:

    In Response to Mitchell,
    No, its not an impossible standard. Let me explain... In real time I'm watching the 2007 draft at the ESPN Zone, Bulls pick Noah at 9. Fine! Everyone knew Bulls still needed another big and Bulls in fact selected another big. As the 2007 2nd round began who was THE BEST BIG ON THE BOARD? Marc Gasol, the 7'1" 5 years younger brother of a 7' NBA all-star. Are you saying to recognize that is an impossible standard? A 7'1" 5 years younger brother of a 7' NBA all-star?!? Impossible to recognize? When your biggest need is another big? I recognized it and so should have GarPax. But they remained passive and did nothing.

    Or perhaps you believe Bulls really preferred Aaron Gray? I don't think so, I think Bulls simply remained passive and it blew up in their face.

    Bulls trade up on draft day with regularity. While trading up in the 1st round is more difficult, it is fairly easy to move up in the 2nd round. An additional 2nd round pick and some cash, that's all it takes. Bulls had both No. 49 and 51 to trade.

    With every passing pick in that 2007 2nd round, I was yelling for Bulls to secure Marc Gasol. Had they done so it would have been a defining moment for the franchise - not Jordan or Rose - but turning a couple 2nd round picks into a quality starting center is creating an asset out of nothing. That

  • In reply to Edward:

    If Marc Gasol was such a slam dunk sure fire pick why did he last until the middle of the second round? This is revisionist history.

  • In reply to DontLetsStart:

    Totally Wrong. Nothing revisionist nor Monday morning quarterbacking about it. It was my call in real time as the 2nd round began and even before draft night.

    - Bulls needed another big man in the 2nd round of 2007.
    - Bulls in fact drafted another big in that 2nd round.
    - Bulls passively missed on acquiring Marc Gasol and got stuck with a total stiff - no 7-footer with a shred of talent plays 4 years of college ball.

    - It was a defining moment. Both for the Bulls franchise and the Lakers franchise.

  • In reply to Edward:

    Yeah playing Deng for 45 minutes for the next 2 months is just asking for the usual injury from him. Don't know what can be done or if they are even looking to do something but management has some big decisions to make about this teams roster.

  • i don't have a problem starting taj at center. he's the best defender we have left, regardless of size. i don't think we lose this game if we have taj. it was just that we had NOTHING in terms of big man depth left.

  • The Clippers shot 60% and 55% from three in the first half. That's not all on defensive failing, it's just a case of a team getting hot. The second half the Clippers came back down to Earth but the Bulls didn't quite catch up.

    To be honest I'm not convinced the first half would have gone differently with Noah, Griffin is an absolute beast and when he's getting the calls from the refs as well nobody is going to be able to do anything about it.

    It's still just one game, even at full strength good defensive teams let bad teams put up points on the sometimes. Sometimes that means you lose games you should have won. Until it becomes a trend I'm not going to hit the panic button.

  • Have any of you guys thought about getting Leon Powe from the Cavs? I'm sure he remembers some of Thibs stuff from Bostons championship year, and he gets paid less than a mil. Im sure the Bulls could throw a pick to get him but I wonder what the Cavs would want for him..

  • In reply to joeacook3:

    That guy is damaged goods. It took him almost 2 years to get back from knee surgery. Bulls don't need to waste a pick on him. I still say the Bulls will make some sort of big deal at the trade deadline. Thibs should know what it takes to get this team to a contending team,afterall he was there when the Celtics brought in Garnett and Ray Allen. You would think Reinsdorf and Paxson would know what to do as well but I guess after 12 years we are still waiting to see if they really do know what they're doing. If it wasn't for Jordan and now Rose I hate to wonder where would this team would be.

  • In reply to Reese1:

    Yeah, Powe is actually hurt now, i believe lol. But now that the summer of 2010 is over, hopefully the Bulls front office will focus on making moves to enhance the roster and not just dumping salary

  • Even if Taj is nominally the "center", he's likely to take which ever defensive matchup is toughest, like he did with Griffin.

  • Hi Mitchell,
    I think Keith Bogans does not make a difference! But if you are content with Bogans and Lucas taking up space on the Bulls roster, we all have our opinions. Weaver is an available 3-week tryout, that's all. It's no risk, and if it pans out a chance to add a small asset for free.. Do you prefer Lucas?

    Bulls only trade assets now are JJ and Bulls own pick. They're not going to get much for that.
    Gar Forman will not trade the Charlotte pick unless for a complete impact player - which is not likely.

    If last night was any indication, it's going to be a long two months

  • I agree we've lost a key part of the defense, I just don't think the Clippers game was so much a bad defensive effort as them getting hot in the first half as well as getting all the calls to back it up.

    I'm a bit more disappointed we couldn't run them down in the second half really, I thought we did well to stick within 8 of a team that hot and to not be able to catch them when they cooled down was a let down.

  • They're also one of the worst three point shooting teams in the league and they hit 8-17. Griffin banked a desperation three in as the shot clock expired. Just one of those nights where even when you do it right you can't get a stop.

    If there was a defender I wasn't happy with it was Rose. I thought the bigs did OK, I didn't expect them to stop Griffin because thus far nobody has. But Rose couldn't keep Mr 36 FG% Baron Davis in front of him and allowed him to hit 7-13. Maybe Noah gets across and blocks some of those, maybe Baron puts fouls on Noah and it makes no difference, I don't know.

    I'm not thrilled by the defensive effort but it should have been enough to get it done. Offensively we got good games from Rose/Boozer/Deng. The Bulls maybe missed Noah as a 4th option there. Give Asik/Thomas 5 shots and 8 FGA to Noah and I'm pretty sure he comes up with more than 6 points.

  • Many good points here today... but a little depressing, and it was just one game, just the first without Jo, and in spite of everything we STILL came back with a chance to win. I so enjoy watching this team, because we never give up (not counting beat-downs like Orl and Bost, of course).

    I've got two more cents to throw in the ring: I think Thibs cannot keep playing Lu so many minutes, not and expect any real offense out of him in the 4th Q. I'm still learning D, you tell me if his D suffers after long minutes too... but dammit, if he hits his open three a minute or so earlier, it would have been a different game. And he clanged it badly off the back iron - after swishing all his open looks earlier in the game. Yes, you CAN play him that long, but not effectively... use what you got, Thibs! I think rotation is where he is still learning...

    This is a long season, folks. I trust this team to learn how to win without Jo, and they'll be even better come playoff time. Heck, I don't mind a slightly lower seed, if it meant that Asik, CJ, JJ, Kurt were ALL confident and ready to go at a high level. Let's hope Thibs and the Bulls can make lemonade out of this!

  • Mitchell, please see reply below. We are running out of space here.

  • I can{t believe everybody, with all the noah ass kissing that had been going on the past 2 years, thougth the bulls would be fine without him. It only took one game to show that to be nonsense. Buls got killed in all the areas where they depend on him, and it wasnt reallyt because they had a letdown game, they just got manhandled physically. Give the man his props, he does a lot of things. This is going to be a difficult strecht. Nobody loses at home to the clippers. Bulls definitely need another body down there.

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